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on 15 May 2012
If you own a thunderbolt display port equipped mac, don't even bother.

I bought this to view stereoscopic images in my 3D software, so I wouldn't have to wear migraine inducing anaglyphe red/blue glasses. And for the brief interludes between thunderbolt port incompatibility induced static (which varied in intensity depending on resolution and refresh rate, but never went away), it looked very good. LG however has no Mac support for this screen, other than telling you where to find the manual on the accompanying discs.

The screen works perfectly fine with non-thunderbolt display macs however. So unfortunately the screen has become worthless to me because the known issues with the thunderbolt display port still haven't been properly solved.

It had potential, though..
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on 2 January 2013
Buena calidad tanto en 2D como 3D, full hd y buenos acabados.
Conexión hdmi,dvi,vga y jack para cascos o altavoces.Con cable de alimentación y vga y incorporado.
Tiene muy buen aspecto y acabado. Para mi relación calidad/precio fue el mejor monitor 3D que encontre
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on 5 December 2012
I've rarely come across a piece of technology that disappointed so much. The design and aesthetics are great. It comes well boxed with everything you expect, but the image quality through RGB and DVI is truly awful. I've used the screen with an Xbox360 and it was fine for gaming, the 3D function being really cool and one I'd like in my next screen, but the 2d quality is like going back to early CRTs. It does make me wonder if my screen was faulty as the other reviews seem quite good, but for me, when set to 1920 x1080 resolution, the image is not at all sharp and text is difficult to read.

If you're going to buy one, might want to check one out first. I've got an LG 32" LCD and it's great, but this is not so. So in summary, if you just want a monitor for gaming (3D) I'd recommend it. For anything else, look elsewhere.
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on 22 November 2012
Purchased to use with a PC which requires a 3D screen for software packages requiring 3D output, previously purchased Samsung but they are no longer available. This will not do what you require.
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on 9 November 2012
I've owned this monitor for about 3 months and I am generally pleased with it - bright, colourful and easy to use.
One BIG downside which nobody else has mentioned is that at normally viewing distance (say 18 inches to 2ft away), you can clearly see a horizontal grid of dark lines covering the entire screen. I suspect that it is something to do with the 3D technology. Anywhere that you have a wide expanse of a single colour, particularly pale colours, you see fine lines going across it.
If you were sitting a few feet away to watch a film on it, you wouldn't notice it at all. But if you writing email or letters it is really annoying. I thought it might be because I had the brightness too high (like when you get scan lines if you turn up a CRT monitor too high) but this is unaffected by brightness so it must be something in the design of the monitor.
I wrote to LG about it but never received a reply.

Apart that, it is a great monitor, but avoid it for close work or fine photo editing.
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on 12 December 2011
I am sorry to go against all the other reviews, but I honestly can't see how this product got 4 and 5 stars. I suspect it's the excitment of owners getting a new toy willing to overlook some negatives and trying to convince themselves that it was a good purchase.
For me it wasn't.

First of all the third party 3d driver required to launch games is extremely undersupported. Mine didn't work on first attempt and my technical help forum request is still unanswered 7 days on. I have since figured out what was causing it not to work (I have a dual monitor setup and my 3d monitor was plugged into the secondary port, with Win7 then overriding the display priority at the software end).

The way 3d works here is one of your eyes can only see the odd lines, whilst the other only sees the even ones. On the upside, this means that your graphics card doesn't really need to work twice as hard, as is the case in active shutter tech, on the downiside, the reduced effective resolution really is noticeable, especially when trying to read text. To a point where smaller text is unreadable until you take the glasses off.

Another negative of this tech is the narrow viewing angle. Even having found the sweet spot the ghosting was visible and if you shift your posture or position in the heat of gaming the whole thing gets unraveled rather quickly and your immersion gets broken.

The constant ghosting, stress and focus, gave me a headache.

It was a nice tech show case, but it is not fit for purpose as a 3d gaming monitor.
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on 26 January 2012
This monitor at 23 inches is well worth the price of £159.99. First of all it's Full HD 1080p which looks great in non 3d mode. The colours are vibrant and the detail is sharp as you would expect. In 3d mode the quality is supposedly halved however i couldn't see this. I use this monitor in it's non 3D form as a pc monitor first and ps3 gaming monitor second. I cannot use the Tridef software as my pc is quite old (2004) and doesn't meet the minimum requirements for 3D enabling, but hey it's still great as a regular monitor and my pc will be upgraded one day. Now for the gamers out there,you should know that if your like me, you slouch at cut scenes and slow action points, and you sit up when the action intensifies.....well that's going to be a problem as the sweet spot is very tight. The slightest movement and your going to suffer from ghosting which is very annoying as your start to feel uncomfortable in a fixed position but hey... a straight back is good for posture right? You should also know that the refresh rate is quite terrible, as one reviewer mentioned it runs at 60hz (NOT 120hz) which gives you a terrible frame rate especially at intense action moments when a lot is happening on screen. So all in all Great 3D Effect BUT... VERY demanding sweet spot for perfect eye popping and i mean eye popping 3D. PS there's no more free copies of Assassins Creed Brotherhood...from what i was told.
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on 2 September 2011
I get massive headaches with active (lcd shutter) glasses as I am sensitive to the refresh/flicker, and I needed another monitor for a gaming PC, so I though I would give passive 3D a go. Nothing mindblowing, but I'm glad I did. The 2D monitor features are comparable with my Samsung P2450 with some light discolouration horizontally and more vertically, but text and images remain crisp. The 3D effect is good but depends on the quality of source material or your depth and offset settings for games. Generally, seems better for movies and racing games but not that great for FPP. BTW, nVidia driver stereoscopy options will not work, but LGs equivalent handles most games fine. Other aspects are okay - leg and stand - menu and navigation button response. The only real weakness of this monitor is that you have to adjust your screen/seat to the correct angle/height to get a clean 3D effect.
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on 3 June 2012
Just a quick review, as others on here have wrote brilliant concise points. But I will say something.. 2D mode on PC Is great! 3D mode on P.C Is frustrating. After I worked out that The included tri-def software is as much use as a chocolate teapot.. and is sluggish.. and not required for me.. anyway VLC and other players do just the same job.

I turned my attention to using it on my PS3.. WOW! now I get it!
Gaming is a complete joy! Motorstorm Apocolypse is so engrossing.. completely changed the game for me.. I also ended up playing better! the same with Gran Turismo 5.. I have started a lot of earlier races again.. because it is a whole new experience.
I use the PS3 for watching 3D movies also, and I am very impressed.. No crosstalk! at all! if things look odd go to the menu, and change 3D from L-R to R-L or R-L to L-F and I always use SBS.. now this is the thing.. get used to using the Menu I use it all the time.. but no chore as I know what to change when I see games/videos but only after using the menu a lot.

For the Bucks.. and truly great 3D viewing.. buy it.. but spend some time getting to know it before thinking it is not what you thought. it is not plug in play so much.. as plug in and play around with it.. when u get used to it.. it is pure joy! all my friends are amazed!

Came with game, DVI + VGA lead and U.K power lead.. I tossed the tri-def CD away.
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on 27 February 2013
Coming from an Asus MS228H led monitor, I was expecting a much better colour reproduction and better brightness. I wasn't disappointed with the performance and I really would recommend it to anyone who would use this monitor for media consumption/creation. IPS panels are crucial when trying to create illustrations on photoshop, as the perfect colour values makes all the difference and my previous LED monitor was over saturating the values.

Something else to note, even though this monitor comes with 3D, I tried with Crysis 3 (Xbox 360) as it's native 3D but unfortunately it was not a pleasant experience. There was visible ghosting and my eyes felt weird for a while. It could be because I almost never watch 3D or it could be the 3D tech here isn't all that good. (my screen is 1 feet away and I was looking straight at it, just in case someone wonders about the 3D image viewing angle aspect)

Finally to conclude: + Great quality panel (colours and brightness met my expectation)
+ Amazing viewing angles
+ Slim build and super light weight.
- 3D performance not good
- Single hdmi slot :(
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