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on 31 March 2017
Love a bit of Brit!!!
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on 26 April 2015
Garbage! Just garbage autotune at its worst!
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on 29 September 2016
Album is a masterpiece. Was sent to me used out of packaging.
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on 9 May 2017
This album contains the bonus track "Scary", the only song written with Britney participation and contained in Japanese version.
In total there are 17 tracks, one of these ("Trouble For Me") is not "Trouble" published for the "Circus" album.
The version of "Femme Fatale" (Japanese version 2016 reissue) is sold inside a jewel case in plastic.
In most of the songs you can hear Max Martin's hand, who co-wrote most of the songs: you will find dance-pop and electro-pop songs danceable with and without choreography.
The album, released in 2011, is one of the best in recent years. The best songs are: Till the World Ends, I Wanna Go, SCARY.
If you like to go clubbing for "dancing" if you are professional dancers of modern music, if you like dance music try to buy this album.
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on 19 May 2017
It was ok but she seems like a robot in this era they control her to much.
She seems stiff
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on 10 April 2017
I really like the album. But I'm a collector but the album came not sealed. Thats a disappointment for me.
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on 25 March 2011
The singles initially released from Femme Fatale felt like warning shots - fantastically produced and exciting, they were nonetheless not as immediately catchy as might have been hoped and had some akward elements to navigate (dubstep breakdowns, lack of obvious chorus). Perhaps this was the moment when the melodic pop template (already exquisitely pushed to its limit with 'Blackout') fell apart altogether?

But closer listening was reassuring. 'Till The World Ends' grows over time and has a stunning middle 8 ('See the sunrise, we ain't stopping...") that transforms the track into epic, euphoric widescreen pop. 'Hold It Against Me' similarly saves the powerful, sweeping hooks until the end of the song.

'Femme Fatale' continues in the same vein, with even the harsher-sounding electronic tracks revealing lovely little pop hooks and melodic flourishes. Standout for me is 'Trip To Your Heart', in which Britney's original saccharin-sweet pop collides head on with a stuttering, then suddenly squelchy Euro-dance backing track that feels like an instant classic of its kind. Lyrically it's about nothing and yet it feels like its about everything, like all the best pop music should.

Other favourites include the stridently confident, deeply bass-driven 'Drop Dead Beautiful and the oddly touching 'How I Roll' (which was always going to be a winner with me from the moment the vocodered vocals cut in). The Toxic-lite of 'Gasoline', retro Inner City stylings on 'Up n Down' and galloping Eurotrance of 'I Wanna Go' are all superb. 'Inside Out'(dubstep melodrama) and 'Criminal' (folky flutes, funky beat, chorus that slides into itself) slow things down a little but are not the dull filler that dominate so many albums by major artists.

The track 'Big Fat Bass' threatens to ruin this album during its first few minutes - will.i.am's sampled vocal (endlessly repeating the title) are at first fairly cringe-inducing. Then suddenly, from nowhere, as Britney sings "The bass is getting low" at the 2 minute mark the track takes flight and builds towards a stunning outro - a full-on assault of auto-tune, bassline and synths.

Auto-tune is used extensively but to enhance the overall production: phrases are twisted, notes drawn out, new types of sounds explored.

Here is a Britney album that delivers knockout pop hooks but isn't afraid to be experimental throughout. The production feels at times like everything has been thrown at each track to see what sticks - which makes it all the remarkable that - with a very few exceptions -this album delivers a massive rush of pure pop moments.
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on 23 May 2011
It was the beginning of her downfall after the major comeback with Circus.
Generic music, hideous cover and photoshopped booklet pics, while the title had nothing to do with the theme of the album.
Britney had not creative control of this album. I mean where's the heart? Where's the soul? Where's the magic? Britney's music just hasn't been the same since she shaved her head, as sad as it sounds. The whole situation depresses me. I really can't believe people are saying this album is her best yet. Really, people? You think this overly electronic-sounding s*** is better than "Oops", "I'm a Slave 4 U," "Toxic," "Break the Ice" ??

And she can't dance anymore.
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on 4 May 2011
The hype is over and the Femme Fetale is here to stay! Britney's most recent album Femme Fetale has landed her another hit album.

When I first heard the album I thought it was not a bad album, but this album is a grower, you may not fall in love with every track on the album, however it is a good compilation of electro-pop and heavy bass tracks. Usually albums tend to have the best tracks at the beginning and then become boring towards the end, nonetheless this album is consistant throughout

The stand out tracks include the lead single Hold It Against Me and the second single Till The World Ends (shame this did not chart higher in the U.K.). Others include I Wanna Go, Big Fat Bass, Gasoline, Criminal and Up N' Down.

1. Till The World Ends - 10/10 Very dancey and does make you want to "dance till the world ends".
2. Hold It Against Me - 8/10 When I first heard this single it did shock me with the dub-step bit in it, however it works.
3. Inside out - 8/10 This track has a good tune, a grower track.
4. I Wanna Go - 10/10 Possibly the catchiest track on the album.
5. How I Roll - 6/10 Boppy tune, however seems to build up to nothing...
6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Feat. Sabi) - 7/10 To be honest I personally thought the Sabi part could may aswell have been done by Britney, I could barely tell their voices apart!
7. Seal It With A Kiss - 8/10 Doesn't stand out in the album, but the track is good.
8. Big Fat Bass - 9/10 When I first heard this track I wasn't too satisfied, it seems to be repetitive lyrics over a "big fat bass", however this track just grows on you, after listening to the whole album you just want to go and listen to this track again... Weird eh?!
9. Trouble For Me - 7/10 Maybe because this track is after Big Fat Bass, it doesn't seem to stand out, however this is a good catchy song
10. Trip To Your Heart - 7/10 This track should not have been placed next to Trouble For Me, they sound almost the same, yet I like this because of the lyrics.
11. Gasoline - 8/10 What I mean by consistancy, the album all of a sudden gets good again from this point. This song just makes you want to dance.
12. Criminal - 9/10 To me this song stands out the most on the album, maybe because of a flutey sounding intro, just different to all the other tracks on the album.
13. Up N' Down - 9/10 The second catchiest song on the album.
14. He About To Lose Me - 6/10 The last few tracks seems to be filler for the album. This is not my favourite track on the album.
15. Selfish - 7/10 By this point you kind of get the gist of the album, this track just doesn't stand out anymore.
16. Don't Keep Me Waiting 6/10 To me the last track is important in engaging with the audience, however this track just seems boring by this point and I would likely to skip go back to the start of the album.
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on 14 August 2011
Firstly, how anyone can say Femme Fatale is not a huge success, obviously needs to buy it first. Technically this album, is not a comeback from a darker time, its a comeback from the success of Circus. This infectious sounding album is just to prove how much the queen of pop has experimented.

Till The World Ends- a personal favourite of mine. This infectious club sounding track is a great one to open the album. Her vocals are strong and the bass makes it an amazing britney track. 10/10.

Hold It Against Me- another great track. The lyrics are clever, such as 'You feel like paradise, and I need a vacation', and Britney belts out this song at the end to make it another great hit. 9/10.

Inside Out- a slightly slower song. 'Inside Out' reminds me of 'Out From Under' from 'Circus', not too slow but her vocals are soft and calm. Only thing I could say about this one, is there is too much bass involved, apart from that brilliant 8/10.

I Wanna Go- my favourite Femme Fatale song. Infectious beats, whistling and Britney's vocals make this track one of her best. This is a proper party song, and I cannot find a negative part of this song. 10/10.

How I Roll- an unusual britney song. I don't dislike this song, or love it. It contains some very autotuned vocals, which britney doesn't need. And the words don't really make sense, whereas the beat is catchy and gets in your head. 6/10.

(Drop Dead) Beautiful- great track. Britney shows her talent in this one, with more clever lyrics like 'Your body looks so sick, I think I caught the flu', and
Sabi's contribution of a small amount of R&B/ Rap tops this amazing track. 9/10.

Seal It With A Kiss- an average song for me. Don't love it, don't hate it. The lyrics are good, whereas the vocals, not great. 5/10.

Big Fat Bass- another great one. Will.i.am's vocals mixed with britney's make this track a definate future hit. Also, great backing music. 9/10.

Trouble For Me- i LOVE this track. 'Trouble For Me' is an amazing catchy track, which is similar to some of Britney's past music. A definated hit. 9/10.

Trip To Your Heart- the only bad track. Really really don't like this one. In my opinion, this is the only bad Femme Fatale track. The lyrics aren't good and the music is a bit stoppy- starty. 4/10.

Gasoline- Toxic #2. Gasoline IS AMAZING! I read some reviews, saying Gasoline is the new 'Toxic. Brilliant. 10/10.

Criminal- different but brilliant. Criminal has a flutey sort of backing noise, and does not sound like normal Britney but boy, is it great song! Britney sounds amazing in this and sings the song brilliantly. Amazing. 9/10.

Britney's best album so far! I strongly reccommend you buy this!
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