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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2013
If you haven't grown tired of watching movies where people trade places, i.e. their brain in someone else's body, then you haven't been watching enough movies. Tom Hanks gave us perhaps the best of these movies. In this version it is "married man" swapping with "college buddy" although they have known each other since the third grade. I watched the unrated version. They wish for each others life while urinating in a park fountain...which is gone the next day and no one knows where it is at!!!! At least until Vic ( city official) gets back off vacation. Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch who is an actor...but now has trouble playing a lawyer. Dave (Jason Bateman) is a lawyer married to Leslie Mann. They have twins. He suddenly becomes a single man. Their goal is to try to get by day by day until they can locate the magical wishing fountain. Of course this doesn't last for one minute as the lawyer has turned into an f-bomb throwing idiot, and we find out Mitch stars in soft-core films or lorno (light porno) as they are called in the movie.

When the movie is not being crude and sophomoric, it works fairly well. The guys get to see how others view them, for better or worse. Mitch discovers he is way too juvenile and needs to grow up. Dave discovers life is more than status. The extras include a deleted scene and a gag reel not worth the view. Not as good as either "Hang Over" film, more akin to "Hall Pass."

Excessive F-bomb, sex, toilet humor, nudity (Leslie Mann, Mircea Monroe, Taaffe O'Connell, Olivia Wilde? brief body double?)
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on 15 May 2016
I thought this was a pretty funny and good movie. It's your typical switch minds type of movie. But with two completely different people one serious and one that's never grown up. It kept me wanting to watch more and made me laugh multiple times throughout the movie. Some sad moment within the movie as well.

I actually suggested this to my friend to watch if they hadn't already. Really enjoyed
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on 7 August 2016
I watched this 112 min REGION B/2 DVD and found it funny and a good story. The only thing I did not like and some people may be offended by was the bad language. This was the first time I have watched a Ryan Reynolds film but would do again.
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on 24 April 2013
I was unsure about this movie having heard and eventually witnessed the opening minutes but now it's one of my favourite comedies ever. Having orbited Ryan Reynolds movies for a while I have been pleasantly surprised by the acting prestige of his co-star Jason Bateman, with whom I was less familiar. "The Change-Up" is perfectly balanced as Bateman and Reynolds spend the first 15 minutes establishing the characters of stressed family-guy Dave and slacker responsibility-phobe Mitch but then the personality switch is made. Bateman's Dave is a stressed-out, workaholic husband looking for a release but whose family is his heart while his Mitch is a hard-swearing, tactless slob who eventually seeks to make his friend proud but ultimately change things he hates about himself. Reynolds's Mitch seems pretty standard as the womaniser with no intention of growing up but then his Dave is hilariously naive as he must deal with his friend's atrocious choice of sexual partner and questionable career choices whilst guiding the last person he would trust through healing the cracks of his family life. Bateman establishes himself quietly as Dave but explodes once the switch is made to Mitch and out of the two men Bateman shines the brighter while Reynolds's performance also picks up steam after the switch. It may be littered with adult language and scenes but that doesn't detract from the basic premise of the story. The scenes where Bateman "advises" his "daughter" to fight back against the ballet bully and his glee upon witnessing the payoff of his advice are very funny, they don't advocate swearing in front of a child they highlight the consequences of a tactless, irresponsible person - which is one of the character defects mentioned about Mitch - attempting to convey advice. The scenes with Bateman's married life crash-course and Reynolds' wardrobe crash-course are hilarious. Leslie Mann is also fantastic as Bateman's wife, whether slapping her male co-stars, threatening violence or conveying deep-rooted emotion she more than keeps up with the boys. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys great comedy handled by actors who can take this much-adapted story premise and make it magic.
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on 28 May 2016
THE CHANGE-UP is one of the most hilarious movies I've seen for some time. Yet, the critics say that this movie is 'not very funny'. Maybe some people just don't have a good sense of humor. I watched this movie and I had to pause it numerous times because was laughing so much and didn't want to miss anything.
Everyone has their own opinions and that's fine. My opinion is that this is a 5 star comedy and I loved it. This is a movie to enjoy!!!!!
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on 14 August 2012
I'm not a big fan of body swap comedies and this one didn't look like it would be a particularly useful addition to the genre. However, what it has going for it is a very good cast of comedic talents. Jason Bateman in particular really shines in this film. The first ten minutes or so nearly put me off. The jokes with the babies weren't to my liking at all, but once I got past that I found this to be a highly amusing gross out comedy. It's not a classic but it's a pretty good way to pass an hour and a half.
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on 4 September 2016
This film is too long for its own good, as it cannot fill this time by surprising events and or exemplary behaviors. The premise of the story is rehashed to death and this film certainly doesn't bring anything new and original to the table — on the contrary, it offers quite a poor response to such an opportunity: lacking humor, little to no life changes or revelations occur, and the acting is not that good either.
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on 11 May 2016
Cant believe I've not seen this movie until now, It starts off a little silly, vulgar & inappropriate but damn what a great movie as the story really grows like a flower blossoms! Bonus - Deadpool is in this movie
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on 28 May 2016
A classic trading places movie with genuine laugh out loud moments. I think Jason Bateman is a great actor in this kind of film and he holds the film together well. Will only be truly appreciated by people who have kids - watch it and you'll see what I mean.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 January 2012
The Change Up follows two close childhood friends, Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman -Horrible Bosses) & Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds -The Proposal) who live very different lives. Dave is hard working and has been all his life, he is a very successful Lawyer with 3 young children & a beautiful wife. And then they're is Mitch, he is the playboy who has absolutely no responsibilities in his life and cannot commit to anything for very long. Oh, and he is also obsessed with sex.

So, having grown apart over the years, they decide to get together like in the good old days, with a night on the town. This culminates with them towards the end of the night peeing into a fountain & arguing to each other that the other has a great life & vice versa... bish bash bosh, the next day they wake up to find that they have swapped bodies. And comedy & mayhem ensues as they have to live out each others lives, seeing the other side of the coin & track down the mysterious fountain which has been relocated.

Overall it's your basic body swap comedy of old like the original Freaky Friday with Jodie Foster, which has been done in various ways over the years since, but this is very much an adult take on the concept. I thought it was well done & hilarious in places that had me screaming with laughter(the lorno scene), the baby changing scene early on sets the tone of how the film intends to carry on. The two leads get on very well & have a good chemistry, while the support cast is not too shabby either, with the very beautiful Olivia Wilde (Cowboys & Aliens) as Dave's assistant & Leslie Mann (Funny People) as Dave's Wife. Also a cameo from Alan Arkin (Get Smart) as Mitch's dad.

The one thing that i didn't like was the excessive use of foul language. The film had enough about it to be funny, and the constant F bombs were unnecessary. One particular example i thought highlighted this, was the scene with Jason Bateman & his young daughter in a car, where he uses profanities infront of her constantly. I don't know if the young girl was actually in that part of the scene, or they filmed it with Jason alone and edited it in. That is what tarnished it a little for me.

In conclusion, this is a very adult yet funny take on a body swap comedy concept. It maybe too gross out for some tastes, so if you dislike rude & crude humor it's best to avoid. Recommended.
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