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on 17 June 2011
Arcadia ACD66 Power Bank

The ACD66 was delivered with Amazon's usual promptness. Ordered on 26th May, delivered early on 31st, and that included a weekend and a Bank Holiday. Well packaged.

The ACD66 is supplied in a hard plastic case, which includes the ACD66, a brief, but adequate, instruction leaflet, a coiled cable, and a couple of adaptors.

The supplied cable combines with the two adaptors to give you either a USB A to USB micro, or USB A to USB mini cable.

USB A is the larger USB port that you will have on your PC, the USB mini is extremely common on portable devices, including many `phones. The USB micro is the newly adopted standard for `phones, and is the one used by all `phones that I have access to.

The ACD66 is a very attractive unit and appears to be well made. The upper surface is glossy piano-black, the underside has a slightly rubberized texture, so it should not slip about. The edge is surrounded by a silver strip. It is a little larger than I had anticipated, but considering the declared capacity, that should not have been a surprise.

The unit has two USB outlets rated at 1A and 2.1A. Although it is not mentioned in the instructions, the packaging declares a 3.1A output, implying that both outlets may be used simultaneously. There is a micro USB socket for charging, an ON/OFF switch and four blue LEDs to indicate charge status. This all combines to give a very clean and attractive design.

The unit arrived partially charged and took about 4 hours to be fully charged when connected to my laptop.

I bought this unit on the strength of its claimed current capacity. I have previously used similar devices from Kensington and iDol, but they were both unable to supply sufficient current to charge a smartphone, they cope with a DS but are not much use otherwise. Well I have not been disappointed the ACD66 has plenty of `muscle'. I don't have an iPad, but in order to see how the 2.1A outlet would cope I connected a passive USB hub and was able to simultaneously charge three smartphones (Orange San Francisco, Moto Defy and an iPhone 3GS). I have also left the unit unused for a week and there was no apparent loss of charge.

All in all an excellent device, which perfectly meets my needs for reliable, solid standby power? Thoroughly recommended.
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on 17 December 2011
Large 6600mAh capacity - enough for 2-3 recharge of a modern smartphone
Dual output 2.1A and 1A so suited to modern smartphones
Fairly small
Lithium Polymer battery so no memory effect if recharging mid power discharge

USB ports are slack
Not the fastest recharge
Power LEDs do not give any indication the unit is on
Supplied charge cable is not the best
Only comes with cables to charge USB powered devices (so not an Acer Iconia A500)
Comes in a solid thick plastic case - not very eco friendly unless you intend to use this in the future

My main reason for buying this was the 2.1A power feed which I felt was needed when using my Android phone in my car as both a music player and as a sat nav. In the past when I have used a 1A cigarette lighter type charger I found that this combination was enough to mean my phone was slightly discharging when in use so a very long trip could well mean going from a fully charged battery at the start to nearly flat at the end. When connected to the 2.1A feed though (the box states this is for iPad and iPhone but I have never had any issues when connected to other devices) this is enough to ensure the battery in the phone remains charged. It also had the added benefit of not causing interference in the music which the unfiltered cigarette lighter socket always did.
The USB cable that came supplied with the unit was a poor quality unit which I quickly replaced with a better quality one which came with my phone. This also doubled as a suitable charger for the unit as I was able to connect this to the phone charger via the micro USB socket overnight to recharge it (it does not come with a charger of its own so you need to leave it either plugged into a PC or a phone charger). If the unit is totally flat though I have found overnight is not long enough to recharge and a couple of days has been needed in the past.

On the front of the unit is a small power button (slightly recessed) and a LED strip which contains 4 blue LEDs. When the power button is pressed these light up for 10-15 seconds showing roughly how much charge is left (0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75% and 76-100%). When charging these LEDs show which band is being charged (so if it is charging between 51-75% the first 2 LEDs will be lit, the 3rd flashing and the 4th off). A word of warning though (and one that caught me out) - when connected to a device these LEDs do not remain on. Pressing the power button switches it on and if a device is connected the LEDs go off after the usual 10-15 seconds but it remains charging. If nothing is connected then after the 10-15 seconds it powers down the unit to preserve charge. This automatic off functionality extends the charge life but does mean that if your phone switches off charging when full then the unit will also power off fairly quickly afterwards. Luckily for me I have yet to suffer from this as I tend to leave my screen on when charging so my phone never gets to that totally fully charged state.

I would love to be able to use this as a reserve power source for my Android tablets as well but since most of these do not charge via a USB feed (they need more than 1A) it does not come with any power adapters to allow it. Devices like the Acer Iconia A500 come with a stupidly small power cable so having something with a decent length (1-1.5m) would allow me to put a power pack by my side and still use the tablet without issue.

I have owned the iMilch (IMP70D or ACD66) for nearly 4 months now and I use it 3-4 times a week without any major problems although I have found a few little niggles covered in the cons above. In general though I would not be without this little power pack. It has proved a very useful little addition to my bag for those times when I need to use my Android smartphone more than expected and cannot get to charge it via normal means. If the above niggles were solved then I would have no hesitation in giving this a 5* rating but as it stands 4* from me.
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on 11 July 2011
Like many smartphone users, and particularly iPhone users as indeed I am, I have a certain paranoia about having access to some form of charger at all times. I have one by my bed and I have a cable to use my laptop, a cable for my work PC (with powered USB hub) and another for my home desktop pc because if there's one thing iPhones are really, REALLY good at it is eating battery power at an alarming rate. I charge mine every night without fail and if I want to actually use it for more than a bit of light music listening and the odd short phone call I have to juice it up to ensure it lasts the day.

In the past, whenever I attended festivals or any other event where I was likely to be without access to a power socket for some time, I would dig out an old Nokia 7250 (remember them? One of the first mass-market camera phones), juice it up and transfer my SIM card. It was great - it would last all weekend on one charge provided I turned it off now and again and didn't try to use anything other than text and voice comms. But in the end, like all smartphone owners, as a data junkie an old handset just wasn't cutting it so I needed and alternative. I was actually alerted to these devices by a Twitter post from a guy called Ben Goldacre (he has some great books out - you'll find them on Amazon and are well worth reading!). He was talking about getting the New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 as he has an iPad but that was a bit extreme for my needs so I cast down the spectrum a bit and came up with the New Trent ultra-pack IMP50B but a link on the page led me to the Arcadia and an excellent offer from Naphos (the seller) to get the upgraded 6600mAh version (as opposed to the older 5000mAh one I was looking at) for the same price as the old one provided I wrote an honest (not necessarily *good*) review within three weeks.

Well it arrived, well packaged in a hard case and with a modest, but adequate range of accessories and a short instruction leaflet (there's not a lot to be instructed on!). I was impressed by the sleekness of the unit and that it was relatively compact, felt sturdy and well-made and was very easy to use. I charged it up and the same week I went off to the Beat Herder festival in rural Lancashire. Being in a tent in a field meant the Arcadia was sorely needed, and to compound the problem there was a weak data signal which means you eat even more battery.

After a whole weekend of using the phone and recharging it (not always full charge/recharge cycles - I often topped it up at the tent before going to the main arena) the unit still indicates around 80% of capacity remaining and it even seemed to charge the phone up quicker than normal but without generating any real heat. In short, it worked flawlessly. It manages to pull off the rare trick of looking good, being well built, simple to sue and exceptionally good at what it does all in one neat package. I simply can't recommend this highly enough. Now I can finally recycle that old, tired, broken Nokia and still get ym data fix when I'm away from a plug!!
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on 18 February 2012
Wanted a battery for use on cycle touring (powering iphone, and able to charge from dynamo hub) and this seems perfect.

Arrived today, just 2 days after ordering - amazing service!. I was previously let down by another company with a different battery, which took two weeks to ship, and 2 weeks later never arrived. Wish I had ordered from these guys in the first place.

Am pleased with size and weight, and seems well made. No way to tell until its been used over time, but it feels 'right'.

If it detects its being charged itself, it stops charging devices. Had hoped that it could do both simultaneously, but at least with this system there's no chance of damaging the battery. Was pleased with the 5V 1A charge input, as it should be able to charge relatively quickly.

Manual is tiny, but i guess there's not much to say. It says switches off if no current detected after 30 seconds - seems like a good idea, hope this doesn't cause any issues in practice.

Comes with mini/micro usb only, and a coiled cable, but I've got all the cables I need with the devices, and you can charge through the coiled cable.

If it stands up to being shaken about in my bar bag over time, it will be the dream device. For the size/price, it can't be beaten - and I did a lot of research!
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on 12 April 2015
Fantastic - I can't believe I used to not have something like this!

This is fantastic, it's barely bigger than an iphone or similar (A fair bit thicker and heavier) but it allows you to charge your phone up without needing to find a mains outlet!
It has a built in Micro-usb connector to charge phones with.
It has 2x Full sized usb sockets that you can use to charge other devices - you provide the cable.. (One socket is good to charge tablets with)
and 1 usb plug, that you use to charge the battery up again with.

I've had this particular Easypak for more than a year now and it still works beautifully.
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on 21 July 2011
I'm not going to repeat what has been said regarding the packaging and exterior of the battery pack.
Bought this mainly for use with my samsung galaxy s2 and a couple of gadgets. Ordered it on Thursday and received it on Saturday. That's with super saver delivery so well done for that!
Important info to note is that I'm able to achieve fast charging on my s2 using the samsung supplied usb to micro usb cable. I was worried initially that the fast charging is only doable using the supplied curly cable!
However, not sure whether it's new or the battery needs a few cycle to achieve it's full potential, I've only manage to charge my SG2 for approx. 2.5 times from about 20% every time on the first cycle (fully charged pack)?
If this continues, I would have to get in touch with Naphos!
But for now, I will have to leave the appropriate feedback and update it in the future with respect to the problem mentioned above.
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on 14 April 2012
Bought this unit to charge my HTC One X on the move. I'v tested this unit out and I must say I'm impressed. Takes about 2.5 hours to charge my phone from a dead battery. The only draw back I'v found is that charge is VERY slow if you are using the phone. I put my phone to charge at 20% then started to play a game for about 40mins and at the end of the game the battery was still at 20%, but as soon as the screen was off the phone started charging really fast again.

My advice would be to get this item as it is very cheap for what you are getting. I can get nearly 4 full charges out of a single charge of the unit.

The only reason this is getting 4 stars is that it doesn't give a charge as well as using the phone for gaming/watching movies.
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on 14 December 2011
First off this battery is a powerhouse in terms of batteries in my opinion. This is all you'll need to get through the day with all your tech running all the time and using them as much as you want.

The build quality of the IMP70D is very good and very high, it feels nice and study and well built to withstand knocks, drops and accidental pressure (like accidentally sitting on it like I have done). The materials used for the product are well chosen, the plastic doesn't feel brittle and the matt rubberised finish on the underside it very good for grip when holding, for grip on work surfaces and for the general feel of the device when held.
The indicator light is bright and works well but the definition between each LED for defining the power left could be clearer so easier to judge from a quick glance/look from arms length but this is a petty little observation and shouldn't detract from the value of what you are getting. The usb charging cable that came with it is of sufficient quality but could be less stiff to allow easier extension from power pack to device. The micro usb connector that attaches to the cable is not of great build quality, the micro usb feels like it could easily snap off when in the device and should have a better setting for support and strength. HOWEVER you shouldn't need this cable or connector as you'll already have whatever cables you need with your devices and that's what I use for mine all the time anyway.
The charging capacity of 7000mah is very good and can fully charge my smartphone several times before needing a recharge (even while gaming on it). The button works well and does not feel like it will break with repeated daily pressing use (and hasn't since buying it).

All in all this is a fantastic battery charger with great looks and quality of build and service in use, I highly recommend this product and brand and I will be buying from them again. Great value for the price too at sub £30!
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on 27 July 2012
I was looking for an external battery pack to provide additional power to my iPhone & iPad on a recent business trip which involved a flight of some 13hrs + airport waiting times.

Having read a lot of different product reviews on Amazon, I finally decided to purchase the New Trent IMP70D. The decision to purchase this unit from New Trent was driven by the modern look, dual USB ports and a very respectable 7000mAh capacity at a price that was very close to the many 5000mAh units also available through Amazon.

As stated, this unit offers dual USB charging outlets. One of the the USB outlets is rated (& labelled) for 2.1A output which is sufficient output to charge an iPad (iPad1, 2 & 3), whilst the remaining outlet is rated at 1A output which is suitable for most other USB devices (phones, Kindles mp3 players etc). Both ports can be used simultaneously to charge 2 devices at once. The higher output port can also be used to charge normal devices (other than iPads). This means you could charge 2 iPods, 2 iPhones, ipod & iphone, Kindle & iPod... you get the picture - very flexible.

Onto to the techie bit... I read through many reviews of products that the batteries do not reach their full potential until a few full charge / discharges cycles had been performed. This was something I noticed, but made sure I did this before taking it away. This is just a matter of charging your device until the IMP70D is depleted a few times, fully charging the IMP70D between each cycle.

The IMP70D comes with a little curly charging cable that has a standard USB connector on one end and a changeable mini-USB on the other for connecting and charging the unit itself. You will need to have a mains powered USB charger already, a standard Apple charger will suffice. I read several reports of charger cable quality issues from many of the brands, but this is not something I have experienced. I love the short curly cable as I travel with the charger & charging cable in my bag and don't have to worry about tangles of cables. Because the cable is a short / manageable length, you can tuck it away bag compartment out of harms way.

Charging the IMP70D from flat does take a long time, as in ~12hrs. Generally I plug it in and leave it overnight. The unit has several LED indicator lights to show the level of change in the unit (as a percentage remaining). My only criticism of this device is that the lights are not very easy to distinguish from each other. Does it matter to me, not really, I charge it before travel and it does what it does - gives me power when I am running low.

In terms of charging, it is quite capable of charging an iPhone a couple of times over from flat, but the iPad will eat the charge. I noticed a massive difference between the iPad 2 & iPad 3. The iPad 2 will charge from flat to 60-70% capacity from a full unit. The iPad 3 will only charge to 35-40% from flat this is down to the higher capacity batteries in the new iPad.

The unit is solidly built, weighs about 200g and is the length of an iPhone and about 1/3rd wider again than an iphone.

This is a fantastic device and one which I carry with me everywhere now. I would definitely buy a New Trent unit again, if not a larger capacity unit, purely due to the growing number of 'i' devices in our family. Definitely recommended!
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on 23 March 2012
As a frequent traveler... I wanted something that could charge my devices on the move (especially my power guzzlers... the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Note).

I have run "actual" tests and these are the results (both devices were charged simultaneously):

My Galaxy Note: From 48% to a 100%... charged 52% of the battery in 2 hours.
My iPhone 4S: From 54% to a 100%... charged 46% of the battery in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I am extremely pleased with the product, however I am not sure about the manufacturer's claim of how long the charge lasts and how many times it can charge your devices. For me, the actual test was, it charged my Galaxy Note (has a battery of 2500 mAh) once, and my iPhone 4S (with a battery of 1432 mAh) once. Overall in case of an emergency, you have a backup... and extending the life of both my devices by an extra 100% is something I am very happy with.

The device itself can be fully recharged within 7-8 hours. And holds a charge for at least a week (I have not tested it longer than that).
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