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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2011
The big details I wanted to know before purchase: Yes, the formatting is correct. Italics are italicised, there's no HTML code to be seen. Yes, the table of contents is hyperlinked, so you can click to whatever story you want with ease. And yes, it's presented well, easy to read, proper chapter and title headings, separating each tale from the next.

I've already read every Lovecraft tale from the initial three ST Joshi edited compendia, but I'm not an expert. I believe every tale is here - every major tale I remember is here, for sure. Some of the other anthologies contain Lovecraft's non-fiction and letters - I have no interest in those really, but I guess if you want a complete collection then you may want to look for those elsewhere.

But if you want a comprehensive collection of Lovecraft's fiction, well-formatted, easy to access and seemingly definitive, go for this.
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on 10 May 2012
I'll skip over describing or commenting on H P Lovecraft's work; he's definitely a "great writer" even if there's plenty of room for debate about whether that's as a "genre" or "literary" author. I think the first step in settling that issue would be the end of the distinction between the "genre" and "literary" categories of fiction-writing... which still seems to be a "two steps forward, one step back" sort of process; just read books by Iain Banks and Iain M Banks!

So, this review is of this particular collection of H P Lovecraft's works for Kindle, and I rate it highly. When I first bought my Kindle, I bought a cheaper version, but have now 'upgraded' to this one.

This collection's main attraction for me was its inclusion of pieces from the grey-zone of Lovecraft's collaborative and ghost writing; that's a very mixed bag, and probably won't be a deal-maker for you unless you're interested in Mr Lovecraft as a person, as well as in reading his writing.

However, a pleasant surprise was the quality of this collection's implentation for Kindle. Not only is there a functioning table of contents, with the benefit of a "return to table of contents" link at the end of each work, but the text is extremely well-formatted, with indents, italics, hyphenations, paragraph-breaks and (even) right-justified elements appearing as you'd expect to see them if it were a 'proper' printed book made from trees.

The only trick that these publishers seem to have missed is offering additional tables of contents, say ordered by the date of publication; but even then, they've included inserts after story-titles, stating when and where it first appeared, making that something of a perfectionist quibble.

I heartily recommend this collection, especially if you've not bought a different one yet.

[I've edited this review in light of Iain Banks announcing he's terminally ill - April 2013]
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An amazing Kindle download for the price and suitable for anyone who enjoys surreal horror and mystery. The anthology is clearly split into 3 sections:-

Novellas (12).
Short Stories (58).
Collaborations and Rare Stories (30).

There's not much I can say about Lovecraft that hasn't already been said except his stories still have the power to invoke a serious chill and can be creepy beyond measure. My particular favourite is "The Dreams in the Witch House", originally published in 1933 (Weird Tales), here's a sample "....Behind everything crouched the brooding, festering horror of the ancient town, and of the mouldy, unhallowed garret gable where he wrote and studied.....", makes me drool it's so Gothic however; a few chapters further on and you're swept into the world of complex mathematical equations as the lead character tries to find his way through space and time in search of the witch....this stuff really does make your head spin. Lovecraft had an imagination beyond his time and could twist the most mundane situation into something totally surreal. Always worth mentioning that if you haven't had a lot of experience with authors from this era you might encounter a few language difficulties and find the stories somewhat slow, they're certainly very different from what's out there at the moment but; you'd be amazed how many modern authors of this genre have been inspired by Lovecraft, he's still very much around though sometimes well hidden.

I have a basic Kindle and used the Table of Contents to navigate my way around without any problems. There aren't any page numbers but the longer stories are clearly broken up into chapters which helps.
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on 21 July 2015
This collection is a true gem - so so much for so little. I'd not paid too much attention to Lovecraft's work before but was tempted to have a delve by the availability of this collection. And now I'm totally hooked. The language, the magnificently surreal vistas, the New England of old; all just irresistible. To be able to have these stories at your fingertips and at such low cost is reason alone to invest in a Kindle I reckon!
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on 6 February 2014
I have been a Lovecraft fan for over 30 years now after I was introduced to his work by one of my teachers in high school. These tales of the macabre all effective simply because Lovecraft used language to convey a sense of horror, not blood and gore as you see in much of the modern genre. Much of his work hearkens back to the horrors of childhood: the creature under the bed, the boogeyman in the wardrobe, the monsters in the cellar, the thing in the woods at night.
I have some of the paperback editions, but I bought this Kindle edition for convenience whilst travelling. The menu is excellent, with the novelettes and short stories each grouped together and in alphabetical order for convenience. Was definitely worth buying.
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on 3 August 2012
Lovecraft's works are beyond critique as they have been absorbed into the literary underbelly of studied supernatural horror. The only thing I will say is that Lovecraft's real skill was to be one of the first horror writers to inject the feeling of the 'other' into otherwise wordly domains; essentially making the unbelievable believable, if only for a brief moment. In a sense he created the spooky twist that so many Twilight Zone episodes relied upon. And he wrote with a laboured quotidian style that aided the final reveal.

For me it is a complete delight to read anything by this author which was why this Kindle edition of (pretty much) EVERY work of fiction he had written - novellas, short stories, collaborations and juvenilia (ommitting poetry and essays to a large degree) - was such a joy to behold, especially at the price.

The only down side is the actual amount of work. There are no page numbers as such which makes it difficult to negotiate but this can be rectified by bookmarking and returning to the contents page.

On the whole a whopping amount of value at the touch of a button. Chilling!
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on 4 May 2015
Features stories and articles I never realised existed. A pretty comprehensive Kindle volume of HP Lovecraft's works though it is not totally complete as clearly it is lacking things like the letters. Still, all of the classics are here as well as many (many) obscure works - some just as interesting as his main body of work. A first rate collection.
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on 18 May 2015
I had read a couple of Lovecraft before. So I decided to give the complete collection a try. I found some good stories and in my humble opinion some average ones. So hence my rating. I read this collection in chunks. I take my hat off to anyone who has read this collection in one go. If you are new to Lovecraft,then I would suggest that you try a single book first. To see if you like his story telling and writing.
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on 29 June 2014
Not read HP Lovecraft before but was aware of references in many latter works across multi media - books, films, art and TV, even the X Files!! So finally knuckled down on e-reader and am enormously impressed. Incredible stuff. Recommend all the usual tales but was totally bowled over by 'The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath', which is like reading the most wonderful epic poem with stylistic resonances of Homer and Virgil plus quirky humour and the most amazing imagination.
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on 25 September 2013
I had heard of but never read any of HPL's work prior to opening up this book. It grabbed me from the outset and I found myself admiring the way in which his writing gradually developed. Lovecraft created a whole mythos of dream worlds, weird happenings, mysterious Gods and their priests and so much more. He had a rare ability to slowly wind up the tension alongside an almost palpable feeling of apprehension. Forget the modern horror stories with their obsessive attention to gruesome detail. Lovecraft merely hinted and left the reader to fill in the details - which makes for a much more frightening and satisfying read. The only shame is that he died so young!
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