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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2011
I pray that this will never, ever become a movie.
I was, if possible, even worse than twilight. Badly written, chock full of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and words that don`t exist or were used in the wrong context. They fell instantly in love, gazed soppily at eachother, declared their undying love...again, and again, and again. I was constantly wanting to scream at Bryn - Why! Why are you surprised by his love? he has declared it about six times now! Does she have selective amnesia? Will the next book consist of more Bryn gazing/William gazing/love declaring? I prayed many times that I was near the end, but the darn thing took longer to read than crime and punishment! It`s an offense to literature, and if you like twilight, then by all means, get stuck in, but if, like me, you like stories with a plot, then stay away!
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on 16 February 2012
I got this for my kindle as i wanted a bit of a love story, seeing as it was free i wasn't expecting much. I couldn't have been more wrong! this book is AMAZING! i couldn't put it down for 2 minutes! i fell in love with characters immediately, especially William and Patrick! I loved it so much that i went on to read the next 2 books in just 2 days! by the middle of the second book i was sure that my kindle would be damaged from all the tears that had dropped onto it! these books, that i thought wouldn't be that good, as the first was free, have now moved to being a very close second in my favourites-the hunger games being first (thoroughly recommend reading them!). I don't think there are words to describe how amazing and moving these books are, get this book, even if you don't like it, it was free, right? it's worth a try and i think that you will be satisfied, I even found myself having to skip forward in the book to see if something (that i won't mention for fear of giving to much away)went the way i wanted it to-bad i know. try these books, they are AMAZING! If you can pull your head out of it (especially the 2nd and 3rd ones) then your will power is amazingly good! Read them, you'll love them, but make sure to get a stock load of tissues in-you'll need them!
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on 27 December 2011
I only started reading this book due to another review and seems book one was free why shouldn't I give it a shot? whats the worse that could happen? I wouldn't like it and I had wasted some time... but I was pleasantly surprised.
Yes there's time I feel the story should have gone better for Bryn and William. I hate Star crossed lovers syndrome but you know what, that's life it's doesn't flow how we want and sometimes we get the short end of the stick. At times it feels unfair so how can we moan when a writer takes us on this journey?
This book is an emotional roller coaster that ignites reactions and the characters Bryn William even Patrick are funny and charming, there's even the bad guys we love to hate and want to fail. Good prevailing over evil even at times you think evil may win... Fingers crossed it doesn't! I had no choice but to buy book 2 and 3 I'm now hooked and need to know how the story will end... will they get to live happily ever after? or will it be like a Greek tragedy? Yes it's a version of books already written but better because I really can't see what the ending will bring Bravo! If you like twilight and pretty sure you like this... so give it a shot!
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on 5 December 2011
I purchased this book on my Kindle for free, and have been absolutely blown away.
This has to be one of the most beautiful, breathtaking and heartbreaking novels I have ever read and would urge everyone to read it. The emotional story line had me weeping, laughing and burning with fury. The storyline sweeps you up and I just couldn't keep my hands off it!
Although it is a slight copy of Twilight I give my credits to the author for putting her own twist on it, which I have witnessed many others fail at achieving. I would even go as far as to say this novel beats Twilight, as emotions are conveyed stronger.
The range of vocabulary is inspiring, (if at times also perplexing!) and I am glad I read this on Kindle so I could look words up as I read otherwise it would not have been nearly as enjoyable or emotional as it was.
I cannot tell you how much you HAVE to read this book, but seeing as it's free, you really don't need encouraging. Just buy it!
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on 7 February 2012
I was a little sceptical about this book but thought I would give it a go - how glad I am that I did!

I note other readers have compared this to the Twilight series and although there are similarities in that this is also a love story with a supernatural twist, that is as far as the similarities go. The rest of the story I found very original and the concept believable.

I found the first few chapters of the book intriguing and full of mystery - I couldn't put it down! I fell in love with William and Bryn instantly, both of whom I would easily relate to. Their situation was full of adventure and heart gripping emotion.

I would recommend reading this if you are looking for something a little bit different. It is a love story and one that is written well. I have since bought book 2 and 3 in the series because I can not bare to not know what happens to these characters!
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on 26 December 2014
ok book. nothing special
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on 30 June 2014
found this one okay
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on 3 January 2012
I really enjoyed this book. A quick description is that the plot is along the lines of Romeo and Juliet. Bryn is a recently orphaned girl who meets William at college. Following a series of accidents Bryn discovers that William is more than he seems, and so is she now that William has saved her life. In Bryn's new life many events transpire to keep her away from William.

This book is similar to Twilight, a really enjoyable example of good young adult urban fantasy. The new spin on immortality really does set up a whole world of new ideas and books. I would thoroughly recommend this book.
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on 22 December 2014
Good simple read
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on 6 January 2012
This series is the best I have read in what feels like an age. The characters were great, the story was fast paced and exciting and the twists and turns throughout the three books were at times unpredictable and kept me glued like a head case to my kindle. The best bit was the simple fact these books created a little sliver of escapism for one stressed mum with two hyper children over the christmas holiday, I even had to manufacture an urgent shopping trip to tesco's so I could just sit in the car park and get my little fix of Bryn and William... it's been a long time since i have had to hide with a book just because I was so desperate to get to the end!
Can't wait to see what Nicole Williams brings out next with her Patrick novel.
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