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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Style: 1920 x 1280 (Full HD 1080P)|Change
Price:£35.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 9 February 2012
As a Linux Mint 11 user I can never guarantee that any add-on device will work off-the-shelf, or even work at all. This looked like a reasonably priced webcam with an adequate spec for my needs. To my surprise it did work straight out of the box. There was no setting up to do, just plug in and go.

I only wanted the camera for use with Skype. I know the Skype Linux software could be a bit picky about what it accepts, but again there was no problem.

The picture quality is acceptable, but the sound quality is definitely lacking. I can't hear myself on Skype, but I have made some audio recordings using the webcam microphone and I can tell you that the sound is very muffled. I have a Logitech USB microphone which is much better than this. Fortunately I am able to turn the webcam microphone off and use the Logitech when required.

I have given the webcam three stars only because of the very disappointing sound. The pictures are what I expected and it is good value for money.
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on 26 February 2015
I purchased this item at full asking price.

Reason For Purchase
I bought this item for the purpose of keeping in contact with my overseas friends and family.

Initial Review
it is rare for me to choose to review an item at 1 star. Sadly I believe it is justified in this instance.

- Smart Visual Design
- Sturdy clip

- Choppy picture
- Extreme blur upon motion capture
- No updates or firmware updates available

Final Review
Sadly this is a 1 star review, the product initially had some good features as advertised, Full HD and integrated LED light for those dark nights was a superb idea and the light worked fine. However, it often just lit my face up like a Christmas tree and turned me into a glowing messiah and upon playing with different USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports I quickly found that there was a serious problem in hand with the recording frame rates and buffering quality. I tested my cam by moving my hand up and down during recording to represent body movement for it to capture, there was a staggered blur left behind of my arm/hand and nothing I did could stop it, research upon research turned up that this camera just didn't function properly. My processor and Graphics Card were above standard to handle webcam streaming (I am a gamer) and with no driver or firmware support available, it left me no hope and no way of a refund. The clip however was great and fitted perfectly on my monitors and the design is very smart and un-obtrusive, fitting most desktop PC's aesthetics.

The Reviewer
This is a genuine customer review rated at 1 stars, this product left me £25 down and with no webcam worth using it left me with a disappointed expression on my face (And a un-happy wife) Had the webcam streamed true HD quality with no blurring issues I would had rated it 4 star.

I am unbiased and respect that people will be spending hard earned money on products like this and so I believe honest reviews are paramount to the consumer.
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on 25 April 2017
Does the job well for the price!
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on 12 October 2010
very easy to use, just plug in and its done, no messy instaling. Im using it with Skype. it has good quality picture and you can adjust the focus. recommend to anyone
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on 3 April 2013
This is advertised as an HD camera, and the image IS better than some cameras that I`ve used or seen. Its not perfect though. I found the image to be a little out of focus at all times and thats just not acceptable. -I don`t know if its a fault with my particular camera or the brand in general. Either way - its very off-putting.

Good points.
The mount is secure and flexible, it will happily sit on top of most monitors and clamp to the screen or sit on a flat surface.
It looks quite `Modern` and aesthetic.
it performs well in Skype.

Bad points.
The Focus.
The image is very cold looking and has too much blue in it.-EVERYTHING has a blue tinge to it.
The built in white LED lights are superfluous - they don`t do anything that adds to the cameras performance and just take up space.(a bit pointless really).
Not the cheapest camera. - much cheaper cameras can be bought with the same performance.
The adverts state this has a 12 megapixel "snap" function - now how can I put this?..... (BULLS***)

its a sort of "Middle of the road" camera really - if you`re going to spend extra money on a decent camera - go the extra 900 yards and get a Microsoft Studio Lifecam.
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on 23 March 2017
Utterly dismal. I have one at work. The camera in my laptop gives a pin-sharp image, focuses, deals with light levels, everything. The Trust seems to have a fixed focus (and I use the term loosely), cannot handle light changes and produces images so noisy you can sit and watch a still scene scintillate.

HD it might be, but the package is rubbish. It also gets warm...why on earth would a web cam feel the need to get warm? I've not seen a webcam this bad since the 90s...
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on 4 July 2011
Upon receiving the item I was a little concerned that there was no driver disk, but I soon discovered that you do not need drivers for this device, just plug it in and it installs itself.
Picture quality is very good, almost as good as the stupidly overpriced webcams you can get out there. The LED lighting system really helps brighten your video in low light situations/environments. Audio quality from the built in mic is also very good. Works well with all applications I use. Really pleased with this purchase.

For those looking for a decent webcam on a strict budget, this little beauty is definitely worth purchasing.
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on 29 December 2010
Do not be put off by "what you pay is what you get". This cheap little webcam, (and it IS little), performs very well indeed.

At the end of the lead there are 2 connections, one for the USB, the other for the microphone socket. Luckily my 2 sockets were on the same side of the computer but at a stretch each connection could stradle the width of my standard 15" laptop with a little to spare.

It is a 'plug and play' setup, no software required. For some reason my Acer laptop didn't recognise the webcam at first attempt but there has been no problems ever since.

Picture quality at first was 7/10 but then I discovered 'webcam settings' under 'Tools'/'Audio and Video set up' of 'MSN Messenger' where I could set saturation, sharpness, gama, brightness etc until I was happy, raising my score to 9/10 for picture quality. There are little booster lights around the lens and these are controlled via a small wheel-switch half way along the cable which allows you to dim / increase these lights as required. They don't really throw out a lot of light and have a range of not much further than beyond the laptop keyboard. There is a slight blueness to the picture when they are at full brightness, but its not a problem, especially with the various functions under webcam settings described above. Manual focus is achieved by rotating the lens of the webcam but once the sharpness setting is bumped up it covers most focal lengths adequately. There is no automatic focus.

Downside - none really. perhaps, being so small it is fairly light, and adjusting the light dimmer can easily knock it off its perch on top of your screen. Do what I do, when its in position just leave it alone!!!

A great product for the price!
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on 31 December 2012
the same as a previous reviewer picture was pretty good but the mike was abysmal just sounded like feedback.I fiddled with levels for hours but couldn't get it to work so I switched the mike off and plugged my own in.The built in light was quite bright as well and made a lot of difference to the picture quality.
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on 7 October 2016
I bought this on Black Friday and got completely ripped off. This webcam has awful quality in about 5 fps. Save your money and DON'T buy this product.
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