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on 10 June 2011
Before I get to the negative, I'll focus on what I like about this dock...

First of all, it WORKS... it just does! My Xoom fits to the dock, it charges... I can plug speakers into the dock, and they work. In those terms, this Dock fulfils it's purpose perfectly.
The interchangeable tilt plates are a really nice touch, though the stock plate is made of superior material to all alternatives (with a lovely matte rubber feel to it). The alternative plates are made of a typical grade plastic, and at first I was concerned that they might scratch the casing of my beloved Xoom. However, so long as you're gentle when docking, I'm now confident this won't be an issue.

What most people don't know is that you can easily fit a Gel-case covered Xoom into the dock, simply by removing the interchangeable tilt plate. The docking fit in this situation is actually very nice, not exerting any unwanted stress on the connectors, or the Xoom.

Now for the unfortunate downsides:

1) This dock has no USB connector, so it's impossible to transfer data between the Xoom and your PC via a fast, reliable cabled connection when docked.
2) This dock has no HDMI connector, so it's impossible to connect your Xoom to a HD screen whilst docked. Personally I think it would've been clever of Motorola to provide a NORMAL HDMI output on the dock, which converts from the micro-HDMI port on the Xoom. This would have made the dock even more useful than just "somewhere to put your Xoom when it's charging".
3) Because the dock is very small (particularly in its width), the Xoom can rock horizontally when docked. Whilst I'm confident that this won't break the precious connectors, I can't help but fear that the Xoom could possibly fall out. True, it hasn't happened to me yet, but the lack of confidence it inspires is itself a problem.

The lack of these two fundamental features, and the horizontal rocking issue reduce this dock from 5 stars, to 3.

Of course, I haven't found a better altnerative to the official dock, so I would still strongly suggest you buy it. It's practical to charge in a docked situation, and (if I'm absolutely honest), it looks really nice.
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on 3 May 2011
The dock is well built and comes with two adaptors (with or without a gel case attached to Xoom). The Xoom docks securely and is slightly angled to allow easy viewing for films and photos. There are only two connections available whilst docked, one for power and 3.5 mm line out (for speakers), if you need more buy the more expensive speaker dock... However, it would have been nice to be able to access the usb whilst docked however for this price I didn't expect more and it does what I need.
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Ordered this with my Xoom. Its a solid, well made balanced device which also looks good and complements the Xoom. I was impressed that Motorola thought to include an adapter which will allow the Xoom to dock even with the official gel protective case / cover installed. Recommended
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on 17 April 2012
Having had the xoom for a while now I am using more than ever. Being able to dock your xoom into it so you can view the xoom screen clearly while it charges is very handy. It comes with two backs, so you can either have your xoom in it's rubber case while docked or out of it. Markings are clear, so no worries about having to line it up with the connectors. Although no built in speakers (there is another delux version with integrated speakers) there is a auxiliary connection if you want to connect it up to some speakers. The xoom was designed for this dock, so it can even be set up in the settings page to have something load if you want when you put it into the dock.
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on 25 March 2013
I would advise that you don't purchase this item, firstly the Product Description - Box Contents - bears no resemblance to what is actually in the box or to be more precise what SHOULD be in the box.

The box SHOULD contain:-

One Standard Dock
Additional Adapter Plate Compatible with Motorola Protective Gel Case
Rapid Wall Charger
Quick Start Guide

What you actually get is a dock, a wall charger which your Xoom will tell you is NOT a genuine Motorola Xoom wall charger, and a quick start guide, what you DON'T get is the Adapter Plate for use with your gel case.

Please think twice before you order this item because Amazon cannot change it for you they can only send you a returns label.
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on 30 August 2012
If you want to place your Xoom somewhere when you are not using it (to charge, act as photoframe, etc.) then this is for you. Beside holding your Xoom and providing socket for charger / speakers/headphones it does nothing else.

USB would have been good - yes, you can transfer over WiFi / Cloud - but USB is still faster / more reliable. After all, you can connect Xoom to charger and USB when not in dock.

A positive point is that - unlike the speaker dock - it uses the same charger input as the Xoom itself. So you can use the original Xoom charger.

Beware if not buying from Amazon themselves: some may be non-EU versions and that may come with AC charger that are not just unable to charge Xoom in dock, overheat but may not be legal as they lack CE or FCC label / compliance. Check the parts out when you receive it.

Now I have no problem with US or EU AC charger used through a UK plug adapter; I also have no problem with OEM/compatible versions where the OEM can clearly be identified or the importer is a major shop. If anything happens you have recourse against shop/importer for the damaged goods or at least provide insurers with such details.

What you choose to do is naturally up to you but you probably want to know whether something is "genuine" or just "compatible".
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on 4 December 2016
So this is just a stand that you sit your tablet on and your charger goes through the hole. However, because EVERY charger connection is loose on my Motorola Xoom, this is the only thing that works to keep the charger in. And it works incredibly well and no more damaging the wire trying to get it to charge. I should have bought this a long time ago!
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on 30 October 2011
Motorola XOOM standard dock, Amazon sale implied that it would be suitable for purchase along with XOOM tablet itself and folio case. However, when the tablet is in the folio case it cannot be used with the dock, it physically won't plug into the dock while in the case, and there are no spaces in the base of the case to allow the connectors to fit in the tablet sockets. The only way the dock can be used with the tablet is either in no case at all or in the gel case, which wasn't suggested along with the tablet. The dock also can only function if the charger which is already supplied, is used, it is just as easy to plug the charger straight into the tablet. The folio case acts as a stand which is just as good as the dock. The dock makes no use of the HDMI socket. The only other use for the dock is as aux out, which can again be achieved by plugging an aux lead into the headphone socket on the tablet (which I have tried and works fine this way). Thus the dock is entirely superfluous with the tablet, and entirely unusable when the tablet is in the folio case. As another reviewer said, it looks good, and it works. However, it doesn't add to the use of the tablet, particularly if you buy the folio case.
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on 11 July 2013
If you're Motorola charging socket is broken then this stand is a lot cheaper and alternative way of charging your xoom, as it doesn't use the socket, the the two metal contacts. The xoom on the stand looks elegant and is sturdy/weighty.
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on 8 December 2011
I got a dock for my mobile and was delighted with it - came with another charger that supplied power to the dock and was designed so that the mobile docked was keyed into the connector making it easy to use and less likely to damage the phone's connection.

Not so with this - no power supply - you are expected to use your existing one and no guide to key the very expensive xoom into place. It is well made and stable hence the 2 stars, otherwise it would have got 1. I don't use it after having it for 2 days.

Oh and if you buy the case, charger and xoom as a bundle from Amazon, the xoom cannot be charged in its case, even though there is an adaptor to charge the xoom in its case?? The case has a hole for the 12v pin charger but the dock uses the micro usb, which is not accesible when its in the case.
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