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on 27 December 2011
Its not really the depth of the mystery that catches the imagination but the colourful description of Alaskan life in the raw that steals the show in this book. Whilst the storyline is interesting and certainly holds its own, I am fascinated with the author's take on life 'in the park'. She obviously knows her stuff and writes from personal experience of Alaskan life. The characters are interesting and all hold promise of more depth, not yet revealed. Perhaps we will get to know some of them even better in future books. The main character, Kate Shugak, is herself a remarkable person. I wonder if she is ,in fact, based on the author. Living in the 'park' deep in Alaska and of native origin, she presents as a modern woman who struggles to cope with the balance of modern, independent living and holding onto the values of her cultural and spiritual heritage. She has clearly enjoyed a taste of twenty first century life as an investigator in Anchorage but she has chosen to retreat to her homestead in the park with her companion, a wolf dog. Yet her retreat is only partial as she continues to hold on to the ties of her past, including her love interest, her ex investigator boss. It is this angle which provides a motive for her to explore the lives of the other characters as she attempts to solve the underlying mystery of the book.It is not a question of who killed the many victims slaughtered in the opening chapter, but who killed the one victim and why. I suspect it will be similar with the whole series of Kate Shugak's books, the real issue being not the seperate incidents of each book, but rather the question being is Kate for this world or for the seclusion of the 'park'! I look forward to reading them all in order to discover the answer.
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on 9 February 2012
I downloaded the first Kate Shugak story for free and enjoyed it so much I paid for this one straight away. I wasn't disappointed with the second book either. We got to find out more about Kate and her past and the author does a good job of fleshing out a lifestyle that many of us probably do not know much about. Will be buying the rest of the series in due course.
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on 30 January 2012
I enjoyed this book (and the first in the series - "A Cold Day for Murder"). I found the characters a bit thin (or perhaps I mean exaggerated), in particular some male dialogue was a bit OTT, but the plot is good, and the detection excellent and sympathetic.

In both books (and probably later ones which I have yet to read) the interesting thing is that Kate seems to detect simply by exploring the relationships within her community. There are few conventional clues, and a lot of interaction with other characters, but the answer is always there to see - afterwards.

A different take on the detective novel, and worth reading for that alone, although the books stand up well in their own right.
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on 11 August 2017
Very good read enjoyed the book
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on 3 August 2014
Good read
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OK, so I'm straight back in for my second outing with Kate Shugak, and as a reader, getting the chance to compare the first two titles so close together really does allow you to see the lessons that the author has learned from the original. Here the characters are crisper, the plot line slicker and of course the reader is in for a treat as a mystery comes to the fore wrapped up in an enigma that Kate has to solve.

There's some wonderful twists, a host of cast members that are wonderfully fleshed out and when added to a plotline that works wonderfully well on so many levels, definitely demonstrates that the reader is in for one hell of a good read with these books. Whilst shorter than quite a few other books out there now, it doesn't suffer for it as it keeps it pretty punchy. All round a great read and one that proves that Kate is definitely not a one shot pony.
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on 25 March 2015
An Aleut private investigator, a half dog half wolf and throw in some stunning Alaskan scenery and you've got a hit!! The plot slowly unfurls - nine people are supposedly shot to death by a madman but one person was killed by a different rifle - who and why eventually come to light but not before we have met a cast of idiosyncratic characters, met Kate's rugged suitor and soulmate and learned lots of facts about tribes, Alaska and how people actually survive up there without freezing!! Very very good, I am hooked and am working my way through these. It's nice to have a sensible heroine who is both sharp and emotional at the same time!
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on 21 July 2013
I downloaded the first in this series for free and thoroughly enjoyed it so decided to try the second book. The Alaskan setting is different and another world to the usual setting of main land America et al. The author gives the reader a real glimpse into life in snowy Alaska and just how vast the park is, something I find hard to visualize as an English woman. I love the Kate character and her dog is wonderful. Book two I found slightly less gripping than book one but that may have been due to the novelty of the Alaskan setting wearing thin. However, I intend to continue reading the series and would recommend it to others.
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on 22 December 2013
I would have rated this higher if it wasn't for how short it was, and the price for how short it was.

After I read the first one I was hooked and she doesn't disappoint with the second one.

It's great to have an insight into a small community that feels so small and so close together and yet they are still able to keep some secrets.

The teaser is a good teaser and makes you think it was going to be something completely different.

I just hope that the next one is a lot longer especially for the price it usually is. £7.99 is very steep for the length we get.
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on 27 July 2012
I took a Kate Shugak story for my Kindle because it was free and found I wanted to read more. The character is stereotyped and there is nothing in this that makes you work hard. It is easy to see who is the bad guy and you know that the developing love complication will be drawn out for many books to come BUT this is fun and has a good female lead. She also owns a dog like mine so I have some empathy! Not for any serious reading but good to pass an hour in the bath.
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