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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Operation Flashpoint - Red River PC
Price:£2.86+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 June 2013
The game works fine with full resolution and performance on my notebook (ThinkPad T510 dedicated graphics card) which is good. In terms of price, I got it for £2 which is very good.

+ Reasonable graphics
+ Good choice of weapons
+ Reminds me of the Cold War Crisis which is one of may favourite games
+ Much better AI then before
+ Your team mates are better in sync with you than in the older versions

- Political correctness, 0. The language is a bit more... violent than I would have expected.
- Some small glitches in the gameplay
- The campaign is way too small. 8-9 missions or something like that (about 7 hours or overall gameplay)
- Some extra missions would have been welcomed
- The fact that you have to play them via Window Live... ( a big no no)
- Limited interaction with the objects (No tanks anymore, no helicopters, and no jet planes, no boats - like in Cold War Crisis) - only vehicles.
- The game play feels just too... mainstream. It's far from a tactical military simulator if you compare them to the initial releases. It's more of a point to point shooter which limits your inventivity when it comes you your personal approach.
- No true Operation Flashpoint feel to it any more...

If you didn't find my review sufficiently clear and informative or if you have any questions about the item, please comment on this review and I'll make sure I answer all your questions. Thank you very much :)

Kind Regards
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on 25 July 2011
I bought this game with every expectation of it to be at least equal or better that Dragon Rising, but I was left very disappointed. Codemasters have taken an extremely good simulation and made it into a high spec console first person shooter!!

Gone are the excellent points of being able to go anywhere, and complete your mission in any way you choose, thereby giving you playability over and over and over again. In this you are restricted to following a set path and unless you do you can't complete your mission. For example, when you sprint there is no sound of your breathing becoming laboured and then when you stop there is no unsteadiness, instead you can sprint the whole distance of the mission without any problems.

Second, the opposition are scripted to respawn in the same places and follow the same paths, there is no AI as compared to OF:DR. This gives the distinct console feeling.

Thirdly, you have to listen to this very annoying Staff Sergenant who can't resist shouting constantly every obscenity known and stupid remarks, as does a lot of the AI base squad. Whilst I am not a prude, this is not in evidence in any of the other Flashpoint games in such a number!! A complete let down I say. It gives the impression of you, as part of the squad are there to shoot everything and anything and borders on being racist dare I say, strange for the current climate!!

The graphics are as good as Dragon Rising though, especially the heat shimmer which is neat.

If you like a console feel first person shooter then buy this, if you're looking for more of the same (Dragon Rising), you'll be disappointed!

Codemasters, you've a lot to answer for runining a brilliant title!!!!
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The biggest difference between Dragon Rising and Red river is that Codemasters have moved away from simulation towards a squad based shooter; this game is much closer to Ghost Recon than ARMA and the Bohemia incarnations of Flashpoint. Interviews of the game's lead designer on Youtube (search on 'Sion Lenton Flashpoint') suggest that this was the aim.

The open world has been replaced by closely spaced waypoints, so you cannot go off and explore the world and neither can you attack from a different direction to the one the game wants you to.

For example, early in the game is a mission where you have to clear a school building containing insurgents. The location of the waypoints mean you MUST attack from the front of the building; you cannot take position on the other side of the building like you could in Dragon rising. Later in the game, you have to ambush an enemy supply convoy and here you have a choice of positions to take (lead attack or support), but this is a very rare occurance. Most of the time, the missions are strictly decision free and on rails. Fun while it lasts, but the replayability is way down.

The squad commands are also simplified; you cannot now tell your team to take up a particular stance for example (although, strangely the AI still can - you can hear other squads issuing stance orders!), and there is still no way to make your solider lean (important for tactical cover).

Of course, these changes are to cater for first person shooter fans and console users, but there is a problem even here. A highly scripted game presupposes lots of mission set pieces, but you don't get them either! Most of the time its a case of moving between waypoints and engaging.

Graphically, this game looks much like Dragon Rising. The worst thing about the EGO engine is almost total lack of advanced shaders; it seems to be built for performance rather than detail. In particular, it has very poor water shaders. Not normally a problem for a game set in the desert, but unfortunately the only big landmark of the game area is a large dam. The first time you see this dam is a bit of an eye opener for all the wrong reasons... water would ideally be gushing powerfully down the side of the dam, but the EGO engine can only manage a ranging torrent of dandruff.

Oh, and special mention must go to the characters in the game; the level of swearing from your staff seargent is waaaay over the top, and your commander (Hardick I think he's called) talks like he's constantly about to co... well, you'll understand when you hear it ;)

So, what we have here is something that falls between two targets; not simulation enough for the combatSim folks, and not polished enough for the FPS people in either mission or gameworld design.

Enjoyable, but I'm guessing it will be a little disappointing for PC users (but console users will love it). Ive given this review 4 stars, bu the breakdown is probably closer to this; 3 stars for ARMA/combatsim veterans, 4 stars for Ghost recon fans, 2 or 3 stars for a-list FPS junkies.

My overall advice? Wait until the price drops a little. It's fun but lacks the polish of a full-price game; wait until the game becomes mid-price.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 August 2011
This is one of those rare games (nowadays) where it's all about the gameplay.
The graphics of the game aren't as slick as the ModernWarfare/Battlefield/Medal Of Honor ilk and it's not as technically accurate (and unplayable) as the ARMA series.
HOWEVER this is one of the most engaging and atmospheric games I have played in years.
When the game started off and I was playing Co-Op with my son I wasn't that impressed. The graphics were a bit annoying and the game was definitely buggy. We had numerous window swaps with sound driver software and we saw a lot of LAG spikes (really odd given we were playing over a home LAN on brand new PC's both with 1Gbit cards on a 1Gbit router). However soon after completing the initial missions you started to really feel the atmosphere and the blinding glare of sunlight and dust on the roads and other environmentals you almost felt you wanted to wear sunglasses playing the game. The game is played with contact from the enemy taking place at less than 5m and up to 400m. The atmosphere is detailed and the AI is smart and intelligent. The AI WILL flank you, will hunt you down, will seek cover, can be suppressed and will home in on you. The tracer rounds are not just a nice effect. When you get hit it can be an insta-kill if you are hit in locations like the head. Shots to the body can and will sometimes knock you down or back if it's a body armour hit. It also depends on what hits you. (RPG hits are not survivable nor are tank tounds :) *grin*) The whole reloading of the mission and playing again is harsh BUT it encourages accurate firefight gameplay you really do find yourself watching for cover and moving when it gets too hot. The continual and accurate chatter from your own AI team and especially the sergeant and those of the enemy adds to the atmosphere. One of my most memorable moments was working my way up behind an enemy sniper and discovering him as I came into a room as he was leaning out a window. I fired and heard the dry click of no ammo!!! The sniper turned and shot me point blank. It was almost like a film and the sense of "oh no" as nothing happened as I hit the trigger and watched the sniper turn towards me was unbelievable. There's lots and lots of other great moments. SPOILER **** When you move into the Chinese portion of the missions and they are charging across the roads towards you they use the same tactics of suppression and fixing and flanking you use. When you pull back and run back to your next defense rally point, while you are running the ground is kicking up next to you and tracer and rounds are buzzing past your head while you run jinking and trying to find rocks, buildings and tree's to put between you and the persuing enemy forces and again they are not just nice effects as a couple of times I was shot and killed on those runs. In terms of polish and graphics I'd give this 6/10 ... in terms of gameplay 10/10 I've not been this engaged since the days of the original World Of Warcraft or Counter-Strike. Remember when games were utterly compelling in their gameplay? Nowadays it seem to be cineamatics and pretty graphics at the cost of compelling gameplay. Can't wait to my next mission. This game is great. Give it a chance and you'll see what I mean by the time you complete the first encounter with the Chinese. One last thing ... if you read my review and it helps (for or against) then please vote and keep the recommendation system alive. Thanks.
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on 8 April 2012
There might be good reasons for seasoned gamers to dismiss this game. However, being a casual player, I find it to be an excellent game. The graphics are fine on my average pc, the AI is fair and the action is quite exciting. On normal it is still quite challenging making careful progress necessary. For the price it's good value.
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on 26 April 2014
Where to begin on this game. I've only played about 1 hour of this game before I decided that this game will make me want to put acid into my eyes than continue with its half-arsed attempt of a game.

We all know that the Operation flashpoint games have been pretty poor in total. The game has had very poor direction from its inception, with bad dialog as well as a poor graphics engine to boot. The detail on the maps are very bland , brown and basic, and the voice acting is very annoying. For an army simulation, it feels very console-esque with little freedom to do what you want but to flow a linear path to finish the goal.

Ultimately, the game was 2 quid so I don't have to cry in the corner from spending 20 or 30 quid on a bad game.

Moral of this story: Buy ARMA instead.
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on 25 July 2014
This set containst all the OF games that have been issued previously. There's no doubt that the action and content is clever and the games project the fear and atmosphere of war but I wish Codemasters were cleverer with their codes and could produce acceptable characters instead of the often disintergrating two-dimensional projections of figures.Get too close to a character and he's liable to break up into slopes and angles. Nevertheless, the gameplay is terrific - enough to make me buy the discs despite the foregoing....
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on 18 May 2011
Having played Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising previously, I was expecting another more "hardcore simulator" FPS game. Whilst it's predecessor was accurate and detailed, it lacked a certain playability in that you tended to die quite a lot from enemies you never saw or were specs on the horizon, and I didn't feel pulled into a flowing storyline, making it feel like a bit of a chore at time and with somewhat disjointed missions at times. There was also an awful lot of running around or driving in the predecessor, which didn't feel as bad this time.

However the new Operation Flashpoint: Red River is much more enjoyable as a Storyline FPS romp. The Intros and endings of missions kept the story flowing much better, much more like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and also in that the story sometimes goes where you don't expect it to and keeps you guessing, which is good. Graphically it looks better than it's predecessor too (IMHO).

Like the other reviewer, the amount of swearing does seem a little high at times, but it felt "realistic" in terms of the language of the Marines and I guess in that scenario of life and death it's likely to be the case in reality, so do you go for a more realistic dialogue, or a toned down one?

The waypoints do tend to push you in certain directions and you do need to trigger these to progress, but I did find you can take a different tack on attacking targets as long as you cover these at some point to keep the mission going. It would have been nice if the game spotted you'd passed a waypoint and you could move onto the next one more dynamically, but to be honest it wasn't a big issue and other similar FPS games also tend to stick to waypoints too.

AI is even better than the previous game (both your squad and the enemy) with enemies running for cover and not just queuing up to be shot as in some games. However it would be nice for your own squad to heal you with a bit less prompting at times and I had to read the manual to see that I was looking for a Corpsman rather than a Medic to call for help.

Overall the game had me hooked for a number of days of reasonably long sessions (and late nights), until unfortunately, I completed it. I say unfortunately as I'd been enjoying the storyline and challenges of the Campaign. Sure it would have been nice to be longer, but that's always the case with a good game.

The Fireteam engagements (individual missions) gave some more content to play, but personally I missed the Campaign storyline aroud these.

Good also that you can choose which role in the team you play, and alter the weapons and other items you are equipped with. Of course you can pick up dropped weapons and find ammo supplies, but enemy weapons do tend to jam more than marine weapons as they arent maintained as well!

Code-wise the game installed and ran the entire time without a hitch, crash or weird bug. I know that should be the case, but it's surprising how many top tier games do have some oddities, especially when the game settings are cranked up high.

Overall I'd recommend it - a lot better than many out there, and the story and characters felt realistic and drew you in. Missions too were interesting and varied with very little feel of anything repetitive about them.

Here's hoping for some DLC before long...
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on 11 February 2015
Stop games for windows support, can't save anything. Campaign is boring an not very intuitive required you to pay attention to every bit of cheesy text. Do not buy!
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on 15 April 2016
I ordered this having played and greatly enjoyed Red Dragon Rising. This game is not a patch on RDR - the game controls are not as easy to use, the scenery lacks the same atmosphere and the action is linear. In addition the game is littered with 4 letter expletives which were not present in RDR, add nothing to the game; indeed I would even go so far as to suggest they are so regular as to detract from it. I suspect this is a game I will not bother to finish.
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