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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2011
I finally got this for my daughters 3rd birthday, although it is advised for 4 to 9 years old as like every other farther I believe my child is advanced for her age. 30 min after she opened it up she was playing with it without any help from me. There are a few games and an eBook already installed, although by signing up to Vtech I received 3 Virtual coins allowing me to purchase 3 more items of my choice.
The Downloadable Games Books are great value for money, all being £2.99 (This may change when new downloads are available).
Make sure you have some rechargeable batteries (4*AA) but I would recommend 8 with 4 on charge whilst 4 in use.
There is a Power Supply & in car charger may be advisable to get.
Make sure you have a SD Card to put your child's Music,Photo's, downloaded games on to, the innotab will take up to 16GB and some people have said that 2GB is enough I don't agree for the extra couple of pounds get as big as you can.
You can also play Video's on this device but I have yet to find anywhere that advises what format it will accept (Waiting feedback from VTech).
This is a fantastic toy for my Daughter and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on 5 October 2011
This is a parents view, as my son is getting this for Xmas. I have however done alot of playing and setting up the device ready.

It uses motion and touch for all the games and apps, like a phone does. As every game as motion built in, in some way, this is the part I feel my son will love the most (he also has a leappad, but not much motion on them yet).

The cartridge games have a ebook included and 5 games / creative apps which are all character based.

Downloadable apps are also available to download for a small cost although the current libarary isnt alot.

If you install a SD card (I currently have a 4gb in for testing purpose) you can download movies of your own choice for free, music, photos etc... I have currently added 3 full length Disney movies, 5 peppa pig episodes, 5 fireman sam episodes and 2 other smaller cartoon movies. I have put on 3 music albums and also lots of family photos (taken from my 12m camera) and I still have over 2gb left.

I love the colour and pop app, which is a colouring book app (leappad lacks this) and once you have coloured your picture you can move it around and take a photo off it.

Although there isnt a camera, some apps allow you to take virtual photos. You can move around a picture to take a "photo" of the things you want.

Calendar app, notepad app, stopwatch, calculator and address book are all added extras, which my 4 year old wont understand at the moment, but will be a great added bonus when he is old enough.

It comes preinstalled with a ebook, 2 games and you get 3 vcoins to download 3 of your choice.
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on 23 April 2012
An excellent product for kids. It is a children's version of a tablet PC with good applications. I have bought this for my 4 year old son and he spends hours playing and learning. The Innotab have an e-book reader, games, calendar, calculator, studio art, paint shop, photo gallery, mp3 player, video player, clock, stop watch, notes, and contacts (my friends data bank). Also, it has a cartridge slot for Disney games. All these applications are cool and provide kids with multiple educational and entertaining options. I'll talk about setup some applications and design below:

Setup: Easy and straightforward. You need batteries or a charger, and SD card to store videos, images, and applications, and a PC to connect and launch the learning lodge. I recommend 16GB SD card and eight 2000 mha or more rechargeable batteries.

If the learning lodge is not installed, you can install it from Vtech website. If you already have a Vtech toy that requires a learning lodge such as Vtech Mobigo, then you only need to connect the innotab via the usb cable to your PC.

Once the learning lodge identifies the Innotab (Sometime an error message occurs, just take out the usb cable and put it again), you can register it, then brows the web store for applications (games, e-books and others). Vteck will give 3 Vcoins, which enables you to download three games or e-books. There is a software update for the Innotab, which you can find at the bottom of the menu on the left.

Also, when you connect the Innotab to your PC, a windows prompt for the Innotab internal memory and the SD card will prompt. The SD card will be configured with folders (Apps, images, videos, and another folder [forgot its name]) YOu can store your content inside these folders for Innotab to recognize them.


1. E-Reader: the Innotab comes with 2 pre-loaded stories. You can download more stories from the store via the learning lodge software. Each story costs a Vcoin, which is 2.99 pounds. Each e-book contains a narrative with pics and a dictionary for the vocabulary used in the e-book. The Innotab reads the story to the kid and the text is highlighted over the text that is being read. This is a good option for a bedtime story.

2. Games: Innotab also comes with 2 preloaded games. Each additional game costs a Vcoin (2.99 pounds). Games are fun and educational. Some use the motion and touch capabilities of the screen such as the letter pinball. Games teach spelling, math, memory and more.

3. Studio art: A complete studio with color pens, paint, special icons, etc for a kid to draw. You can also open a photo and color it. It's fun. One can make some personal pictures in white and black and load them for the kid to color.

4. Images: You can store jpeg (not sure about other formats) photos and create a gallery of your kid's favorite photos.

5. Videos: I've read a lot of problems regarding video recognition. I had none. All I had to do is to copy the .avi videos to the the folder "videos" in the SD card. Innotab recognized and played them smoothly. I have about 12 movies (Shrek, Smurfs, Toy Story, Dora, etc) all playing fine. Note that ".avi" is the only format that Innotab can play, but you can convert formats for free using any software available on the net.

Design: The Innotab has a nice design. It has a 5-inch responsive touch screen with great color. It's been a week since my son is playing for 6+ hours a day (relax he's still in pre-school with no homework to do :) ) and the screen is solid enough to accommodate his constant tapping, etc. Nonetheless, I have ordered a screen protector, just in case. Sound is also great with a large speaker and volume control. There is also a port for headphones.I found the amount of plastic surrounding the screen to be beneficial as it limits unnecessary fingerprints. Innotab also has a stylo, but it is not tied to the body, so it can be lost. You can also place the Innotab on a table so your kid doesn't have to carry it all the time.

The software itself is good. It is responsive. Main menu is clear and very easy to learn with icons that help kids distinguish between games, videos, mp3 player, etc.

Batteries can last up to 2 hours. Inotab requires 4 AA batteries. I suggest 8 rechargeable batteries. I have bought 2450 mha Duracell rechargeable batteries, and the Innotab last around two to two and half hours.

Things I didn't like:

1. A child can easily remove any application, e-book, song, image, or a movie. For younger kids this becomes a problem as parents need to restore deleted content via the PC.

2. Few applications on the webstore are the same for the Vtech Mobigo. However, one needs to buy them again for the innotab. I'd like vtech to enable parents to transfer applications from Mobigo or other Vtech toys to the innotab. I personally doesn't see the point in paying for the same game twice.

3. Same thing goes for the cartridge. I understand that Innotab cartridges have more games and e-books (which mobigo cartridges don't have), but I would like to be able to use Mobigo cartridges with Innotab.

4. I think a charger should be included with the game. It wouldn't kill Vtech anyway.

What I'd like to see in the future:

1. A built in battery would be a nice addition.
2. More applications, especially applications in other languages.
3. A bigger screen (maybe 7 inch). Although the 5-inch screen is quite comfortable, but there is extra spcae for a bigger screen without altering Innotab's dimensions.

There is a competitor, which is leapfrog explorer. It has also a 5-inch screen with almost same feature. It has also a built in camera, but you can only play movies that are available in their web store. This was one of the features, beside the price (almost 30 pounds more expensive when I bought the Innotab), that made me decide on the Innotab, and I haven't been disappointed.

Conclusion: This is an excellent educational and entertaining smart device for kids and great value for money and I highly recommend it.
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on 4 October 2011
Just received it yesterday and generally I think it's good, my son likes it too.
The apps and games are great too, and transfering music to the device is easy.

What I didn't like, is that the video and photo transfer is not working yet (the Vtech software just says these features are coming soon...).

But what really frustrating is the way the touchscreen works:
it's really difficult to click an icon, because if your fingers moves a bit during "clicking", then the software interprets it as a swipe gesture and moves the icon a bit. So you really must be careful not to move your finger in any horizontal direction while clicking the icons, otherwise the app wouldn't start. It's not easy even for an adult, not too mention a child, who wouldn't hold the device so steady.
I wish there was some kind of calibration of the screen's sensitivity possible, to solve this problem.

Apart from the above annoyances, it would a great toy and learning tool!
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on 2 November 2011
This review is from a parents point of view as it is a Christmas present, but I love the innotab! It is so easy to use and setup and I wish Christmas would come quicker so my little boy could start using it! It comes with a variety of apps including an e book a couple of games, an art studio (a bit like a child's version of paint), a calendar etc. I am buying some of the games before Christmas and have seen some good offers in shops such as 3for2 on all innotab games in toys r us which will save you £25! I would also recommend getting an SD card so that you can put movies, videos, pictures, songs etc onto the innotab as for a few quid it makes the experience so much better! Also I have purchased the innotab 9v adaptor as I read other reviews which stated the batteries didn't last long (the adaptor is not a charger so the child must be sat near a plug when it is plugged in or otherwise you will need batteries, but nothing rechargeable batteries cannot solve!) Overall the innotab is a great easy to use product and I'm sure my 3 year old will absolutely adore it, I already do!
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on 30 April 2012
Got this a few weeks back and our 3 year old loves it! only gotten 3 new games (using the credits you get when registering)

was a tough choice between this one and the leapPad, but the deciding factor which is huge is that this one you can play your own movies..

I already own a huge library of kid dvds that I have converted for easy access from the home media center, I do not want to re buy the same stuff again which would be required for the leapPad.. also that you can put a 16gig SD card, meaning you got space for lots of movies and pictures.. We did consider the aspect of the built in camera in the leapPad but I think a younger child would much rather have a camera that looks like a camera then trying to take pictures with their pad, so we will get the vtech camera next year.

I do Love the fact that its AA batteries, and 4 fully charged amazonBasic rechargeable batteries last for days (of medium usage) and just pop them in the charger when used up and pop in some new ones, I love the fact that there is no need for having a plug nearby..

for those that are struggling to get movies to work this is what is required.
You must have SD card, you put it in the first time and it will be "formated" basically it will just create some folder structure.

I'm a linux user mostly so to covert my movies I use ffmpeg this is the argument i use:

ffmpeg -i -c:v libxvid -s 480x272 -q 6 -c:a libmp3lame -aspect "16:9" -r 29.97 out.avi

this produce files that will work perfectly, I have not had any problem with any files I have converted using this. file size is roughly 1min = 8-9Megs so a 1½h movie will be around 700 megs if you think thats too big you can change the -q 6 to something like -q 20 will make the file smaller but you will get a lot more pixilisation. You might think, if i make it smaller i can fit more movies on the tab, but it becomes unmanageable quite fast, the in tablet "videos" does not support folders, and what it will do is scan all folders and just list all the movies, and the font is quite big and not much will actually fit on the screen so having more then 20-30 movies on there will become quite difficult to manage from a practical point of view..

to get the movie onto your tab, just plug it into your computer, in the storage device that get mounted, one should have the "LLN -> videos" just drop them in there and they will get picked up next time you child goes to "videos" from the home menu in the tab.

What I normally do when we travel I load up the pad with the current 10-20 favorites, then I got the rest of the library on a portable disk and bring it along. If its an extended away I can easily switch out the old ones with new ones.

One annoying thing I have found using the UK version is that I can not shop online games etc from the US in Learning Lodge Navigator! and the US marketplace got more things! it got all the Disney characters etc available games for 5.99$ but they are not to be found at all in the UK version, basically forcing you to buy cartridges, and when I go into the US marketplace I can not add them to my cart, so thats annoying..

also the price of games for the UK version is £2.99 where as in the US its $2.99 which i think is a bit of a slap in the face, last i checked £2.99 = $4.8!!! so thats just plain rude.. $2.99 = £1.8, I would accept £2.00 as a reasonable price.. but £2.99 is just rude.. specially having it showing the $2.99 inside Learning Lodge Navigator and not being able to click the "add to cart"..
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on 9 October 2011
This is a good product. Only problem is that the screen has to be touched in a very specific way in order for the games to work. It is almost too precise for a small child.
Also, as with most things, there are lots of add ons which are going to cost lots of money in the long run.
I am glad I opened this and got it up and running before Christmas morning.
You need an SD card in order to download. I shall be investing in an electric adapter because the batteries won't last long with all the activities.
Otherwise it is a very robust item which has enough to occupy children as they grow and mature,so they should get a few years use before moving on to other things.
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on 28 November 2011
The InnoTab is an advanced tablet like toy for 4-8 Year Olds.

The blue version is available everywhere with the pink version being an Argos Exclusive.

It offers the ability to play movies, mp3s, download Apps - in the form of E-books and games, view photos and play cartridge based games. It uses an SD card on which is stores Apps, Movies and mp3s. You CAN NOT downlaod apps to the device without an SD Card plugged in so budget for that expence, hunt around because they aren't expensive.

One thing to note is that is does not have a built in Camera unlike the rival device on the market but in most otherways appears to be better.

The machine comes with an E-book and 2 Games installed. It also has a callender, movie viewer, music player, friends list, A painting program, notes and Colour & Pop (which features pictures you colour in and then they have an animation.

At the time of writing this there is, I think, a need for more apps and more diverse ones as well. When you get the device you'll need to log on to the Vtech website and download the app client called the Learning Lodge Navigator from here you can purchase Apps, they cost £2.99 each but you get 3 free choices to start you off, transfer them to the InnoTab, transfer other files to the InnoTab - and I found it important to transfer MP3s this way and not straight onto the SDcard as it wouldn't detect them. I've tried 5 movies and so far they all play great. You can also change the theme of the device ours is currently running a princess theme that changes the icons and generally makes it much more pink.

The apps I've downloaded are a mixed bunch, on the whole fairly simple but playable. The penguine game that comes with the device still appears to be the best of the bunch to me.

It runs on 4 AA batteries, makes sure they are high capacity rechargables or really good quality non-standard ones or it'll drain them very quickly.

You can buy an option power adapter for it and a car adapter as well. If you know what your doing you can get multi adapters from third parties yourself though.

Games cartridges currently retail around £25 each we have so far bought one but I haven't tested it yet. At the time of writing they are very hard to get hold of. You can also get a case direct from VTech as well.

Build quality appears to be good, the screen is ok but not as reactive as you maybe used to if you've got a modern smart phone. It is large enough and you can set the brightness (which should help with the batteries I guess). There is a stylus which I found useful for the painting app and it also has a stand built in when watching movies

One major gripe I have is that there's no blank for the cartridge slot and it's a large slot. I'm an adult and I put my fingers in it by accident often enough I dread to think what a sticky 4 year olds fingers will do!!

Over-all so far it appears to be a great device for the price but needs more apps to give it lasting appeal for the 4 years I hope it will last.
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on 3 October 2011
I initially gave this a bad review as the screen was freezing after a few seconds, kept crashing and you couldn't even turn it off. Amazon were less than helpful, eventually saying they couldn't send out a replacement until November. I phoned VTech UK (who had also responded to my review - these guys were fantastic and sent us out a replacement which arrived today. This one is working great - my son is very pleased and has spent much of the afternoon on it. The touch screen is very responsive and the amount of applications on it is impressive. He particularly likes the art studio and the ice penguin game, both of which he mastered quickly. Weve bought a vtech power adaptor to save batteries as I imagine it will use them up quickly!
We haven't bought any cartridges yet, but like the fact you can download more games from the Learning Lodge at a good price of £[]. I also think the innotab will be very educational, although we will limit the time my son spends on it as he is only young.
Generally we are very pleased with this product - for some reason I don't seem to be able to change my initial 1 star rating, but would now give it 5 stars if I could.
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on 30 October 2011
i purchased this as a gift for my four year old grandson. I have tried it out and it seems quite interesting and I know he will love it. My one complaintafter reading reviews, is that it apparently gets through a lot of batteries,which have to be purchased separately, so i decided to also purchase the adaptor that is sold with it- This is why I went for the Inno Tab, because there was no mention of an adaptor with the Leap Pad exporer. This added another £8 onto the cost. Then when I realised any pictures he makes, or photos he decides to add can't be saved unless i also purchase an SD memory card , which addsVTech InnoTab another £10.00 to the cost. So the original cost is escalating. So I have now added another £20 onto the original price with batteries, adaptor, and SD card.- surely it would make sense to bundle the whole lot together to make purchasing easier. Now I find I have to register and download a programme to receive 3 free tokens to receive 3 extra games or stories- after that they have to be paid for. So it could get expensive, as the cassettes you can purchase are also about £25 each.
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