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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 15 July 2016
Loved this game.
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on 19 November 2011
I agree that this game's visuals aren't stellar but I think that is the least of its faults.

The physics are fantastic and the attention to detail with the setups comes close to rivalling Gran Turismo though there are a few bugs in the setup. Driving the cars is a lot of fun and longer races really do make you think about tyre strategy. The inclusion of KERS and DRS is brilliant.

The co-op mode is a great idea on paper but in practice, you can clearly tell it wasn't tested fully as you can lap significantly faster than the computer-controlled drivers - even with a novice team mate, the racing will probably be between you and your human team mate rather than between all 24 drivers.

My biggest annoyance with the game is the atrocious AI. It's not Gran Turismo bad where the opposition makes no attempt to go around you to overtake but unceremoniously rams you out of the way instead but when you are lapping an opponent in a race, they start to move off the racing line but when you've committed to taking the racing line and a corner or braking point, they drive back into it and you lose a wing, puncture a tyre or worse yet, get a penalty. If you're qualifying and they exit the pits, they have no regard for you being on the qualifying lap and if they hinder your lap, they don't get penalised for it. Likewise if they brake test you, they don't get penalised either. I've only noticed the opposition being penalised once. Frankly I think the computer-controlled opposition is less prone to being penalised simply to make up for the poor AI.

Despite my criticism of the AI, this game can be quite rewarding to play but more serious gamers will be frustrated. Though it's unlikely to happen, a patch to fix the abysmal AI or penalise them more readily would make a massive difference to my enjoyment of the game.
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on 28 December 2011
I haven't actually played the F1 Series for a very long time but i got this free with my Playstation 3 i purchased and i must say it is brilliant and very enjoyable. The online is brilliant and it is a must buy if you enjoy Formula Racing ;) .
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on 16 July 2012
The physics of this game is awful, it doesn't even come close to simulating a F1 car. Nobody should buy this game expecting it to be a simulator but it should at least have a little resemblance. The cars steer like trucks compared to F1 simulators. Very heavy steering, there's a lot of lag in the steering and it's particularly poor through mid-corners. The cars cornering is entirely determined by the entry, the game doesn't allow you to make those minuscule steering corrections through mid-corner.

AI is very poor in wheel to wheel racing, defending against them is so easy because they back off so easily. Even along very fast straights they'll hammer down the brakes and drop way back instead of just lifting off momentarily to avoid a collision. The AI laptimes don't adjust well to tyre and fuel levels either.

Tyre simulation is also appalling. The tyres in this game degrade in a manner such that the car behaves as if it's on ice once they reach the specified laps (usually 10-11 laps on 30% race distance). In reality the tyres degrade so that the times are slower but they can go the entire race in terms of durability. Very disappointing from Codemasters in this respect.

DRS is a shambles because in real life cars can open DRS through curved straights and even very early on the exit of corners. However in this game the DRS can only be opened when the car is straight. Any steering input destabilises/spins the car massively.

Penalty system is a joke. If another car crashes into you, don't be surprised to get a penalty because apparently YOU caused the collision. You also get warnings/penalties for taking certain chicanes that drivers always do in real life but it's not allowed in the game.

Codemasters is basically window dressing a poor racing game with some good graphics and a couple of gimmick features. They've made the cars heavy with a lot of roll in 2011 in order to make it easier to catch a car during a spin and recover. However in my opinion this has compromised the sharp handling of a F1 car and arguably it's a step back from 2010's handling.
However this game is improved it doesn't have the bugs the first one had.
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on 31 October 2011
This game gives you everything thats great about the F1 2011 season.
You've got the new tracks (Nurburgring GP and India), DRS and KERS, better handling and better AI (unfortunatley Sebastian Vettel is almost as good as in real life in my career game too!).

There are a few slight issues, such as the frame rate isn't perfect, and there appears to be a setup bug (having max spring settings gives too much grip), but these small issues shouldn't spoil your fun playing this game. I've rated the game 5 stars, as I believe a patch will be out soon to resolve most of the issues, and the issues are minor.

I've now raced up to Silverstone (9 races) in career at expert difficulty using a G27 steering wheel. I've also played online quite a bit, but have yet to try the coop multiplay options.

I find this game so much more fun and engaging than GT5 for example. it can be frustrating, but aren't most things that challenge you. It can also be very rewarding.
Its not really a sim, but its not an arcade game either, and there are enough options to help make the difficulty suit the driver.

Its the sheer pace and challenge of driving a F1 car that makes this game great. And with DRS and KERS you have tools to attack and defend that work really well. Handling is so much more repsonsive, you can catch the car when it starts to slide (if you're quick), but watch out for the tyre degredation, thats also well developed (and you can see the marbles on the track as the race progresses).
I could write much more, but I've said enough... if you thinking about buying this, just go for it, its GREAT!
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on 30 December 2011
I was looking forward to getting my hands on this game. My less recent racing sims/games do not have many of the tracks of the 2011 F1 season and still others have changed a lot (e.g. Silverstone - again!) The Sunday Mirror is quoted on the back of the packaging for this game saying "the best racing sim in the business". Well, sadly, I have to disagree. In my opinion, F1 2011 suffers from three significant fundamental problems in relative terms: low resolution, poor anti-aliasing and low frame rate (looks like 30Hz or less to me). For a 'sim' to work well, you need as much crisp detail in the important central band of the display as possible and as little lag as possible so that you can see and react to the approaching corners and braking points. F1 2011's display is pixellated and scintillating in this important area (and elsewhere). Having spent some time playing the game and concluding that it was lacking, I switched back to GT5, and F1 really bears poor comparison to GT5's 60Hz responsiveness and crisp, clear display. I'm glad I was able to pick up F1 2011 at a discounted price because, despite that, I'm left feeling disappointed. It'll no doubt be handy to use it occasionally to experience the circuits I don't have elsewhere, but it's not going to get any serious use from me unless Codemasters deliver updates to siginificantly improve it.
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on 27 September 2011
Having been a fan of the F1 2010 game - despite its niggling problems, I was delighted that F1 2011 had finally arrived.

Without a doubt the biggest addition to the game - and the main reason I was waiting with such anticipation for this game - was the much talked about Co-Op championship mode. My brother and I spent many hours playing the TOCA 2 touring car game simply because it was the best 2 player team championship we could find and we were massively excited by this feature.

BE WARNED. There is a serious bug in the Co-Op championship which renders the AI drivers pretty much useless. We played the first round of the season with AI on Legend (top setting) and all assists off etc with no problems - over 100% race distance we were knocking on the door of the top 10 in Lotus-Renaults, pretty much where you'd expect to be. But at round 2 in Malaysia the AI were suddenly 8-10 seconds off our pace.

The Codemasters forums are full of posts from people confirming that same problem - it looks like we were lucky that we even got through Australia before the AI decided to slow right down.

Career mode, as far as I can see, is fine - but if you are considering buying this for the Co-Op Championship aspect please please please wait until Codemasters announce a patch has been released to fix the issue - at the moment it kills the game. If they fix this problem the game will get 5 stars, but until then I feel like I've only got half what I paid for hence 3 stars (would have been 2.5 if that was possible, but since it's not 2 seemed too mean....)
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on 12 October 2012
Great game to get you ready for F1 2012. Great graphics and gameplay. A must in any F1 fans collection.
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on 1 August 2012
F1 2011 is certainly a great game, the role play of the 2010 version has continued in the game and has got better in my mind. For example interviews with David Croft, and him standing infront of the player. Even though I enjoy playing it there is some things I would like Codemasters to implement in their next versions of the game. This is just my opinion:

Constructive commentary through every single race, would be excellent.
A simulation mode where the user could set up their own race. Again constructive commentary. This was in earlier versions of F1 games such as 2003/04/05. The user isn't in the race but could watch it unfold.
Possibility of drivers in the career mode moving teams as well, keeping with reality. (Possibility of new drivers joining the sport; like from GP2/GP3)

Maybe this is too creative and complex but these two top points in the game would make me give this a stronger 5 stars.
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on 10 December 2011
There is a level of demanding realism I'm prepared to handle. Then there's F1 2011, which not only remains extremely faithful to the ultimate in precision driving, it also forces you to learn fast.The best Formula One racing sim!
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