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on 4 December 2011
I bought this watch as an impulse buy at the airport and having used it 7 or 8 times, I'm quite surprised by the one and two star reviews. My experience is that it's simple, straightforwards and "just works".

Initial software installation and setup on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) was worked flawlessly, with the connection software updating the watch's firmware and connecting to my existing Nike+ account.

Nike seem to have learned from working with Apple. The menu system on the watch is a comparative joy to use - simple and straightforwards in the way that classic Nokia phones used to be. Stuff is intuitive to find. I've variously owned Polar, Garmin and Suunto HRMs and GPS watches. None of them is as simple to use and I've always been frustrated by the level of button-pressing origami required by some of them.

One potential downside is that Nike have "done an Apple" and restricted the feature set on the watch. Pace, distance, HRM and (simple) intervals are your lot (at the moment). So, unless Nike release a substantial update then this isn't a watch for "power users". Frankly, I'm a simple soul and it does me just fine.

GPS reception has been good for me in London with the watch picking up satellites within 3-4 minutes. It's important to connect the watch to your computer reasonably regularly as a "fast start" file is downloaded to the watch based on your geographic location (this is something Tom Tom does with their satnavs). There have been reports of users having problems finding satellites if they're travelling, but I initially set up the watch in Austria and used it a week later in London without problems finding satellites.

I've not tried as a HRM yet.

Buy this watch if your needs are relatively straightforwards and want a simple user interface that requires little manual reading. Avoid if you're a power user.

I'm using both the GPS and footpod on runs and accuracy seems good. It's certainly consistent. (The GPS is used to calibrate the footpod, so it's advisable to use two together for a few runs first.)

I'm encouraged that Nike seem to be reasonably active with firmware updates.
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on 15 September 2014
I was a little apprehensive about buying this watch as it only had an average of 3 stars, mainly because a lot of reviewers couldn't get a signal. Because it looks so much better than the other watches, and because the returns process on Amazon is so simple I thought I give it a punt and just return it if it it didn't get a signal. I wasn't totally confident also because I had previously owned a Nike+ foot pod which was about as effective as a cat flap in an elephant house. My previous Garmin Forerunner 110 did the job quite well but the strap snapped. It used to link to the GPS in about 30 secs to 2 minutes.

I got this watch last week and before going out for my first run I connected it up on the laptop and made sure it had all the updates. Went straight out and couldn't believe how quickly it linked up to GPS (about 10-15 seconds). Went for my usual run and it came in exactly at the distance expected.

On Saturday morning, I did Park Run 5km which is a forest run and it picked up a signal in about 15 seconds and registered the distance at 3 miles exactly which is excellent considering that it was a 3.1 mile course and under trees.

Sunday morning I went out to do a 7.5 mile route. The watch would not link to the GPS and I was stood out on a clear day for a couple of minutes. I went in and connected it up the the laptop to see if there was a GPS update. There was, and it loaded up in a few seconds. I went straight back outside and the watch linked up in 10 seconds. Now I don't know how often I will need to keep updating the watch but if it's going to get a signal that quickly then I'm happy to do it every few days. My Garmin certainly never got a signal as quick and overtime it did deteriorate. There may have been updates for it but it certainly didn't manage them automatically. With the Nike watch, I connect the USB and it starts and does the update without me having to click anything. Then you can log in (using facebook or twitter if desired) and it shows your new runs. The software is so simple, and you can use it to configure which two items you want to see on the display on a run (I choose pace and total time) but during the run you can use the buttons to cycle through average pace, distance etc.

Do it. Do it now.
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on 2 August 2012
I've taking up the wonderful sport of running in the morning, I used to be such an unhealthy person and needed to change this quickly. After being motivated by friends to go running instead of a gym (I hate going to gyms, so boring) I found a new love for it. I was previously using the app Endomondo, but having a bulky phone in my pocket while running wasn't fun. I looked into GPS watches and found this one. It comes across very attractive and appeals to the younger, more style conscious, runners. After reading several views about it being unreliable with the GPS cutting out or taking ages to connect I was put off. After a long think about it, I went for it, let's face it £150 is quite a lot considering the app I was using only cost £6...

...I'm so glad I did click purchase, it's beautiful, looks great, light, just a wonderful piece of kit. My number 1 concern was the GPS, would I have all this trouble with it not connecting on a cloudy day etc. Well my first run was one of the cloudiest mornings in a while, not a clear bit of sky was visible, it was miserable! To my surprise the watch connected instantly to the GPS, and I was away. As I said previously I was using an app, comparing the results from the app to the watch, the watch is actually more accurate.

I say, the best review is your review. If you really want to get this watch, but you're being put off by bad reviews, buy it and try it for yourself, from my experience you won't be disappointed.

Finally, I would suggest when you get the watch to install the Nike+ Connect on your laptop and update the watch to the new firmware (should do this automatically). < Just a suggestion for a better experience.
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on 2 July 2011
I would only buy this watch if you think it looks really cool - which it does by the way.
But as for functionality, it is terrible. Really terrible.
I don't want to be negative - and I really did want to like this device - but honestly, I really think it needs rethinking.
I bought it in London three weeks ago before doing the UK 70.3 Ironman event in Devon.
The watch would not sync in London near Regent's Park or Canary Wharf. Two runs, two times waiting 5 minutes for a satellite signal that never came. I put it down to the buildings and thought I would give the watch a chance - I really wanted to like it.
In Devon, in the wide open spaces, time and again the watch failed to pick up a signal on three training runs and one walk in Lynmouth.
Out of kindness, I put it down to the remote location.
And then I went traveling - to Cannes (where I did finally get a signal 7k into a run), Berlin and Vienna - with mostly disappointing results.
Now home in Minnesota, one run, one link up and a watch that looks like it might work.
Actually, let me retract that. One GPS device that seems to work.
As a watch, this device is also terrible. It cannot do what a $5 watch could do. If you do not have a computer (my work computer will not let me load the Connect software because of security reasons) then you seem not to be able to adjust the time and if you do not link to a device, you cannot even use this as a stopwatch. I know I should have linked it to the foot pod but I run in Saucony shoes (not Nike+) and I couldn't be bothered to carry the foot pod.
So honestly, do not buy this.
You might ask why I persevered. Simple, this was one long 3 week trip and I had left my Garmin at home by mistake. Knowing now what I do, I would have rather gone without a flashy GPS watch, bought a £30 Casio and just been able to track the time. It would have saved money and a load of aggravation.
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on 13 July 2011
I have them from last week, synced 5-6 runs and I already love them. Veeeery easy to use, nobody would be left behind, everybody included:) Simple and clear menu. I bought them after I read quite a lot of reviews on various Garmins and Nike+ GPS (mine first GPS watch) and I feel I got what I wanted and expected. If you want to read really comprehensive reviews and comparisons, google dcrainmaker and you will find on his webpage all and beyond info on this and other GPS watch. Here are just my few notes from fresh experience.

GPS: Pick-up of the signal is quick, each time after maybe 100m of walk. I used them also without foot sensor and it lost the GPS signal only after 20m in tunnel under highway, otherwise perfect connection. I ran this morning in the rain, using also foot sensor and I had absolutely no issue at all with GPS signal and/or foot sensor. You can cheaply buy pouch sensor that fits all trainers also on Amazon.

Data: you can see on the display during the run all the usual data. Please note, that originally they didn't have the average pace, but that's changed via a firmware update, so the first time you connect them to your computer, they would be automatically updated, if they don't have the latest firmware.

Heart sensor: I'm using the one from Polar, after initial adjustments (I have never wore one before) it's working reliably.

Battery: I read it's better than most Garmins, but don't expect any miracles.

Requirement: availability of computer - for charging, setting etc. you can't do it without it.

Nike+ webpage: here I have an objection, sometimes it's hard to log in (although the sync worked automatically and always perfect insofar). Beta version is also available and that looks very good. Overall I love that it's not too scientific, but more like play and have fun, including setting up goals, participate in different challenges (by running and syncing your runs), but still contains all the data that I need and that keep me in touch with my runs. Maybe a real pro would need more, but for as general public that's fine enough.

I would gave it 4 stars, because the webpage reliability should be better, but I'm simply so satisfied, that I need to give them status of - I love it! - based on all the above, plus it's so nice after the run to see the sparkling stars message on breaking the record or other encouraging message.

If you want to have nicely looking GPS watch, that are easy to use and still giving you all the data you need, I guess you will not regret buying them.

UPDATE 30.08.2011: After running with the watch 420km, I'm lowering the rating from 5 to 3 stars:
- automatic connect and upload of runs is not working anymore (not unusual as I see), I need to manually open application and then it uploads
- current pace is completely unreliable, floating too much
- this morning all my runs have been deleted from the watch, while connected to my mac. Fortunately they remained on website.
- interval running doesn't include warm-up and coold down setting and as I want to keep the total mileage becuase of my endurance plan I follow, I don't want to start them after warm up
- "quick start" with shoe pod is not working as declared - if chosen, the watch stop trying to link the satellite. I thus don't have GPS data (elevation etc.) on one of my longer runs (25km), which is not nice.
Will keep you updated, if I decide to return them or not.
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on 13 September 2013
Pleased with the speed with which item was delivered. If I had not been warned about cosmetic defects I would have sent item back, but it does what it says on the tin and all for a reasonable price. However just after a month of use and the item is no longer usable as the end piece containing USB has snapped off! No joy from Amazon or seller in obtaining replacement item or refund, hacked off is an understatement.!!!!!!!
review image
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VINE VOICEon 1 September 2012
Have run about 1,000km with this Nike + watch now, so have given it a really good run out. Overall it's a good watch, comfortable to wear, accurate GPS that is very useful for the casual / semi-serious runner, but it is let down by a few design niggles that can make it a bit frustrating.

- Looks good, not too chunky, though would be a stretch for everyday use.
- Good clear display very easy to read on the run.
- Good options for the display (distance, pace, etc.)
- Finds the GPS quickly (about a 1 minute) and is accurate, beating my iphone on marked courses to be within 1%
- Works very well with Nike+ pod chip to improve accuracy and avoid dead zones.
- The menus on the phone are easy to navigate.
- Integrated USB connector is very sleek and works well.

- The Nike + website for looking at routes etc. is nowhere near as good as the other various sites (Endomondo, Strava, RunKeeper etc.) and you can't upload from watch to these sites like you can with a Garmin. Might be OK if you just want a basic record.
- For some strange reason you can only change some of the menu options (e.g. what appears in the two read-out areas, miles or km) by connecting the watch to your computer and using the software.
- While it's trying to find the GPS signal it gives you a quick start option (to track the run using the nike + chip) but it doesn't subsequently find the GPS, just switches off for the entire journey.
- Battery life is generally good (lasts easily for a long several hour run) but randomly it will drain quickly while you've left it idle for a while. Very frustrating as you'll get ready for a run and suddenly discover the watch you fully charged 3 days ago and haven't used is completely dead. When it does this it resets the date on the phone - crazy!
- When recording records on the phone it appears to have some bugs. E.g. running a 6km run at an average pace of 4m0s and it will tell you that your 5km best time is still 20m30s or something when you've clearly beaten this. Similarly when you beat 5km and 10km records in the same run, it will only update one of them.
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on 18 June 2011
Although maybe not the sort of watch to wear when you're not running, it actually looks OK. Comfortable to wear and lightweight. The large size of the digits on the main screen is great for those who take their glasses off when running. The smaller screen at the top is just about big enough and there is a facility to scroll through between total time, pace, distance etc. For a veteran runner the big digits are a plus but a slightly louder bleep would also have been helpful. It is quieter than the Garmin Forerunner. Whether or not the words of encouragement that pop up on the screen at the end of a run are welcome or not will be a matter of taste, but easy enough to ignore. After struggling with the Garmin Forerunner and still being irritated by it after a year and a half, I am glad to move to Nike. Don't worry if you don't wear Nike shoes, you will easily find online a small pouch to hold the foot pod that attaches just fine to the laces of your Asics etc.
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on 28 April 2015
The wearability of this watch is fantastic, as it feels nice and snug on my wrist and lightweight enough to not even notice it whilst running. However the main feature of wearing this watch is its GPS functionality and it's regular inability to connect to a GPS.
It has eventually connected but averagely this can take up to 15mins and this has been the same for me all over the areas of Greater Manchester, England. It has updated it's satellite data in the past, as said it has connected (eventually) to a GPS, and I've uploaded my running data to Nike+ website but this is another problem with Nike+ as it does provide the ability to share runs on social media sites such as Facebook however when you attempt to share the run their website has browser conflicts (I've attempted to share on browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome) and it has failed.
This watch lets me down as it fails to connect to GPS on many occasions and when it has done i'm left waiting to run for upto 15mins.
Just not good enough Nike. I will be searching for a new GPS sportwatch that doesn't lie and actually provides the service I pay for.
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on 17 August 2011
I bought this watch early after introduction by nike.
A few months later, the watch does no longer connect to nike connect / my pc. A lot of users are suffering from the same problem ( i suggest reading the section on the user forum of nike: topic "sportswatch does not connect"). The nike+ support does not help at all (i bought my watch at an official nike+ retailer abroad: only response from nike: sorry for you, sort it out yourself). When the watch was still working: i noticed that the heart rate monitor sometimes dropped to zero. the software itself is not professional f.e: the intervalfunction is ridiculous: it starts with a running session and then a walking session (the other way around is not possible), this function is even very basic (no warming up - cool down). Running the same distance on various days shows fluctuations in distance (up to 200 m on a 5K distance)
For this money, you can buy a far better and working gps watch
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