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on 28 June 2011
Ok so I've just finished watching the last episode and I have to say it was incredible. Having been with Primeval since the very first episode, I, like many other fans can probably say that it is different to how it was then. This series not only bought closure to Primeval as a whole but also left it open for what (HOPEFULLY) will be a sixth series.
For those who were disappointed with series 4, then I suggest you check out what is probably the last series as it was a definite improvement over it, moving the plot forward and so forth.
The special feature(s) on this disk is similar to that on the fourth series DVD, so it should be quite interesting. I will be getting this the day it comes out and I hope everyone else, like me, has enjoyed 4 fun years of Primeval : )
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 September 2011
Though it's called series 5, this is series 4 part 2 of Primeval. You can tell from the story arc, and there are some giveaways in the 'making of' feature- the scripts refer to these episodes as, for example, "series 4 episode 9" instead of "series 5 episode 2". It was clearly filmed as one thirteen-part series, and then split into two 'series' between filming and broadcast.

This makes a difference to the series as a whole- rather than having its' own original developing plot, it picks up where the previous seven episodes left off and if you haven't seen series 4, series 5 will make very little sense. So only buy this if you've already got or seen series 4.

The episodes themselves are great. Moving the show's production to Ireland gave it a new lease of life and it ends up being a very polished, confident drama. The special effects are mostly excellent and the acting is strong. It's a bit more predictable than something like "Doctor Who" but it's still good all-round family entertainment sci-fi.

The 'extras' (or rather, 'extra'- singular) is disappointing, as it's really the leftover bits from the 'making the new primeval' documentary that appeared on the series 4 disc, which feels like it's more aimed at trying to persuade new audiences to watch the show, rather than giving existing fans any real behind-the-scenes interest. Some more in-depth extras featuring longer interviews with the cast, or the writers, would've been very welcome.

As I write this the latest news is that "Primeval: New World" will be the next time we'll see Primeval on TV. It'll be American-made, feature a mostly or completely new cast, it'll "start fresh" plot-wise, and they haven't started filming it yet so it won't be on TV for quite a while. So while you're waiting, enjoy these last six episodes of the original Primeval.
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on 15 August 2014
Similar to the end of the original run of classic Dr Who this ends on a story never really intended to be the end. The team in the final scenes are clearly heading off for new adventures with a cryptic hint of what series 6 might have had in store, had they been able to go to another year at that time. As it stands though, barring a possible feature film and spinoff New World (haven't seen it), that about wraps it up for Primeval.
Series 4 & 5 are much of a piece & stand as the most consistent 2 series made of the show. They look as if they were shot back to back and there are story arcs (no that really is not intended as a pun) which run across both notably the fate of Victorian Adventuress Emily (she reappears here), Connor and Abby's relationship problems, Matt's foreknowledge of a global disaster plus Philip Burton & New Dawn.
Good range of stories and creatures (well realised as ever) even if the percentage of creature action could perhaps have been a tiny bit higher.
Standout episodes include Matt's trip to the Victorian era where Emily battles against the dinosaur that has given birth to the legend of Spring Heeled Jack (Matt fears Emily's actions may result in her being confined to a mental institution which is where history says she ends up) and a Hunt for Red October style number where the team take a submarine trip through a deep underwater anomaly.

Connor creates a man made anomaly which results in a lockdown as the team battle against swarming insects which come through.

For the last 2 episodes a giant man made anomaly threatens to bring the disaster Matt feared & anomalies open up beyond the capacity to contain them. Eagle eyed viewers will spot some cleverly used footage of earlier episodes to represent them.

The characters are all still working. Even despite the ill advised relationship issues plaguing them, Hannah Spearritt & Andrew Lee Potts are still deservedly most viewers' favourites. Even tough it's been done before they do make the problems the pair are having very real. But please if we ever get series 6, let them be a happy couple between anomalies.
Ciaran McMennamin's Matt seems to be in the ascendant and I'm pretty sure he would have become more central had series 6 been possible. This is no complaint as the character's good and well played, particularly strong on a solo mission rescuing Emily. Speaking of which it's good to have Ruth Bradley back as Emily, now very much a Victorian Ema Peel type. I wonder were the producers building this pair up against Hannah and Andrew possibly declining to return for more?
Ben Mansfield and Ruth kearney are much as in series 4 as Becker & Jess which means just as good, both feature strongly in the lockdown episode.
Ben Miller as Lester is always able to make an impression with the odd put down etc. and it's great fun to see him tell off an admiral and uncomfortably try to encourage the team as he assists Jess in her co-ordination role.

Alexander Siddig still draws the short straw as the thinly written Philip Burton. he's much as in the last series until they finally give him some depth toward the end of the final episode but at the 11th hour, it's just too late. He gets a I don't know, henchwoman? April played by Janice Byrne who although a fun character is only really there to drive a wedge between Abby & Connor. She gets a memorable faceoff with Abby though.

1 extra only and not a good one (that's why it's only 3 stars) "New Dawn: Making the New Primeval part 2" which at 15 minutes is too short to get into anything properly.

Not quite the send off the series deserved but then it was never intended to be, but still some fun adventures and well worth completing the set with.
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on 5 September 2011
- Mission coordinator Jess Parker on the monitors (as anomalies crop up everyfriggin'where!): "I don't believe it! There's another one. It - it's outside! The car park!"
- The ARC Director James Lester: "Oh my god! My new Jag's in the car park! This time it's personal!"

There was a point in Series 1 in which I thought the insidious Helen Cutter was a redeemable character. But she proved me wrong, and all the way thru to Series 3, she persisted in proving me wrong. And more than a year past her death, Helen Cutter's diabolical legacy lives on, perpetuated in the shape of Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig), philanthropist, scientist, and currently ARC's primary deep pockets. It's Philip Burton now who advances Helen's apocalyptic agenda.

So this is PRIMEVAL - THE COMPLETE SERIES FIVE, and on two discs it collects all six episodes, and I'm not sure there'll be any more after this, even though the concluding chapter does leave us once again tantalized and craving. As this series opens, whiz kid Connor Temple (Andrew-Lee Potts) is drifting away from his ARC (Anomaly Research Centre) teammates, and especially from his girlfriend Abby (Hannah Spearritt). Connor's been lacking a bit of team spirit and had been somewhat remissed in deploying with the others as they investigate temporal anomalies and fend off creature incursions. His time toiling away at Philip Burton's top secret New Dawn project has kept him away from the field. Again, as with last season, it's frustrating that Connor still harbors a man crush on Philip, out of whose genius bum he thinks the sun radiantly shines.

If you haven't yet seen Series 4, there's no need to read this following paragraph because in it there be Series 4 SPOILERS. But if you've seen Series 4, then you're aware that new team leader, Matt Anderson, actually hails from a dying Earth in the future and that he had Kyle Reese'd it to the present to avert an impending cataclysm. Matt had confessed as much to Abby and, furthermore, had let it slipped that Burton's New Dawn project is the doomsday device he intends to shut down. Except that there's Connor's adoration at Burton's feet to mull over. So, essentially, there's your ongoing character conflict.

I've written about PRIMEVAL's previous seasons, and I'm in danger now of regurgitating a heap of praises so glowing they've set off the Geiger counter. Suffice it, Series 5 continues PRIMEVAL's tradition of gripping drama and high adventure - with a strong dash of sci-fi horror - and ripping special effects. Not to mention the unexpected character arcs and the inadvertent history lessons in paleontology. Even though, of late, I've been exasperated with Connor and that blind eye when it comes to Philip Burton, he and Abby are still my favorite characters. And I guess having them fall smoothly into a nice and perfect romantic relationship would be too dull of a thing. Ben Miller's take on his character, the deliciously sardonic ARC Director James Lester, is friggin' superb and so very funny. It helps that he gets the best lines. I'm even starting to warm up to Ciarán McMenamin, whose Matt Anderson I'd once thought automaton-bland. He sparks it up some in this series. I hope to Gargamel that there is a Series 6 in the offing. But, if not, and even with the cliffhanger ending, this is a fine way to go out. Series 6's final episode is an explosive one, fraught with desperate danger and a fight for all the marbles and the return of ARC's next most fiendish foe (after Helen Cutter). And there's also James Lester's priceless one-liner about his new Jag.

Bonus feature: "New Dawn - Making the new PRIMEVAL Part 2" - an overview of Series 5 with particular focus on the sets and the digital f/x, and with cast & crew interviews (00:15:33 minutes long).

The following is a list of brief episode breakdowns for Series 5. Read further at your peril - you've been SPOILER ALERTed:

- Episode 1 - The team takes on giant burrowing, chittering crustaceans in the tunnels beneath London. Connor's eyes are all aglow as Philip unveils his New Dawn enterprise. Also, in a great little sub-plot, Lester learns that he is being considered for knighthood.

- Episode 2 - The ARC team is trapped in a dead submarine that wanders thru an anomaly in British waters. This claustrophobic episode features a nasty theropod lurking aboard the submarine and a pod of Liopleurodons swimming about outside the submarine.

- Episode 3 - When the ARC team inadvertently sets a raptor loose in 1868 London, Matt steps thru the anomaly in hot pursuit and runs into Emily Merchant. This, even as reports of the infamous Spring-heeled Jack begin to dominate the Victorian-era news media.

- Episode 4 - Connor's manufactured anomaly becomes a portal for a swarm of voracious future beetles that can burrow thru reinforced concrete. Some personal satisfaction for me in this episode as Connor's mates spend much time glaring accusatory daggers at him.

- Episode 5 - A Tyrannosaurus Rex terrorizes London, and off goes the ARC team. But then other anomalies begin to open up all over the globe which seriously depletes ARC's manpower and ability to respond. Meanwhile, Philip is poised to launch New Dawn.

- Episode 6 - It's the end of the world as we know it. Also, Future Predators, Future Predators, and Future Predators. And a bit of time travel.
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 August 2011
Series Five of Primeval is outstanding. This is a great series. It is easily the best of all five seasons of this science fiction series. Also this series is the best British science fiction series for many years.
The whole production is excellent. The production, the scripts, the acting, the sets and the special effects are all first class.
This series five makes up for the weaker series one and two in so much as it brings all of the elements to a seemingly climactic ending. It makes the whole story from series one to five seem worthwhile. We get to understand all of the simplicity and un explained factors of series one and two through to the more developed series three to five.
Each series has improved on the last one because each has no ultimate conclusion. This series brings everything to a sort of conclusion. Any of the earlier series are incomplete without this one.

Each episode has its own uniqueness and theme except the final two episodes that are effectively a two part story.

This series five and the earlier series four are in fact a new beginning for Primeval. This series five is a continuation of series four. ( It is a bit like series four part two). And both series are distinctly different from the previous series one-three.

Priveval is a British Science Fiction series originally produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. The first two seasons saw scientists investigate the appearance of temporal anomalies across Britain. Pre historic and future creatures came through the anomalies causing terrible havoc. Both seasons were successful in the UK and both did reasonably well in America when transmitted through BBC America.
Feedback from America influenced the decision to change the cast and improve the production values and season three became a transition series.
This led to further interest and a deal between ITV, BBC Worldwide Watch, Impossible Pictures and German ProSieben companies to produce a new era of Primeval.
The need to improve script, acting and production together with more financial backing and better development of the whole concept resulted in the improved series four and now series five.

Actor Alexander Siddig (also from Star Trek Deep Space Nine) is a great additional actor to season four and now five. His character of Philip is brilliant and this is one of the things to add weight to the plot line.
The special effects are as good as ever and in some ways are actually even better.
There is plenty of action and a good pace to the production. There is room for a series six and I hope there will be one.

The DVD set is the best way to see this show. At the time of writing this review the show has not been screened on ITV like the earlier four seasons. This DVD set may be the only way to see the series. But with out a doubt it is better to see the series on DVD without the adverts and where you can watch each episode closer to the next than you would on TV.

This is a great DVD set of six episodes and I highly recommend it.
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on 2 July 2011
As a fan from the very beginning of Primeval, I was looking forward to this series as there are many different elements that have long been anticipated by many fans like the 'how' and 'why' Anomalies exist in the first place and an appearance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, despite the many appeals that were given to this series, it does slightly disappoint one when viewing this series.

The main aspect of this series has focused on Philip Burton getting Connor Temple to figure out how to open a man-made Anomaly to harness its energy into Philip's own New Dawn Machine, while Matt Anderson from the future tries to prevent this from happening as it will wipe all life out on earth. To get down to the main point, the entire series feels crammed in with too much details and characters motives/intentions can be at times cut short a little as this is all squeezed down to six episodes compared to last series' seven episodes. While the production is superb and the characters have improved on performance since the fourth series, it feels that everything in this series is out of place and should have reigned in more episodes where improvements can be made.

The annoying factor about this series is there were no clear explanation to what caused the Anomalies and many sites on the Internet at best have come to a suitable conclusion based on an assumption of what the series presented and for the anticipated appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex was certainly feeling cheated for. The Rex only appeared in just under 10 minutes in the Primeval series, considerably less than what the Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus appeared in previous series'. This deception of what could be the main star even appeared on the DVD front cover, so don't consider since the T-Rex is on the front cover of the DVD, it would get more time on our screens which it won't. One cheek is that on the back of the DVD cover is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it is exactly the same art and same T-Rex from Walking With Dinosaurs BBC Series, adding injury to feeling cheated.

Of course there are a whole new range of creatures like the burrowing creatures in the first episode, to the new future beetles in the fourth episode. Others include the new Liopleurodon's, Swimming Raptor and the new terrifying Mutated Future Predators in the final episode. There are many classic creatures added like the Mammoth (stock footage only), Tree Creeper and the Dromaeosaurus and many more. While this series of Primeval does have its bad points, there are good points as this series is more dramatic and funnier in places like James Lester taking an EMD weapon against a Tree Creeper who is crawling all over his new Jaguar Car!

The DVD itself comes with 2 discs and the Special Feature documentary "New Dawn-Making the New Primeval Part 2" is given in spectacular detail with English Stereo sound qualities, on a 16:9 aspect ratio. There is also English Hard of Hearing Subtitles included with a nice fancy box sleeve with the DVD container. Of course, I would recommend this Primeval series to any fan, just do not expect to see many of the appeals this series was originally given and don't judge by the fact that there is a T-Rex on the cover doesn't mean it will get more air time. My last recommendation is to see the second episode at least as it is featured on a Nuclear Submarine, which gets dragged through an Anomaly and gets into a pool of Liopleurodon, this is a must-to-see episode.
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on 3 October 2013
I think I fell in love with the makers of Primeval; Cast and Crew alike; The creatures that emerge through Anomalies are awesome and some, not always the bigger ones, are truly scary! My nephew now works in digital animation and I really hope he ends up working for a team like this. Sometimes with such programs it's the tiniest details which fascinate the most and for me it's a scene in the Ladies Toilets when one of the female team members looks in the mirror. I won't spoil things by saying what she sees but in fact I didnt stop thinking about the significance of that 20sec of footage and it's place in the Bigger Picture. WE can also spot anomalies in our lives; It is no coincidence that half of the word anomalies is "lies". Understanding the at times cataclysmic consequences of lies the is key to understanding and maximising the potential achievements & enjoyment of your life. We don't just suffer for our own transgressions, we also suffer the consequences of the impact of our choices on others. The next time something "unjust" happens to you, think quickly of a time when you quietly celebrated that you "got away with it". Try watching Primeval with the sound turned off, or, without the images, only listening to the soundtrack. Don't just watch it, FEEL IT.
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on 5 September 2011
Primeval now isn't the series as it started. There was only ever going to be so far they could take the original story arc, especially as they thought the series was to be cancelled. However, unlike the now lamentable Dr Who, which I stopped watching, Primeval has, well, evolved.

The acting is great, stories pretty solid and production values remain very good. You do need to have watched the previous series to know what's going on though. All in all, it's great viewing, and the audience will of course soar once it's repeated on ITV later this year.

Comment has been made about cancellation, (again) but I wouldn't bet on it. It'll depend on ITV's figures, and the probable film being talked about. Also, like Torchwood, there's also talk of an international partner, (Canadian this time) making a spin-off. That was always the one sticking point with me, why was there only mention of anomalies in the UK, until the final episode of course.

Buy it, watch and enjoy it. Sad but true, only sales and viewing figures will ensure another series is made.
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on 16 June 2011
Apart from slightly misleading by being called Series 5 - this is in fact really only the second part of Season 4. That said I can't fault it. If you liked orginal Seasons 1-3 then this is a different show, but it is still excellent, Season 4 (part 1) and part 2 (called Season 5) are very watchable with expected fun, antics, quips and humour.....and of course creatures - new ones and old ones revisting to wreak havoc and destruction. To say more about the plot here could well be a spolier for you.......so you'll have to watch it and find out!
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on 15 July 2011
Just got this from Amazon (Excellent service !}

Watched this on two sittings and did enjoy them BUT not as much as had thought I would.

The story lines moves along to the ,probably,inevitable conclusion with a few adventures on the way.The best by far were the "submarine" one (by the way not nuclear) and the "Spring Heeled Jack" one and the worst the first with laughable giant bugs tho' did like the bit with the hot dog !

The acting is better all round than part 4 but non of the characters truly memorable,maybe to much packed in over to few episodes or could just be the quality of the writing ..other plus's Alexander Siddig's Phillip,the return of Julie, didn't feel like giving Connor a slap unlike in 4.
Minus's the product placement always' black and shiny trucks,a very frazzled/bad hairday Abbey and the action team very rarely seem to go anywhere with any back up,particularily irritating.

OK maybe minor gripes, overall I enjoyed all episodes apart from no'1,the door has been left upen for a possible,hopefully another series.Despite how that has been set up I would vote for the multi re appearnce of the anamolies and how "we" learn to cope with them or maybe a Super Baddie ..well..here's hoping !!
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