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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2011
First of all, the few reviews I have noticed here complaining that the case is not a good fit for the Xoom are either misinformed, or they have not used their brain when fitting it.

The trick to getting this case to fit snugly around your Xoom is to insert the left-hand side (with the volume controls) into the case first, then gradually raise the lips of the top and bottom of the gel case around the Xoom until you reach the other side. A little finesse on the corners will quickly avoid what I've come to call "undertuck" (where the lip tucks under around the corners), and before you know it... one snug fit around your beloved Xoom.

The case does indeed have a rubbery feel to it, which certainly improves the grip.

The elevation it provides between the camera lense and whatever surface you place your Xoom on can provide much-needed protection against scratches (which, of course, would diminish the picture quality)

Now for the part most people don't realize...


This really couldn't be more simple...
All you need to do is remove the interchangeable plastic plate (designed to allow you to choose a plate suited to your preferred tilt angle), and your Gel-case fitted Xoom will fit perfectly on the dock.
Obviously you should note that, with the plastic plate removed, the white dot indicating alignment with your Xoom is no longer available, so it does make alignment a little more tricky, but a small price to pay if you wish to dock it whilst in the case.

Of course, this case is remarkably easy to fit and remove, so it is not entirely necessary to want to dock with the case fitted. The one benefit of having the case fitted whilst docked is that, should you wish to quickly remove your Xoom from the dock and take it with you, you don't need to spend the extra ~30 seconds refitting the case.

This is an essential purchase for all Xoom owners, in my humble opinion.
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Not a lot to say other than that all the holes are cut in the right places and the case fits the Xoom perfectly. The material has a soft rubbery feel to it and actually feels nice in the hand. Good to note that if you buy this with the standard charging dock the Xoom will fit on the dock even with the case installed. Nice.
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on 23 March 2013
I have had the Xoom for a year now, the first thing I did was buy this case - its designed by Motorola for the Xoom. So you expect quality.
Well the first case has lasted a year, and has done its job well.

But after a years usage, the case has started to show signs of wear, BUT over the past year it has protected the Xoom 100% So in that light its excellent!

Obviously today, there are far superior Tablets you could get, BUT the XOOM holds its head amongst the crowd now, in many cases its possibly still better than the rest.
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on 8 June 2011
Had this case for a month or so now.
The case (or cover) is exactly as you would expect.
It wraps around the back of the Xoom perfectly, accounting for the slight curvature along the back of the tablet. All ports are accounted for, as well as the camera, speakers and power button. The volume controls are covered, but raised bumps along the edge of this cover allow you to easily locate and use them.
The overall feel of the case is a grippy rubber - exactly what you imagine when you think "Gel case", and feels really nice and solid in the hand.
My only downside for the case is that it's more of a dust magnet then the Xoom is with fingerprints. Leave it on the side for a few hours, and you could spend hours trying to get the dust off. Thankfully, all you need to do is take the case off, wipe it over with a wet cloth and the dust is gone in seconds; the texture also means it dries as quickly.
Overall this does everything you expect, performs very well and looks great; all at a great price. The case will do enough to prevent scratches and small bumps/drops, but I would suggest that if you're looking for something for traveling around with, then you would be better off looking at something which covers the whole tablet securely.
Well done Motorola!
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on 16 May 2011
This cover fits much better than the third party gel cover I initially bought. It's made of a slightly less flexible plastic so it doesn't slide off, it also covers less of the bezel so looks neater.

In all it makes the device more comfortable to use as it rounds the sharp edges and it's grippy meaning it doesn't feel like the device is going to slip out of your hands. IMO Motorola should include one of these with every tablet surely they can affford to bundle a bit of plastic with a five hundred quid tablet!
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on 23 April 2012
Nice to the touch, quite thick but protects the back and sides of the Xoom very well. Does tend to get shiny with repeated abrasion.

Needs a good push to use the volume buttons because, as stated, the rubber is quite thick.

Agree with other reviewers that it could do with wrapping round a bit more, especially at the bottom where it tends to pull over the side a bit.

All in though, all very good value for money for a fiver. I'd buy it again, and that says it all I suppose...
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on 7 January 2012
OK its a genuine Motorola product so you'd expect it to be right for the job but this is perfect and actually improved the tablet. The fit is precise and it strangely makes the volume controls easier to use. It also makes the tablet easier to hold and givesa feeling of sturdiness which is absent in the original because of its smooth finish. It also fits perfectly in the Motorola dock and its rubber finish gives a better grip in the dock than with the uncovered tablet. All in all the ideal addition to your precious Xoom.
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on 24 June 2013
To say this is a genuine Motorola case, specifically designed to fit the Xoom, it's a disappointingly poor fit; not very snug along the top edge and particularly so along the bottom edge, where it unfortunately obscures the microphone.
On the plus side, it has a nice 'grippy' feel to it, and should do the job of protection adequately.
Overall, 2.5 stars.
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on 4 July 2012
The cover arrived on time very well packed I was please with its quality
but I have noticed the back of the cover marks very easily and for some reason
causes static ?????? but over all I am pleased with the cover also it fits
the Motorola xoom perfectly.
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on 3 June 2012
Sadly I purchased one of these protective skins to find as others did it wont remain in position.
In my case the lower right hand corner keeps slipping off the XOOM.
The top bulges as does the bottom both in the centre.
I find the volume buttons fiddley at the best of times but the cover makes them that bit harder to locate.
Have now ordered a leather case (Why didn't I listen to my Wife?) with the hopes I have better experiance.
On the plus side the holes are all in the right places.
In response to another review, Brain was engaged and this case still does not stay where its supposed to !
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