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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 22 June 2011
I got this the other week and I must say it is brilliant to watch, some of the challenges are really brilliant, specially the motorhome, trackday and caravan airship challenge. I would say however I'm slightly dissapointed that some have been omitted (but when it's such a big dvd, you can't really fit them all :) ) For example, the 17 year old challenge which I personally think should have been included in part 4 and I was expecting to be included in this version. I feel this was one of the most funniest they had since the original amphibious challenge in the original dvd, die hard top gear fans like myself will know what I mean (hopefully). I personally also feel that the Mima Art Challenge should have been included as like i said before they are some classic scenes from that particular challenge. I only say this just because I think big challenges should be balanced out a little then focusing more on the recent series.

Having said though, what is included, specially the extras are fantastic, specially the Lewis Hamilton interview which is very moving and gives a unique insight into how special Ayrton Senna was which I think is great for new F1 fans who never got to see Senna drive in the hayday.

Big Top Gear fans like myself will love this DVD and enjoy adding it to the collection, but I personally feel though, that they might be running out of ideas of what challenges to set (but who knows with the upcoming series 17) dvds like this might be as good in the future. But I'll still enjoy watching it :)
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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2011
Whether it's building and testing amphibious/electric/police cars, buying second-hand cars and putting them through the most notorious trials imaginable, going on races, doing labours etc, the result of the Challenges that befall the Top Gear are always the same; instant, hilarious entertainment. I think it's safe to say that the Challenges are the highlight of the show's success.

Top Gear Challenges DVDs have long gotten to the stage now where they have a life of their own. Given the sheer quality of past collections, the special features and the memories to relive on your DVD player, it's no surprise that fans will buy these instantly upon release. Quality presentation backed up by fabulous extras? Instant seller!

And it's the same with volume 5. There's little to no reason NOT to purchase this latest collection, and it's worth noting that every release seems to be more determined to be bigger than the previous compilation. This time round, Top Gear: The Challenges 5 has a stonking TWELVE challenges collected on one disc (as opposed to Challenges 4 which featured eleven challenges spread across two discs), with special features devoted to Disc 2.

You can expect to revisit:

- Jezza, Hamster & Captain Slow build their own motorhomes (one of the most BRILLIANT challenges in recent years).
- Jeremy and James attempt to make a car advert for the Volkswagen Scirocco Diesel TDI - and FAIL spectacularly!
- A somewhat touching look at the fallen British Sports Car industry.
- Buying Cheap Saloons in Germany.
- Richard (driving the Dakar) racing a couple of Snowmobiles.
- JAMES (of ALL people!) driving the BUGATTI VEYRON (of ALL cars!)
- Richard testing the concept of Airport Vehicle Racing.
- James piloting the first-ever Caravan Airship.
- Jeremy providing essential consumer information about the new Renault Twingo (big enough to fit Ross Kemp in the boot!).
- James using one of the old North Pole pick-up trucks to brave the unstable fury of an Icelandic volcano.
- And a Gravity Drop Race pitting a VW Beetle suspended up high...against a Porsche 911 on the ground.

So with such an exciting line-up, fans are going to purchase (and with good reason). The antics of Clarkson, Hammond and May, the bickering, the emotion, the elation of success, the depression of failure, the sheer boldness and variety; these are the things Top Gear and fans have thrived on for years with great success. And as always, the content on Challenges 5 will entertain tremendously in typical fashion.

But with this release, I must nitpick. It doesn't feel as fresh as the last Challenges DVD and it's here where the lads are showing signs of repeating themselves a little. For instance, the Dakar vs. Snowmobiles challenge. Although thrilling, it feels too familiar to James racing against Parkour experts/BMX cyclists. It's the same with Richard racing Airport vehicles. He's done that before with Motorhomes and Buses, and much better I might add.

But this repetition can be excused due to the originality of the other challenges. The Motorhomes, Car Advert, Topsy Turvy Reliant Robins, Caravan Airship and The Twingo in Belfast Challenges (featuring Ross Kemp in a funny surprise appearance) all feature classic material and will have viewers completely in stitches. On a lighter note, the British Sports Cars feature and May's Volcanic Adventures focus more (respectively) on history and edge-of-your-seat discovery. Another welcome aspect of Top Gear that makes it the best thing on BBC2 today.

If I'm honest, I must question why there are certain challenges missing. I'm keen to relive things like Top Gear against The Australians, converting the Combine Harvester into a Snow Plow and 17-Year-Olds Buying A Car. These were still recent before this DVD's release, so they deserved inclusion. And I strongly feel that maybe 2Entertain focuses on releasing some of the challenges from yesteryear, such as the Top Gear Courier Van and Tractor Challenges. Brilliant, classic antics that seem to have been criminally forgotten.

Criticisms aside, Top Gear: The Challenges 5 is still a must-have, particularly for the excellent assortment of extras. The best of these is the extended interview with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, when they were the Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car. Like all uncut features, the new footage is noticeable, and Jeremy clearly relishes in interviewing them, and both Cameron and Tom appear equally honoured to be on the show. The result is a highly-entertaining feature, with the Hollywood stars driving in amazing fashion and setting (at the time) new records.

There's another extended interview with Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, featuring his views on the late Ayrton Senna and the opportunity to drive the legend's own original MP4/4 racing car. Again, this makes for captivating viewing, and the alternative angle videos featuring the new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Arial Atom V8 and Zonda R provide great interaction. A wealth of Deleted Scenes are the icing on the cake for Challenges 5, the highlights being more of Jeremy rolling over the Reliant Robin, the Fuel Economy run between the lads during Cheap Saloon challenge in Germany, and James' additional exploits during his Volcano Adventure.

How many more Challenges releases (and Great Adventures box sets, for that matter) BBC and 2Entertain can produce, I do not know. But for the foreseeable future, Top Gear DVDs will continue to sell and sell well. And with the quality remaining so high, we'll just have no choice but to keep buying.

So until next time..."How hard can it be?"
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on 11 June 2011
The top gear DVD challanges 5 is an absolute hit, it is not only crammed with extras including extended interview with lewis hamilton but more importantly extra reliant robin roll overs and lots more,

The DVD has some brilliant challanges such as motor homes, the caravan airship and reliant robin roll overs which is just brilliantly stupid, but the best is the car advert challange, infact they are all brilliant, sadly there are loads of challanges which have never been released from the BBC such as the undestructrable toyota challange, perhaps in time they will be released on DVD.

Buy it you wont regret it, absolute ten out of ten for the DVD.
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on 11 June 2011
These challange DVD'S represent the best challanges for the last few series and yet again this DVD keeps that trend going. Its a shame some challanges from previous series have still been missed out like the student cheap cars, the original caravan trip and the art museum but still a MUST BUY!!


Allow us to present yet another Challenges Bonanza crammed with volcanoes, World speed records, flying caravans, unstable Reliant Robins, jaw dropping races and cars exploding all over the place. No other programme offers so much, for so little of your I.Q.

The motorhome has been with us for many years, but Jeremy, Richard and James are convinced they can do better. As this cliff-hanger of a film proves, they really can't.

he Making Of The Car Advert
Volkswagen are renowned for making the best car ads in the world. Jeremy and James are convinced they can do better. As these hilarious but hopeless attempts for the Scirocco prove, they really can't.

British Sports Cars
In a surprisingly poignant film, the boys fire up three British sports cars and set out on a nostalgic road trip to look at what happened to our once great sports car industry.

Cheap Saloons In Germany
A cut price road trip across Europe's engineering heartland, involving a hairy high speed autobahn run, the industry standard Oompah Band test, and a terrifying encounter with Das German Stig.

The Dakar Car Versus The Snowmobiles
In one of the most spectacular Top Gear challenges ever, Richard, at the wheel of a fearsome Dakar car, takes on some crack Swedish snowmobile racers in a race across a ski resort.

Topsy Turvy Reliant Robins
Jeremy sets out on an epic quest to get from Sheffield to Rotherham in a Reliant Robin that likes to fall over. Loads of "A" List northerners pop up in this crashtastic film, described by Harry Enfield as "quite funny."

The Veyron In Hyperdrive
Bugatti unveils a new Veyron designed to be the fastest production car in the entire world. Only one man can take it to the max: Captain James T. Slow.

Airport Vehicles Race
Airports are just too slow. To solve the problem, Hammond organises a grid full of airport vehicles, fills them with mad Touring Car drivers, and a race of epic anarchy ensues. Everything crashes, nothing is solved.

The Caravan Airship
James May's "Clear The Roads of Caravans Solutions System" takes to the skies as the world's first Caravan Airship. Marvel at this new fangled creation as it fails to stop, go, steer or fly, and then causes chaos at an international airport.

The Twingo In Belfast
Enjoy one of Jeremy's more extreme road tests as he takes the Renault Twingo on a spin, literally, through the Belfast sewers and then tries to catch a ferry. And misses.

May's Volcanic Adventure
A big volcano kicks off in Iceland. James May builds a car capable of tackling the fiery furnace on a journey to the centre of a piece of earth quite near the volcano.

Gravity Drop Race
Is a shonky old Beetle faster than a modern Porsche 911? Well it might be, if the Beetle's a mile up with gravity on its side.

-Special Features:

* Extended interview with Tom and Cameron
* Extended interview with Lewis Hamilton on Ayton Senna & lap of the MP4
* Lewis Hamilton lap of Silverstone with 2 alternative POV angles of his lap mounted on the front of senna's car
* Real time 3 fastest track laps of 2010/11 - All done with a running clock and additional angles: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Arial Atom V8 and Zonda R
* Rubens - Driving the perfect line POV
* POV Speed Record in Veyron
* 2 Extra reliant robin rollovers
* Additional Germany challenge - fuel run
* Deleted Volcano scene - James' tyre pressures and cooking breakfast
* Brit Sports Cars outtakes
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on 2 July 2011
Back again with Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow that put their own lives to the limit and beyond in these challenges that have proved quite dangerous, funny, extreme and painful (if you argue your case when rolling around in a Reliant Robin!). As we all know, the challenges in Top Gear always provide a usual humour and utter words of 'Cock', 'Ambitious but Rubbish' when something usually goes wrong which is predictable.

Continuing the theme from the Third Top Gear Challenges DVD, the Menus are animated with partial clips of the challenges included, the scene selections is still perfect and there are extras like the last volume. Sound like Top Gear heaven? It gets better to the list of challenges including the Motorhomes, Making a Car Advert, British Sports Cars, Car Saloons in Germany, Dakar Vs Snowmobiles, Reliant Robins, Veyron Hyperdrive, Airport Vehicle Race, Caravan Airship, Twingo in Belfast, May's Volcanic Adventure and Hammond's gravity Drop Race against the Beetle. All of these challenges has got tremendous amount of humour and laughter to fill you up with and so many comments that never fail to raise the smile even more.

For 270 minutes of Top Gear, what more can be included, I don't know maybe a second disc for the third time giving more Extra's? Why yes they did, on a second disc you get the Lewis Hamilton Extended Interviews, Alternative angles on the Zonda R, Veyron and more, Two extra Reliant Robin Rollovers, the Germany Fuel Run Challenge!, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes and more! The DVD is a structured Top Gear DVD and has no problem with navigation and yes it does include subtitles for English Hard of Hearing and an aspect ratio of 16:9 Anamorphic.

The Difference between this one and the previous volume is that this time all the challenges are on Disc 1 and all the extras are on Disc 2, which is a big improvement from last time. Overall, this is worth buying as it still is the same, the only downside is that not some of the challenges I loved have not appeared like '17-Year Olds Car' and 'The Snow Plow `Dominator' in Norway' are not included, if there doing a sixth volume, I suggest these are included please! But mainly, it's a brilliant release and like any other Top Gear fan, this should be part of your own collection.
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on 16 June 2011
This season of the challenges was one of the best for laughs. From jeremy's tower block cteron and hammond expandong Land Rover to racing over snow against 2 snow mobiles was great. And the challenge with british sports cars was not to be missed. A must for fans of top gear challenges.
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on 1 July 2013
The delivery was very quick which I was over the moon with and the challenges on the DVD are fantastic. Top Gear classics like the Motorhome challenge the advert for a volkswagen challenge the british sports cars challenge cheap saloons at Germany and much much more its a fantastic dvd. It was a fantastic christmas present for my son.
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on 26 June 2013
Some very good Pieces on here that can probably only be seen on here unless shown on the BBC. If you watch any of there on Dave you may notice alot are cut to accommodate Ad breaks. On this DVD you will notice how how heavily there are cut a particular one being the Reliant Robin one with a lot cut out of it.
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on 27 February 2012
What can I say, Top Gear is like Marmite, some people love it, others can't stand it, I'm one of the former.

I've just spent my weekend watching this along with Top Gear - The Challenges 1-4 Collection [DVD] and Top Gear - The Great Adventures: 1-4 Box Set [DVD]. And it was a weekend well spent!

Full of funny moments, great cars and comedy humour, I'd highly recommend it to any Petrolhead or person with a sense of humour! :)
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on 24 September 2013
and they are buggering everything up along their merry way.

A great collection of challenges - just try not to spill your drink over yourselves whilst laughing so much!

Well worth it at this price.
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