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on 6 January 2010
This is a good aerobic workout. Whilst it isn't quite interval training it will push you but that depends on how much effort, how hard you push and your current fitness level - as always. There is some jumping involved but low impact options are given.

Other plus points, the music is upbeat, the 'coach' is enthusiastic without being annoying.
The sections seem to run between 12/18 mins long so if you want a shorter workout you can pick a favourite.

The only knock to this was that his cueing could have been a little better, as both Claire and the back-up dancers missed the odd transition but with a couple of runs through you should have too much of a problem with this.

I'm taking one star because I think the toning section could have been harder to get the best overall results.

From a motivational point of view the dramatic change that Claire has gone through might be just enough to make this a regular part of your weekly workout schedule.
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on 17 November 2009
I found this workout quite masculine at first and was not quite sure if I would like it but now I love it. It's challenging but the cheesy music makes it a lot of fun. It's great that it's broken down into quite short sections and the routines are pretty easy to follow although I'm glad that I'm not doing the combat section in front of anymore as my karate style kicks are not quite up to scratch, but hey it makes me laugh, and that's what I need when I'm working out! Overall I now love doing this workout and really feel it the next day especially in my "problem" areas which are my thighs and bottom. I'm not obessively measuring or weighing myself but I feel more toned and much fitter doing this video and I alternate it with Vicky Binns "Dance it off" for a real girly workout so that I don't get bored.

I would highly recommend this.
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on 2 November 2013
I have to say this is a really great exercise DVD. I do lots of different exercise DVDs but I always use Claire's one for the toning section and the cool down is really great as all your muscles get stretched and you are in less pain after working out. I recommend doing it once a week to begin with , and only doing the aerobic section and then building up over the weeks.

This workout really works you out and the moves are easy to follow. Its also quite cheap as well. The songs really help with the workout and you can do it as often as you want (Not like the gym - which I found to be really smelly). There are options if the work outs are too difficult, which is also a bonus and something I really wanted so I could build my strength up. You won't be sad you bought it!
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on 1 May 2009
I've been working out at home for quite some time (mainly with Davina dvds and cardio box type routines)and would say that I'm reasonably fit as a result. But as I have two left feet and always found Steps kinda irritating I didn't exactly rush out to buy this dvd.
However, after seeing several good reviews - and hearing rumours about the must-see backing 'dancers' - I decided to give it a shot.
And I have to say that 5 Step Fat Attack is now possibly my favourite workout to start the day.
Yes it took me three attempts to master ALL the moves but the whole point of a dvd is that you can rewind/pause if need be and that you're going to use it again and again so will get used to them!
The best thing for me about this is how fun it is - Claire, the dancers and the production crew all seem to be enjoying the workout and you can't help but get caught up in that. In particular, the instructor Chris does a fantastic job of encouraging you to join in, keep going at the toughest points and 'wake up the neighbours'.
Breaking it down: there's a pretty energetic warm up routine which includes some stretching too and an effective cool down. I've never felt any pain/discomfort after this dvd despite its intensity because of these two sections.
There's a really fun aerobics section - which isn't too 'dancy' which I was initially afraid of - and will def have you sweating and singing along whether you later admit it or not.
My favourite bit is the cardio box section (altho I found a couple of the combinations a touch tricky on the first attempt)which has a lot of kicking and punching while doing a great job of toning your abs.
And finally there's a great toning section with various push-ups, crunches, planks and bridges.
And one of the extras allows you to do the routine in any order you like which is a bonus!
Oh...and yes the dancers (who perform all the same moves as Chris, while Claire does some simpler modifications) are pretty cute...particularly in the combat section when they're just wearing their combats and boots ;)
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on 3 May 2009
I bought this along with Coleens and have to say I've stuck with Coleens a whole lot more. It's not the workout itself as this is fast paced, the soundtrack is Steps, the moves are effective and I especially love the boxing bit with the roundhouse kicks, it's mainly the presentation. I don't know who the guy doing the workout is and sometimes the steps didn't get explained very well and they went a bit quick for me. I found myself having to pause it and replay just to work it out but once I got the hang of it I did really enjoy it. I'm not too sure about Claire either - to me she seems uncomfortable when she does her interview at the end, mind you I'd feel embarrassed having to admit to how much I weigh / weighed as well but she looks fantastic and the workout is actually great!! I don't dislike her, she's worked really hard and looks amazing, but I suppose I just didn't really warm to her.
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on 21 January 2010
As a student, I'm not about to blow my money on the gym, so I have a lot of exercise DVDs instead. I bought this one at the same time as Natalie Cassidy's 'Then and Now', and of the two this is definitely my favourite. I have done a lot of dance and gymnastics before, so the style of the routines was more appealing to me. Plus Steps were the teen pop music of choice when I was 14, so dancing to "Tragedy" once again is a great guilty pleasure! Once I'd picked up the steps the workout was great fun, and challenging too. I am quite physically fit, and this brought me out a sweat.

The layout of the DVD is good, with 5 different sections and the option to build your own workout from the different components. My favourite part is the combat section, although I did have to concentrate to get my head round some of the footwork! There isn't much interaction between Claire and her trainer, which I like because after a few repeats of the DVD, the banter that you get in some DVDs can get really annoying. I have done this workout several times now, and not only is it not annoying, but I think it's doing me good!
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on 17 March 2011
I have never done a dvd workout before so didn't know what to expect. I hired this dvd from the library (as it was the only one they had) and was so impressed I bought it. I don't believe Claire Richards or any other overweight celeb do these workouts when they first decide to lose weight. Certainly this one requires a level of fitness and agility you wouldn't have if you were 15st. However, you will quickly get fit if you stick with it and can soon start to see results. I started to notice a difference after 6 workouts over 2 weeks. The aerobic section sandwiched between the warm up and combat sections is a real workout. I like the combat section which works all the body although I found one of the combat moves a bit tricky to follow at first. I think the toning section is a bit disappointing and I would have given this a 5 star rating if there had been more excercises for the arms and upper body. Nevertheless, it is still a good workout.
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on 1 July 2009
I recently watched Claire's documentary about losing weight for her wedding- i was very impressed by her weight loss, but she admitted in her documentary that she worked out for an hour and a half, 6 days a week and limited her food intake dramatically. If any of us followed a regime like that, we'd all be a size 10 too!

Having said that, this is still a good workout on the whole- I can't afford to go to the gym, so I have a number of DVDs (my favourites are Tae-Bo and Davina)- and for me a DVD has to keep me interested, and make me sweat a lot- this did both of those things. The routine is varied and interesting, and I liked the way it broke down into sections- it made teh time fly by. The stretches aren't anyway near long enough- this is something to watch out for. But on the whole, I like it, and will try to stick to it!
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on 21 March 2014
Ultimately, this dvd made me fall in love with Claire. She is inspiring, although I don't believe she did this workout at her heaviest. The trainer is motivating and not remotely annoying, and it really works on your whole body. Only thing, the warm-up seems to last forever, but I guess it's just what you have to do to prevent injury. Recommend to anyone and everyone!
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on 19 January 2017
Used this about 4years ago and loved it so much. It got lost years ago and I gained weight overtime. Really happy to have found this again.
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