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on 11 January 2014
I'm a pro photographer and have 4 of these. They are just as good as the far more expensive ones, in fact it's amazing what you can do with a couple of these on light stands. Excellent value for money!
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on 15 June 2011
I threw the dice on this one...The light arrived quickly, I put in a knock-off L-ion battery and presto. It threw more light than I thought it was going to so needless to say I have just ordered another one. A little akward on top of the camera but get some cheap hot shoe adaptors and use it on a light stand no problem. A little flimsy but a good buy if you want a cheap and chearfull battery operated light for run and gun filming
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on 25 January 2016
I wasn't sure what sort of lamp I'd need to light up some of my videos. Did a bit of research online (as I imagine if you're reading this you're also doing) and discovered these rather cool CN-160 LED lamps. There seems to be a few versions of this out there but this one is a Neewer CN-160. I can't vouch for the other brands making this light but Neewer seem to have got it right.

I did read some people say that it was cheap and plastic. Well, it is cheap and made of plastic but the plastic itself isn't as flexible and bendy as some suggest - they may well have been describing some of the CN-160 knock offs. the Neewer looks the part with a slightly sparkly black plastic, it has the ability to run from AA batteries (which I'm using at the moment) as well as three Sony camcorder style batteries and one type of Panasonic battery with an adaptor. So far I have had good life with the AA's but will probably move to a sony rechargeable one so I can get a boost in running time and also so I don't have to have a small bag full of AA's with me! If you don't already have the Panasonic battery I wouldn't bother investing in that system as you have to fiddle with adding an adaptor, just use a sony one direct.

the back battery plate has a hole in in which allows you to use the oversized extra capacity camcorder type batteries too.

The LED's produce a blindingly bright light which seems to be daylight balanced and I've not noticed any flicker, your results may vary depending on camera and situation but certainly its been stable for me. It also has a dimmer wheel on the side, though my only complaint would be there is no means of dialing it to the same level each time unless you make your own marks. If you need to change shot but want the same lighting levels you either need to leave them on r d your own light metering. Especially if you're filming over any length of time.

There are also two filters in this version, a clear frosted one which acts more as a shield to the LEDs getting damaged than a diffuser, as it doesn't really diffuse much. The orangey one is better as it changes the colour temperature of the light; useful if you're having the LED augment regular artificial lighting. No pinkish one in this pack, no big loss either as you can easily pick up theatre gels and make your own.

The LED is very cool running compared to more traditional lights.

The hot shoe adaptor fits fine and it has a standard tripod screw mount on the bottom as well. I wouldn't handle it roughly though as this is probably its weakest area.

If you're looking for a cheap, cool simple way to add extra light continuously to your photos/videos this will do the job nicely. If you need to, you can also expand to a second one as a fill light and a third as a backlight/hairlight quite easily as these are fairly cheap but do bear in mind that you'll have to workout light eves yourself. However if you intend to do a lot of three-point lighting setup then a more traditional system may be better in the long run.

If you need something to make your online videos less grainy though and more professional, this will do nicely.
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on 18 April 2014
After posting a question about this device previously, I decided to take the plunge and buy. And I was glad I did, as I am delighted with it, so far.
It arrived after 4 or 5 days and was well packaged, with everything described contained inside, including basic instructions.
I found the light on assembly very light, which meant I wouldn't need heavy duty tripods.
I inserted some basic AA rechargeable batteries - 6 in all - and turned the dimmer on to maximum, and was astonished to see the power of illumination! It was blinding, and as a rough guide, it could easily light up a small living room!
However, I was expecting the brightness to diminish after 20 minutes or so, but 1 1/2 hours passed, and I couldn't believe it was still going strong!
Even on reaching 2 1/2 hours, it still shone brightly, sitting proudly on top of my tripod. I never used a lux meter for accuracy but it appeared as bright, to the naked eye at least. Very impressive indeed!
This product is well worth the money as it is well made, and although it won't put up with lots of abuse, out in the field for example, it should give any budding Steven Spielberg many hours of satisfation.
An excellent key light, so much so, I am purchasing another two, so I can adequately light pieces to camera or any scene that may need some additional lighting, out in the field, as I will be making documentaries.
For convenience I will be using Li-ion batteries in each light, because I would otherwise need 16 AA batteries for 3 lights! So whilst Li-ions are expensive initially, it is the sensible way to go, as I don't relish having to change so many AA's in my 3 lights, for by having to carry them around with me!
The 'gels' that come with this product are of a sturdy plastic construction too, and slip snugly to the body of the light, and will last years - I just hope the light will, ha!
I am off to experiment now, but it goes without saying, I am thrilled and can recommend the CN 160 LED light to any iPhone/Android/camcorder/ DSLR hobbyist.
(Message to seller: After such a positive review from my self, I look forward to receiving two free lights promptly. Cheers! - Well, I can only try, lol!)
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on 17 April 2012
After reading other reviews I thought I would give these lights a try....and I am glad I did!! :-)

The lights are well built and I don't find them "cheap" as some people have said. Yes they are made from plastic, but the plastic is not a thin plastic and by looking at them I would say they could take a few knocks.

The light is impressive and is just right for a camera. They are a little bit big because they are LED lights, but we use them on rigs with much bigger cameras so there is no balance issues.

The only problem (and I use the term lightly) was that when they came the packaging was not adequate... well actually there was NO padding at all... and unfortunately this meant that one of the boxes was slightly crushed on one side.
When I opened the box thankfully the lighting unit was not damaged, but 2 of the filters were cracked.

This is a minor thing, and I did not bother asking for replacements as I had ordered two lights and had another set of filters anyway.... but adding padding is something that the seller should consider.

However, after saying that, these lights are really perfect for tons of jobs, and provided you don't mishandle them, they should last years.

For the price you cant beat them..... so go buy some if you need good, bright lights!
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on 14 January 2016
This is a great product, very bright. The only problem I have with it is that the recommended Sony NP series battery is not compatible as they say. It's a much smaller battery than the housing itself. Now I've wasted my money on ordering batteries that don't fit at all. I'll have to return it and try out the Panasonic recommended battery or a pack of re-chargeable AA's. I should've noticed it before but in the battery housing it also states 'For Panasonic D16', but I went on the advice in your product description. Please NEEWER, update your information because it's wrong and misleading! Other than that the product is great.
review image review image
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on 14 September 2016
I used 6 Duracell Recharegeable AA batteries. It attached easily on top of my DSLR Canon 1300D with the horse shoe mount. Mainly using for videogaphy. Attached is a video I made to show the CN 160 in full live action with a Canon 1300D camera I highly recommend this after seeing more in depth review and decided to try it for myself.
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on 4 March 2012
I bought one of these as I am liking LED lighting more and more for their durability, long life and cool running temperatures. As soon as this arrived, I saw its potential and ordered another one straight away. The light at full power is incredibly bright and the dimmer switch is a great feature. One light at full power is enough to light up our average sized garden at night.

I have so far used these lights for both stills photography and videography and they work very well. To get a pure white background for video work, it can be tricky but in my office, for quick intro video clips, I have the following:

A white sheet on the wall, 4 builders' halogen lamps (£7 each) with strong clamps attached to a couple of stands which illuminate the background, and the CN-160's to light me and it works perfectly. Of course, you need to adjust camera settings but as a quick, home office set up, these LED lights work brilliantly.

For the money, they are a handy piece of kit to have around whether you shoot video or stills...

The only reason I gave these a 4 is for the fact that the construction is a little "cheap" but then again, so are the lights so this is a 5 star product in a 4 star housing!
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on 5 December 2014
After a lot of research and looking at far more expensive options I settled on this video light for a small filming project I have as the reviews were good. It comes packaged nicely with a couple of filters one of which was on the light in the box. It takes x6 AA batteries or has a battery adapter for another kind mentioned in the description.

I have to say i haven't given it 5 stars only due to the fact that although there is a plate holding in the batteries so they wont come out, they are exposed to the elements. Please provide an optional cover for AA battery users for the next model NEEWER! its not practical in that sense for outdoor filming in poor weather. That said nothing that some plastic and gaffers tape wont fix!

I was blown away with the amount of light this kicks out, the dimmer switch goes from faint light to something that will blow out all highlights! Fantastic value for money and just what I needed to use with my DSLR.
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on 1 February 2014
Pretty bright and useful for video but quite a lot for your hotshoe to handle. Would recommend a separate bracket. Fairly good battery life.
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