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on 8 July 2011
The first thing everyone is going to say is not cheap!! It isn't in either sense of the word.

You sense the engineers might have told the accountants to entertain themselves in interesting ways when they asked to trim the cost and quality and that the same accountants got their revenge by pricing it accordingly.

I think there is a fair chance you could beat a burgler to death with it (this is an expression not a suggestion) and it would still work perfectly afterwards.

All in all great product and well done Samsung development for fighting off the cost cutters, although my wallet does not thank you as much.
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on 28 June 2012
Like all Samsung accessories this is not cheap. You can buy much cheaper - and I have done so (for other phone accessories) - but you simply won't get the same Samsung quality.

I'm glad I paid around a tenner more than if I'd bought another holder because I use it all the time, it holds the Galaxy SII securely yet the phone can be released easily and quickly. A quality product.
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on 12 July 2012
I'm a big fan of this holder. It is very secure, and has never fallen off my windscreen. I don't even need to moisten the sucker, so I don't end up with rings on my windscreen.

I use the USB charger that came with my phone to charge while I'm listening to music with an FM transmitter, and received much better results than using an external splitter. However, the charger (with in car adapter) which comes as standard, works very well.
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on 12 July 2011
Nice dock - if you have Genuine Samsung i9100 Galaxy S 2 II Black Cool Vent/Mesh Case/Cover/Skin you'll struggle to get the phone into this without removing it which is a bit of a pain - otherwise perfect
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on 10 November 2011
This part is made by the original equipment manufacturer and as such I expected it to be perfect. I was not disappointed. I have previously had an "aftermarket" phone holder that was okay but with compromises. The Samsung holder is in a different league. The vacuum suction is so strong you could probably pull out the windscreen with it, and the business end - the bit that holds the phone - is a perfect fit. Its finished in a combination of matt black and piano gloss black. It costs a little bit more but it will outlast the phone. Definitely glad I got this one.
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on 23 February 2012
I've purchased generic car mounts and charging kits in the past; though I've never been totally happy with quality, and to an extend the way some of cheaper cars docks look and function (stiff mechanisms to hold the mobile, etc). Being a happy Galaxy S II owner, when the time came to buy a new Sat Nav, I decided to just use my mobiles functionality instead, and just needed a car dock; I opted to go for this official car dock kit from Samsung. It came with:

* Vehicle Dock (mobile cradle) and Suction Holder (these attach together)
* Car Adapter (charging cable that attaches to the Vehicle Dock)
* Little `User Manual' booklet

Up until I received the Dock kit I was apprehensive that I could have payed much less for a generic/ third party kit. Though upon receiving this I have no doubt I made the right choice for three main reasons:

1) Solid build quality, as other reviewers have stated, I'm surprised how well build it is, the suction holder arm, for example, is not flimsy; it is broader than usual and has some weight to it. The mobile holder grips the mobile firmly, without being stiff. It all seems as though it will last.

2) Ascetically pleasing and looks nice - it is well designed, with a combination of matte and gloss black plastic giving a very professional finish. Looks quite stylish mounted in my car, especially considering how other docks have looked in the past.

3) Great functionality - easy to put the mobile in, and take out. [Note: I dont use a case with my mobile, though the fit does seem just right for my mobile without a cover), an opening at the back has even been kept for the camera (though I personally probably would not use the camera while mounted, though it's nice that the design has been well thought out). The Galaxy S II functions well in the dock, and I quite like the voice recognition, it works well for me. I like the fact the charging cable plugged directly into the dock, makes things a bit more streamlined. There is a `Speaker Line out' connector on the back of the dock too.

A purchase I'm glad I made; it is more expensive, though this time I'm glad I went with an official car dock kit.
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on 26 September 2011
After receiving the dock, and fitting it all together, before I even used it in the car I could feel the quality of the build. The dock has a nice feel of quality and heftiness. The tight fit of the phone in the dock is very good, there is no chance of the phone falling out or coming loose. I also have the official samsung galaxy sII mesh case for the phone which does fit with the dock, but the slight added bulk of the case means the grip on the phone is very tight. This could be a problem for some when fitting/removing the phone. Use with other cases seems to be impossible. Those who don't want the hassle of removing their case every time they use the dock should probably decide on a different dock.

Another aspect of the official dock is that the car charger is that this official charger is slightly more powerful than other similar car docks you will see around, enough to mean that even when using the sat-nav feature the phone will still be increasing the battery charge, whereas other cheaper docks the phone even when being charged slightly loses its charge when using the sat-nav feature.

The speech recognition, which automatically enables itself when plugged into the dock, seems to be quick and accurate the occasional times I have had the chance to use it, but does sometimes have the habit of repeatedly asking "what would you like to do?".

The dock also has an audio jack as well as the charger, so you can listen to your music if your car and an aux port.

Overall this dock is a solid piece of kit which performs its job well, but it does have a few minor faults. It is expensive, more so than other docks you can buy, but definitely worth the money.
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on 1 August 2011
Well, its a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone holder, so what can I say.

Bad Points

Not so much a bad point, but you will have to remove your phone protector every time you dock it, unless you have the genuine Samsung protector, so be aware.

The automatic enablement of speech recognition can get in a loop, mine kept asking over and over "what would you like to do" quite annoying.

You dont seem to be able to ajust the rotation whilst in the dock, as in the dock connector is on the left hand side (a big block in relation to the dock thats slides in to the power/dock on the bottom of the phone) and I dont seem to be able to move mine to have this on the right. I want to do this as I have an app that doesnt seem to understand which way up the phone is.

Good Points

It fits well, and holds the windscreen really well

Manages to charge the phone at a decent rate with the GPS enabled

Like everything elese its all personal taste and judgement, but basically a good device.
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on 24 July 2011
This is an excellent item. You simply place the phone in the dock and then attach it to your windscreen. You can then plug your phone USB cable into the dock and your stereo to link the two together. It allows the phone to be used hands free - either to use the phone to make/receive calls or stream music via bluetooth to the stereo. It is identical to a sat nav holder which is ideal when using the satellite navigation system on your phone.
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on 17 July 2011
This car kit is a Samsung original, and very sturdy, the phone stays in it just fine. It also installs a speech recognition software to command your phone hands free. However I found it useless, most of the time the software fails to understand the simplest of commands. This of course no fault to the car kit product, but more the software may need some updating to work better.

So I also bought a satnav pad (basically a round plastic pad with adhesive on the back to stick anywhere on the dashboard so that the suction cup adheres to perfectly) to use the car kit on the dash rather than the Window in order to reach the phone to change tracks and what not. So this way you can move it to the dash for music, and move it to the window if using satnav features of the phone if you like. (I don't like the air vent mounted solutions.)

There is an audio jack on the back as well as the Micro USB charger connection. Great if you have an "old" car radio without Bluetooth, but with an Aux in connector. The supplied charging cable is long, and not one of those curly phone type of wires, but a neat straight wire so I routed it from the center console 12v outlet to the dash, working away the cable in the interior trims of the car. It looks like a proper car kit now.

One note, if you have a cover on your phone, or some other case to protect it, this will have to be removed in order for the phone to fit in the car holder.

Well recommended buy for galaxy S2 owners that drive
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