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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2013
So you've made a film that's over the top, bombastic, slightly camp & doesn't take it's self too seriously, who do you choose to record the soundtrack? It literary couldn't be anybody else but Queen (talk about a match made in heaven!).
Soundtrack albums feature primarily incidental music are a little bit of an acquired taste, & if you are just a Queen greatest hits fan, you are probably not going to like this record. But if you're Queen obsessive who must own every release you will love it.
The thing about these types of albums, apart from the title track, the rest of the albums music is full of pretty obscure tracks, but for me it's always refreshing to hear music that hasn't been played to death, & there is some great Brian May Guitar licks to boot.
The album, I feel would have been improved if all the films dialogue had been removed, letting the record become a piece of work in its own right, instead of being constantly reminded that it's a sound track to a film. It would also have been nice is some of the early tracks like "Space Capsule" & "The Kiss" have been extended, the album does rush a little to the finale (which admittedly is pretty exciting).
As for the second disc:

Flash (single version)
The version of the song with all the dialogue (you are so used to this version, that the album one, minus the quotes just doesn't sound right).

The Hero (Oct 1980 Revisited)
Same as the album track, but with Mercury vocal's double-track, sound pretty similar.

The Kiss (Early Demo)
Highlight of the bonus disc, same as the album version, but with piano replacing the synths, & giving the track a nice haunted quality, all be it a bit to short.

The Football Fight (Early Version)
Again replacing the synths with piano, but this time giving the song a crime-drama theme song feel to it.

Flash/The Hero (Live in Montreal, Nov 1981)
Taken from the Queen live album "Queen Rock Montreal", good versions, but always sounds a bit odd when you haven't got the rest of the concert.

So not a proper Queen studio album as such, but something a little bit left field, by a band that have often been often criticised for playing it too safe.
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on 18 May 2016
OK, I am a Flash Gordon follower - sadly off the tv at the moment, and opted for this as something to remember the film - it is an all-in-one, and I find myself skipping some tracks ......... but it's fine - I like it, just takes a little effort and the right moment.
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on 16 March 2016
A lot of people though this album was a load of rubbish but I have always loved it. You have to love the film aswell of course but the music is good, nicely remove from Queen's regular business of producing monster pop hits. The disc 2 isn't so great though.
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on 23 March 2012
the absolute best thing about 1980's Flash Gordon was the music.

There are two versions of the opening track. The album version (Flash's Theme) is the start to the film, with part of the dialogue from the first scene. The single version (Flash) features parts of the dialogue taken from various parts of the film. The track is noted for its pounding, repetitive bassline and the camp humour of the snippets of dialogue from the film that it contains. The single reached number one in Austria. All but two of the tracks on the album (Flash's Theme and The Hero) are instrumentals.

This is one for fans of the film and Queen a real rocking album.
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on 10 January 2012
Good soundtrack album, 2 good songs from Queen The Hero and Flash itself, the rest are mainly different themes for characters from Flash Gordon film. Overall, proabbly should get if you want every Queen album but if not, then let it be
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on 3 July 2011
I notice Amazon has stop selling this excellent album due to a customer telling them that what they are offering for sale is not as describe. Amazon it is just as you have describe and a brilliant album as well, so please continue to sell it and not be fooled by someone trying to pull a fast one (i suspect they may have it for sale for an inflated price for all those eager to get there hands on it), BTW The Kiss/Football Fight and The Hero bonus tracks are brilliant !!
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on 11 July 2012
When the film "Flash Gordon" was released, I was still at Primary School. I adored the movie though, and it was my first real introduction to the music of Queen, via the soundtrack and the top 10 single, which I had on 7".

For that reason it was one of the first Queen albums I ever owned and one of the inital batch of Queen SACDs I have purchased. Having been through 4 Queen SACDs now, sound-wise I have found it the weakest. I haven't bought the 2011 CD re-issues so I can't compare it to those, but I expect there is little difference between the two.

I had high hopes for the opening track "Flash's Theme", but found it to be somewhat veiled and lifeless, without the usual presence I expect from an SACD. Maybe everyone had popped to the pub when it was being given the SACD treatment. Things began to improve a little after, and "Football Fight" had a bit more life to it. The tracks with synthetic sound effects demonstrated a decent level of presence, and "The Kiss" showcases the musicality of Freddie's voice beautifully, but nothing on the CD really made me sit up and think "wow", that was £45 well spent. Indeed the only other vocal track, "The Hero" doesn't sound much better than "Flash", and I would imagine that for Queen collectors, it is really those two tracks that will inspire purchase.

For the price, I would say there isn't really enough here to warrant a repeat purchase of the album for your collection, unless you are a completist. You would probably be better waiting for "Greatest Hits" to be issued on SACD which contains the superior single mix of "Flash".
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on 30 June 2011
Listening to many film soundtracks without the accompanying visuals is often disappointing as without each other the impact is lessened and this is certainly true for this CD release. Though the soundtrack is punctuated with dialogue from the film to give the listener some idea of where in the film the music came from it has to be said that listening to this is like watching the 1999 Champions Leaue Final. That was a football match where for most of the 90 minutes the action was sub-standard but it was the last five minutes that make it so well remembered. And much the same is true when listening to this soundtrack. The first two thirds of which only comes to life with the catchy Football Fight (keeping the football analogy going unintentionally there - sorry!) but it is from Vultans Theme onwards, where things really get going and the Germans are beaten! (Have I got things a bit mixed up there? I meant to say Ming the Merciless)

Vultans Theme is where things start to get heavy, frantic and intense - especially on Battle Theme - with only a short pause for May's beautiful arrangement of The Wedding March providing a respite from the heavy guitars. It is clear from listening to this and from the song credits that it was Brian May who really took this project to heart within the band and it is his tracks that stand out. The final track, The Hero, for example is one where his guitar work is turned up to 11 and Freddie delivers a powerful vocal that makes you think had it been extended it would have made a perfect single.

Sadly the rest of the album meanders along aimlessly and it is only the bonus disc that makes this a worthwhile purchase really. Of course there are the obligatory live versions of Flash and The Hero taken from Live At Montreal sitting here, possibly to pad out the running time, due to the shortness of the other tracks and once again I object to these live versions being used when they are already available to buy on Queen Rock Montreal. Then we also have the single version of Flash, nice to have it in full on its original album rather than it only being available on Greatest Hits (volume one), an unused take of The Hero and the two best bonus tracks, Freddie's 'The Kiss' and 'Football Fight' as early piano versions. It is the latter that is really worth a listen.

As per usual with these remasters the sound quality is exceptional across the board and for those collecting the albums to put in the nice Queen 40 box set that came out with the first five remastered albums then won't it look a bit silly if you don't buy this album? So to sum up, interesting bonus disc, good finish to the album otherwise you may as well just buy the film and listen to the music as you watch along!
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on 5 July 2013
Seen the movie Ted?, then watch the movie Flash Gordon for a slice 80's nonsense, then listen to the soundtrack by Queen which makes the movie! Or like me just watch and listen again and remind yourself what it was like to be young and still have enough hair to manage a mullet!
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on 23 July 2013
Love the film, Love Queen & love this 2 disc album :)

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