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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars

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on 14 August 2012
My freezer doesn't have one of those little sections at the top for ice cube trays, and so mine were having to go in with the food. This presented the problem that not only did they have to be balanced flat when they were full of water before freezing, but they'd always end up getting random stuff in like peas or whatever had fallen out of a packet put on top of them.

These ice cube bags fill up with no problem, are quite straightforward to tie up at the top and the cubes come out super-easily.
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on 15 July 2011
These bags are pretty cheap but the pack I received contained 40 (as in the title) not 50 bags (as shown in the photo). Even so they are good value compared to similar products. When I bought mine they were a lot cheaper if you bought the identical product here Sealapack 40 Ice Cube Bags - makes 1120 cubes.

Previously I've used self-seal ones so I assumed these would be. They are not (and they're not described as such so they still get 5 stars). They are pretty easy to seal by knotting the top but you need a fairly steady hand. It would be even easier if the bits you knot were a little longer. They fill as easily as any I've used. As with all bags of this sort it takes a little effort to get the cubes out but when you get the knack it's not too hard.

Overall a reasonable product at a decent price.
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on 4 August 2013
Only 1 star because I could not award them 0 stars!
First, you have to hold the bag under a slow trickling tap for ages so that each "cube" has a chance to fill up. Once you've managed to do that, then you have the fun of trying to tie a knot in the top of the bag so that all the water you have so patiently filled the bag with does not spill out. Next you carefully carry it to the freezer as it drips all over the floor. After a few hours in the freezer you return to find a lovely layer of ice covering the bottom of your freezer drawer, with a half empty bag of icy lumps frozen solidly into it. The only way to remove it is to take the drawer out of the freezer and run it under the hot tap. When you have completed this utterly pointless exercise, take the remaining 39 ice cube bags that you have just wasted your money on, and throw them purposefully into the bin.
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on 23 June 2014
I have used ice cube bags before (another brand) and loved them.

These are horrid.

Some bags had holes in and had to be binned. Even those that didn't were awful to use.

This product is very badly designed - you get lots of small cubes that are all fused together and the plastic doesn't want to come apart to let them out. It's an experience so frustrating you end up needing extra ice to soothe your overheated brow and annoyance headache. Avoid.
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on 24 July 2013
Upon first look this product seemed very useful and well designed. Simple and easy to use, making short work of producing ice cubes. Unfortunately by the time you have filled the bags and tied the top, a leak springs out of either one of or both of the bottom corners. This results in having to tie knots in the bottom corners of the bags as well as the top meaning that you end up making only half of the ice cubes. Those bags that didn't spring a leak initially apparently did so in my freezer.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 January 2014
UPDATE 23/09/2014: There is one big caveat to the following review and that is the variable quality of the product. Recently I have experienced a large number of failures with these bags, where they leak from the bottom seal, a problem that can affect ~75% of the bags in a box. To be fair, when I have raised the issue with retailers and shown them the problem, they have always supplied a fresh batch, which is sometimes fine, other times nearly or just as bad. I have raised the issue with the distributor 151 Products Ltd, so hopefully they will take the problem up with the manufacturer. So whilst I still like the product and will leave the rating at 4* because it is a convenient and neat solution to making ice, I would suggest that if you encounter any leak issues, notify the retailer straight away and ask for replacements. These bags are very useful, but the manufacturer needs to be aware that their quality control is very poor!!

I have been using these Sealapack disposable ice cube bags for a while now and obtained them from a number of suppliers. They are a convenient way of producing plenty of ice cubes, without the hassle of cleaning and re-using hard plastic trays. Just check the pricing, as they do seem to vary widely from retailer to retailer.

Once filled with water, these bags are about 25cm long x 15cm wide x 1cm deep and make 28 cubes per bag. You do have to be patient when filling them, as it takes a while for the water to make its way to all of the sections and may need some 'encouragement'. They are a bit fiddly to tie off once filled but you soon get the hang of that. They are made of very thin plastic, to make it easy to remove the cubes, but this means they are a bit fragile and easy to puncture. Do not stack multiple bags on top of each other when initially freezing them, as they tend to freeze together, then tear when you try to split them. Do not lay the bags on anything else that are likely to stick or freeze to in the freezer for the same reason. You do have to pop each cube out of its compartment individually.

Overall, a cheap, convenient and effective way of producing large quantities of ice, at a sensible price, but just be careful when handling and freezing. Be prepared to encounter the occasional bag that leaks due to a manufacturing fault as well, so check each bag for leaks before placing in the freezer.

I can see why the reviews vary so much on these bags - I have just received my latest batch and they are different to the previous one, which was different to the one before that, so the design and quality are variable. This batch seem to work OK, but are made of a slightly thicker and different material. I have still had the occasional bag that fails during filling, but I will live with that for the convenience of making ice this way.
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on 31 July 2013
I have unravelled a bag, filled it with water, placed it in the freezer, and waited patiently. A few hours later, ice was created, and was subsequently placed in a cool alcoholic beverage, rendering it cooler still. There are still many, many ice cubes left, leaving the dilemma of whether I should continue drinking cool alcoholic beverages until the ice is all gone. Here goes......
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on 13 July 2015
Have used these extensively but with rotten results. Majority of bags had holes and leaked water into the freezer so ended up having to check each one and throw them away. Eventually gave up and threw them all away. Have spent a bit more money buying more expensive ones (not a lot more!) at our local supermarket that work.
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on 10 August 2014
I have tried to fill 5 bags... all of them have burst at the bottom while filling. I have used another brand of these before and had no trouble, but these are difficult to fill, do not have a non-leak valve (instead you have to tie them in a knot) and are made of really cheap plastic that just doesn't do the job.
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on 11 May 2016
Ordered this product twice now, use it for cocktails night, today I just had a mint lemonade bland with some icecubes.

Since I start using this product I am not worried about a funny smell of the ice cubes (happened with the normal tray). Also, for me it's not hard to remove it from the plastic, so should not be a problem.
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