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on 12 September 2012
I ordered, and received my Headphones quickly. The JVC HAM5X are just what i expected from JVC, good build quality and sound alike.

I recommend them if you like a full sound with plenty of power and lots of base. However they are quite large and a little heavy, so for that reason i would not buy them if you want to plug your iPod in and walk about all day.

Having said that, i did not buy them for that. I dj now and then and need them to go loud, also i play a lot of music at home so i need to hear a good range, so for me they are the best of both worlds.

I gave them 5 stars because my mate has some MonsterBeats and for the money they won hands down.

Build is good, hard plastic outer and soft foam ear pads.
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on 20 March 2015
Had these ages, I have to push one cup in until it pops then the volumes is flawless. 10/10 smashes anything expensive. I was bought them as a gift ages ago and they are , frankly amazeballs
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on 2 February 2013
They look good but really poor sound quality. Also they are not very comfortable on the head. I'm totally not inspired to wear these headphones at all. Really disappointed and will most likely give them away.
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on 28 December 2012
it says on the front it has a great bass, and it dose. you can really hear the booming sounds of the lower sounds. the noise cancelling is great. my name had to be called (apparently) three times! also there is a great balance between which earphone delivers the sound. it almost travells across the ears. I thouroughly recommend these to you. perfect value for money.... Buy it!
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on 29 December 2012
The best headphones I have ever had. The overall sound is really very balanced with good bass but not overdoing it. I dare not up the volume too much as they can go LOUD, even so there is no sound degradation on higher volumes.

When the headphones are on the world may as well not exist as you cannot hear anything else which I enjoy. They are on the large side so not really practical to walk about with but saying that why not?!! Serious value for money in this product and I really cannot fault them.
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on 19 November 2013
Bought these in a deal quite a while ago. Think they were £20. A present to myself. Something for lounging around the house. Sound wise they are superb. Size wise they are very big and I wouldnt wear them outside as you would look like a numpty. For lounging about the house though they are perfect. They can annoy the top of your head after prolonged use but for me they are brilliant.
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on 27 October 2013
Bought these about half a year ago and have survived. The sound feels like you are listening to you're music through a wall. There is a lot of noise leakage but they are very very sturdy. I have recently purchased a pair of replica beats for £20 which have turned out to be far superior. I have also recently bought the in ear canal JVC XX earphones which are far superior to these.
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on 9 November 2015
simply awesum !
used for gaming and a must have for all commrades on COD . The thundering bass is to die for !

just get it
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on 25 June 2011
I'm often traveling for 6hrs + so I've been on the lookout for some great cans to really enjoy music, that are robust and comfortable.

Research: After many days research on the net and in shops the Monster Beats seemed the best option so I bought a set of HD Solos. Absolutely amazing sound but could only wear them for half and hour at a time before my ears were in such pain I had to let them rest for a while. I have largish ears I guess that stick out a bit so the Beats clamp my ears to my head as they are ON the ear rather then AROUND the ear. I also found that for the high price I was constantly worried I might knock them or drop them and wasn't comfortable when I had them lying around somewhere out of my sight. I also read in several reviews they snap easilly from over stretching them so I whenever I put them on I had to make sure I did so carefully and gently. After a few days of bearing with earache as I couldn't stop listening to the amazing music quality, I decided to look for something else. I considered the Monster Beats Pro editions, which bigger, more robust, even better sounding and... loads more expensive. I still really want them but the price puts me off.

Comparison: I came accross these JVC Extreme Explosives over ear headphones, strangely I could only find one review on the net after a long time searching which didn't say much but did mention they were equal in bass to the Monster Beats, this got me excited. I ordered them and when they arrived I was immidiately impressed by the feel. They are rather large but then they do produce a rather large sound. Of course I immidiately compared them to my Monster Beats listening several bass heavy songs and swapping between the headphones and found that on some songs the JVC XX outBassed the Beats HD Solos. On more melodic and orchestral songs I did get the slight impression you got a more overall sound with the Beats, but only slightly. Though it was very song dependent as sometimes some Highs were clearer again on the JVC. I'm still not sure which is better so I'm calling them equal.

I own a JVC Boomblaster since 1996/7 which is just something else! I've modified my boomblaster so I can attach my ipod and it has been my pride and joy for many years, I have yet to hear another hi-fi, portable stereo that sounds better. Now the cool thing is that the JVC XX headphones cups are shaped like the boomblaster ends. Coincidence? Maybe.. but joy oh joy they have that boomblaster umph bass!

Comfort: I did an 8hr train journey yesterday and listened to the JVCs nearly the whole journey. I did take them off for a little while half way through the journey as my head got a little uncomfortable wearing them so long (4hrs+) I think it was more the weight and in generall but my ears were not sore!!

The Look: On my train journey I did find that several people kept looking at I presume my headphones. They are very large, but I have surfer style wild hair so I think I can get away with these big beasties, but I'm not sure everyone else can so they may be better suited for indoors only. If your not sure or worried bout your looks, you might be better off with the little brother of these the JVC XX 4X rather then the 5X. As these headphones are not that known I think people are rather intrigued to see what you are wearing, trying to read a label or any writing, haha.

Sound Volume: I also have the Monster Beats tour in ear headphones which I normally use on the train as I can wear them 8hrs+ non-stop and they are still comfortable. I have gone through many headphones and the Monster Beats tour have been my favourite as I can mainly comfortably listen to them for hours but I can also listen to them on a very low sound volume around 30%. Meaning my Ipod battery lasts longer, as does the hearing of my ears. Strangely the JVC XXs I can listen to nicely even lower at about 25% volume.

Noice Cancellation: The JVC XXs may not have noice cancellation build in like many Bose and Sennheiser, but I don't like the idea of needing to take extra batteries, as the silly thing is when the batteries run out you can't use the headphones. I ended up using the JVC XXs over my Monster Beat tour in ears as the JVCs drowned out more of the train noice and I could listen to them at a lower volume.
There is a mention on the internet that the JVC XXs leak sound? I don't think they do, In a very quiet room you can hear them very faintly, but on the train I had to put them so loud that it hurt my ears before someone else could hear.

Build: They don't look as shiny and high quality as the Monster Beats do, but then they are far more rugged and robust. I can safely toss these in my bag without worrying about scratching the £200 glossy finish the Beats have.

So all in all then, I am very impressed with these Headphones, they are equal to monster beats in MY oppinion at a 3rd of the price or less.

- Great overall sound (from Gothic Metal to R&B, Dance, Pop to accoustic, classical)
- Robust build
- Big comfortable round the ear earcups
- Pro or for some a Con, not as well known, i.e. you don't see everyone else wearing the same.

- Con for some may be the size, I have the 50mm (JVC HA-M5X) which on some may look a bit too big on your head, but the 40mm (JVC HA-S4X) smaller version would then be better.
- These don't fold, like many other over the ear headphones do. I think it is a Pro personally as the joints on these folds wear over time making them all loose and flimsy.
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on 27 July 2017
Top set of headphones brilliant bass and crisp sound
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