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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Big Dogz
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on 3 October 2017
excellent ,thank you !
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 April 2011
Incredible just when you think Heep's 'Into The Wild' is the contender for album of the year,then another one comes along!!,consolidating their superb return to form with 2008's 'The Newz',Nazareth have released another fantastic disc,a 5 star stunner.

Proabably their heaviest disc since the 70's 'Big Dogz' rocks like a mutha! with a superb razorsharp production which suits this music to a T.

Where to start? the album has no weak moments,11 fantastic tracks,heavy rockers such as 'Big Dogz....','Claimed' & 'No Mean Monster' are rough and ready rockers which growl at you from the speakers before the superb 'When Jesus Comes ...' brings the tempo down with some plaintive vocals from Dan McCafferty.

Following that opening quartet would be hard for many bands but NAZ' are old pro's and throw in a couiple of radio friendly tracks 'Radio' & 'Time and Tide' before the ascerbic biting lyrics of 'Lifeboat' make you think and the hilarious 'The Toast', make you smile.

The disc comes to a finale with the thundering 'Watch Your Back', stunning 'Butterfly'(those taut emotion drenched vocals) before finishing with the foot stomping 'Sleeptalker'

I cant praise this album high enough,the band's musical prowess is a joy to hear,this is easily the best Nazareth disc since the 70's ,thats 2 in a row,they've finally got back in with a label/producers that can harness the best out of them,long may it continue,c'mon lads a double header with Uriah Heep' would sell out across the UK,Its also time for a 40'th anniversary live double disc,with this disc,The Newz and a sterling back catalog of classics,this is the time to cement your return to the heavy rock arena that you so deservedly belong to.
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on 14 November 2012
This one is just a awesome metal cd. The songs sound like classic metal from the seventies and 80's. There isn't a weak song on here! There are two well made ballads that even sound great. I got the two disc version and that one has six accoustic songs on it. (on the second disc). If you love that classic metal sound that features good playing and in this case the loud thumping nazareth of 1972-80 then this is for you. I like modern metal but to me this kind of metal is the best. Melodic metal. Some songs sound like they could have been on 'hair of the dog' even. This one is a highpoint for this band and it's type of metal.
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on 21 April 2011
It's not often that I find myself blown away by a brand new album however every once in a while a superb record like Big Dogz comes along and really blows away the cobwebs.

Following 2008's sterling comeback 'The Newz' I had been aching to hear what the band had up their sleeves however I honestly didn't expect the band to better the last one. After all Nazareth have been rocking around the world constantly for 43 years now. And that's not 43 years on and off either. It's been non stop for the band, year after year. If you're not that familar with Nazareth's back catalogue and have read the Big Dogz press release I guess you'd be forgiven for thinking that they must surely be short on new ideas and it must be just hype for the sake of nostalgia. The best thing is Big Dogz doesn't sound at all cliched or laboured in the slightest, infact it's so fresh it could be mistaken for a bands debut.

Everything you want from a great rock album is all here. For starters the production is positively stunning, Dan McCafferty's vocals are perfectly placed inside the mix whilst Pete Agnew's bass simply shines from start to finish. Pete is a fantastic bass player and only ever plays what the song needs, it's a real treat to hear his playing cut through so well, you don't have to try and get into the groove because with Big Dogz your already there. It really is like experiencing the band play in the studio in front of your very own eyes which needless to say is absolutely awesome.

It's also worth heaping well deserved praise on long term guitarist Jimmy Murrison and drummer Lee Agnew for their efforts in ensuring this album is a winner throughout. Although The Newz had some utterly brilliant moments 'Big Dogz' essentially sounds more of a full throttle band effort. The whole album flows so well and never loses it's way. The title track cleverly creeps in, you know you're gonna be spoiled from the moment Pete's bass starts rumbling. Both 'Claimed' and 'No Mean Monster' are incredibly catchy. The latter is all about Fred (the famous monster from the No Mean City sleeve) and its just terrific. The monster's laugh at the end of the track is both hilarious as it is novel. The deepest and most thought provoking song on the album has to be 'When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again'. It's structure reminded me a little of Vigilante Man from Razamanaz although that's where the comparison ends. This track along with the tender beautiful ballad 'Butterly' is a sheer masterclass in singing from Dan McCafferty. As far as I'm concerned if you gave the same lyrics to any other singer on the planet not one of them could even come close to Dan's interpretation of these songs. He really is the master even at his age. I am both stunned and thrilled that he can produce stuff of this quality some 40+ years on. As you familiarise yourself with all these songs you really do get the feeling that a lot of craft and skill went into it, it's obvious the band cared. The feeling emitted from the glorious vocal on Butterfly really has to be heard to be believed, dripping in emotion this is clearly wonderful stuff.

For the more heavier (but still melodic) moments of the album 'Watch Your Back' & closer 'Sleeptalker' really grab you and take your breath away. I found Watch Your Back to be a real singalong. This track is all about the sad state of youth gang violence, it kicks major arse and rocks harder than anything the band have recorded since the 70's.

There's a few other tunes I haven't mentioned yet most notably 'Time And Tide', 'Radio' and 'Lifeboat'. All strong tracks, Radio being the most commercial song on the disc whilst Lifeboat is a hilarious dig at sleazy, mendacious politicians.

As I mentioned at the start of my review albums like this don't come around very often and it's an added bonus that the artwork and packaging is also sublime (I bought the 2CD digipack but have also seen the vinyl which again is a deluxe product).

Do yourself a favour and purchase Big Dogz. If there's a better album released in 2011 then please tell me as I'd love to hear it.

Thanks for reading,

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on 18 April 2011
Yes i do love everything this band release.I must admit the last couple of releases on Salvo (2XS,Sound Elixir & The Catch) were not the strongest material the band released, Although each of the albums had their strong tracks on them.The second half of the last releases from Salvo "Cinema" was a real return to form, Which has since carried on with the subsequent releases.The last release (The Newz) got alot of favourable reviews from the media, But never got the credit it deserved.This cd "Big Dogz" is another great offering.The main difference with this cd is where-as Nazareth are well known for their rock tracks, " Razamanaz,Expect No Mercy,This Flight Tonight,Bad Bad Boy & Broken Down Angel" The strongest tracks on this cd are probably the ballads."When Jesus Comes To Save The world Again" is so different to anything the band have recorded before,But it is one of my favourite Nazareth tracks,But for me the best track on here is "Butterfly" a really excellent ballad, Perhaps it will take over in the Nazareth cannon as the new "Love Hurts"The band really should release it as a single,Yes i know the single is not what it used to be,But perhaps it could get the band some well deserved air play.If you love your rock music,Get this cd at all costs !!
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on 21 April 2011
Completely different than anything the band have ever done before-which after 43 years and 21 previous studio albums-must be difficult. A heavy bluesy feel in the main , similar in a sense to Black Country Communion in style and production but far far better (and BCC is a damn fine effort !) this is the sound of a band completely at the top of their game. Dan McCafferty on this showing is so far ahead of any other Rock vocalist it is frightening and the individual efforts of fellow band co-founder Pete Agnew on bass and backing vocals, 17 year band veteran Jimmy Murrison on guitars and production duties and "new boy" Lee Agnew (after all he has only been drumming with Nazareth for 12 years !!) are stunning. Great rock tracks abound-Big Dogs Gonna Howl, Claimed, No Mean Monster, Lifeboat, Watch Your Back, Sleeptalker to name but 6 plus a couple of more radio friendly songs in Radio and The Toast but the album rises from great to brilliant by the inclusion of ballads When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again and Butterfly which contains a very emotionally charged lyrical tale. All this plus the celtic feel of Time And Tide and- if you choose the deluxe edition, a 5 track acoustic CD.
An absolute belter of an album which simply gets better with every play. Turn up to eleven and listen to the finest British rock performance for many a year.
10/10 doesn`t do it justice.
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on 8 May 2015
Cant relate to this album. Loved Nazareth since their start for me in Broken Down Angel. They were a younger, more vibrant proposition. Dan McCafferty's voice was pure in its grit and drummer Daryll Sweet had connections with my home town of Burntisland in Scotland. This late album finds Dan's voice weathered and kinda weak, theres an aged warble setting in. The drum sound has a compressed feel and wears quickly. Songs arent very inspired compared to their early days, get a double CD Hits collection.
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on 18 April 2011
About the music on this CD / LP was in the comments already written a lot and I can add my positive only recessions.
Each song (whether rock, blues or ballad) is great in itself, so that I would like point out no individual title.

I opted for the vinyl version and was equally surprised sometimes, as in the product description to AMAZON following features nothing was given.
On the shrink wrapping of the plate is a black sticker with gold letters and the following text:


The vinyl (thick, heavy and flat in particular!) is located in a great gatefold cover and the cover art of course is even greater advantage than on the CD.
On the inside cover the lyrics and the credits are printed on the inner sleeve are photos of the band members, and again each title.

The includet CD is housed in a slipcase with the motif of the regular CD in a slightly modified form.
The sound of both record is about the same high level.

The vinyl version is my strong buy recommendation for those who can not decide between the CD and vinyl, as the CD here for almost nothing there.
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on 27 April 2011
It is one hell of a strange record. Nevertheless it will please every heavy Nazareth lover in my oppinion. It is totaly original and yet traditional all in the good old new way. Fantastic live sound, great harmonies and overall musicianship. Get it enjoy it, it will grow on you. Blast it loud. Let's hope it isn't the last one.... Long live Naz!
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on 21 April 2011
Another masterpiece from Fife`s,nae Scotland`s, finest - NAZARETH.
Aptly titled since this is arguably their best album since the all time classic "Hair of the Dog".Deserving of the critical aclaim and commercial success they have achieved for many years in Central/Northern Europe and North America.

Quite simply the Dogz Bollocks !
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