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on 15 January 2014
I bought this to replace an earlier generation Netgear modem that did not have the capability for fibre. I live in hope that I will get a fibre connection is a year or two... I also wanted more range. Well, I don't think the range of this model is any better then the earlier model. Other than that it works fine on ADSL2, you can customise the modem pretty easily, open ports, etc. I have had grief with my VPN service through this router (not on the older model, strangely enough). Netgear customer service tried hard to fix it - full marks to them - but we never resolved it. The casing is quite well designed and can be left visible; the flashing lights amuse. It's a lot more credible than the rubbish that the ISPs typically send you with a contract, so if you're struggling with an ISP supplied unit and have half a clue what you are doing it's well worth considering this.
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on 29 March 2017
this is a good modem come router. Has both wireless and wired connectivity. The password for the wireless might be considered weak, but it is easily changed. Setting up is not difficult either and I also like the Netgear Geni software that comes with it for managing it and parental controls.
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on 21 February 2013
I bought this to replace a Netgear DG632 (modem) and Netgear Rangemax wireless router (WNR834B), both of which I have had for several years and could not fault. Sadly the modem was locking up and hanging (I suspected a faultly PSU) every few days.

The N750 turned up, was easiliy configured and up and running in no time at all. First impressions were fantastic, my old DG632 connected at 16mb/s, but the N750 connected at 19 mb/s! (I can almost see the exchange, and I am on ADSL2+.

The N750 is duel band, and I wanted to be able to stream data to a USB Drive attached to a port on the router to PC's via wireless (this is a supported function).

I found I had to go into the advanced config to enable the 5mhz network, it was not enabled by default.

I plugged the drive into the N750 and tried to connect to it, and then the fun started. The router started to crash and completely lock up. My first impression was that there was a power issue or something on the phone line. Occasionly after powering on and off, it would loose the network settings and I would have to enable them again. The router would crash with four hours of been reset.

I turned off the 5 mhz network, and I got back a stable perfectly working wireless router, with no lock ups. reenable the 5mhz and away it would go.

I have some legacy devices that are WEP only (destined for the bin), so I was restricted to running the N750 in 802.11g mode, but even this was not as good as the old Rangemax router. I have an airport express plugged into a hifi upstairs, and I cannot stream from an ipod touch to the express via the N750. Plug the old Rangemax back in, and it works a treat. I was hoping ofr better proformance not a step backwards, if the product had worked I would have been able to run WEP and WPA2 at the same time on the different bands.

I have had a number of netgear products in the past, and have always recommended them to my friends. But given my experiences with this product, I would certainly not recommend this one to anyone else.

Anyway, result is the wep devices are going to be sold and replaced, and I am going to get a single band wireless router running 802.11n. Of course the N750 will be returned for a refund.
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on 29 May 2017
First class product, I trust Netgear routers for their build, and being stable and fast, wireless wasn't as good as expected but OK ( gave no more speed than the DGND 3700v2 that it replaced ) nice an discrete case.
Just an usual comment, I use this in a Naim Network Music Playing system & it sounds absolutely superb! (not all routers sound the same or even as good as this one!)
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on 2 August 2012
I've had this router a week now, maybe not long enough to make a 100% opinion but upto now the router has been stable and
never dropped the wireless connection. I wasnt going to get this router at first because some of the reviews on here saying it drops connection all the time, but I decided to try it when one reviewer said it only drops connection if you use it on a ADSL connection but its ok with ADSL2+.

I have to agree with him, Im on ADSL2+ and so far so good. But I am also lucky because the router I got is Version 2, which according to the internet, Version 2 fixes alot of the connection problems.

So if you have ADSL2+ and you get the version 2 of the router, you shouldnt have any problems.

The only problem I found with this router, and even Netgear know about it, the auto setup doesnt work with O2 and Be* ISP's.

They add a little guide in the box how to work around this, the way they tell you to do it didnt work for me, but I set it up my way as the way they tell you is for Dynamic Ip connections and im on Static ip, so its slightly different.

If anyone on Be* isp gets this router and is on static ip and is having problems getting it connected, message me and ill see if i can help you.
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Excellent piece of kit easy to set up and gives a good strong reading.
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on 22 March 2017
perfect and does the job well
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on 6 June 2017
Great router. Easy set up. Streaming videos with ease.
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on 1 September 2013
rubbish rubbish rubbish.

Dropped the line consistently within minutes of being setup.

doesn't live p the the netgear standards i expected. sent it back got a Billion BiPAC 7800n so much better than this netgear ..
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on 1 September 2017
work's good. right choice..
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