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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 2011
I have to say that this is probably my favourite in the Fallen series to date but I must say it is completely different to the other two that have gone before it so I suspect that it will not be to everyone's taste. The whole premise of this instalment is a time trotting Luce who continuously visits her previous lives. Featuring England (hurray!!!), Egypt, France, China and the Mayan era, to name but a few, Luce visits her previous incarnations in order to uncover the truth about her relationship with Daniel and the curse they share. As such Luce is never really in one place and as a reader you are thrown... alongside Luce... into a series of different locations and eras. For me this is a real mental treat allowing your imagination to conjure so many distinct and varied locations all in the one book! Lauren Kate does a excellent job jumping from one place to the next giving just enough detail for us to immerse ourselves in the new location while never losing sight of Luce and Daniel's plight. This is a rather brave choice by Lauren Kate as it is bound to alienate some of her readers used to Luce and a close circuit of friends bumbling through some school. But for me this is a breath of fresh air. As much as I love the other two books Passion steps away from them while allowing us to connect closer to the Luce and Daniel relationship than ever before. Okay so the friends Luce has made in her journey only make small appearances but the connection we make with Luce makes it all worthwhile. I think such a change was needed to keep the interesting and original and not just a another `twilight-esque' love story. With Passion the Fallen saga has really come into its own as one of the best YA series available. At the end of this book I felt for the first time that I truly believed in the Luce-Daniel saga and was left dying to know what will happen next.... Passion will fire you up for Rapture next year!
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on 8 August 2011
Review: I don't know why I keep reading these goddamned books but I do, each time expecting that maybe, just maybe I might understand what the hell is going on with the Luce/Daniel curse. Lauren Kate has clearly no idea how to slowly drop hints throughout the books so the reader (and the eternally baffled Luce) can collect clues and slowly build towards understanding the whole point of this series...blind frustration and impatience does not equal well written suspense. Also I'm starting to suspect that Lauren Kate herself hasn't even worked out the origins of the love curse but is stalling to work one out that is sufficiently mind blowing to justify a 4 book series with so little meaningful plot. If Kate had managed to cut all the pointless goings-on, the story could have been served well by 2 books. Maximum.

Summary *some spoilers*:

*Luce is sick of being bossed around and decides to head out on her own to get the answers everyone is keeping from her (reader gets faint hope that this might happen) and starts to time travel. Luce claims she wants to understand the background of the curse, but swiftly changes her mind and decides instead to find out "like you know, if Daniel REALLY loves me, like, I know he loves me and has been finding me for THOUSANDS of years, but like, is it like true love?....i'm going to go through ALL of my past lives and not learn about the curse but check that Daniel was as hot for me then as he seems to be for me now....OH MY GOD, OLD LUCINDA IS HOLDING OLD DANIEL. I'm jealous. Wow he really does love her/me. I must touch his hair. OUR LOVE IS FO REALZ!!! Or is it???"

*Enter plot fart sidekick that attempts to be witty until Lauren Kate can finally use him for the end of the book. (reader confused, who is this little dude??? And why is luce trusting him???)

*Luce starts travelling through a load of era's across the globe that readers might have a vague recollection of in primary school history classes. Cue superficial descriptions of far off lands and places only really marked as different because Luce is all "but I can't speak Italian/Russian/French/insert language....oh but wait I can!!....I've been here before....in a past life..." (Reader hits head with book exclaiming NO *%$# Sherlock, we get the reincarnation thing!!!) Luce then reaffirms different time/place by putting on a new outfit "oh but these clothes are so strange, it almost like they're from a different time, oh there's old pre incarnation me, I want to touch me, golly I'm so soft and pretty."

*Luce continues falling through black holes and numerous costume changes and tries each time to look at or touch herself and Daniel.

* Daniel broods and blah blah blah "why destiny, why curse???" he exclaims. Cue Cam cameo "you should pick a side. You know what this curse means". Daniel: "oh curse this curse, woe is me, I hate this curse, brood brood" (Reader: WHAT IS THE CURSE????)

*Luce sees old Daniel about a billion times and every time wants to run her hands through his goddamned highlights, cue all the same ole adjectives describing his eyes and hair

*One not very surprising plot `twist' occurs, but it doesn't really explain anything at all.

Anyhoo, this stands out as my least favourite of this awful series because the repetition is just so blatant in every single chapter, all of the time travel is exactly the same event except Luce and Daniel are wearing markedly different clothes...which is, you know, a total shocker for TIME TRAVEL. Each and every arrival to a new time/place heralds a first sighting of old Daniel and each and every time Luce goes on and on about how she must go to him, touch his hair and love him. And she travels to a lot of places. And all you want to do is scream "if you don't care about the origins of the curse, and all you want to do is touch Daniels feathery appendages, current Daniel is looking for you, you simpering pointless moron, just stay put for a minute, stop acting like time travel is an elaborate fashion show and he'll come and get you!! AAAGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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on 7 April 2012
Looking for a quick holiday read, I picked up all three of the Fallen books. I knew that they would hardly be literary masterpieces but was looking forward to an easy enjoyable read. Needless to say, I got through 'Fallen' in half a day and 'Torment' in the next. As other reviewers have pointed out, there are some gaping holes in the plot line and not much actually happens. It got very tiresome hearing how great and perfect both Daniel and Luce are, and it bothered me how, even though they have this 'soul mate' thing going on, there was absolutely no progression from meeting each other and falling in love. All very well and romantic, but not one I doubt ANY reader could relate to. The only actual relationship progression was with Miles.

I moved onto reading 'Passion', not really expecting much to be honest with you. Wow. I cannot believe her publishers allowed this. The premise is a good one, as it has been throughout the other two books: Luce will burst into a fiery inferno if she comes too close to the truth and Daniel will wait for her next reincarnation, they fall in love again, and the cycle continues. Brilliant. Even the writing isn't too bad, what you would expect from a teen romance book with a distinctly twilight feel. But plot? THERE WAS NO PLOT. Luce goes back through the announcers to revisit her past lives. Each chapter is another one of those lives. This is how every chapter in the book goes, bar a few from Daniel's point of view:
- Luce arrives through announcer. Lots of description of scenery. Luce finds out where she is.
- Luce sees her past self and Daniel. She feels jealous.
- Luce comes closer to seeing the 'truth' (although its never really properly explained what she's looking for apart from 'wanting to understand their love better')
- Luce dies, steps through another announcer and onto the next boring chapter.

It would help if we knew what Luce was really searching for. She says she wants to understand. Her big revelation comes when she works out that Daniel must suffer the same as her, when she bursts into flames. To put it rather uneloquently, 'duh', yes. The only interesting past version of Luce is the one from England who is rather mean. Otherwise, they are all brave, strong, beautiful, petite etc etc boring, boring. Lauren Kate couldn't have included one Luce who was, I don't know, maimed, ugly? Something?

Perhaps the biggest problem with the book, one which I found myself getting continually angry with, was this 'love' between the two. They keep getting drawn to one another. Luce keeps getting lost in him. Every time she sees him she completely forgets what she is doing. Case in point: a gargoyle transforms into a look-a-like Daniel is a black cave. Luce forgets everything and runs to kiss him. I mean seriously?

I kept going with the book, waiting for some big revelation at the end. I'm still waiting after I closed the book half an hour ago. NOTHING HAPPENS. Apart from Luce finding the present day Daniel, then talking about how much they love each other. Them kissing. Then kissing some more. Oh and then they get to a cabin where they meet with the other angels and have hot chocolate and hot dogs. I think i'll skip the next book in the series thanks.
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on 26 June 2011
After waiting sooooooooooooooooo long for this book, after re-reading again & again the first two you can imagine my delight when I finally got to read Passion.
NOT SO ! I knew after the first chapter it was just written to prolong the series. It did not hold my attention, I found it boring. With the first two my heart skipped a beat, it fluttered & every page was enthrawling.
I am very dissapointed & only carried on reading it incase I missed any of the plot. You only have to read the last few pages to continue on to the next book.
I am so sorry & also angry that the book did not deliver, I hope the next one will be better as it is the last in the series.
This book does not cover what the first two started.
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on 30 August 2011
I am sorry to say that I found this book a big let down. I really liked Fallen & Torment so I was excited about this book, but it did not live up to expectations, if I am being completely honest I found three quarters of the book really boring, and I was looking forward to it ending.

The idea is a great one, re-visiting Luce and Daniel's past, getting to see all the times they loved and lost each other, but in reality it was really repetitive and boring. I knew we were going to get a big revel connected to the curse at the end, and that part was good, I also enjoyed finding out more about Cam's background (I think Cam is the best character in the whole series), but the rest of the book felt like filler to me.

I hope the final book in the series will be back on form.
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on 27 August 2011
This is part 3 of the Fallen series. Part 2 left me wondering how much longer this whole story could be milked for. This novel proved that it should have been wrapped up in the previous two books. In this part, Lauren Kate takes us through Lucy's past. Same thing repeated over and over again across different countries, different years in history. I am only thankful, she didn't make us visit every single country in the world in order to prove that Daniel really is devoted to Lucy! Changing their names to what she sees as their native equivalents in her country of choice doesn't make the story more exciting. For example, at some point in the novel, Lucy finds herself in China where she will be called Lu Xin and Daniel will be De!!! Can this get any more cheesy or ridiculous? Yes, it can and you won't believe it but this whole book will take you to different countries in different periods of history literally repeating the same thing over and over, and over again - Daniel meets Lucy, Lucy falls in love with him, Daniel kisses Lucy, Lucy self-combusts, Daniel is tormented... blah, blah, blah... This truly makes the reader wonder just how Daniel defines love in order to keep doing it to the person he supposedly loves!

Lucy is determined to break their curse in order to allow herself to love and stay with Daniel forever. Trust me, this book really will make you hope that she does it sooner rather than later! If you read what happened to her in her first past life and then skip to the end of the book, you wouldn't have missed a great deal. In addition to the constant repetition of practically the same thing, the storyline often gets confusing as the author's sentences get longer, and she uses the same names for the character of the past and present or refers to them as he or she. Really poor examples of story telling but I would forgive her if only she didn't drag it out so much!

In the end, when the main characters finally get together, you almost think, "thank God for that" only to realise that the author has opened herself a window for the 4th book called Rapture to be published in 2012! I have no idea what on Earth she is planning to write about and how she intends to stretch it across another 400-500 pages but I can tell you that she knows all about it milking it while the going is good!
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on 17 October 2011
I'm torn between given this book 1 or 2 stars. The first half of the book was interesting enough and managed to keep my attention. However, the second half and especially the 'exciting' ending really failed to captivate me. From the last book, I thought that the series was picking up and getting better, but this has proven me wrong. I felt as though this book was completely detached from Fallen and Torment. This book felt a little repetitive and quite erratic, moving from place to place without any great revelation or discovery. The whole twist with Bill was very obvious and I didn't feel any connection or sympathy for the characters in this book - there was no good character development. It seemed as though Kate simply decided that she wanted to write something fairytale-like but it just didn't work for me. After this book, I'm not too excited to follow on with Rapture
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on 21 November 2011
After a long wait for the book to be released I read it within in two weeks of getting it. However the reason it took two weeks to read was simply the fact that it was boring, I mean seriously boring. The book keeps goign massively off topic and it sounds like Lauren Kate wrote it at the last minute. This was extremly dissapointing as I enjoyed Fallen and Torment immensly. Another problem with the book, and I know it fiction blah blah blah, but it was massivly historically incorrect, I mean HUGE, did Lauren Kate not research this???
Anyway to sum it up, I'm only getting the next book because it is a series and I can't leave series unread if I have already started, it goes massively off topic all the time, ridiculous situations in the book which are totally inplausable and massively historically incorrect. A VERY big let down.
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on 2 July 2011
I was very excited when this book arrived on my doorstep, after the luke warm start with Fallen, things had really warmed up with Torment so I couldn't wait to get reading again.
I just don't know what went wrong but this book really doesn't work for me. I don't think the concept of discovering if you have found true love with someone by spending all your time away from that 'special someone' sits well with me!
Basically Luce spends the majority of the novel running through different time periods trying to find out more about the Lucindas and Daniels of the past.
I don't really see the point of it all and it's not as though Luce actually learns a great deal either. She gains a travel companion along the way by the name of 'Bill' who she implicitly trusts - no questions asked - and yet still questions her relationship with Daniel. Craziness!
All in all the only part of the book that I found interesting was the last twenty pages - I had to skim read through the rest just to keep my attention. This is a huge disappointment after the excitement and anticipation that Torment left me with and at present I have no desire to see how Rapture concludes the series.
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on 28 July 2011
Having loved Fallen and Torment, I'd been looking forward to the release of Passion.

Luce spends most of the book travelling between many of her past lives with Daniel trying to find a way to break the curse between them. Unfortunately the setup of each past life visited becomes very repetitive and it is not at all clear in each life what exactly has been achieved. The addition of a supernatural being in the form of a gargoyle, named Bill, regresses the book back to the pre-teen fiction bracket.

My main issue though is that the characters have completely lost their depth in this book. The relationship between Luce and Daniel is lost to me at this point- there is too much in the way of longing glances, passionate embraces and absolutely nothing else! You kind of forget why they're together- where their love actually comes from? The characters have lost their grounding in reality.

I really hope the next book will get things back on track, and that Lauren Kate gets her mojo back- the two previous books were great.
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