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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£8.47+ Free shipping

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Mass Effect 3 boasts some slick presentation and cracking visuals but importantly there is more here than just a simple first person shooter.

Right at the start of the game you are presented with 3 options on how you wish to play the game: Action, story and RPG mode the middle being the "standard" gameplay with some input with conversations choices the Action one merely plays the cut scenes without any intervention whilst the last one puts the emphasis on non combat action. It's good to have a choice here as some players might want a more hands on experience and less of the chit chat of the cut scenes though they are slick and well produced.

The game is very polished in it's presentation with some decent voice acting and true to the more modern take of "trying to immerse" the player in the storyline this time the Reapers are attacking earth and with the odds stacked against humans it's a desperate battle for survival. Hardly the most original plot for a science fiction game but it holds together surprisingly well for a few reasons.

That is mostly down to the immersive experience if you're into this sci-fi theme (and I am) then you'll find the storyline appealing and the character development also to a high level it's the recent trend of trying to do a "movie/game" with epic plots and actors (of sorts) but with real player interaction and choices. Visually for the most part impressive and smooth though there are a few glitches at times with textures and some frame rate issues. Combat is more refined here with a better cover system (though not perfect) the RPG elements include choices about your characters personality and physical type (classes including infiltrator, soldier, engineer etc) levelling up and weapon upgrades/mods and squad members. It's not easy to try to combine action/shooting with RPG elements though thankfully you can modify the way the game is played. Some players might find it a little drawn out though it's not a game for everyone.

To really get the most out of the game though you'll need to appreciate the depth here die hard shooter action fans might find themselves yearning for a simple shooter. Mass effect 3 combines an epic storyline and a lot of playtime if you have a desire for something a bit deeper storyline wise and a flair for sci-fi themes it's a very enjoyable game. Lots of content with side missions should keep player occupied for quite some time and for the bargain basement price it sells for now it's hard to complain much. Well worth having and something a bit different in your game collection this is a solid choice.
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on 5 June 2017
Great game but not as big as Mass 2 also video scenes to long and you cant skip so 4/5
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on 30 July 2017
I prefer Mass Effect 2 but this is still a fantastic game. Up there with the best games I've ever played.
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on 8 April 2017
So much love for the trilogy
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on 12 March 2013
Obiosly a great game and the final of the trilogy very good...no the great final how mass effect 1... Great Game
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on 14 January 2013
This game is incredible, end of. If you enjoyed the game-play of the previous games this one builds upon it very nicely not taking anything away but adding enough to make it feel fresh to someone who has played through both of the previous games many times. That's all well and good however what you are really playing this game for is the story and the total immersion into the mass effect universe that we have come to expect. There are moments in this game that rival any other moment in gaming history for the sheer power of the emotions that they elicit. This game isn't just a journey through an imaginary land to save the universe like every other rpg ever it is an experience that should be tried at least once by anyone who calls them self a gamer, this trilogy should go down as one of the greats in the history of the medium. There has been a lot of hype about the ending and how disappointing it is, and how disappointed i felt at the end of this game is a testament to how incredibly this universe has been crafted because i truly felt with each of the endings that i had truly sacrificed something and really lost out, I'm the sort of person who prefers a happily ever after ending but this genuinely was better because it was so well crafted and powerful which would have been completely lost if you could have saved everything without a scratch from the reapers. The story ruined me for other games it was so good i can no longer fully enjoy other games stories because not since i first played final fantasy VII have i cared so much about the characters and the overall outcome of this game. Along with the story you also get amazing graphics and the chance to see your painstakingly crafted femshep get it on with sexy blue aliens which can never be a bad thing. Also the multiplayer is perfectly integrated with the single player campaign so that you actually feel like you're achieving something when you play it, and i personally as someone who has got bored of most regular multiplayer modes finds it refreshing and pretty amazing as there is so much depth to explore with the variety of different characters and play styles you can adopt. In conclusion its incredible even if you ignore the ending you will still get so much more enjoyment out of it than almost any other game because it takes a long time to reach it, i feel like some people have got so focused on the ending they forgot the countless hours of incredible gaming they enjoyed before it.
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on 27 March 2012
Having played all of the Mass Effect games I can say with a heavy heart that this is the worst one. Yes it's still decent and the combat is an improvement over the previous two, but the choices you make (which was supposed to be a big deal) don't really matter, there isn't enough combat, too much walking around doing nothing, the story is a bit rubbish, it is rather short for an RPG and the ending is so bad it made me feel unwell.

By all means it's worth getting at a lower price, but it just doesn't live up to the hype or its own legacy.
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on 25 December 2012
I started my Mass Effect adventure back on the Xbox. I loved the story from the first game, but I found the action a bit tedious at the start to play it a second time. The second game is my all time favourite game with a very involving and satisfying story, and the action was so much fun that I had no issue playing it multiple times. In fact when I moved from Xbox to PS3 I bought the second game for the PS3 as well.

Therefore, I was always going to buy this third instalment, even despite all the bad press regarding the ending. Although I did wait until Bioware has issued the free expansion before buying this.

Story wise, I found that it started very well and it was great to see some of characters from the previous games, the ending wasn't very satisfying but the free expansion does help a lot. However, I was disappointed in the very small role some of the characters from the previous games played. ***SPOILER ALERT: My main problem with the story is that the writer killed off some of my favourite characters. Towards the end it felt like every cameo character was only turning up to be killed.***

In terms of action, I found it even slightly better than the second game, so I really liked it and will have no problems playing it multiple times. Your character can now use any weapon, so you will never be without the fantastically fun sniper rifle (unless you want to minimise the weight which attracts penalty on power recharge time).

I tried the multi-player once, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Everything worked very well but I enjoyed mass effect for the story, and there's very little story in killing wave after wave of enemies, and you obviously can't use the power wheel to pause the action and assess your strategy. The good news is that you don't have to play the multi-player to fully enjoy the story and it is there if you want it.
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on 21 June 2012
The world has turned many times since I picked up the original `Mass Effect' knowing that it was part of a planned trilogy in which your actions in the first game could impact greatly on those in the last. Now in 2012 I finally get to play the finale and was it all worth it? As three separate RPG/increasingly action games, the `Mass Effects' have all been brilliant and the third outing is no exception. Commander Shepherd is back with an assortment of new characters as well as old - he must fight the ultimate threat and prevent Earth and the Universe from being emptied of sentient life.

Graphically ME3 impresses more than the others, crisper visuals combined with a more interesting colour palette and varied level design. The basic gameplay has evolved too; no longer is it a chat-athon, but action plays a much larger role as you need to shoot your guns as often as you shoot your mouth off. Thankfully, Bioware have spent a lot of time improving the shooting mechanics and they are a lot of fun. As always it is not the level design or the action that sucks you into the `ME' universe; it is the story. There is a darker tone to this second sequel as people will die and only so many can be saved. Shepherd must do the best that he can with the limited resources. The writers do a good job of getting the enormity of the crisis across, but the ending did leaves a slight bad taste in the mouth as it seemed like it was a basic choice rather than an accumulation of three games worth of work.

Clocking in at around 15-20 hours the solo game is outstanding and to add further value to the package, for the first time in `ME' history, a co-op online mode is also included. This is a rather basic horde style of co-op, but the various unlockables and high population of gamers makes it quite addictive.

With an increase in action, `Mass Effect 3' was in jeopardy of selling its soul for a wider audience. This is not the case as Bioware have improved the shooting, whilst still maintaining the talking and RPG elements that made the first two games a success. Is this the best in the series? No, I believe 2 has a better story and a great ending. `ME3' is still a master class in gaming.
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on 31 May 2013
EDIT August 2014: For all my gripes, I'm still playing this game, And enjoy it more every time. I'm upgrading it to 5 starrs/


This is a very good game, beautifully designed, rendered and executed. It has excellent emotional content, wonderful cut scenes, great fights ("Oh come on! That isn't fair!" was a staple part of my verbal utterances while playing), and some pretty excellent plot twists and turns.

I played it in three days, taking a holiday from work to do so. That may sound weird. but I needed a break from work anyway, so I took the choice for a really intense gaming experience (with some baking and gardening thrown in for good measure).

I enjoyed it a lot, but the game only gets 3 stars over all because of poor execution.


The game seems glitchy, with skipping and strange pauses. Other game run perfectly on my PS3, so I'm concerned things went awry in the development.


This is not Mass Effect 2, and this is very obvious within the first few missions. That is, the remodelling of the Normandy, the 'War Room', war assets, etc, hint this will be a more strategy game than an action RPG, and you can see that potential in it. But it makes no appearance in the solo campaign. The solo campaign itself is less rich in terms characters & missions, but (potentially) full of political intrigue and alliance building. This is a rich seam to mine, and yet also feels horribly underdone.

So it fails on three counts, it isn't a 'proper' follow-on from ME2, it isn't a proper strategy game and it doesn't exploit the back-drop sufficiently.

Is this another game ruined by the building in of multiplayer options? It looks a bit like that, but I'd guess they were in a hurry to get the game out.


Please, the cliches were just piling up on top of each other. At some points I felt I ought to grab a class of wine to go with the cheese the was spewing forth from the game.


The controls have changed slightly from ME2. And in some ways are more irritating. I missed Paragon/Renegade action because they changed buttons. Muscle memory kicked in constantly. Using 'X' to activate and pick up, while also using it to take cover meant that in places where you had to pick up something under fire, you would constantly get killed because the game mixed up what you were trying to do. Indeed, having to get into cover/out of cover was a real pain, and its unfathomable question is how did these controls get past quality testing when there was a perfectly good 'O' button that hardly gets used.


Bioware has taken a lot of flak for the ending. And deservedly so. It simply lacks imagination and logic. The lock-in to just two choices is extremely rubbish. There is a free download that seeks to redress this, but (downloading it now) but its not clear how Bioware managed to come up with something so lame. Did they run out of money? Were the Quality Assurance people drunk that day/week/month/year?

I reserve judgement on the DLC endings, but its difficult to see how something this baked into the story can be redeemed.

Well... It is lame, but its not absolute pants. Not absolute... but its bad enough to detract.
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