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on 20 March 2016
The music aside, the product is described inaccurately. It is described and sold as a CD with a bonus DVD. What you get is a bonus DVD, you have to download the music, there is no physical CD.
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on 22 August 2017
This also was pleasant to listen to.
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on 18 February 2017
Amazing music!
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on 28 April 2017
all fine
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on 15 April 2011
I first saw Milos at the Roundhouse iTunes Festival 2010 when he played the first half of a classical/crossover concert headlining his distinguished fellow DG recording artist Rolando Villazon (with the Simon Bolivar Soloists performing songs from 'Mexico').

I was enthralled by Milos's playing and repertoire. The four part Koyunbaba Suite, he explained, requires the retuning of his guitar. By the contemporary Italian composer Domeniconi, it uses very difficult techniques that make the instrument almost not sound like a guitar any more. Milos has said that when he performed it for the first time, people in the audience were crying. "I always feel like I'm in a trance when I play it." This was released on his iTunes EP and it stuns every person I have played it to. I could hardly wait for this his first CD with more of his repertoire. Many pieces are familiar to me, all the better to appreciate the tenderness and grace of his interpretation. Milos won the Royal Academy of Music's Julian Bream prize and the status of a professor and has won more than thirteen top prizes in various national and international competitions.

Milos Karadaglic has an engaging personality in concert and is 'the complete package'. The bonus DVD has a documentary 'Milos - A Journey' filmed on a winter return to his homeland of Montenegro. It shows his childhood appearances on local TV and the self-filmed audition pieces for the Royal Academy at age 16. The close ups of his playing technique in the six Music Clips are impressive and will inspire many. It is hard to believe, especially in the Presto from the Koyunbaba Suite, that there is only one instrument being played. Milos indeed shows us "the music in my heart". His surname, pronounced `ka- ra- dá- glich', means `Of Montenegro'.

I have bought guitar recordings over the years on vinyl and CDs by Julian Bream, John Williams and Paco de Lucia amongst others. Milos's brilliant award winning technique ensures that he will take his place beside the greats. He is my young guitar hero.

This album will be called 'Mediterraneo' on it's US release. Update- it seems that 'Mediterraneo' is 1 disc only but with an extra track.
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on 22 June 2011
I love the sound of the guitar. Being a Spaniard from Andalucía, perhaps it should be expected. But my passion has always been opera and baroque music and I think what I find so appealing in that instrument is the way it seems to convey more obviously tan others the raw emotions of the player. It is more accessible and to my ears its sound more earthy and sensual. Of course I have admired the sublime art of Andrés Segovia and the mastery of Narciso Yepes and -in a more popular vein- Paco de Lucía. So I approached the debut album of Milos Karadaglic with curiosity and a bit of reservation. Could this handsome young newcomer bring something that I couldn't find in the old masters? Did I need another only guitar CD? Well, the answer to both questions is yes. His chosen repertory is mainly Spanish and well recorded many times over.But I find his playing both fresh and stunning. The sound he extracts from those strings are truly mind-blowing. But he is more than a mere virtuoso. His passion for the instrument since childhood seems to have created a relationship with the instrument close to lovemaking and he gives all of himself, body and soul, to each piece, although I find the first track (Asturias) particularly moving. This is an extraordinary debut album. The half an hour little documentary on the DVD is quite interesting too, giving fine close-ups of his playing.

PS. Titled "Mediterráneo" instead of "The Guitar" in the US release.
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on 15 April 2011
Montenegran guitarist Milos Karadaglic has selected some beautiful pieces for his debut album. Wisely, he's included some very well known works even though they've been recorded many times by other guitarists. However, he still manages to bring freshness to classics like 'Asturias' and 'Spanish Romance' (on the latter backed by some discreet orchestration) and also Tarrega favourites 'Recuerdos De La Alhambra', the gorgeous 'Lagrima' and the quirky 'Adelita' amongst others. The high point, though, is his rendition of Domeniconi's Turkish-inspired 'Koyunbaba' suite. It truly is a tour de force of technical mastery, beauty & musical imagery.
Milos's playing is crystal clear throughout, fluid and often very moving. The Telegraph claims that 'classical guitar has found a new hero..' On the strength of this debut Milos's success will be assured, and deserved.
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on 27 April 2011
The Guitar

I just caught a glimpse on the TV, stopped and listened and was instantly mesmerised. I love classical guitar and have listened to the best, Segovia, Williams, Bream. But this is a young man of now! He will undoubtably capture the imagination of a host of young hopefuls. His playing and technical skills are superb. I sat my two grandchildren aged 11 and 8 in front of the TV on Monday and let them watch the 30 minute DVD that accompanies the CD. Both are keen on music, between them they play piano, violin and clarinet and they sat glued to the set and listened in awe. What was so nice about the DVD were the clips of Milos when he too was very young and so they could see what talent he had and how this has progressed into a 28 year old genius. Anyone with a love of music and guitar in particular cannot fail to be moved by this glorious playing. I am about to order more copies to give as gifts to those I love and care about.
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on 14 September 2012
I like Milos' personality and passion from what I have seen of him in interviews and I must say he is very nice looking indeed, which can't do Classical Guitar any harm. However there are better guitarists and better recordings out there, so I can't give it full marks i'm afraid. It is a nice recording in it's own right but it didn't blow me away like David Russell's last album did. I cried at the sheer virtuosity of it, whereas this was just nice.

As an introduction to guitar it is excellent as it doesn't dumb down too much at all and gives a good overview of what the guitar can do. So often people think that you have to play arrangements of popular music or really easy stuff to draw people in, which is sad. There are a couple on here that will involve learners and newcomers such as Adelita but they are mixed in with some more muso stuff so that's a fair compromise.

I think Milos will attract more people to Classical Guitar and in doing so I would like to see him use that position to release something that shows how amazing the instrument is. Maybe a Baroque album or something that shows music from the renaissance right through to contemporary. That would be nice and I'm sure he would like to do that. I wonder if the record companies would ever let that happen?
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on 21 April 2011
I first heard Milos play on the Andrew Marr show one Sunday morning and I trawled through the internet not knowing how to spell his name but eventually found him on Amazon. I am so glad I did. His music is as good as he is handsome :0) This CD gives a good cross section of very well known tunes and some beautiful, haunting pieces that are less well known. I'd say it's the sort of music you want to listen to when you want to relax either on your own or with someone you love. No matter what difficulties the day has brought me, his music never fails to soothe and make me calm.
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