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on 23 August 2011
Been using this for about three weeks now, a breakdown on my thoughts in this time...

Build quality: it comes as a two piece item. An internal plastic cage with a clear screen protector holds the iPad, and a thick rubber shell fits very snuggly around this. It has been designed to fit together very well. I do take the claims on water, sand and wind with a pinch of salt, but I would say that I am a lot less worried about damaging it now.

Access to buttons: there are flaps to the various sockets and these are easy enough to open. I am not 100% sure on the one for the mic at the top, as it seems a little flimsy compared to the others. However, the buttons for volume, sleep and menu have been engineered very well indeed. In fact, altering the volume is much easier than without the case on. The front camera is permanently available, and the rear one has a flap you need to hold back if you want to take a shot (but as the weakest feature of the iPad, it's only good for videos). One big drawback for me is that although you can get the standard dock connector on fine, you cannot get the camera connector kit on without dismantling the whole thing. A right royal pain as I use this quite regularly.

Look and feel: ok, so you can get rid of the "look at my ipad2, isn't it slim and light" attitude with this. However, you can replace it with a "look this bad beast" smugness. It looks secure, it looks safe, and, in my opinion, it looks kind of cool in a rugged way. The rubber feels great and grippy, it's textured well with a soft, tactile surface.

Screen protector: I like the idea of a screen protector, but it was a bit `squeaky' when using the device, and it seemed to offer some resistance. I had read on one review that it could scratch easily. Looking at the material I could well believe that. My laughable solution? I cut down a regular screen protector and put this on top! So now I have a screen protector, the case's screen protector and another screen protector. Is my mild autism showing now?

Stand: it also comes with a clip on stand that attaches to the sides when in portrait mode (and so top/bottom) in landscape. A useful extra. It's not the most well-engineered piece of plastic I have ever seen, but it does what is needed and grips very well. It gives a good angle for typing as well as a more vertical one for resting/viewing on a desk or similar flat surface.

Price: it is in the range of what seem higher-quality cases. I treat this as part damage insurance, so don't mind the extra premium if it saves the device from destruction.

Summary: as a protective case, this does exactly what is needed. It has combined sturdiness with a terrific design. I feel that I can put this down anywhere, in any bag and even out and about in dodgy weather. I am less worried now.

For a mobile device, protection is what I wanted. 9/10 (1 off for the camera connector issue)
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on 10 November 2014
I bought this 2 years ago for my iPad2 as I was looking for a solid case for it.

When the product arrived and I realised how much time and effort was involved in setting it up I immediately regretted buying it.

When I did eventually install it, it looked much more heavy duty than I expected and I was very impressed by its quality.

Its made of a high grade extremely thick rubber material and there is a transparent clear perspex screen that comes with it. The product is very heavy and will significantly increase the weight of your iPad2.

Its design allows you to grip it very firmly and it does not slip off your lap like an iPad does without the case. There are ruber hole openings for the MIC, charger, cameras etc which allows you to access all areas of your iPad and the only hassle I found was when you try taking photos with it.

To say that this product is heavy duty would be an understatement and I must admit that it has saved my device on a number of occasions: 2 Full Coffee Spills and 2 Full drops on the floor from waist height.

Although many will not want such a heavy case on their lap, I believe that this product is more geared towards careers and intrests that offer greater risk to dropping / liquid spillages such as farmers / military / cooks / gardeners / artists/ oil rig workers and mechanics etc.

If you wish to provide feedback on this review please follow the link below. Thanks.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 December 2012
Hubby bought me a new iPad 4 for Christmas and I needed a Griffin case to protect it. I know Griffin well as I previously bought a Griffin Survivor Military Duty case for my iPhone 4s and I couldn't live without it. It protects my iPhone beautifully. I bought the case for my iPhone in pink too.

So, I chose the pink to protect my new iPad and wow! its awesome having my iPhone and my iPad in matching cases. Its like little and large. Sisters in technology. The cases Griffin make are beyond expectations for me. I can use and enjoy my iPad without worrying I am going to get marks on it or scratches etc. I pop it into my bag, my computer case etc. and even the screen is protected. I hate fingerprints on my iPad screen and there is none of that with this, the screen is protected.

The stand is great for if I want to watch TV on it or use my iPad as a screen to display my photography.

This case is marketed to fit the iPad 2 and iPad 3. I can confirm it also works great with the new iPad 4 with Retina Display.

VERY PLEASED and my iPad 4 now matches my iPhone and both are protected and look amazing. I don't plan on dropping my iPad but I know that if I did, it would survive without a scratch. Griffin cases are not cheap but to me, they are worth every penny. I couldn't live without mine.

VERY HAPPY - great for iPad 4 !!
review image
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I bought this as a protection for my disabled sons Ipad2 which we bought for him as a comunication aide. He is apt to drop things and bang them down, so a good all round protection is needed.
The Griffin GB02480 Survivor Military Duty Case with Stand for iPad 2 meets all our needs and I would recomend it to anyone with simular needs.
Griffin GB02480 Survivor Military Duty Case with Stand for iPad 2
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on 12 December 2013
If this is the standard the US military work to, it is little surprise they spend as much as they do. Most of it must be on replacement kit for things that don't work or die early! This would never keep out water other than a casual light splash. The port protection is laughable and there are huge gaps in the cover due to the outer being unable to mate with the inner. The outer seems to me a tiny bit too small to go over the outer with I Pad. I could be good on protection in drops but I didn't want to chance it. Nothing fitted at all and there was room for dust, dirt and all but the most casual of liquid to get right into the machine.
This is an utter waste of money and will let you down at the first opportunity. Find something else, treat your money with a little respect!!
It was delivered quickly and well packed though!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 17 June 2012
I waited over a month for delivery, in the meantime to ensure the iPad 3 didn't get damaged I was able to get hold of a Gumdrop Drop Tech.

When the Griffin finally arrived I unboxed it and compared it to the Gumdrop and to be honest I felt I didn't have to change the case. I was a little disappointed at the quality of the Griffin. The plastic frame felt a little fragile and the silicone outer skin is definitely softer and less robust than the Gumdrop. The attached case stand is removable, something which the Gumdrop does not have, but it is flimsy. I don't know how long it would stand up to regular abuse.

I had issues with both the Griffin and the Gumdrop built in screen protectors; both did not lay flush with the screen. One plus point is that the Griffin does not have a replaceable screen protector as it is built in and so gives good protection in the rain. Whereas the Gumdrop has a replaceable screen protector but is not water resistant.
As neither screen protector is ideal, I have actually removed the plastic from the frame of the Gumdrop and replaced it with a Zagg screen protector fitted directly to the screen. Not only does this give better protection but it is much more tactile and has better optical qualities.

I know that there have to be some compromises, but when a screen protector is not tactile or optically efficient then it would be better without, especially considering the quality of the iPad 3 screen.

The Griffin has port covers for the camera, headphone jack and the power lead and switch. Compared to the Gumdrop the silicon feels flimsy, but it does provide protection against fluff and whatever crumbs and the like that might be in your bag. Using the camera with a Griffin case is awkward; you will have to hold the flap back to take a photo. On the Gumdrop the camera lens remains exposed but surrounded with a protective flange.

I use a Griffin case for my iPhone 4s and it is without a doubt the best protection you can give your phone. My nephew commented that it really hurt when I hit him over the head with it; well he was being cheeky at the time. The iPhone was of course undamaged.

My concern is that the Griffin cover for the iPad 3 does not scale up as well as it should, on paper it should have been better than the Gumdrop.

I work outdoors a lot, but I try to avoid using electrical equipment in the rain, so the Gumdrop is fine for me. The Griffin offers better protection in the rain and as my iPhone can testify the Griffin offers really good sand protection. I had been to the beach with my children and collected shells. Forgetting the fact that I had half a pocketful of sand I put my Griffin encased iPhone in said pocket and it survived unscathed. See how easy it is to make a mistake! This would be an unlikely scenario with the iPad.

In conclusion, although the Griffin offers good protection I think corners have been cut and there is a question mark over the quality. I was able to directly compare it to the Gumdrop and for me I will stick to the Gumdrop. It just feels more solid, more robust better quality, both the frame and skin. In fact I liked it so much I have bought another one.

Fort those of you running around on a beach in a storm and being buried in sand then go for the Griffin. It is a good case.
All protective cases are a compromise, an iPad was designed to go skinless, but if you want to take that risk so be it.
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on 15 October 2012
I have already had my young son test this by accidentally dropping it on some concrete stairs, as he wasn't expecting it to be as heavy as the previous case. (Yes it's a tad heavier than some, but worth it) Easy to put together once you've figured it out, and all the connectors I use are easily available by the lifting of the protective coverings.
All in all it's an excellent product if protection is all your after, as it does it better than most. So why only 3 stars?

Well, I am a university student by day, and iPad scrabble/game player by night. So I need to do a lot of typing without bending my head down too much, or I need to be able to use both hands if I am gaming. In order to do this, the iPad needs a good stand, akin to the otterbox. The Griffin does not have a good stand. It is woeful, inadequate and totally out of place. I remember someone describing the way Italians make some of their cars. Fast and powerful, jaw dropping beauty with a personality.....but then hang on did we remember to add a windscreen wiper, or somewhere for luggage or cater for a driver and passenger over 5ft. So bear in mind what you're buying. The iPad with a Griffin case can be thrown about, got wet, buried in sand and washed. But it's a bugger to use!!
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on 15 March 2017
item as described and delivery was quick
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on 1 May 2013
This case is perfect for me! It does make the iPad bulkier and heavier but it protects it thoroughly in case I was to drop it or spill something on it, plus it has the easy to use stand. I love the colour and feel of it and am very happy! Would definitely recommend !
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on 24 July 2017
Excellent service and condition, works really well. Does what it says it does.
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