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on 7 April 2011
Well, I've finished number 7 in the series, and am pleased to say that the pace and characters have continued in the same theme as the others.

A good book to continue on with the series, and there are a number of continuation possibilities.
I'd like to see a few more side plots developed, for example, Trader Vyx and his friends, a bit more with the cats, and either more involvement of, or a return to the Nordakians, and maybe some individual adventures by Jenetta's sisters.
I'm also pleased to see less repetitive descriptions.

Overall, a good addition, and I'm happy to await further additions to the series.
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on 20 May 2011
These books have a pleasant atmosphere about them, one feels good after having read what are a very addictive set of novels
I'm waiting for the next one in the series. If I had my way the next would be down loaded to my iPad automatically as soon as available!
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on 6 September 2013
As I read through the series I am quite happy to see that the quality of the series has not dropped a bit! We follow Admiral Carver through her adventures and while not everything's exactly going well in their sector of the galaxy with hints that the trouble with
Raiders is only the beginning with other more serious troubles on the horizon I am sure the reader will be swept along with the Admiral just like in previous books except perhaps that they might be even better as the challenges facing her get rather more difficult to solve.
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on 7 July 2011
I read all 7 books within 2 weeks; I simply could not stop reading as I had to find out what happens next. I am a somewhat jaded military SF reader and I must admit that some of the solutions were ingenious. I felt that some events went too "smoothly", but I chose to ignore them and thoroughly enjoyed the read.

I am not going to tell you the content, but when reading the first books it reminded me of the Honor Harington series by David Weber.
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on 10 April 2011
If you liked the previous books then you will like this, it kept me reading until the end, I could not put my Kindle down and have been left wanting more! I am sure that there will be an eighth book in the series at least but while you wait for it I would suggest that if you like this series you will also enjoy the "Vatta's War" series by Elizabeth Moon.
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on 16 May 2011
Well, I've just finished reading the series and I enjoyed them all to a greater or lesser degree. Someone I know who has read some of the series said "they're a bit far fetched" - but surely that's the point of science fiction. Not quite sure where Admiral Carver goes from here but I will surely follow.
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on 10 April 2011
Against All Odds continues with a slightly slower pace of the other books and is still a fun read despite Jenetta's solution to the final issue being almost exactly the same as the Milor (as pointed out by other reviewers). I would also agree that as the main characters have been well developed over the previous that additional information on their feelings etc would be of interest.

There is a chance that that could all change. All of the books in this series so far were written (or previously published) between 1999 and 2005. Thomas DePrima stopped writing the series after 'Against All Odds' due to being unable to get sufficient interest in America, although the storyline was never shut down. I believe that TDP altered the ending of this electronic version so as to have a storyline that he would be happy to write on in the (near?) future. He has also said that he has a myriad of threads that the overall story could follow.

So it will be a test of TDP's imagination and skill to come up with not only a new storyline, but also a story whereby he satisfies his readers by giving them more than a plot. Or maybe, after book 8, it would be wise to take a different direction with some of the other characters as the AGU story world provides a solid background to work with?

If you have enjoyed the books up until book 7 then you will find this one enjoyable.
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on 12 November 2011
This book, together with the other six books so far published in this series, is a real "page-turner". A Space Opera which openly acknowledges the Hornblower books as an inspiration, although the heroine is more likeable and infallible (perhaps closer to Alexander Kent's Richard Bolitho or Dudley Pope's Ramage).

Set in the 23rd Century, with well thought out explanations for faster-than-light travel and other scientific advances, and gripping descriptions of set piece battles in space, all seven books are thoroughly entertaining.

I am eagerly awaiting book 8 ("Return to Dakistee"). Chapter 1 on the authors website looks interesting. It suggests that Jenetta Carver may not be the central character in this story.
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on 9 April 2011
Frankly if you've enjoyed this escapist, fun series so far you'll enjoy this latest addition as it has the same narrative style and the same fast pace as the last several books. However I've knocked a star off my rating because it also has the exact same story as the Milor campaign. There's no exciting new Carver battle strategies this time, just the same plot of a few lone ships destroying the huge invading enemy fleet. The fact her ships are almost indestructible and the opposition are complete idiots doesn't exactly lead to much dramatic tension unlike earlier encounters in the series. On the positive side this book does now open up a lot possibilities for future story lines and I for one will be sticking around to see where we go from here.
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on 18 April 2011
'Galaxy Unknown' is the most engaging Science fiction I've ever red. Nevertheless, this was the least favourite book of the series.

<<<Spoilers ahead>>>

As it was mentioned in other review there is no new strategy developed and plot was very similar with other books (V. Sweeney). Admiral Carver with new ships made from new material became almost invincible force in the galaxy. It leaves no space for intrigue because outcome of battles is clear from the beginning. There is a need for new more powerful enemies.
Second issue what is bothering me is the use of technology by all races. Earth, Nordakia, Milor, Ultharo developed for millions of years without knowing about others existence and yet they are using completely identical technology: lasers, torpedoes, even the same type of ships' hulls with self sealing membranes. I really would like to see a completely new type of technology in further engagements. This would bring new types of engagements, new strategies and tactics.

I believe that the next book going to be very interesting because there are many possibilities to develop plot in various directions now.
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