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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 April 2017
bit disappointing actually as I like the songs on this soundtrack but the mixing for this CD has not been done well. I don't know anything about music but it's as if they've pulled the songs directly from the movie and not adjusted them at all. So in bits where there would be dialogue in the movie, the music fades and then it swells again when there's an action scene or something. A bit distracting when you're playing it in the car and have to constantly adjust the volume.
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on 11 April 2014
Despite what other's say I liked this movie, and the music. It's got the same original feel as the movie.
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The best thing you can say about any movie soundtrack is that the songs all mesh together -- even if they are from different artists.

And from the look of the movie "Sucker Punch," it needs a butt-kicking soundtrack -- something girly yet tough and wild. So that is pretty much what you get in the soundtrack: one part rousing rock'n'roll, one part ethereal floating pop, and one part psychedelic wildness. It sounds like it shouldn't fit together at all, but it does.

It opens on a grand note with Emily Browning's cover of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," which begins as a soft pop anthem but quickly becomes tangled in dark twisting guitars and epic washes of electric violin. After that we get a strong serving of rock and pop music, with the lines between them blurred with fiery guitars and soaring epic melodies.

There's the sizzling, yowling "Search and Destroy" by Skunk Anansie; the slow-swirling psychedelica of Yoav's "Where Is My Mind?"; the sensual jazzy "Love is the Drug" by Carla Gugino and Oscar Izaac; the wildly energetic, epic remix of Bjork's "Army of Me"; Alison Mosshart and Carl Azar's hauntingly expansive rock anthem "Tomorrow Never Knows"; and Emily Browning's bittersweet, violin-soaked lullaby "Asleep."

The ultimate highlight: Emiliana Torrini's trippy, blazing cover of "White Rabbit," which basically sums up the whole concept of the movie. The only downside is "I Want It All/We Will Rock You," which is basically hip-hop artist Armageddon (formerly of the Terror Squad) rapping over Queen samples. It just... doesn't fit with the rest of the music.

The "Sucker Punch" soundtrack is one of those soundtracks that you can enjoy independently of the movie. And even though most of the songs are from different artists (ranging from actress Emily Browning to Icelandic pop stars), they all have a unifying sound -- very gritty around the edges, with lots of fiery rock'n'roll, but also with softer ethereal edges.

So expect lots of fiery electric guitars, psychedelic riffs, violins and blazing bass, usually woven into melodies that sound.... well, epic and action-packed. Some of the songs are pretty much instrumental, but the vocals are amazing as well -- Skunk Anansi's raw yowl, Torrini's chilly accented voice, and Browning's sleepy girlish soprano ("Some of them want to abuse you/some of them want to be abused...") all mesh easily.

Regardless of whether you love or hate the movie, the "Sucker Punch" soundtrack is a delight -- an intense, uncoiling barrage of sound.
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on 29 June 2011
Having loved the film and music, I bought the original UK release of the soundtrack; When I found out about the U.S. "enhanced" version, I decided to take the plunge and get a copy, in the hope of a few extra nice features......sadly, this product has been mis-represented here, and AMAZON should revise the description.
The U.K. and U.S. releases of this cd are IDENTICAL (with the exception of the U.K. packaging having a SONY logo on the spine and the U.S. version having a "Water Tower Music" logo instead - There are NO "Enhanced Content" labels on the U.S. release, nore any enhanced files when the disc is opened. A great shame.
In summary: save your money and buy the identical & cheaper UK version!
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on 10 November 2011
What a great soundtrack.

I knew within the first 5 mins of the film that I would want the soundtrack. There are several real outstanding tracks on here - ones that are mainly the remixes/mash-ups.

The first track, Sweet Dreams, is a clever and haunting rethinking of the Eurythmics classic. I love this version of the song (and it has been remixed and redone many times over the years), and it fits perfectly with the moment in the film that it is used.

Another favourite track for me are the Björk track which is a true soundtrack piece. I don't usually like her music, although I recognise her musical talent. This track, however, is a very complex piece with some great orchestration. My only gripe is that the orchestral part doesn't quite seem to 'fit' where it enters the song. It is like they just paused Björk, shoved in a bit of score, then pressed play again. But it works in a weird way.

The other great remix/mash up is the Queen track "I want it all". Again, I'm not a huge rap fan, but it works brilliantly. The orchestration and different uses of at least 2 Queen tracks is great.

I like the rest of the album, but no other tracks stand out quite like these 3.

I hope you buy and enjoy!
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on 13 June 2011
The movie is a real sucker punch and soundtrack fits perfectly with it. You expect sweet, silly and superficial story for teenagers and instead you go on the sad, dark and psychedelic journey. Music creates amazing background.
"Army Of Me" remake with Bjork reinforced by Skunk Anasie is overwhelming. "Sweet Dreams" by Emily Browning - dark and thrilling. And "White Rabbits" by Emiliana Torrini is just addictive. The rest of the soundtrack equally good.
Movie and sountrack like this happen only once in a hundreds.
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on 23 June 2011
I bought this on behalf of my daughter and we believed from the product description that this was an enhanced CD. However, there is nothing on the disc other than the tracks listed and no mention of any enhancements on the package. It looks like the same packaging and the "standard" version is listed at around £3 cheaper - so unless Amazon sent me the wrong one, I'd buy that instead!
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on 5 December 2012
Loved the film so much, just wanted to relive it through the music.

There is a few songs that are the ones you want, some of the others you may only hear of a small part of them in the film still worth it though
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on 15 January 2013
A lovely film take you on a fantasy jounry. brilliantly done with futuristic story line, it has an amazing sound trak, I was so inpressed I bought the DVD Emily Browning is a joy.
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on 16 April 2012
i did not think much of the film although the special effects were very good.
the music is great new versions of old classics.
when i heard where is my mind and white rabbit i knew straight away that they were different.
actually these are sung by baby doll and they are really good.
the queen remix and roxy remake are ok but the rest are brilliant.
presumably the enhanced disc was a limited edition check the auctions!
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