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on 27 May 2011
This is the latest (May 2011) edition of Thomas Hardy's writing and has the great advantage of including his complete poems. The poems are navigable in a number of ways being listed individually under each volume that Hardy published but also having searchable chronological and alphabetical lists. Actually the alphabetical list has some oddness in its set up but it is useable. The poems are well formatted except for not having any stanza divisions.
The volumes of short stories are also navigable down to individual tales so it is somewhat surprising that when it comes to the meat of Hardy's output, the great novels, the publisher here has not made them navigable other than to the start of each novel. There is no table of contents for each novel to take you to individual chapters.
The illustrations, mainly of Hardy himself and of people and places connected with him are a pleasing addition but could be better captioned. For example, it would be useful to know Hardy's age when the various pictures of him were made.
This is well worth getting just to have the complete poems but if you're studying Hardy you probably also need an edition that has his novels in a more navigable format. Fortunately these editions are so cheap that's not a problem.
UPDATE JUNE 20th, 2011. The publishers have now updated this file. The novels are now navigable to individual chapters; captions have been added to the illustrations and stanza divisions have been incorporated into the poems. What more can one say? For any sixth form or college student studying Hardy or simply for anyone who loves his work this file has it all. The poems especially are beautifully formatted now; a joy to read.
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on 29 June 2013
I. Proctor reviewed this a couple of years back with the complaint (I'm paraphrasing - please check his/her review ) that there was no table of chapters for individual novels (the "great" novels), and therefore you couldn't navigate to individual chapters.
Delphi then took the trouble to add a comment that they had updated the file to add a table of chapters to each of the novels.
Based on that, I bought the book. Having downloaded it (June 2013), it seems somehow to have reverted to an even worse position than the the original, with all of the great novels just appearing as a single book. I tried the update page - doesn't exist anymore, and regardless I don't quite see how that would have ever worked.
With the sheer volume of novels, this renders the inclusion of the novels absolutely useless. You can't even search in the book to at least go to a book title.
I'm giving 2 stars for sheer volume, else, it's useless to me.
If I'm proven wrong, or there is an updated version that at least separates the great novels by title, then I'll re-appraise.
Update: OK, with more searching, I'm wrong - to get to the list of novels, do this: GoTo Page 1 (not "Beginning", as this just takes you to the "The Novels", which is the unindexed point that I was complaining about).
A minor change would make this better: "Beginning" should actually take you to the table of contents for the Novels, not the novels themselves, which are unindexed.
Upgrading to 4 stars...
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on 28 May 2013
It was interesting to find in this collection that Hardy's perception of character is still - if not more - penetrating than it was in his Far From the Madding Crowd which was among my first acquaintances with his work. Although the style is, sometimes, as florid as his period reflects, it is still candid and never gives way to false sentiment; so that it can be said to be uniquely Hardian/Hardyesque ( according to which of the two attempted murders of his surname can be forgiven).

The illustration was a bonus. I enjoyed dwelling on the picture of Hardy accompanied by his bicycle, as I tried to imagine from his inscrutable face some hint of the person who was driven to produce characters as unforgettably distinct as Jude the Obscure, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Tess of the D'Urbevilles.

I've read only a few of the poems so far but would, for a start, certainly recommend any from Time's Laughingstocks.
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on 11 July 2011
This complete works collection has a fully navigable and sortable table of contents. It contains all the poems, short stories and novels written by Hardy, some of which have introductory notes from the author himself.

Great value if you want all the Hardy novels in one place!
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on 30 May 2014
Excellent value if you want to read the works, or even some of the works, of Thomas Hardy. Navigation around the set is a bit primitive and this is not the best choice if you are a student and want to study the works in detail. For that, you need full annotations and academic introduction as well as being able to move around the text and annotations easily and quickly. To be fair, this is not something I've found to exist in any Kindle edition.
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on 3 February 2013
As a young person I read Thomas Hardy novels for exam prep in English Lit. I have also seen film adaptations of some of the more well known novels. However, I did not know he was such a prolific writer. There is so much more to this writer than O levels suggest. So far I have only had time to read three, they are in date order and I am about 6% of the way through his collection. As an older person I can say I have enjoyed them more now than I did as a younger person. Compared with a modern and very popular novel I have also read recently, I find his use of the English language amazingly colourful, rich and poetic and this is very much to my taste. However, it might not suite everyone. His descriptive passages really get inside a character and bring them to life. He understands human nature, regional accent and expression and can paint a picture of the customs in country life in an era from a time now out of living memory.
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2013
Although I have most of Hardy's books in paperback, there were some in this Kindle edition that I had never even heard of. As I like Hardy so much I was really pleased to find some books that I hadn't already read. A Laodicean for one and the Hand of Ethelberta for another.

This is a good Kindle copy and I would recommend it to people like myself who thought they had read all of Hardy's work.
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on 8 September 2015
While I have seen some criticisms of the Delphi Classics series (usually in terms of "completeness") I love them and think the small purchase price is well worth the money for the superior formatting (compared to free downloads) and additional information you get. Delphi themselves are very responsive to comments and often publish updates with improvements and errors fixed.
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on 1 June 2016
As ever with Delphi, a sound and highly navigable edition with few if any typos. The illustrations are not important to me, but the Wessex map is nice to have, as are the biographies. I had another (free) electronic edition before, but this one is much better, and definitely worth the tiny price.
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on 14 February 2014
Delphi has really managed to do something not all the other cheap Kindle editions of classics have achieved: Readable like an ordinary set of books. This is a really attractive set at a fantastic price. Delphi are now my first port of call for collected works, and I've not yet been let down. I find the idea of a whole library on a Kindle / iPad an incredible convenience.
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