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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2017
I finished chapter 8 (page 184) and decided to stop there. It's OK, an easy read but it lacks conflict. Any conflict that it does have seems to be internal. Nothing much gets in the way between the two. I'm surprised to have gotten that far in to a book and so little happen.

I had read The Notebook some time ago and didn't enjoy it (gave it 1 star) and eventually decided to try Message in A Bottle, and while I found it an improvement on The Notebook, it just doesn't make me want to read further. I now know that I'll stop at this point with Nicholas Sparks.

Cooking meals, having drinks, walking on the beaches, talking and some love making (the last thing I read) lol, isn't very interesting for me to read about.

Edit: I since read more of the book, to page 267, the experience didn't improve for me, so I stopped there.
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on 8 August 2001
My sister recommended this book to me. She did warn me how sad it was, but it far outweighed any expectations. Unfortunately I was reading it on a beach and trying very hard to cry quietly. As I looked out to see I wondered if there was such a person out there!! It was a fabulous read and I somehow think it came from the heart of Nicholas Sparks. I am now searching for any more of his books.
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This is only the second of Sparks books I've read and it could easily be the last. It lacks . . . . Sparks ! This is very much a romance, a quite soppy love story, but unlike other romances which can be interesting, gripping, mysterious and in the end a fulfilling story - this one isn't. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book or even a dreadful story, it just lacks a certain something. One thing that I do know a lot about is sailing - I've sailed hundreds of miles, crossed big seas and had my fair share of storms - Sparks knows nothing of sailing from the writing in this book. The last few pages when Garrett, the lead male character, is in a storm on a yacht or rather an American sail boat, is quite laughable. For starters twenty-five knots is not a gale and no sailing boat should be in danger in such winds. The `swells were lifting the stern out of the water not allowing the rudder to respond' - what sort of boat is this that the rudder is not behind the keel and in the water ? `A minute later the rudder finally caught . .' what was holding the stern of the boat out of the water for a minute and the bow was where all that time ? He also seems to have trouble maintaining control of the boom - well why not pull the main sheet tight or sail off the wind. If Garrett was supposed to be such a skilled and safe sailor, when he knew strong winds were on the way why on earth didn't he put a reef or two in the mainsail, reef or drop the gib ? I may be going overboard (no pun intended) with the sailing faults in the book but don't write about something you know nothing of because many of your readers probably do. Not a bad book but not one of the best.
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on 11 February 2000
This book was definately the best I have ever read. It kept me interested up to the last word. Never have I felt such emotion whilst reading a book, the story line is enthralling, often clutching at your heart strings.I have loaned this book out to all my friends who have also thoroughly loved it. Definately a book for the old romantics ! This is the first book I have read of Nicolas sparks but it definately won't be the last.
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on 24 August 2006
This book took my breath away. It didn't take me long to finish it, page after page I grew to love it more. And by the end I was in tears, Nicholas Sparks has indeed done it again, he's written another beautiful love story. This is a must read, it is definitely your loss if you haven't read this fantastic book yet. This is one of my favourites for sure.
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on 27 October 1999
I absolutely loved reading this book - in fact, I've read it twice now! It's beautifully written with heart-wrenching moments and spine-tingling excitement! I have passed this book on to friends and I had to go and buy a second copy because the first one was coming apart. Admittedly, this book won't be liked by all, but then not all of us like reading war stories, etc. For you 'romantics at heart' - GO AND BUY THIS BOOK!! This book also inspired me to find out more about North Carolina - it obviously lies close to Mr Sparks' heart! I'm looking forward to more books from this author!
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on 17 January 2002
I first watched the film so I knew the book was going to be a weepie before I started, but nothing could prepare me for the myriad of emotions I was faced with. I don't think I have ever sobed so much at the end of a book! But don't let that put you off because whilst the novel is heart renching, the last page ends on a positive note. This really is superb, quality writing at its best - it's a clever plot which is full of irony and if only's. Read it, weep, but above all ENJOY!
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on 28 August 2006
This book was given to me as a present, and to be honest, I had never heard of Nicholas Sparks. I have since become a great fan of his. The book was so well written, and once I started it, I found it difficult to put it down. This is the first book that has brought me to tears at the end! Full of sadness, romance and everything else that goes to making a good read. I let my 16 year old daughter borrow it to go on holiday, and the book had exactly the same effect on her. Another fan to add to what is no doubt a growing list! We both watched the film too, but not a patch on the book.
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on 12 January 2017
Among the most romantic symbols ever seem to be lighthouses and a message in a bottle. The latter one as main theme of the book and the title gives the story so much beauty and in the end such sadness. Theresa finds a message, a message in a bottle, not intended for her in the first place, which would change her life forever - in a heart-breaking and in a positive way. It is a story of an unbelievable beautiful & moving encounter, written in a very gentle way. It is about a struggle with the past, living in the memories, trying to integrating it in the present - to integrate what can't be missed from a time ago, with what never should be missed in the on-going time. When the male main character - Garrett - of this heart gripping and wrenching book writes his final letter, where he chooses love in the present, yet, he at the same time boards his boat in the middle of a fierce storm approaching, why did he not wait one day longer, or underway turn around? Was it a subconscious wish for the opposite? However it makes the book so sad and honestly, even if some might think, that gives the book a beautiful sadness, it makes me desperate, and I would wish for another ending. His love for Catherine was unique, and all seems to be so understandable, but as Theresa's way of dealing with it shows, there can be some positive way of coming to other terms maybe hopefully after a long long time, and he should have dealt so much more cautious with his life, since he made the others as unhappy as he was himself - so I know, everybody is different, and some seem to have lived like decades with so much sadness, but endings as those just leave me utterly desperate, and I would want to be books as those ending positively, so that all involved can live a life worthwhile. This would be such a beautiful ending.
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on 13 December 2013
I completed reading 'Message In A Bottle' by Nicholas Sparks yesterday and it was amazing.
The story focus around two relationships, one in the past and one in the present.
Theresa (the main character) is stuck in a rut, each day is the same filled with demands at work (she works as a columnist) and not enough time in the day to spend at home with her son Kevin. One day while jogging along the beach Theresa came across a bottle which had a sheet of paper inside, she opened it and the paper revealed the most loving, longing romantic letter she had ever seen written to a Catherine, from Garret. This letter intrigues Theresa and makes her long to see the face behind the lovely words.
Theresa soon publishes the letter anonymously in her column and the whirlwind of a story starts from there.
'Message in a bottle’ is a book no-one could put down, it made me want to know more with each page. The relationship in the storyline develops very quickly but you can feel the longing for each other through the pages. I loved everything about this story as it had me feeling all kinds of emotions throughout, the warmth of love, the sadness of loss and the heartbreak of moving on.
i was apprehensive to read this book at first as i have heard many people dislike Nicholas Sparks books, some the plots, some the writing style. Well i found this perfect! I personally cannot fault it in anyway, i loved the characters and their development, i enjoyed the storyline and i think Sparks approached some difficult topics in a caring and gradual way which is how we do in life.
For all this i recommend this book to all younger and older, everyone will love it. Do not listen to others negative opinions, it is always better when you try things yourself!
I can’t wait to read more of N.Sparks books, i just hope to get some soon.
I hope this review has helped you, can you please rate it positively if you liked it as it really means a lot to me, Many Thanks for reading:)
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