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on 28 April 2011
Having read most books on Krav Maga, I was drawn to Mr. Aviram's book because of his background. This guy didn't just learn Krav Maga in the IDF, he TAUGHT it. Mr Aviram was the Chief Instructor to the IDF and it shows in the book - this is not sanitised "civilian" Krav or "invented" Krav - this is the real deal, written and explained by the real deal.

The chapter on the philosophy of Krav Maga - the biomechanics and instinctive simplicity of the moves - is the most in-depth, clear and easily understood I've ever read.

Mr. Aviram didn't have the benefits of a large publishing house behind him so some of the proof-reading has missed grammatical errors, and the photos are sometimes on a different page to the text, but that doesn't detract from the value of the book to anyone interested in the REAL, TRUE, PURE version of Krav Maga.

This is genuinely the only book on Krav Maga that anyone needs to own, and if used together with Mr. Aviram's DVDs "Pure Krav Maga - Self Defence Mastery" gives anyone involved or interested in Krav Maga an essential toolkit to either begin learning or to improve their skills. For the cost of a couple of lessons at the local gym, this is extremely good value for money too.

Buy the book, get the DVDs, work with a friend through the exercises and techniques. Learn REAL Krav Maga. Excellent stuff.
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on 1 August 2010
I have read quite a number of Martial Arts, Self Defence and Krav Maga books in my time, but none have been written with as much authority as this one.

Boaz details the strengths of Krav Maga as opposed to classical martial arts in a structure that is informative and interesting without being condescending to other combat art forms. His writing style progresses smoothly enhancing the readers ability to understand the various applications that he is describing. The written descriptions are enhanced by clear sequential photographs.

Where some books strive to be nothing more than an alleged training manual promising the reader black belt information, this book, however, differs, not only does it enable the reader to concentrate on solid basic techniques and preparation, but is also a great manual for those that have practicised Martial Arts, Self Defense or Combat Arts for several years. It will give you total understanding and good foundation for solid practical use of basic techniques to enhance the users ability to perform even complex moves well and enable them to teach novice practitioners to a good standard. Boaz has accomplished this by taking the time to look in detail at human biology and the use and effects of various strikes against different areas of the human body. This in itself is a technique that very few martial art / self defence systems even attempt to explain. It is one that is of vital importance to anyone whose is either a practitioner or instructor, as a good understanding of the human body and its weak areas or the weaknesses in each area enable a practitioner to be more effective when it becomes necessary to strike in a defensive situation.

Although Boaz does not claim that his book is a `black belt manual' it is clear and apparent to the reader that he has included many techniques, explaining them in detail with the use of photographs, that this writer can verify are the most common forms of attack that may be recorded by police forces across the globe. These range from a defence against a simple punch up to and including anti car-jacking techniques against armed assailants using guns and knifes. Other techniques include defence against what many arts would describe as grappling techniques i.e. defence against being grabbed by the neck at various angles, headlocks, bear hugs, and defence against rear chokes.

This book will not disappoint anyone with a serious wish to improve their Krav Maga, Self Defence or practical Martial Art skills and training. I can whole heartedly and without equivocation recommend this book to anyone whether they be complete novice with intention of beginning training, a practitioner with experience or indeed a qualified (no matter how highly) instructor.

Cara Phillips, Belfast, N.I., United Kingdom.
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on 5 March 2011
Krav maga is beautifully simple.There's no frills, just practical real world tested techniques.This is a superb resource for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves.Boaz Aviram was the chief instructor in the IDF for a number of years.If you are going to learn Krav Maga, you might as well go to the source.

Well thought out, simple effective techniques detailed with clear instructions. In a review of another Krav Maga book I cautioned that you can't learn martial arts from a book. I still stand by that, but this book is the closest thing to having an instructor with you.I still say you would be advised to have at least a few lessons from a qualified Krav Maga instructor, but you can be confident that after reading this book, and a little bit of practise, you will be better equipped in a self defence situation.

Krav Maga is designed to be learned quickly, as it utilises your body's natural reactions. Boaz Aviram had 23 hours to teach recruits Krav Maga, this manual is the result of all his years of experience.I cannot reccommend it highly enough, well worth every penny paid.
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on 13 March 2012
As stated in other reviews, the authors provenance and qualification to write a book on Krav Maga can't be questioned.

It's great to read the simply presented principles and methods without having to go through the whole I-learnt-this-in-the-special-forces-and-while-on-mission-with-Jason-Bourne blurb that other authors & instructors with less clear CVs sometimes offer.

I don't have access to a KM federation which has top flight credentials, though I believe that the instruction is nevertheless good...this book (and soon, the DVD set Pure 'Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery'...if I can figure a way to get it delivered from Europe or digitally) allow me to make sure I'm on track with the underlying principles and techniques.

If you want good instruction get this book...if you want pretty pictures and hairy chests then look elsewhere.
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on 12 February 2011
This is an extremely detailed and authoritative work which documents the history, motivation, philosophy and techniques of the Israeli Defence Forces Krav Maga system. It is an essential read for Krav Maga students and will be of interest to anyone interested in combat (as opposed to sports oriented) martial arts.

The author speaks directly from his own personal experience as the 3rd IDF KM chief instructor and covers the full range of techniques, including defences against weapons and car-jacking.
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on 2 January 2012
This book is the definitive guide for the reader seeking in sight into the IDF Krav Maga system. The philosophy, tactics and techniques are explained with great clarity. In conjuction with this book, the DVD set (available on amazon.com) enhances the understanding and knowledge of the reader.

Whether you practice Krav Maga or any other self defence system, this book is a must.
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on 4 May 2012
My name is Catalin Vlad.I live in Bucharest,Romania and I am ex-Bukan School of Krav-Maga Instructor.The meeting with Professor Aviram changed my mind.Mr. Boaz Aviram is one of the best instructors I know. In my opinion he is a real Master and Pure Krav Maga is clean, original and not influenced by a McDojo business model.The book "The use of the human body as a weapon" and the DVD series "Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery" should be on every Kravist's bookshelf.Loyal to the teachings of Imi Lichtenfeld, Mr. Aviram teaches Krav Maga in 20 hours, the way it was intended. No extra's, just Krav Maga, Pure Krav Maga. It will give you the insights you need to be able to understand Krav Maga. By reading the book you will understand that some of the above federations raped Krav Maga.Mr.Aviram is a very good teacher and a very good friend also... five stars rating is not in off...
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on 12 July 2012
Krav Maga is known for being a very practical self-defense
training sytem ! The book is a very interesting guide but
looses points because of the VERY bad quality of the pictures !
However, as a former practitioner, I have to say that, apart
from the sometimes faulty translations, most of the contents
make sense and give practical options for a realistic
self-defense training !
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on 26 September 2012
This is an excellent tool for any student of Pure Krav Maga. From the origins of Krav to the core principles and techniques Master Boaz is The living Krav Maga Expert and shares some of his vast knowledge in a clear and precise fashion. A must have book for anyone serious about mastering The purest form of true Krav Maga!
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on 9 December 2012
About two and a half years ago, with knife crime and home invasions on the rise, i decided to look around for a self defense system that was both quick to learn and practical. After research on the internet, Krav Maga seemed to tick all the right boxes.
I was lucky enough to locate a Pure Krav Maga class not to far from were i live, and after joining the class was advised to buy a copy of Krav Maga- Use of the Human Body as a weapon Philosophy and Application of Hand to Hand Fighting Training System. This book proved to be an invaluable source of information and a great help for all my training.
The history of krav maga and the reasoning behind it captured my interest. The section of the book detailing the human bodies pressure points along with the techniques used to inflict pain on them was the most detailed that i have come across. The rest of the book is laid out in such in way that it is very easy to follow and deals with practically every self defense situation that you could find yourself in.
After two and a half years i still use the book as a reference and i would recommend that anyone interested in learning the purest form of krav maga should make this book a must buy!.
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