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on 28 May 2011
I bought this with my partner in mind as she'd had problems with aching joints in the morning which seemed to come and go for no particular reason, for which the doctor just suggested painkillers without any apparent concern for what the cause might be.

'Aching joints' was top of a list of twenty common and not so common complaints which the book lists as being possibly diet-related (everything from acne through insomnia to weight gain). Possible causes and solutions were clearly explained, and convinced us that it would be best to do an exclusion test (a bit of a hassle, but much more effective than the quick-fix blood test, according to the author). Having had a shrug of the shoulders from the GP, we found the book really helpful in giving us a clear direction to follow.

What I particularly liked about this book is the fact that it is objective and makes recommendations based on proper evidence rather than the sort of nutritional mumbo-jumbo one often sees these days. There's a lot of really good nutritional advice which is relevant to everybody, not just those having problems (as a sushi lover I was very interested in what she had to say about the problem of PCB's and other persistent toxins in oily fish). I also like the way the author is prepared to question both nutritional orthodoxy and some of the unscientific `wisdom' that is sometimes peddled by alternative therapists.

The author is clearly a seriously experienced nutritional therapist but doesn't take herself too seriously. The book has a down-to-earth, common sense and often humorous approach which makes it an enjoyable read even though it is clearly based on scientific evidence.
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on 15 May 2013
This book has been written by a well-educated and informed author, in stark contrast to some others on the same subject. I hope Maria Cross will find the time and energy to continue to share her clinical and practice experiences with us.
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on 28 November 2011
This book is well written and the separate chapters for each condition make it easy for reference. Sheds light on many health conditions and how they can improve just by amending diet and avoiding certain foods. It is useful for easy identification of what foods may be causing a problem for you and what to do about it. It is like a light coming on when you start to make the link between what you have been eating and reocurring health complaints.
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on 23 June 2011
This is a great book on how nutritionists pinpoint causes (biochemical imbalances) of the most common health problems and design protocols to remedy them. It's immensely readable, extremely logical and based on scientific studies - which are referenced at the back. This is clearly an very experienced nutritionist communicating in a very practical way. The meal plans are also very helpful.

I wish this book had been available in my first year as nutritional therapy student at ION. It would have made the clinical analysis/practice modules so much easier to understand. Even now, I learned a great deal from this book. Unlike other texts, I know I can trust it, because it's referenced to studies in some of the best scientific journals.

There is so much rubbish out there on nutrition, written by people who have no idea what they're talking about. This is not one of them.

I'm sure the book would be very useful to the lay reader too.

My only gripe would be the title, which doesn't quite reflect what the book is about - IMHO. But that's a very small point.

Buy this bargain book on real nutrition with confidence
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on 25 May 2011
I bought this book on the off-chance, not having read anything else by the author. I consider myself very healthy but suffer from a number of small niggling issues which I have not been able to cure with conventional medecine. I love this book because it allows you to work out for yourself what is causing your problems, most other books I have read assume that you already know what the problem is. It is really informative without being too heavy on science, whilst still being full of interesting research. Unlike other books I have read on nutrition, it is also entertaining and funny. I have been following the advice, and using the suggested meal plans for 2 weeks and I already feel much better, and as an added bonus my energy levels have doubled and I have lost 3 pounds!
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on 23 October 2011
At last, a book which addressed my ailment head on, led me to adjust not just my diet but my poor eating habits without drastic reactions and gently placed me in a Nirvana of well-being. All written in a style accessible and jargon free, with clear cross referencing and case study examples- others have been to the depths as well and here is a light at the end of the fork.
I can whole- heartedly recommend this book to non- foody but busy people who need their food to not only to just do the job but actually to be interesting and have the right ingredient. We shouldn't admit it but we have a good idea already that today's processed led, packaged and waxed offerings are not what Mother Nature intended us to eat in the quantities and combinations we often do and expect ourselves to feel great and energised.
Common ailments are clearly linked to what goes in. Where Maria Cross takes us is possibly away from the all to often said post- dinner epithet of the title to "I now know why I feel like this and this will tell me what to do about it".
Thank you Ms Cross- life tastes better already!
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on 12 July 2014
This book is fantastic. Set out logically and packed with really useful information. Explains how many conditions covered in the book are inter-related, referring reader to relevant sections. Covers: oestrogen dominance, leaky gut syndrome, fatty acid deficiency, thyroid imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, food intolerance, dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue. Guides you to the chapters that are relevant to you, according to your symptoms.
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on 3 March 2012
This book is well written and easy to read. The logical threads mean you are not toiling through unrelated chapters just to get to what interests you. It doubles as an informative read and a useful reference. Thank you Maria for writing a book that ordinary folk can use!
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on 2 July 2011
This book is truly fantastic!It's really easy and enjoyable to read, and makes the science part accessible to those of us with no nutritional background. It's also refreshingly unpreachy (yes, I know that's not a word!) while giving real, practical solutions to common health problems.
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on 28 June 2013
I found this book very confusing as the author constantly referred to other chapters - difficult to flip back and forth on Kindle unless you've read the whole book first and then can be bothered to go back over it and bookmark the relevant bits. Having said that, most of the advice is practical and could be useful.
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