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on 30 November 2011
I brought the tablet after reading the reviews on here and decided it would be worth a go. I brought it with the intent of using it mainly as an ebook reader, for uni where I can access and modify documents and as a general internet browser. As an ebook reader it is fantastic, does exactly what it needs to! Also Andriod systems are awesome. However, I have learnt to my cost that you most definitely get what you pay for. A few pointers to be aware of if your going to buy.

- To clear up potential confusion. WM8650 refers to WonderMedia (WM)and 8650 is the type of processor in the tablet.
- If your going to root (advised) do your homework, an hour of reading will save ALOT of hassle. I used uberoid v9 option 8.
- Battery indicator does not say how much battery is left, I don't know if this is just my tablet but it is not useful and it will suddenly die on you.
- The tablet is very slow. Takes ages to do anything, but again, you get what you pay for.
- The touch screen is very finicky, trying to type with it can test your patience to the limit!
- Whatever you do, DO NOT REMOVE the thin film cover on the screen until you have brought a proper replacement. The actual screen I managed to scratch with my thumb nail, this is no exaggeration. It now has numerous scratches after only half a day of use.

If your looking for a basic tablet then this is worth a go as long as you do not expect too much but I do find it frustrating to use. I would not recommend it to friend.
I hope people find this useful and can make an informed decision!
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on 17 October 2011
This is a great little pad for entry into the technology. I was looking for something as an alternative to the Kindle reader that could also handle movies, Mp3's and the occasional game. this device does it all. The screen is crisp and clear and very responsive to touch. using the stylus is good too, but i notice that heavy pressure does leave a mark - i have ordered some screen protectors and will avoid the stylus till they arrive.
I had great problems with the installed operating system, it would not connect to the market at all. So i updated to UBEROID V9 and had troubles identifying which version of the tablet to use (Choices 1, 2) but neither worked properly. saw somewhere in the literature that choice 8 works . tried that and it installed and ran great.
Now I have kindle installed, and some text readers, games, and other apps.
A word about the recommended case - the one with the integrated keyboard. it is a good case, but there is a bad design - there seems to be nowhere for the USB connector to live, so it hangs around getting in the way, or stops the case closing entirely. So i am going to invest another few quid in a pouch case - with pockets to store the lil SD's and the honking great USB/Ethernet adapter that fits in the side(Another bad design). BTW. the internal Wifi is a little finicky... as mentioned in other reviews, the antenna is tiny so has difficulty picking up a strong signal... you really need to be on Ethernet to connect to the market.
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on 12 September 2011
I read the previous reviews and thought the epad was worth a risk. I had initial problems sorted with great patient help from the seller and a bios upgrade. Then I upgraded it again to the UBEROID ROM. This has made the epad do everything I want and more. Really pleased with it, but it has taken a bit of work learning the Android system. But that's what I got it for in the first place!
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on 9 November 2011
Before I talk about the tablet itself I must mention the extra UK 13 amp socket adaptor supplied with my unit. (This enables the 2 pin charger to be plugged into a standard 3 pin 240 volt UK mains socket.) The one included with my Apad is probably the most dangerous and shoddy piece of electrical gear I have ever come across. The thing doesnt hold the 2 pin plug properly, it arcs and sparks inside if you touch it and its internal construction is dangerous. Take my advice if you buy an Apad with one of these: 1. Complain about this part. 2. Smash it with a hammer and throw the bits in the bin. 3. Go and buy youself a decent one - they are pretty cheap! (UPDATE TO THIS 17 Nov 2011: Further to the above I see Auckland Computer now supply UK 3 pin chargers with this item. That is really great. But that doesn't mean there are no units out there that were shipped with the dodgy 2 to 3 pin adaptor - keep an eye open for them.)

The Apad itself is absolutely fine for the price and I can only agree with the other reviews. I have not done a lot with it yet but was very easily able to connect to my wireless router and get on the Internet. I have only had one temporary freeze up - which sorted itself out (and thats just computers for you anyway). I was "chuffed" to be able to sit on my sofa and watch the extremely scary "camino del ray" video on YouTube, and felt that now digital technology was a bit more fun - and for a pretty low price. You do really need to use a stylus or a fingernail on the screen as its not great with your fingers, like say an iPad - but, for this price, so what? The only thing (apart from the "evil" UK mains socket converter) was that to use a USB device you have to plug this "thing" (about cigarette lighter size) into the unit first. It would have been much better to have at least one USB socket integrated into the main unit. But for the price I think its pretty good. Phil Allen (Lincolnshire)

Follow-up 11 Jan. 2012:
Still finding this okay for its price but be warned that-
* You cannot use the current andriod versions of Skype (as they only work with actual phones).
* Android versions of some popular things, like Google Earth, just will not install.
* The screen will scratch very, very, very easily (even cleaning it with as soft cloth) - its like its made of toffee - so you need to use a screen protector from the word go.
* The more you use the the "thing" that gives you USB and ethernet connections the more you will hate it. (Its truly a ghastly piece of work that could and should be much better - and it hardly stays in under its own weight.) Its one of the very few things that I have found that I think are worse than that dreaded horror - the SCART plug/socket.
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on 6 January 2012
Around the middle of last year I wanted a cheap tablet and got one. The form factor is nice for carrying around. It fits inside the jacket, it isn't too heavy. Turning around works well. You can read it in landscape mode and portrait mode.
The touchscreen works only well with a stylus, it is inside the package but there is no place inside the tablet to store the stylus.
There is a dongle to attach USB and Ethernet, but the connection with the tablet does not work. I could not get the USB to connect to my PC.
The wireless works not always. I could see the market, but downloading anything didn't work. The connection got lost.
The best way to get data and apps to the tablet is via microSD card. This works. But it is not easy to find .apk files on the Internet for download.
The battery is empty after less than 3 hours. And now the connector between the charger and the tablet gives up. The charger might be damaged. But even with a different charger, the charging LED only works sometimes when you wiggle the connector.
Anyway, this is a good tablet for beginners to find out what you need and what to look out for.
I definitely need WiFi, microSD, microUSB, on/off switch. An approved AC-Adapter with a test mark to make sure it works and someone else has tested it before me. So, my next tablet will come from a respectable manufacturer. And it will be 7".
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on 14 January 2012
This is a £50 tablet and you get what you pay for:
Screen quality is low, consistent screen but low quality
Processor is slow
The system they send it with is poor and no access to the true Android market that you will be used to.
I upgraded the ROM to Uberoid. I tried several versions, including 10.1 and the 11beta, the best version I found was uberoid v9, option 30. I had issues with the screen but a quick calibration worked, it holds the wifi. Reading these reviews (where other versions have proved to work) suggests that there is not a consistent version of the tablet sent out, therefore be prepared to try several versions, be careful not to brick it.

It comes in a box marked with MID, manual is good for recycling, the little box that adds ethernet access and 2 USB ports is very low cost but found the USB worked well when connected to a mouse (mouse very useful as several versions of uberoid result in no touch screen if you are trying other versions).

Overall this is a very poor tablet, would not give it to the kids as they will be disappointed, good if you want to see how tablets works and get to know android. If you are looking for a cheap ipad, spend more such as Archos-they have variable reviews but you can try them out in stores on the high street (this tablet here is straight from back street China-you get all the customs forms). The kindle fire is more interesting if you have a kindle

This is a very cheap tablet, be aware of before you buy and you will not be disappointed, expect a cheap ipad and you will be very unhappy
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on 10 November 2011
Super speedy delivery time, arrived next day after ordering. A christmas present for 8 year old, not yet tried and tested completely, but after a play around works well and more than good enough for its purpose. Can access the internet easily and fast, play music and videos, camera, apps and much more.

Great price and recommended seller.
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on 13 May 2011
This is a very cheap Apad, it work ok but you do get what you paid for.

Surfs the internet ok. need a little playing around with to get use too.

I haven't managed to connect it to an english apps market yet. although all apps are in english and work well on it.

Wifi was easy to setup with no problems.

I like this Apad but its more for mucking about with the gubbings of it than its true uses I would have to say.
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on 25 October 2011
Was a little difficult to begin with as the tablet wouldnt download any apps. However after contacting the Supplier they were very helpful in finding a solution and sent me the software needed. It now works brilliantly and id great value for money!
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on 8 March 2012
I bought this with a view to experimenting with a tablet, using it as an e-reader, watch videos, spotify etc and possibly in the classroom.
The tablet supplied was not the one described. The supplier claimed it was a higher spec machine but offered to take it back anyway. I now regret not doing so. I persevered thinking I may be able to use it and overcome any problems.
In it's standard form it is painfully slow. Booting up is tiresome. Locating my wifi takes an age. It sometimes doesn't bother looking and disables the wifi without any notice.
Many of the reviews described rooting the device and how it could be then used much more effectively. This device does to allow this. USB debugging is hidden and seems to be permanently disabled and when accessed through an app has no effect. PC drivers are not supplied and I was unable to find any. Access through a proxy server is also disabled even when using apps from the market so it is no use at work.
The device has come from China Telecom and as such the Android Market will not let you download BBC Iplayer and other geographically sensitive apps. I located a copy of the apk which does install but will not play content.
After a few weeks of light use it lost the ability to mount the SD card so became even more useless. It also boots up only after at least 5 attempts.
In an attempt to overcome this I used the factory reset option. I now have a brick.
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