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on 28 October 2011
I upgraded, recently, my broadband package to BT's Infinity. This means that my PC (upstairs) is now remote from the master socket. My original intention was to wire the PC directly to the master socket with a long and complicated network cable....until I read about using the existing electrical wiring as an alternative for a "wired" connection. I bought the DEVOLO pass through starter kit and now I have a very good system without the need for messy new wiring. Neat solution. No doubt. And it works first time.
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on 19 June 2012
Having used the Devolo 200AV plugs for several years I purchased 2 of these to speed up the 2 points in the house that required more speed (between the server and mediacentre). With the 200AV plugs I got a connection maxing out at 100 (so half speed, but the actual speed when transferring files was more in the region of 30-40), I was hoping for atleast 50% more with these 500 plugs, but they actually connected more or less with the same speed as the 200AV did.

In other rooms I would see a faster connection (400), but as it did not increase the speed between these 2 sockets I returned to Amazon for a refund and will be going down the wired route instead.

I still highly recommend the homeplug in general, if running a cable isnt easy/feasible they are great compared to Wifi. I just wanted to highlight that the 500AV is no better than the 200AV if you are not seeing good speeds with the 200AV to start off with.
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on 31 May 2012
I don't want to single out this particular Homeplug for criticism, because all manufacturers do the same. They tout a headline theoretical speed limit which is really not achievable in real life. It's a bit like ISPs selling you an ADSL line that promises 24mbs, only to discover that you're getting just 6mbs.

Anyway, these are fast units but do not reach anything like the quoted 500mbs. The best I'm getting is 150mbs between two adjacent rooms. This isn't bad, but not as fast as I'd expect. Perhaps it's my wiring, but I find that with the previous models (AVLan 200) I was getting 100mbs. You would have thought that a pair of 500mbs units like these could achieve something a little faster than that.

Despite these lacklustre statistics, I've tried many different Homeplug manufacturers and Devolo remain my favourite in terms of reliability and ease of use.
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on 12 March 2012
After running my Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player using wireless, I was getting annoyed with the impaired performance at various busy times. Using a Belkin Smart TV Link was a huge improvement on the Sony Dongle I first connected with, but still annoying - great once something is playing but large pauses when fetching content from my network drive. Also seemed to need a PC running, which I think was something to do with the Belkin Wirelss thingy (have now established it is a function of the settings of the media player and a red-herring in this review).

Thought I'd give these a go - superb performance with seldom or any delays and runs as long as the router is on. Now to get another one for my wife to use with her laptop.

Set-up is literally plug in and go. Only quibble is that the LAN cables supplied are very short (1M) - luckily I had a couple of longer ones knocking around. Do need to take care to make sure the Plug is directly in the socket and the only one on a double socket - why I went for the 'Plus' variant which allows pass through power.


Have subsequently purchased an additional dLAN AV500+ plug and 2 x dLAN AV200+ plugs - all three of these had 2 metre cables!
review image
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on 30 September 2013
After reading about various powerline offerings I opted for this Devolo 500Mbit pair, and so far they're meeting my expectations. I have them installed at more or less opposite ends of the house - the first is on the front room ring and the second is on the upstairs second bedroom ring, which are entirely separate on the circuit breaker.

Installation/setup was literally plug and play - the devices found each other instantly and that was that. After a quick test I enabled encryption (a button press on all devices you want to be part of the network within 2 minutes) and performed a few tests. The results:

- This kit, with encryption, sustained a throughput of about 20MB/sec (approximately 160Mbit/sec) for a file transfer over the course of a few minutes.
- At most the latency added is about 1ms, which may be due to the encryption. The plugs get warm after hammering them for a while.
- Power-saving mode, which kicks in when you don't send any data over the plugs for a while, didn't cause any issues when waking up.

It's also worth noting that the plugs extend 2cm either side of the live/neutral pins, 2cm below the same pins, and 8.3cm above the earth pin. Plan accordingly if your wall socket space is limited!
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on 26 April 2013
I previously had a dLAN 200 AV used on my 20 year old house and also used it a lot in a 100 year old house with much older ring-main wiring. It worked OK between ring-mains on different floors, despite warnings about potential problems from the manufactures. I gave my dLAN 200 set to my girlfriend who needed something simple and easy to use, and then researched for a replacement. Obviously from this feedback, I went for the dLAN 500 AV - because I now trusted Devolo to produce a quality product, and that is despite the relatively high price compared to some other makes.

So, what do I think about the product? Well, I am delighted with how easy it is to use these Devolo devices and I have had absolutely no problems with them: that is despite warnings to the contrary about potential problems with certain arrangements of house wiring. I know that these devices don't reach the full speed advertised on the box, but it works very well extending my old 100 Mbps LAN to wherever I need it in the house. I plan to upgrade to 1 Gbps and access the TV LAN socket, so we shall see how it fares with those more challenging tasks.

It's extremely simple to set up: just plug in and go. You don't really need to install the software unless there is an issue with the speed and connection, or the security settings. Even so, the software has a very simple user interface that novices should have no problem in using - and it gives a clear graphical view of the status of the connections between the various mains-LAN devices operating on the mains.

I particularly like the pass-through mains socket. This helps to avoid the problem of loosing a socket to the dLAN unit, and also needing to use a multi-way extension for all the devices around a PC. Like many similar units, the manufacturer suggests not plugging the dLAN into a multi-way extension socket. Well, I tried that and experienced no problems! However, I actually use it at the wall socket and plug the extension lead into the pass-through socket, as recommended. Be warned that the devices are a little long and hang well below the wall socket, and so could be a problem for those with wall sockets close to the floor or a work-top. I also like the built-in security, and the low-power standby mode (because I tend to leave the devices switched on all the time).

A quality product, which even comes with Ethernet cables of a reasonable length (so many computer devices these days seem not to include cables in the box). So, for general use, I do recommend using these if using Wi-Fi is a problem for you. Indeed, I use my dLANs in preference to messing about with Wi-Fi - and they are a lot easier and more secure for the novice to set-up and use - simples! Get one today and try it! If you experience problems, you can always call the Devolo help line. But if all else fails, Amazon should allow a return and give a full refund in the unlikely event that it doesn't work on your mains circuits.
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on 30 January 2013
Having used a pair of 200MBit/s AV Adapters for a few years, I decided to upgrade to 500AV as I wasn't achieving the 100MBit/s that my internet connection provides.

Upon plugging in and installing the Devolo Dashboard, I was delighted to see a reported speed of 111MBit/s. However the actual tested speed between the two devices was only 37MBit/s, the same I achieved with the 200 AV!

I tested with a set of Zyxel 500 AV, and was able to obtain a speed of 96MBit/s so it isn't due to my power lines or set-up.
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on 22 July 2013
Wasn't sure whether it would work through my split ring main system but it does work just fine.
Great product.
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on 23 June 2013
These homeplugs work perfectly, but unlike the pictures suggest, they require about 3 inches of clearance above the mains socket rather than below. The network cable (RJ-45) connection is at the top of the device as are the lights with the pass-through socket being at the bottom.

This does make it problematic for one of the locations I wanted to put them in, and would have probably meant I wouldn't have bought them. This has meant that I have plugged it into an extension lead for now, which is suboptimal according to Devolo's documentation which suggests this configuration won't get the best out of the devices. I have written to Devolo to find out if they can explain the difference in orientation, because their pictures also suggest a different orientation from the product I received. I will update this review if I get a useful response.

Again, I can't fault them for functionality - as other reviews suggest they do not hit the theoretical maximum by any stretch (and neither would I expect them to but they are plenty fast enough) and they play nicely on networks with other Devolo 200Mbps homeplugs.
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on 11 February 2013
The title says it all really. Extremely easy to set up, and gives great performance. The included Cockpit software claims my pair of these plugs connect at 400kbps+, and my file transfer rates are more than adequate. I have also successfully connected two older dLan 200 plugs to the same network, albeit at a lower speed, naturally.

I have only one minor gripe: although the plugs support encryption (essential given that the signal can extend down the electrical network well beyond your own property), it isn't made obvious anywhere whether encryption is on or off. It would be ncie to have either an LED on the plug itself, or at the very least an indicator in the Cockpit software, but there isn't one. Instead you just have to enable the encryption (which is easily done with the buttons on the plugs) and trust that it isn't somehow subsequently disabled.

But overall, a great, troublefree product. These plugs are a must if you have a weak or flaky wifi signal, and far simpler than running ethernet cable around your home.
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