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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£17.99 - £27.99
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on 20 July 2011
The Sims 3 Generations is probably the best expansion pack for the Sims 3 yet, possibly with the exception of World Adventures. As previous reviewers have mentioned, it is mainly beneficial if you like to play with families as opposed to only adults, but there are some new aspects for the adults and it certainly makes having children a bit more interesting.

You can now have an adult sim read toddlers and children to sleep, and sometimes this will be one of their wishes, which is nice. You can only do this if you have certain suitable books. For children and teenagers there are a few more options at school. They can go on field trips from which they can pick up skills and moodlets and they can also sign up for after school activities from which they also pick up skills. Alternatively you can send them to boarding school where they will remain until they reach their next age up or until you remove them. If you leave them there they will pick up certain skills and personality traits. There was some kind of glitch in my game as I sent my teenager to a boarding school and for some reason she was delivered back to the house having not graduated. She received negative personality traits for her 'indifferent' attitude to school and also was unable to get a job! The option to join the ___ career was simply not there when you click on the buildings, although she could still get a vocational profession. Slightly unfair as I did not ask for her to be returned early from school, as I said, I think it was a glitch.

The fact that children can be punished is a bit annoying as the parents will punish the children without you telling them to do so. They can be sent to time out, be grounded or banned from using certain household objects. Fortunately you can just 'let off the hook' if you want to.

There are a few new toys which can be used by children and adults alike. There are rocking toys for toddlers, see saws, water slides and dressing up boxes. Dressing up boxes are good fun and have quite a few options such as dinosaur, princess etc. Furthermore you can even choose they type of dinosaur / princess you want your sim to dress up as. Children can now have imaginary friends, which is amusing, and they can pull pranks such as hairdye in the shower, whoopie cushions and making the toilet overflow. Teenage pranks are slightly more thuggish and involve throwing eggs at neighbours houses and leaving flaming bags of poo (gross). That's a fun aspect and I appreciate that.

Both teenagers and the menopausal (male as well as female!) are subject to hormonal changes. Teenagers on certain days wake up feeling rebellious and you will have the option to select wishes such as snub another sim, skip school, stop being friends with their mother etc etc! Sims having a midlife crisis have a similar thing and have wishes such as breaking up with their partner, flirting with somebody else, changing jobs or moving house.

There is a new day care profession for adults. It's ok, but a bit boring as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure some people would really enjoy it. You get to look after other sims' toddlers and children in your own home.

There a few new cosmetic features. There are a few new hairstyles and clothes and you can now give your sims body hair on their chests. Babies and toddlers can have buggies and elders can have walking sticks. This really doesn't make much difference to gameplay but is nice all the same.

Adult interactions are a bit more fun. You can woo hoo in a few new places including in the shower which I like because they get clean at the same time! They can also star gaze together which is really sweet and gives them a positive moodlet after they've done it. Weddings are a bit more fun with generations. The hen and stag parties are very good, with the options to spray sims with fizzy nectar or ask sims to make a toast. You also get a sexy dancer turn up. Weddings are a bit more organised with the reappearance of the marriage arch.

Sims can now store memories, which I find to be a pointless feature because the memories don't really have any kind of effect on the game. It would be better if sims recalled them occasionally or if they had an effect on their mood like in the sims 2.

There are a few new rewards up for purchase with the lifetime reward points; Hover Bed, Young Again, Clone Voucher, Age Freeze, Inheritance, Super Nanny, Above Reproach, Clean Slate. They all pretty much do what they say on the tin. As for the clean slate and above reproach ones, I find the whole reputation thing a bit annoying as it goes. There are only so many times I need to be reminded that my sims are 'eternally faithful' etc. Oh, and it also tells you that your sim remembers woo hooing with another sim practically every time you do it which is a bit annoying. Maybe they'll iron that kind of thing out later.

All in all it's a pretty good game with some slightly annoying features. If you're a sims addict it will definitely keep you entertained for quite a while. Every time the sims has a new expansion pack the game just becomes a little more 'deep'. It is a ridiculously complex game in terms of the multitude of options and interactions available to you and generations vastly increases that.
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on 31 March 2012
If like me your like playing the family element more than the career then this is the expansion pack for you!
It opens up the family element more by introducing loads more interactions and activities you can do with your children. It doesnt come with a new world though which is disappointing!
Your sims can have new traits such as nurturing and rebellious.
Teens can play pranks and go to prom, Adults can have midlife crises and Woo hoo in a few more places (tree house and shower)
There are quite a few new toys and object additions such as slides, playground toys, tree houses, chemistry sets and prams etc. There is new wallpapers and spiral stairs for your house among other things. The imaginary friend is a good idea. Your baby gets a doll which when they grow up can turn into an imaginary friend

In create a sim you can now add body hair...i think this is nothing to rave about but its new

There is a new career which is day care. You can do this from home which is a nice little addition to the game.
There are many more additions to the game which i wont go into now such as gnomes, bording school, field trips etc.

Overall its a good expansion pack, it does focus on family but i really like that!

Please rate my review as helpful :)
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2011
If you're a Simmer - then this is a must buy! Ok, there is no new World/Town included. There are no major apparent improvements. But...but...but...but! It makes the game so much more fun and realistic than before! You now have baby prams and walking canes for old people. You also have better interactions with kids when they do naughty things. My fav is the Pillow-fighting command; its just so funny when you first play it. I wasn't that bothered at first, but I think this makes the game more rounded; all that's needed is the Pets, and a Weather EP - if they do that... It will be perfect!
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There are two aspects of this game I'd like to make players aware of before they play the game. These can drain your computers power and memory so be aware before you play: The first is that in this game the new memories feature is actually a nightmare on your pcs harddrive. Sims don't get important memories like they did in the sims 2. They store up insignificant memories, such as 'went shopping', and 'went to the park'. All sims inside your neighbourhood start storing up memories and it's only the active sim you are watching at the time who stores an actual photo memory of an event. All other sims store a picture of a tree for example when visiting a park, a building when visiting a shop, etc. Every memory stored adds to your hard drive and memory and I found that it slowed down the game for my sims to have so many memories. Every sim in the neighbourhood gets a memory whenever they visit anywhere so if you change your active household you can suddenly notice 7 pages of useless memories stored.

The other thing to be aware of is the daycare career. It's not a career but a profession, and the actual job hasn't been mentioned by many reviewers so I'll start with a quick explanation. Any sim can start daycare from home. From Mondays to Fridays that sim has to be at home from 9am to 5pm to take care of toddlers and kids. Its starts with taking care of just two or three toddlers. You can hover over a toddler and see things such as 'Jane is a bit smelly' which means change her diaper. Sims with toddlers in the neighbourhood will give their toddlers to your sim to look after, and will pick them up later.
Your sims performance is measured by how well fed, clean and happy socially a toddler is when it leaves at the end of the day. When a sim climbs this career ladder they will have to look after more and more toddlers until a total of 4 toddlers, then they start to look after kids. Kids come to your sim's house automatically after school and stay there until 5pm. Your sim will never have more than 4 toddlers and 2 kids to take care of and 1 of the kids will be a tough kid to look after. There are perks to this career as your sim often gets gifts from the parents but you may be asked to look after kids at the weekend (though this is an option you CAN refuse)
BUT: Here's the problem. If you don't have enough toddlers(and I assume kids) in the neighbourhood for your daycare sim to look after the game will marry 2 NPC(non-playable character) sims and create a toddler out of them. You read about the marriage the next day in the paper and suddenly have a toddler, this in itself is not a problem, but NPC sim parents are never available to pick up their own kids at the end of the day. And if it's a toddler somebody has to drop him/her off. The game will generate a new NPC teen to drop the toddler off, but will not use the same teen to pick it up. My game started generating a new sim teen to drop off the toddlers and pick them up every day. The game freezes briefly while this happens, and the more characters the game creates per neighbourhood, the slower and more unstable it becomes. I had so many characters in the end that my game took 20 minutes to load! I had to abandon a week's games and delete all the saves and start without a daycare career until my neighbourhood had enough toddler sims to not keep generating random teens.
Be careful and aware if you have a daycare sim.

Now to the rest of the expansion, this really has opened up a lot of new interactions for teens and kids. However one thing is still missing which I really expected...toddlers interacting with other toddlers. It's very UNrealistic to still have sims 3 toddlers act separate from each other especially after the last expansions of the sims 2 let toddlers huggle and talk while playing with toys.

Kids and teens can be selected while asleep and can have dreams about different things, if their dreams come true the next day they become extremely happy. Click on various areas with a child sim and watch them don different outfits to act out a tea party, or driving on the sofa. There are lots of great new toys such as the water slide (available to adults too) and the seesaw which of course can't be played alone!
Sim toddlers can get a special toy, an imaginary friend, in the post. This is just a doll at the toddler stage but turns into an interacting friend when at kid stage, and can one day become real although I haven't gotten that far yet.

There's a new lot in this game too that you can place in your neighbourhood, a new park with all the new outdoor toys featured, but again not much decent interaction between kids and toddlers and nothing between toddlers at all while there. There is ONLY a new lot and no new neighbourhood which again is a shame having been used to the sims 2 where virtually ever expansion added a new place to visit or play.

I won't go into too much other detail as other reviewers have mentioned other new features, just be aware of the problems that memories and daycare can give your pc...Keep deleting memories and make sure you have enough toddlers in your neighbourhood BEFORE you attempt the daycare career to avoid taxing your pc.

This game installed fine on vista with no problems but you do need the installation code found in the box and do need the disc in the drive when playing. I'd still give this game a good score, but not a 5 due to the problems it caused me, and lack of toddler interactions.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 June 2011
This is the fourth expansion pack for the The Sims 3 (PC/Mac DVD) and although it is somewhat interesting, it is my least favorite expansion pack so far. It is aimed to people who like creating big families and play with toddlers, children and teen Sims more, but for adult Sims it doesn't really add much.

First of all, it brings back some things from the Sims 2 that even though I missed when I first started to play Sims 3, now I could live without. The most obvious return is the memories, as Sims can again remember important events. They can also have some long forgotten interactions with their fellow Sims, like giving gifts and offering flowers. In addition private schools are back, which is very nice.

So far I considered baby, toddler, and child ages a waste of time, but now there are a lot of new toys and interactions for adolescent Sims, my favorite being the addition of tree houses. In the past, Sims had to stay home when they were raising babies and toddlers or call a babysitter, now they have strollers to take their babies with them, which is definitely an improvement. Also Sims can have an imaginary friend from their birth who grows up with them. Apparently depending on how strong the child's relationship with the imaginary friend is, the imaginary friend can become real at some point; I haven't reached that stage yet, but I am really looking forward to that prospect.

However, this expansion does not add much to adult Sim's lives apart from a few interactions and celebrations. There is a better wedding celebration and bachelor party as well as a graduation celebration. Sadly, there is only one new career as babysitter which is not even interesting in my opinion.

Naturally, there are some new clothes and hairstyles and some new homes but they are not that many or great. The main disappointment however for me was the lack of a new neighbourhood, I really expected one as all previous expansions had this addition.

The game was easy to install to my pc, and I haven't noticed any problems to my gameplay so far, but as I have only played for a couple of hours, time will tell. Obviously I am expecting problems as with all new expansions but I am confident that they will be corrected through patches as they always are.

In total, this is great if you like creating families, if not, you won't get much from it.
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on 18 June 2011
What can I say? - Basically enjoyment of this pack will depend on what you enjoy most whilst your playing sims.
For instance, spiral stair cases just made it for me, I am so pleased with them.
I also really like the child-minding option because it saves actually having to HAVE kids :)
I love all the new items really, and there are new interactions, especially games for kids which are really fun. There is also Prom which although in uncontrollable, is still a fun event.
There's the wedding, which above all Sims will sit down for (which is fantastic) and the cake can also be cut.
(and before this, bachelor and bachelorette parties are really fun, dancers, spraying champange etc)
Even kids parties are way better, either the ability to throw them whilst the adults are away, or sleepovers being so much better done.

Still, if this isn't the one for you, Sims 3 PETS will come out in the autumn, and that's bound to be AMAZING.
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on 3 June 2011
I love the new day care feature. A new job is always fun to explore and it's quite different to things they've given us before.
The new items are fabulous. I for one have wanted bunk beds and strollers forever! It's a really fun feature that I think enhanced the game and how good you can make kids rooms look. The slip n slide and tree house are cute too. There are a lot of new objects in this game and whilst they might not all be very useful or exciting, it gives you a lot more options in terms of decoration and making really cute themed kids rooms.
The new hair and clothes we do have are quite cool. Not just a rehash of styles we already had (*ahem* Late Night..)
Quite a few really nice new houses.
The memory feature is back which is good fun, if slightly pointless, adds a little bit extra to the game and I actually missed it before.
New traits 'Nurturing' and 'Rebellious'.

No new neighbourhood. I love having a new neighbourhood! It's probably the most excited thing in an expansion pack so it definitely feels like 'Generations' just isn't a proper expansion without a new neighbourhood. With all the new features they could have done something really cool. I think a sort of family oriented village type neighbourhood with smaller rabbit hole buildings and lots of playgrounds would have been nice but never mind!
Not many objects that aren't child related. There is no kitchen stuff apart from an oven, some small appliances and a fridge as far as I can see.
I personally would've liked more traits and a new rabbit hole to add something extra to the game.

Overall, I don't honestly see the point in this "expansion pack". It doesn't dramatically alter gameplay in the way that the others have done. I don't agree with people who say that it should be a stuff pack because it does add slightly more than a generic stuff pack. A little more time and development and this could have been really fantastic but as it stands it's more of a strange hybrid "stuffpansion pack".
If you're an avid Sims fan and are happy to overlook this in favour of a few new items and features then it's a good purchase but if you're looking for something on a par with 'World Adventures' or 'Ambitions' then this might not be the one for you.
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on 15 May 2012
I love this game as it adds more to your game. You have more items for the kids and you can also make them dream about things plus i also like the tricks they can play on anyone in the house my favorite is the hair dye trick in the shower it turned one of my sims hair bright yellow. The professional jobs are not the best but overall the game is very good and i am glad i got it.
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on 28 July 2011
Firstly, this is a really fun expansion pack that you can't eat up all at once (or so I think), this is down to the fact that the new features involve and are relevant to most aspects of your Sim's lifetime. Saying this, it is relatively child/teen orientated, so if you don't enjoy raising a family you won't notice a lot of new content but it may still improve general gameplay (midlife crisis aspirations, new items like walking sticks for elders etc..)

Imaginary Friends: I've only come across one so far (sent in the post from a mysterious relative) and it was essentially a clown toy. They grow up with your Sim if you form a good bond with them. At first they are pretty fun and it's a nice addition. However I've got to say by the time my Sim became an adult I was quite sick of it following him around everywhere... I didn't manage to make my Sim's friend real though, which may have made it more interesting.
Pranks: These are a bit weird but are a good addition for the more mischievous Sims. You can see where you've put them (pink shiny light) so you don't forget and they are funny to watch.
Tree houses: I like these, simply to look at frankly but it's a good place to dump the kid Sims for awhile. It's a nice feature. There are also many other toy-like items and outdoor activities for children. (There's a dress-up box which is adorable).
Teen features: The 'mood swing' brings on new aspirations, I got points for skipping school for example. My Sim parents had a random 'free vacation' which meant they went away, so I only had my teen Sim to worry about for 2 Sim days which was nice. In this time you could throw wild parties etc.. I'm not sure if there was a curfew before but there's one now. There are also options such as driving lessons, prom and a graduation ceremony (which you don't see unfortunately) when your Sim becomes a young adult.

As others have pointed out it's a shame there is no new neighbourhood but in a way it would just be more of the same so I can see why it wasn't added. A lot of the material is for your lot rather than a wider setting. I disagree that it is more like a stuff pack simply because of the additions like teen 'mood swings' and the midlife crisis which do improve general gameplay quite significantly in my opinion.

Overall I think this expansion pack stops the game dragging as much, particularly in the earlier years where it can all get a bit repetitive. However it is probably only worth the money if you actually like the family-orientated kind of games as other reviewers have said otherwise you won't benefit fully from all the new features.
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on 1 July 2011
Well I was very wary of buying this because I'm pretty skint at the moment and I didn't want to waste my money.
It is very fun some of the things you can do and the game does make The Sims 3 much more realistic, with the use of teenagers having mood swings, field trips, driving lessons, etc etc.
I absolutely love the new items that come with the game, I have forever wanted the bunk beds and the video camera is very fun to use.
I've not come across everything yet, not had any imaginary friends to deal with or midlife crisis'.
The game was quick and easy to install, no problems yet.
I'd only suggest buying this game if you're really into 'family things', like staying with one family for a long time.

Overall = I do find it very fun and some things do make me laugh, however, I would have liked to see a bit more with it.
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