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on 18 February 2013
I won't give too detailed a review because there are lots already, but I wanted to draw attention to something that (I don't think) anyone else has done. Sure, there's lots of great music here, at a very reasonable price. BUT, many albums have tracks missing, presumably to squeeze 2 onto each disc. With one exception, this isn't advertised in the liner notes (the exception is Porgy and Bess, which the liner notes rightly describe as "selections from"). There are definitely tracks missing from Bags Groove, 1958 Miles and Somethin' Else, and possibly other albums that I haven't noticed yet - and we're not talking alternate takes or bonus tracks normally included on CD releases here, but original tracks that were part of the original LP album (no "Oleo" on Bags' Groove, none of the live tracks from 1958 Miles). This is doubly frustrating because some of the 20 albums you're supposedly getting here DO have bonus tracks, which they could should have skipped in favour of the original LP content. It wouldn't have been too difficult to sacrifice a disc, or half a disc, to fit all the tracks they've skipped. As if to cap it off, the second set of Miles albums by the same producers, while not having any non-bonus tracks missing (that I can tell), fills up lots of CD space with peripheral bonus tracks under other leaders (Charlie Parker & Michel Legrand), as well as including the redundant "Blue Period" (all of the music from which is included in this set, as it was an early 10" LP that was later reissued on various 12" discs) as well as most of 1958 Miles for a second time (again with the live tracks missing) - pointless duplication, especially when there are missing tracks!

The total amount missing from this boxed set is quite small (probably less than half an hour of music), and there's nothing absolutely essential that's missed, but all the same it's misleading to claim that there are 20 full albums here when there are so many omissions. It's still probably the cheapest way to get this music but one can't help but feel cheated and mis-sold, which is frustrating because normally Real Gone Jazz are pretty good about not doing this sort of thing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 December 2011
This was quite an astonishing bargain. For around £10 in Nov. 2011 you received 10cds (although I note the Amazon price has varied from £10-£35 since this review; why?), on which you'll find 20 albums, many of them given 'classic' or **** status by Penguin or Gramophone Jazz Guides. The re-mastering gives the recordings a wonderful clarity of sound, there is an accompanying booklet with biographical and chronological information, and the collection includes many of the 'greats' in the Jazz lexicon, including Coltrane, Monk, Adderley, Evans, and many more.

Many of the performances demand to be replayed instantly, and there is a rich inventiveness and variety in the performances, many of them spell-bindingly good, which encompass all the major landmarks from 'Birth of the Cool' to 'Porgy & Bess', just prior to his 'Kind of Blue' album. On a technical note, the cds are housed in mini-sleeves, from which they slide out readily (great design, unlike some other sets I own where you have to prise the contents out). A truly unmissable collection of mouth-watering Miles,(even at top price you're paying only £1.75 per album; grab it at the lower end of this, and it's the steal of the century). Don't hesitate!
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The one thing that always strikes me about 50s and 60s jazz albums is how "immediate" and clear they are (especially when compared to modern overproduced rock/pop albums)- turn it up and you have the band there in front of you, and here we have top quality music with just about as good a sound as you are likely to get.

Twenty albums which work out at a few pence each is a bargain that most people can afford, so if you're already a fan of this period, or you're a fan of Miles, I guess you already have it or the music in some form, but even for the newcomer, they might think it worth taking the risk of a purchase.

Packaging is single cardboard slipcases in a clambox - all cardboard which is good so far as I am concerned and the box will fit on you shelf with your other CDs. Go on buy it - if you've read this far, you might as well as you will not be disappointed.
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I saw that there is no track listing for this mammoth set on 10 CDs so thought one would be of use.
(See my co reviewer for the Album Titles.)

Stephen Whitaker has put me right on the 'spread of the titles- thanks Stephen.
So here is the all new revised list plus spread.
Unless you spot a mistake.....
3.Moon Dreams
4.Venus De Milo
12.Darn That Dream

17.Indian Summer
18.Duet For Saxophone & Guitar
20.My Old Flame
23.I May Be Wrong
24.So What

[ 2 ]

DIG - 1951
2.It's Only A Paper Moon
5.Out Of The Blue
7.My Old Flame

BLUE HAZE - 1954
8.I'll Remember April
10.Old Devil Moon
12.Blue Haze
13.When Lights Are Low
14.Tune Up
15.Miles Ahead

[ 3 ]

WALKIN - 1954
2.Blue 'n' Boogie
4.You Don't Know What Love Is
5.Love Me Or Leave Me

6.Will You Still Be Mine?
7.I See Your Face Before Me
8.I Didn't
9.A Gal In Calico
10.A Night In Tunisia
11.Green Haze

[ 4 ]

1.Nature Boy
2.Alone Together
3.There's No You
4.Easy Living

5.Dr. Jackle
6.Bitty Ditty
7.Minor March

[ 5 ]

1.Just Squeeze Me
2.There Is No Greather Love
3.How Am I To Know?
5.Miles Theme

9.Blue Room
(Take 2)
11.Tasty Pudding
12.Willie The Wailer
14.For Adults Only
15.Blue Room
(Take 1)

[ 6 ]

RELAXIN' - 1957
1.If I Were A Bell
2.You're My Everything
3.I Could Write A Book
5.It Could Happen To You
6.Woody'n You

7.Bags' Groove
(Take 1)
8.Bags' Groove
(Take 2)
10.But Not For Me
(Take 2)
12.But Not For Me
(Take 1)

[ 7 ]

1.Round About Midnight
3.All Of You
4.Bye Bye Blackbird
5.Tadd's Delight
6.Dear Old Stockholm

8.The Maids Of Cadiz
9.The Duke
10.My Ship
11.Miles Ahead
12.Blues For Pablo
13.New Rhumba
14.The Meaning Of The Blues
16.I Don't Wanna Be Kissed
(By Anyone But You)

[ 8 ]

COOKIN' - 1957
1.My Funny Valentine
2.Blues By Five
4.Tune Up/When Lights Are Low

5.Dr. Jackle
6.Sid's Ahead
7.Two Bass Hit
9.Billy Boy
10.Straight, No Chaser

[ 9 ]

1.The Man I Love
2.Swing Spring
3.'round Midnight
4.Bemsha Swing
5.The Man I Love

6.Autumn Leaves
7.Love For Sale
8.Somethin' Else
9.One For Daddy-O

[ 10 ]

1958 MILES - 1958
1.On Green Dolphin Street
3.Stella By Starlight
4.Love For Sale
5.Little Mlonae

6.My Man's Gone Now
8.Gone, Gone, Gone
9.It Ain't Necessarily So
10.Here Comes De Honey Man
12.Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess
14.There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York
15.I Loves You, Porgy
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on 7 June 2011
If you want a head start in building a Miles Davis collection then this is a very cost effective way of doing it. This set contains Disc 1: Birth of the Cool & Dig. Disc 2: Dig pt 2 & Blue Haze. Disc 3: Walkin' & Musing of Miles. Disc 4: Blue Moods & Miles Davis Quintet/Sextet. Disc 5: Miles/ Miles Davis with Horns. Disc 6: Relaxin' & Bag's Groove. Disc 7: 'Round About Midnight & Miles Ahead. Disc 8: Cookin' & Milestones. Disc 9: Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants & Somethin' Else (which is a Cannonball Adderley album but with Miles and is an excellent companion album to Kind of Blue) Disc10: 1958 miles / a Selections from Porgy & Bess.

So you'd want then to fill in the gaps in the Miles/Coltrane albums and if you dig the Gil Evans stuff then you'd want the complete Porgy and Bess, but there is some brilliant jazz here!
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on 25 August 2013
Never mind the people who have found negatives to write about this collection. Sure, there are one or two tracks missing, but literally SO WHAT? Buy it, love it and never look back. Astounding value (so much material it beggars belief), great sound quality and perfectly adequately packaged. I don't know about you but I'll probably never play the CDs again - I just ripped them to my iTunes and put the discs in a drawer, so the criticism that the cases don't protect them sufficiently is moot. Fantastic collection, would be cheap at three times the price. Very happy!
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on 17 April 2012
This box is very good value and contains some of Miles Davis's best early (pre-Kind Of Blue) 1950's recordings, including many of the widely praised Prestige recordings, some with his first 'great quintet' with John Coltrane on Relaxin' and Cookin' (not Workin' or Steamin' for some reason), and many other classics too.


Take care as you will soon discover that there are some random little slips, like 'Denial' on 'Dig' fading out 30 seconds early, or 'Oleo' being left off of 'Bag's Groove' altogether, or the fact that several songs are omitted from 'Porgy and Bess'.


Given that this has 20 albums how did they select the ones they did and leave off other equally fine (or even better) albums.

Apart from those annoying little things, you do end up with hours and hours of great music, and you can always tidy your collection up if you start to get obsessive about Miles like - er - like I have. hmmm...
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on 20 September 2013
This must be the best value music I've ever bought.

At current price (£13.99) I make it 70p per album, hardly believable for music of this quality.
Before I bought it I was slightly concerned by the talk of missing tracks, so I did some digging.
I started by comparing with CD listings which was confusing and stupid as lots of CDs have additional tracks and are not always in the same sequence as the original LPs.

Comparing with info on Wiki, as far as I can tell there are only 5 tracks missing, but all of these tracks appear on other albums in the set, albeit in different versions.

"Oleo" is missing from Bag's Groove.
"Dancing In The Dark" is missing from Somethin' Else.
"Straight, No Chaser", "My Funny Valentine" and "Oleo" are missing from 1958 Miles - this matches the 2006 Sony CD release which omitted these live tracks from the original LP, but added "Little Melonae" instead, which is included here.
I'm not counting Porgy & Bess as this is labelled as a "selection"

If you are putting these on an MP3 player and really wanted to complete the set, you could buy the tracks as MP3s from Amazon and sequence them in appropriately. The first 2 are available individually, but the last 3 are only available if you buy the album (Masters version on "Compulsion" label),

Putting the missing tracks aside, this is an incredible set of 135 tracks covering the period from when Miles first fronts a band up to just before "Kind of Blue", which co-incidentally is the earliest Miles disc I had before investing in this set. - I'm rambling - just buy it!

Update - Now had time to listen to all the albums at least once, naturally drawn to some more than others (particularly those with Milt Jackson on vibes!) but all are superb. Interesting to see some of the changes in direction over the decade covered. Amazing to look forward another decade and think that Miles would be at the forefront of Fusion with "In A Silent Way" - staggering.
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on 19 March 2012
No use dwelling on the musical contents here: 20 albums from Miles Davis's early career. Lots of brilliant material. All > 50 years old, and so eligible for exploitation by anyone who wants to come along and press them. In standard copyright expiration fashion, these all come from existing CD "masters" (there's no access to the actual master tapes), so the best you can hope for is that these aren't worse than the copies you already have. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't.

The packaging is indifferent, as are the liner notes.

No royalties paid to the label or to the estate of Miles Davis. There's really not much difference between this and something you might obtain through questionable means, except that this one you get to pay for.

Every issue like this chips away at the incentive for the labels who actually own the masters to do any further curating or improved mastering. As such, these issues do a disservice to fans.

But they are cheap.
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on 8 August 2012
This set of discs is beyond good value given the quality of the music here from one of the great periods. One minor point however, the set I received had Porgy and Bess complete and lost 1958 Miles no harm done, Porgy and Bess is one of my favourite Miles Davis recordings. Others may object to that innacuracy.
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