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on 21 May 2013
I saw this on TV and thought it was very funny. It seemed underrated by audience and critics at the time. It surprised me that more people weren't watching it. I wonder how many other countries would produce something like this which appears to make fun of something which so much national prestige is attached to! And good for Seb Coe that he agreed to take part. Another triumph for the Olympic spirit in the UK.
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on 28 August 2011
It was no surprise to me to discover the chap who wrote this, John Morton, had People Like Us amongst his previous credits. If you like one you are almost certain to like the other. The style here is a brilliant mix of the deadpan, the wry and the absurd played out by a cast admirably maintaining straight faces throughout. People Like Us is the most obvious precursor I think, but it'd be hard to deny there are also traces of the immortal I'm Alan Partridge (and so, by default, what with it taking so much of it's own cue from IAP, The Office).

I found every episode of Twenty Twelve consistently amusing, at the least, and peppered with genuine laugh-out-loud lines, exchanges and situations. Of the decade so far, I'd say it ranks up there with Facejacker as an instant-classic and indeed, it's already high in the list of best of this century. Personally, I just hope they find time to make another series before the Olympics gets under way. I'd look forward to that more than the Olympics themselves!
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on 18 September 2014
Another inexplicable oversight by me. I guess I must have been drawn to another channel--and how often does that happen. TV is, generally, dam awful these days, but it's a given that two good progs will clash. However--thanks to the almost inevitable DVD, we can not only catch-up, but watch as often a we like. This series, I have watched back to back, because of it's superior dry wit and wonderful portrayals. I have worked with some people like these charactors, and could name them. I guess this is a microcosm of modern working life, where catch phrases and meaningless glib babble is taken as slick metaphors for being knowledegable and on top of your game--oh, there's one. Yes 'The kings Clothes ' come to mind, where everyone assumes the other knows what is being said, and is frightened to question anything--to borrow another catch-phrase--'Such Fun !!
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on 10 November 2017
Interesting documentary showing how London 2012 Olympics was organised.

No wonder it was a shambles with these idiots running the show. Perhaps the documentary camera men were a distraction for them.
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on 9 April 2012
I first saw episodes of this series on a flight and was laughing so hard that fellow passengers started to turn and stare...so when I got off the plane, I went straight onto Amazon to order the series. Even though I am not British, I am an active sports participant and love the Olympics - so perhaps that is why I love this series so much. I have watched several episodes many times and still find them hilarious - in fact I now start laughing before things have happened just because I know what is happening next. There was a similar series in Australia before the 2000 Olympics (called "The Games") and I think this is just as good.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 April 2016
I missed most of these thirteen episodes when they were originally televised and bought the box set due to a vague memory, a strong recommendation from a family member and a classic Amazon deal. This hilarious mockumentary, narrated by serious David Tennant, chronicles the trials and tribulations of the management team of the Olympic Deliverance Commission headed by Hugh Bonneville’s indomitable folding-bicycle commuter Ian Fletcher, as they attempt to organise the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The tremendously witty script delivered with The Thick Of It pace combined with the high quality ensemble comedy performance makes watching this a totally cool experience. Totally. The issues which have to be overcome by the team such as the unearthing of Roman remains, a possible boycott, traffic congestion, security concerns, inclusivity, royal involvement, marketing and most importantly legacy (or rather sustainability) have a genuine feel of authenticity. After giggling my way almost non-stop through each episode I would thoroughly recommend purchasing a copy, and I don’t care who you are. Enjoy.
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on 22 September 2012
Me and my mum are addicted to this program! we've lent it to Granddad and now he loves it too! All the characters have their own little catch phrases and it's so funny as its made like a documentary with the serious voiceover (david tennant) and documentaries are normally serious and informative but this is just silly and relatable. Theres lots of silly business speak in it noone actually understands and they're constantly going on about legacy and sustainability and they don't really know what the difference is! The actors are really funny and convincing and all the characters are unique and you get to know their personalities quickly. Its all about organising the olympics and the stories are based on real events and issues around the olympics in real life which everyone had heard about on the news but they put a funny spin on all the situations. This is the kind of program pretty much everyone could enjoy and if you haven't seen it or haven't seen them all get the box set! and lend it out to everyone like we did! You can talk about it for ages with people who've seen it! Some series' start to get worse as the makers run out of ideas but this just gets better and better!
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on 14 January 2013
Sure, the London Olympics have been and gone. This is more than the Olympics though - this is what 'The Office' should have been.
Although less breathlesss and savage than 'In the Thick of It', these episodes offer cruelly brilliant observations of human characters in 'how did I get here?' situations, organising ('delivering' - of course) an event that will be under global scrutiny and have a lasting impact on our country's reputation as being able to put on a great show.. and these guys are one minute deluded, the next minute crushed, and somehow always coming out by the skin of their teeth. Rabbits in the headlights that got lucky. Again.
It's a wonderful observation of British character in this decade - watch it and see. You'll have met these people in your life. As each 30 minute story unfolds, your toes will curl and you'll bunch up with disbelief, helpless amusement, and the grim feeling that you've seen it all before in your world.. somewhere.
It's not belly laugh stuff. It's less-is-more, bullseye accuracy, and all too credible. Wonderfully conceived and assembled. Watch one episode, and you'll find yourselves going on for a second..
5 star Recommended!!
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on 2 August 2015
Felt like a slightly slow starter and a wee bit of work but perhaps that's just getting used to the characters and the humour but by episode 2 it just grows and grows and fantastic turns by all but especially the always positive (even when shot in the foot) leader in Bonneville, awkward, no-eye-contact Colman and completely vacant sound bite of PR consultant Hynes (and her even more vacant design team at perfect curve), not forgetting the wonderful deadpan narration of that Scottish Dr. So much to admire in the writing and performances and still fairly believable. I wander if Boris enjoyed it?
So many great episodes but early on, the 4th episode of 'raising the bar' with schools ambassador for sport, Dave Wellbeck, was fantastic for squirmingly embarrassing comedy.
Looking forwards to watching the W1A series when I get time.
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VINE VOICEon 8 December 2013
If you have the nous to laugh at everything unnecessarily verbose and politically correct and the way that life is complicated by non-productive jobsworthys using the latest "in" words, you will love this. It was even funnier, when watching the original TV series to see the muddles and mistakes made by a team who couldn't organise a booze-up in a brewery and then, a few days later, learn through the media that the actual organisers of the Olympics were in an identical mess of their own making. I did wonder if Lord Seb Coe ever regretted taking part in this--but he was exonerated when the Olympics turned out to be such a triumph! The cast were a great choice of some of our best actors and the characters represented a mix of personalities and (few) talents.
Such a shame that further series are unlikely due to the subject as this was one of the funniest things ever screened!
Buy and enjoy!
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