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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2003
I was totally blown away by this great collection of Thompson Twins' tracks!
It contains a fair amount of rare and unreleased material which were previously impossible to find.
I have been a follower of the Thompson Twins since their beginnings in 1981 right up to their final album in 1991, I have always hoped someday a collection featuring rare material like this would emerge on CD.
Rare tracks on this compilation are:
"Roll Over": This was the 'single' from 1985 which in the end, never saw the light of day, it's very sought after! A classic in it's own right! Biggest surprise seeing this here! This version is the VERY rare UK 7" version from 1985.
"Lay Your Hands On Me (12" Version)": This is the original UK 1984 12" which has never previously been available on CD and by far the best version ever!
"Hold Me Now" & "In The Name Of Love": These versions seem like either early demo versions or pre-mixes.
Also included is the b-side "Lucky Day" which was only available before on the 7" of "We Are Detective" and features Joe Leeway from the band on vocals along with lead singer Tom Bailey.
The version of the single "Sister Of Mercy" featured here is a mix which I'm almost certain hasn't been heard of before amongst the fans, and, apart from "Roll Over", another pleasant surprise!
All these rarities and also near enough all the singles including the brilliant "Nothing In Common" from 1986!
All in all, great sound quality (considering how old the tracks are now) and really nice artwork featuring rare photos makes for what seems like a MUST for anyone who would like to re-live the 80's Twins!
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on 27 April 2003
Another Thompson Twins compilation? As any TT fan will tell you, there are already a lot out there. Just off the top of my head we have Master Hits, The Collection, The Best Of, The Singles Collection, Hold Me Now, a few other Greatest Hits ones, a Greatest Mixes... on and on, and they all have mostly the same tracks, usually with a few variants, which means given long enough their entire back catalogue will at last be available on remastered CD. Anyway, it is criminal that their albums aren't on new digitally remastered CDs like so many other 80s acts. This compilation, however, is the best one yet, and you should choose this over all the others. It has all the greats, and the most common songs are actually here in superb alternate versions - the minimalist Sister Of Mercy and Hold Me Now being the best ones I've heard. The compilers of this album have written very praising and informative liner notes, the packaging is top notch, the sound quality is excellent and it includes the best b-side: Lucky Day, as well as Roll Over, a rarity, especially here in the UK. The Thompson Twins made superb music, buy this and wait for the albums to be re-released.
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on 21 February 2004
All my old 7 and 12" singles are in the loft and I don't even own a turntable anymore. But listening to this compilation made me realise what a great singles band TT were. Sure, their hair and dress sense would have made even Vivian Westwood blanch and give Andrew Collinge sleepless nights. But it was the 80s after all (you should see some of my old photos) and post-New Romanticism TT provided great pop with bass and African beats to the fore. In fact, unlike many 80s bands the music has aged very well. Standouts have to be 'Hold Me Now', 'Love On Your Side' and the weirdly appealing 'If You Were Here'. Like many of their peers who added a different spin on the 80s (Heaven 17, Scritti Politti et al), TT were a band that deserve another listen. I'm off into my loft...
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on 6 November 2003
Great memories, some strange tracks! I owned this a long long time ago and seem to remember leaving the tape of it in a car I sold.
So, buying it again was an attempt to see if the album was as good as I recall it to be. Well, its good, but not brilliant. In some respects I think they've tried padding it out with some if the inferior tracks the TT wrote.
Nonetheless, all of the 80's classics are there and its well worth the purchase.
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on 22 August 2014
Very, very poor sound! been copied from original CD's with low fidelirt 1bit sony bullshy cd players, low frequency sound is out of control when it should NOT be ajusted from the original "chrysalis recording" settings... all together to sum this compilation by 2 british twatt dj's up in 2 words... utter crap! (and I'm not referring to the thompson twins, I'm referring to the 2 hams that put this together at bmg campden records)...

No offence to the seller I got it from as they are not responsible for the product, they just sell the cd's.

This is an example of campden records and their flawless record for very poor sound performance across everything they have ever released.

Thompson twins are a good artist but you really need to find "the greatest hits" released in 1990 for much better normal sound quality.

There's nothing worse than buying a cd of an artist you listened to in the day the singles were released knowing how that single sounds on the original 1980's cd, then buying this disc where dj junkie has screwed up the EQ to a point you can't recover the sound nomatter what you try with your £15,000 worth of hifi system... disappointment is an understatment!
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on 24 April 2013
This Band was named after 2 bumbling Detectives Thomson and Thompson (notice the difference) from Herge's adventures of TinTin comic strop. Wow. Their best Incarnation was just the 3 of them (from 82-86) and then there was up to 6 of them at one point.'
I had forgotten what a great little combo they were and just how many single hits that they had and of course they are ALL here.

Lies (82) Love on your side (83) We are Detective (83) Hold me Now (83) Doctor Doctor ( their second biggest hit at no3...84) You take me up (84) ..(.their biggest hit No 2 as they never had a number 1 sadly. Sister of Mercy (84) Don't mess with Dr Dream (85) and the catchy "King for a day" (85) which was their last top 30 hit.. they did a few minor hits until 92 and then that was it. Believe that thyey are still together in some form!! Good album and again as I usually say.....Good driving music!! Buy it its pure feel good hand clapping stuff. Recommend
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on 21 December 2013
I originally listened to the Thomson Twins when I borrowed a cassette from my daughter( I am more a soul fan).

The music still sound OK and when listened to now does not sound dated.

Like a lot of groups from this era they made quite a number of good records then seemed to vanish.
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on 26 February 2008
This is by far the best Thompson Twins hits cd on the market. As many reviewer here will state there are many compilation cds avaliable and it can be a minefield trying to navigate your way through them. The 12" collection was interesting for the extended versions of Twins tracks many on cd for the first time but was severely lacking in the design and presentation department. With a generic cover part of a series of cds with an abstract picture of the Twins on the front. But this release uses the original Thompson Twins font and colours and three headed logo on front with decent pictures of the Twins. An aproach that I think works well.

But its musically that this compilation stands head an shoulders about the rest of the best of cds. It is the inclusion of these rare previously unheard versions of songs that make this cd worth having in your collection. What sounds like an early demo version of Hold Me Now is the same one that was played when the Thompson Twins performed it on Top Of The Pops to an enthusiastic audience. A live sounding stusio version of In The Name Of Love, An Unsual dubby sounding Sister Of Mercy that should satisfy completists and fans who hunger for something new. The 7" of Roll Over is also a welcome addition.

I would have to say that its strange the record company never capitalised on the fact that there are rare versions of tracks on this cd. There is no information or stickers on the cover to suggest the music as such. With Hold Me Now being listed as just that. Sister Of Mercy is stated as being the 7" version of the song and that would suggest to me that it was the one with the Piano intro but that couldnt be further from the truth. If you took the cd at face value you would think all the tracks are just the same ones you have heard a 100 times over. But not so and to me that is by far the best selling point of this cd.
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on 26 March 2013
Great album, not one duff track! Even the couple of songs I didn't know are strong. What fantastic songwriters, performers and producers they were! My twelve year old son likes them too! They remind me of that old Cortina Estate I bought from my brother for fifty quid - he'd left a Thompson Twins cassette in the player....
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on 10 November 2013
Grew up in Coventry and watched the Thompson twins regularly at the General woolfe pub. At the ripe old age of 55 I am now reliving my youth all over again, great music and fond memories, great service, speedy delivery, well done.
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