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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2012
The box arrived in very good time. I undid the box and started to put the box together in the kitchen (as I could not wait till my hubby came home ) I then used the cardboard box that it arrived in, laid flat to protect it, to assemble the rest ( because of the size).
The garden box went together easily using a little patience and being forceful but gentle.
The whole box is very good and stores all of my garden stuff, such as hose, bottles of feed n weed etc, a garden fork and rake,
( yes! It really is long enough for garden tools ) also my wellies , cover for the table and chairsetc.,
It really looks good and is a GREAT ADDITION to the garden. I had no problems putting it together by myself :)
o yeah and it is very waterproof too!!
I am encouraging my son and daughter to get one... 5 stars easily
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on 23 April 2012
Bought specifically to get the garden furniture cushions out of the shed so a success with that. It was easy to assemble, very clear and precise instructions. It fits visually into the garden, seems strong and fully rainproof. Finished the assembly just in time, closed the lid as the rain started, it came down mixed with hale and continued for about an hour. No sign of water within the box so I'm happy it's been fully tested and will store cushions etc without concern. Worth mentioning, ordered on Sunday afternoon delivered Tuesday lunchtime, faultless service.
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Quite surprised with the cost of this item that it is strong enough for me to sit on the top of it without it complaining or collapsing, what with my being 22 stones. I would have expected to pay more for something of this quality.

Apparently, according to the other reviews, the base is a bit weak, but I have in mine a small lawn mower, a seed sprayer, a shovel, a spade, a fork, a grass edger, a brush, a basket with eight garden hand tools, four cement laying hand tools, a long spirit level, a pair of shears, a branch lopper, a 5ltr bottle of fertiliser, various large packets of Feed & Weed type stuff, a thickly padded garden chair cushion and two bench cushions, yet there doesn't seem to be any problems with the base falling out; I did attach the base with the screws that came supplied, maybe other people didn't bother doing this.

It has a hydraulic thing at the back for holding the top up when you open it and the thing the padlock goes through seems quite secure. I use an Abus Marine Grade padlock as this is very waterproof and should last for years. The lid is slightly warped though, so it closes completely on one side and has a slight half inch gap on the other (may be due to the heat of the sun). I usually leave a bag of compost on top to make it shut completely.

I am very happy with this storage box, especially as it looks a bit like wood and fits very nicely in the corner of the patio. It was very easy to build, took me about 15 minutes and seems so far to be completely weatherproof.

Update: August 2015 - If you are as heavy as me, don't stand on the lid. I was doing some strimming of a hedge, stood on the middle of the lid and heard a loud crack. Opened it up and found one of the vertical supports in the lid had split, though the outside of the lid still seems undamaged and it is still waterproof. Still okay to sit on though.
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on 21 September 2011
This is a stronger and larger box than other Keter products. It has metal reinforcement and takes longer to put together but not too much of a challenge with patience. How much better it is than other Keter boxes which offer an ever increasing range of box quality and sizes is entirely subjective. It is still plastic though and has hinges to hold the box open.For some applications it will be worth paying for this box. This source was cheaper than others I had found- some over £100
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on 13 July 2012
Having done quite a bit or research into garden boxes I decided on this one.
I was impressed with the easy construction and the the simplicity of the enclosed instructions
I was most concerned that it might be not entirely waterproof as I wanted it to hold some very expensive cushions
Well the rain we have had in the last few weeks has been extraordinary,and the box stood up very well.
It has been completely dry inside and I am very well satisfied
A good product at a reasonable price. Thank you
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on 10 February 2014
We bought this to leave outside our front door so that the postman had somewhere waterproof to leave all of the nappies that we order from Amazon! We wanted something that looked nice, was a decent size and of good quality so it wouldn't leak. This was perfect. The price on Amazon was also far cheaper than any of the shops where we tried to find a similar item. As others have said, be careful when putting this need to make sure you put the base in before putting all of the sides together.
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on 18 April 2015
The box was large enough for my requirements and strong enough to sit on. It looks good and the lid and body seem watertight (time will tell though).
The only drawback was that a couple of the screws holding some internal brackets didn't grip the plastic very well and just turned round and round in their housing. Also I'm not sure about the strength of the base which seems a bit flimsy and wonder whether or not it will hold really heavy items.
I had to put the box on a firm level base which is something you need to think about before selecting a site for it.
Despite my reservations I would highly recommend this product.
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on 22 March 2012
The product was delivered quickly. The instructions and parts were all easily marked and identifiable, making construction very simple. With the illustration of the couple sitting on it, the box looks very strong indeed. However, we purchased ours to use as a coal bunker. and although the lid can take over 200kg, the floor of the box has a maximum loading of 50kg. Somewhat disappointedly,the floor is made of lightweight twin cell plastic, and easily bendable. We reinforced ours underneath to stop the floor collasping by sitting the box on 20mm rigid spacers, and it works fine (we used plastic gym mats cut to sizebetween the feet). The guarnetee is now probably negated! Like the other review, the right hand side of the lid sits up a little, but remains water-tight. We're not complaining, as it is not advertised as a coal bunker, but I have read reviews on similar products being used as such, with no mention of any problems. The hydraulic lid stay is a very convenient idea.
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on 20 May 2016
Received yesterday and packaging opened at one end and contents slightly exposed. Checked and found that the components seemed OK and undamaged so went ahead and assembled the box, following the enclosed instructions. All went well until I got to the stage of attaching the right hand side (part PRP), which is supposed to 'snap on'. Despite our best efforts, I had help, couldn't get the 'snap on' elements to line up with the rear metal bar which should have slid into a bracket at the back. Left side was fine. After a fair amount of effort managed to get it attached but when I screwed the floor panel on, the metal bar started to break through it's bracket. Must have been slightly distorted even though it looked fairly straight. However, I had got so far at that stage I just pressed on and completed the assembly, mainly because I really needed to start using the box quickly to store stuff from a shed I'm demolishing.
The box is roomy and feels quite strong but the dodgy fixing on the rear top corner distorts it a bit so that the lid needs to be adjusted manually after it's closed. Hopefully this does not mean that it will let in water.
Somewhat disappointed by this quality issue as other Keter products I have had have always been strong on that point and time will tell whether the fixing will hold together in the long run.
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on 27 February 2014
Got it last summer - it's been outdoors since then (8 months). The box is waterproof and we use it to store coal for our BBQ, cushions and other bulky things. So far everything is fine. I wouldn't recommend sitting on the box to heavy people and for too long. But definitely worth the price and works great so far.
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