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on 20 November 2011
Let me start by saying I was obsessive in my search for a new TV and compared a great many brands and models in various stores and gave several assistants headaches, I'm sure. Well after all, spending a fair old wedge on a TV is a considered decision at the best of times, but even more so in these times of austerity. Who knows when I'll be able to upgrade again.

The Samsung UE40D6100 stood out from all the TV's we saw in its class and price bracket. For a while we were looking at an equivalent Sony model, and as a 2D performer it was fine. However, it fell flat on its backside when it came to 3D, with noticeable crosstalk and ghosting artefacts that were quite off-putting. You don't need to be an expert market analyst to notice that Sony has been haemorrhaging money from its Playstation arm of the business for a while now, and to me it is clearly cutting costs elsewhere to patch up the leak. All my previous TV's for many years have been Sony, and this is the first time I've had to jump ship. No such issues with the 3D performance of the Samsung, at least no more than is to be expected from Active 3D technology as a whole, but I have yet to see any annoyingly obvious crosstalk or ghosting on this set when the 3D source itself is decent. One or two of the videos on the Samsung Explore 3D app were no great shakes, but that was the source material and not the set. On my Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu-ray, when 3D is allowed to get down and show you its funky stuff, the set performed more than admirably. Of course the set's 200hz refresh rate helps in this department. We also found the 2D performance to be better than the Sony (and other brands) in this price bracket. I should add there seems to be some ongoing debate in the AV community about whether or not the Samsung series 6 is offering full HD when in 3D mode, with some claiming the resolution is lowered in 3D mode, and these people have been having a tit-for-tat with Samsung over the issue, but all I can say is it looks good and does not ghost and crosstalk like many other sets we saw, including the Sony in the same price bracket. Just do yourself a favour and go in store and let your eyes be the judge. It is a big purchase, so be your own judge. My words are just a guide.

This is a series 6 Samsung, so it is definitely not low end. I'd say it was on the first rung of the ladder on the high end side of Samsung, and the features prove that out. Feature wise, it is very close to the series 7 sets... only series 8 breaks away from it by any significant length. The only major and noticeable difference on series 7 is the in-built Wifi - this set requires a proprietary Samsung Wifi dongle, but if like me you're connecting via Ethernet then that is no great loss. The other feature lacking from series 7 is there is no 2D to 3D converter here, meaning this set will only play native 3D source material and will not convert 2D to 3D. But as there is a qualitative difference between native 3D and converted 2D to 3D, this is not something I was concerned about. Besides, there is plenty of real 3D stuff around...including games, Sky channels and 3D Blu-ray to make the converter a non-issue for me. This set is also a Smart TV, so there's a great many online features and applications, such as the really helpful 'Explore 3D' app, which is a selection of free 3D videos... ranging from 3 minute movie trailers to entire 45 minute documentaries. This gave us a chance to use the glasses we bought while I waited for my first 3D Blu-ray titles to arrive. There is also a host of social networking apps, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as Youtube, Google maps, the obligatory BBC iPlayer... amongst a growing list of other things.

The picture is brilliant for an LED. The people that speak the 'What Home Cinema' gobbledygook tech language would no doubt pick holes, but then they'll do that for ALL LCD/LED panels... those guys only entertain plasma technology it seems. The rest of us mere mortals can only go off our eyes, and mine are extremely pleased with what they see here. My last telly was a plain Sony Bravia LCD and I couldn't believe the advances that have been made by implementing LED lighting into LCD technology (there's no such thing as an LED panel by the way, they're plain old LCD panels with LED lights behind them instead of the old style bulb lighting). This has led to vastly superior colours and contrast performance, and while blacks and contrast can never rival a plasma, LED/LCD's of this generation have certainly narrowed the gap. I'm well impressed.

Sound was a lot better than I imagined it would be. Panels are forever getting thinner, and that means smaller and shallower speaker diaphragms, but I was impressed with the sound after I tinkered with the settings. Of course the true cinema buff will want external speakers of some kind.

As regards connections, there are four HDMI ports, two USB ports, one RGB enabled SCART adapter socket (for use with the supplied adapter... as the panels are so thin these days, they have to use an intermediary adapter to accommodate bulky old SCART), one component adapter socket (for use with the included component adapter), one PC/DVI input, a SPDIF digital optical audio output and an Ethernet network socket and a headphone socket. As regards the two USB ports, one of them apparently supports a feature than allows you to record from the TV's tuner on to a USB storage device, in the manner of a PVR. I have yet to try this feature, but it is certainly intriguing and something I will definitely look into.

We've had the set for two weeks now and the only surprises we've had as we have dug further into its rich list of features have been good ones. Therefore I am awarding this TV five shiny and well deserved stars. Thanks for reading.
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on 26 November 2011
Just few points, which would help me, when I was buying TV

- Yes, 200Hz makes the picture looking great and its must have.
- It comes with SCART converter, so you CAN use SCART devices
- Don`t listen to people, who say, that sound is bad. Yes, you can`t make a disco with this TV, but it`s OK for day to day watching TV. Later you will buy bigger basic speakers for about 20GBP (or home cinema). Sound is equal to the size of speakers.
- It has LAN connector, so you dont need to buy WiFi (I doubt the data speed)
- Price/Quality ratio is amazing
- Copy HD movie and some short films of different formats onto memory stick, go to shop and test few TVs. This one was playing all of them.
- Samsung is well known for amazing picture
- No buzzing noise, when you mute the sound you dont hear anything.
- Black colour is very very dark, nearly 100% black
- Remote control is easy to use (believe me, that is important)

I wasn`t expecting that much from this TV.

One thing again... 200Hz will give you amazing and and superb picture. Go to SONY shop, where they play HD movies on TVs and check the difference. Currys feed their TVs just with low quality signal so you won`t see the difference.
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on 21 November 2011
I bought this TV because it was the only one which packed in all of the features I wanted for my budget and I am so pleased I went for this one. I actually bought this TV elsewhere as part of a Megamind package which included the TV (UE40D6100), a Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu Ray player, 2 Pairs of Samsung SSG-3100GB 3D glasses and Megamind 3D on Blu Ray for around £650.

The TV itself is asthetically pleasing and is very thin and ideal for wall mounting. It also looks much smaller than it actually is because of the narrowness of the border around the screen compared to an equivalent LCD or Plasma TV.

Basic TV functions are impressive. The addition of Freeview HD is welcome and really shows off the capabilities of the LED screen, which is visually vibrant and crisp. The colours and detail are incredibly bold and lifelike thanks to the high contrast ratio achievable with LED technology.

This TV also has a PVR function which allows you to connect a USB hard drive directly to the TV for recording and pausing TV. I use a Western Digital Elements 1TB drive for this and it works well. You will need to bear in mind that the TV only has a single tuner though, so it isn't possible to record two things at the same time or something whilst watching another program. Its great for either recording something you are currently watching or recording something when you're out etc. Using the TV planner, you can set it to record programs at future dates and times. The TV will switch chanel to the one to be recorded beforehand. The record function works providing the TV is fully on or on standby. Upon connecting a USB drive, the TV will need to format it to a proprietary samsung format before it can be used, therefore a dedicated drive is a good idea. The files on the drive are unreadable on other devices and it is not possible to record anything other than programs available on the TV planner.

The Internet capebilities are great and very nice to use, This can be accessed via the Samsung Smarthub interface which is slick and easy to use. There are a range of apps already pre-installed plus the option to add additional ones for free from a menu. At the moment, the range of apps is fairly limited. The Youtube App is great but the search function can be a little teadious, relying on an on-screen keyboard and a cursor which you move with the arrow keys on the remote. The picture quality is great though, so for occasional use, its fine. The BBC IPlayer app is fantastic and one of my most frequently used apps. The Lovefilm app is also nice to use. I haven't used the Twitter or Facebook apps yet but I imagine they would use the same on-screen keyboard as Youtube, which might get a bit annoying after a lot of use. There are no internet browsing function on this TV, you'd need to step up to the next range up for this, having said that, for the difference in price between this and the higher end models in the Samsung range, you could probably get a nettop PC to connect to it, which would offer far more flexibility than an in-built browser anyway.

The TV can be connected via either an Ethernet cable or a USB Wi-Fi dongle which is an optional extra. I have mine connected via Ethernet because my broadband router is behind the TV anyway. The TV can be set to a static IP address if required, otherwise it will just pick one up from your router using DHCP. I have a broadband speed of around 6Mbps and find that all of the online content plays seamlessly. When you first connect up the TV, you might find that although the TV is on the network, the SmartHub won't work initially and will report a network error. This I found was because of a software update which is downloaded and applied upon first use. I thought it was a fault but then found it worked fine the following day and has done ever since.

I also use a 2TB Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS which I store films on in either AVI (XVID or DIVX) or MP4. The Allshare function in the Smarthub menu is DLNA compliant, allowing me to browse my films, music and pictures across the network and watch them directly on my TV without having to physically connect anything up to the TV. This also works for files stored on your PC or DLNA compliant device such as a smartphone too, providing they are on the network. The TV plays AVI and MP4 files perfectly. I haven't found one which hasn't played yet. However MKV files do not work.

Finally, the 3D. I wasn't too interested in 3D initially but this TV came with it and all of the other features I wanted so it was a nice bonus. There are fairly limited selection of 3D Blu rays actually worth watching but this list is steadily increasing. It is also possible to use this TV for playing 3D content on either PS3 and Xbox 360 games too (providing you are using HDMI for Xbox 360). The 3D effect is seriously impressive. This TV uses Active 3D glasses. The Samsung SSG-3100GB glasses I am using are the cheapest compatible glasses available and use one CR2025 battery in each pair. The glasses are controlled by the TV via Bluetooth. When using the glasses, they will need to be paired each time you use them and only when 3D content is available. Active 3D allows this TV to push out 1080P Full HD with its 3D images, as opposed to passive 3D (Like the Cinema glasses) which is 480P. The 3D is very impressive, combining the vibrant and crisp colour and detail of the LED screen with the incredible depth from the 3D effect. The further you are away from the TV, the more depth you experience. Some images appear as if they are literally popping out of the TV and in the middle of the room. This TV does not have the '2D TO 3D' feature of its bigger brothers, which is designed to convert 2D images to 3D, but its hardly an issue as the rest of the TV is superb.

Overall, An amazing TV for an amazing price and even better if you find one of the bundle deals available.
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on 8 June 2011
I'd been looking for a new TV for a while and was glad to see the release of the new 2011 (D) Models, especially the 6000 series. I was cautious to start with as there are few reviews and very few forum comments about these TVs, but having looked at the specifications, which I won't bore you with here, and the general good feedback of the quality of the Samsung range I was confident enough to take a gamble with this TV. I can honestly say that I've very happy that I've chosen the correct one for me.

I placed the order with Amazon on the Thursday night, which unfortunately meant that I missed the cut off time for me to receive it Friday, however it arrived prompt on the Saturday morning as promised.

The TV is very easy to set-up and is surprisingly light after having a very old and heavy CRT. The stand is good quality and very sturdy. The set-up process takes you through a number of screens which are very easy to follow and takes just a few minutes. It will auto-tune your Free-view channels which takes a further 5 minutes, but once this is done you're ready to start using it.

The quality of the panel is excellent and the picture looks crystal clear, this, along with the 200Hz refresh makes the picture look very smooth. I've seen many people complain that LED bleeding or clouding can be present in some models but I've not seen any evidence here. As this is classed as a high end model I was not expecting these issues anyway.

I was concerned that there may be too much image processing which sometimes results in a very artificial picture, but even when up scaling from SD the picture seems very polished. For those very fast action scenes you can very rarely see some evidence that the images are being processed but it's very difficult to notice and you really have to look very hard to spot it. In no way is the enjoyment or viewing experience affected, and by changing the settings you can eliminate this entirely.

There are numerous features and enhancements to allow you to customise the picture and after spending just a short time playing with the settings there appears to be the ability to customise everything to your own taste. The `standard' picture and sound settings I find are quite balanced and provide a near perfect setting for me.

I was surprised at the quality of the sound. As my previous TV was a CRT (with some very good speakers) I was expecting to be looking for a home entertainment system to make up for the lose in quality, but I'm very happy that I can save my money. There are a number of modes to suit your preferences, and the `Movie' mode is particularly impressive. Again this can be customised to your own tastes.

One of the reasons I chose this TV was due to the SMART TV, and although it's still in its infancy, it looks like it has a lot of potential. There are some very good applications, especially video applications and a whole host of games (which I've not tried). There are only a limited number of popular applications at the moment but the ones they do have are of good quality and are easy to use. The only problem I've experienced is the ability to type in text when searching. It works in a similar way to a mobile phone, but the remote doesn't have the letters printed on the buttons so you have to keep looking at the screen. I believe that there is a remote keyboard which can be used but I will not be purchasing one.

The ability to play videos from a USB drive or an external HDD is very impressive and I've not had any compatibility issues with any of the files, but I know that I've not tried them all. The quality is excellent although it does depend on the source file of course. The files run very smoothly and I've not seen any juddering or buffering.

The All-share feature is very good, however the software needs some work. I found that it would take some time to add all your photos and videos and on the first attempt it crashed. It took a while to find out what was happening as it doesn't have a progress bar, or indicate if is still working. After turning off the service and switching it back on, it finished what it was doing and the TV picked it up straight away. You do have to make sure that you go to the sharing tab and give permission for the TV to access your files. This could have been clearer. Its worth noting that this is an issue with the PC software not the TV.

The TV does not come with 3D glasses or a HDMI cable so they will have to be purchased separately. It does have a converter so you can use a SCART cable with this model.

In summary the quality of this TV is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. Apart from the ability to type in the search boxes I'm struggling to find any faults, but that in itself is not a major issue. I haven't tested the 3D as don't have the glasses. When looking at the various, similarly priced models in the shops, this model did stand out from the rest, but I would always advise you see the TV before making a purchase.
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on 2 July 2011
A great television and 3D entertainment facility. Today we watched Wimbledon in 3D which was amazing and exciting. Our grandchildren love it, as do all the family and Freeview HD gives another dimension altogether. Would certainly recommend.
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on 31 January 2012
Have just bought this TV, upgrading from a Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV. I must say, having read fairly positive reviews I had high expectations - thankfully ALL of which were met or surpassed. Even its design has left me very impressed! Excellent quality, stylish yet sturdy stand for a TV that is amazingly light and incredibly thin!

Image quality is fantastic, bright colours, good contrast (blacks are VERY black) and incredibly smooth - even on standard definition sky. DVDs also look amazingly good on this TV.
I did have some worries from other reviews about the sound - however I have found it to be excellent, it fills the room and has good depth. There are a number of preset options for sound and picture, but also a lot of scope for personalising these settings too. (I have found the MUSIC preset on sound to give the best out of the box balance, but can be fine tuned to taste)

Having seen the series 6 and series 7 models running side by side, there is very little between them in terms of picture quality, clarity, refresh rate etc. However, there are some features missing from the series 6 model that could be a deal breaker for some, utterly irrelevant to others.
Firstly, though they are both SMART TVs that have a lot of features accessible via the internet (as well as access to LoveFilm, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, etc) this model requires either a wired ethernet connection OR a wireless adapter (which you can currently get for about £17.99).
Secondly, the 2D to 3D converter. If you dream of watching Eastenders or endless re-runs of Friends in 'mock 3D' then this is not the TV for you as this feature is not available.
However, on the subject of 3D, should you wish to watch or play games that are designed to be viewed in 3D - I have found this TV to make an excellent job of this!
Running through a PS3, games optimised for 3D (Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, etc) run beautifully. As do 3D Blu-Ray movies. I have been utterly convinced by this TV to jump on the 3D band wagon.
The glasses aren't too pricey either. Whereas other TVs seem to be charging £70 - £80 per pair, there are pairs of glasses for the Samsung models for around £15 a pair (batteries included!) Which means that its not out of the bounds of realistic that I could actually have friends over to watch 3D movies!

Another fear I had had, that wasn't made clear in any reviews I had read was connectivity. It is true that this TV does not have a SCART connection (which troubled me and my antique digibox), HOWEVER it comes packaged with a simple converter that works superbly. This plugs into a separate socket on the TV and not one of the 4 HDMI ports the TV boasts. It also has connectivity for either an RGB Scart OR Composite cable.
What does this mean in terms of practicality? Well, put it this way: I have a PS3 (HDMI), Nintendo Wii (composite) and Sky TV (SCART) plugged in currently. I still have 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and LAN port to be used periodically. (Only downside is I can't plug my SNES in without unplugging Sky, but now I'm REALLY showing my age).

A heartily recommended piece of relatively affordable tech! Looking to jump into 3D, but don't want to spend £1000s? Look no further than this!
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on 12 September 2011
This is my review for UE32D6100. After over a month's research on 3D LED tvs, and understanding my needs,
I chose to go for a 32" 3D TV and preffered something below 500 quid.

To this date there are two models available satisfying these requirements
1) this model
2) LG 32LW450U

I see that Comet has an offer with this model.
1) 2 pairs of 3d glasses
2) Mega Mind 3D movie ,

when I compared rest of the features, I see that Samsung is much better along with this offer becoz

* Excellent picture quality. Couldn't belive my eyes
* Being an Apple fan, when I looked at the SMART TV functions and the ease of access and refinement, I fell in love with this tv.
* With other models available at £200 more, the only things missing would be a web browser, skype and this 2D to 3D conversion.
* Internet connectivity is as simple as it could get. Just plugged in a Ethernet cable and it picked up the connection and updated to the latest firmware.
* Social Networking apps are good but it will be a pain to use with a remote. You may have to buy a wifi adapter and then try using the "samsung remote app" on ur smartphone. ( someone in the review comments pointed that iphone app can be used when the phone is in wifi connection and tv to ethernet but both on the same network connection at home. If this is true, you can save on wifi dongle.. )
* If you have a min of 1GB data speed, you can enjoy lovefilm.com movies with out buffering issues.
* 200Hz LED motion plus does a good job in removing the jitter on fast moving action sequences.
* It was very quick to read a 1TB portable harddrive connected to a dedicated USB HDD port and play movies or music on HDD.
* 3D - I would say that it is good on 32" for 3D effect, but not sufficient. I would suggest to go for a bigger screen if you want to really enjoy 3D.
* Sound is very good for the size of speakers on this thin TV panel.
* 2 pairs of 3D glasses, that's should suffice with out spending extra bucks for something not used often.
* Connection to my Mac is very simple, Just plug the HDMI ( 1.4 for 3D viewing) cable to the TV and you can multiply the display.

* Missing 2D - 3D conversion ( but not worth unless it's a bigger screen )
* Web browser and skype ( do not bother, as they are too expensive to setup )
* Couldn't use PIP ( picture in Picture ) feature till date after reading the manual.

that's it.

Hope this will be useful.
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on 7 June 2011
i ordered the tv on friday and it came on saturday with amazon prime, was going to go for the ue46d6530 with wifi but the the Hama Wireless LAN 300Mbps USB 2.0 WiFi Stick (suitable for Samsung TVs) did the trick for wifi, setup was pretty quick, not used much of the smart tv yet, but had a mess about on it, really good picture standard and hd.

usb - same as my other samsung plays mkv (dts) like a breeze and i suspect just about anything you could throw at it. i have just bought a hdd for direct recording to, but as yet I have not tested it.

loads of apps for smart tv, games, etc. i have a htc desire z and i have just downloaded the remote control app on and it works a treat.

was going to get the 46 inch but i am glad i went with this. sound seems ok, it has srs what ever that means

i award this tv 5*
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on 12 January 2012
After months of research - trawling through reviews - looking at spec - listening to opinions - and holding non-commital conversations with any tv salesroom staff I could find, I finally settled (should that be excitedly decided) on this model.

Since reading all the reviews there seems to be reason for some trepidation on every TV out there - as it seems someone can find fault in any model. So I am extremely pleased to say that this TV is everything the good reviews say it is, and more!!

The picture is fabulous, much better than the Sony bravia I had previously, and the design is really pleasing to look at. The sound quality gets a few negative comments in reviews, and I have to say that, as I have the sound directed through my Bose hi-fi, I can't comment as have no problem with it. Though it seemed perfectly acceptible (if not spectacular) when I played it through the tv speakers themselves.

The internet is good - if limited (but I knew its limitations beforehand) and is a useful addition to the entertainment value. I expect further additions and updates to the internet service in time. What there is (youtube facebook etc) works perfectly so further plus points from me.

The set up was very easy - i'm no expert techie - and took minutes. After a short while adjusting the picture/sound options to a personal setting, the TV was good to go!

I can certainly recommend this Tv, as, for the price, it gives me everything I could ask for - and more besides!
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on 25 November 2011
I have had this TV nearly six months now and have been really impressed with it. Unlike a lot of other reviewers I am really interested in using the 3d and not so much into the other gadgets which I am sure are really useful if that is your thing.
The TV looks a class act and as mentioned before is very light compared to an LCD. The picture is first-class and there is a noticeable difference to my previous LCD.
I am surprised anyone could complain about the 3d (maybe they have a fault with the tv). To me it is almost cinema quality albeit obviously on a smaller scale. I have played Uncharted 3 on the PS3 and myself and girlfriend were stunned by the depth and colour. It was the most amazing sight I have seen on a tv screen and I would highly recommend it to gamers who are keen on 3d.
No problems at all with it yet and it was the best value for money product I could find at the time.
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