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on 18 October 2011
Chose this tablet over the increasing amount of competitors in the tablet marketplace for the main reason that it runs windows, Meaning i shouldnt be restricted in any way when using the tablet. For starters it runs flash! Meaning that viewing internet sites actually works. I only had this tablet running windows 7 for a week and as i had expected, and many of the reviews on here will state, it is not the most touch friendly OS out at the moment. Regardless of this fact it is still a very capable computer. Since then i have been running the windows 8 developer preview and would recommend this to everyone who owns one of these. Windows 8 on this tablet runs like a dream, very touch friendly and more importantly it is very capable in even more media intensive applications (streaming video over a network, outputting to HDMI etc), work applications (email, word, powerpoint, excel, project) and general internet browsing. 5 Stars :)
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on 18 February 2012
If you need a tablet pc to carry around without having to carry a laptop and still need full function of a pc and security then Asus with windows 7 is what you need.
To get best performance, do not overload it as you will not over load IPad or an android tablet and you will be smiling. It offers you all IPad and android(modified smartphones) as to offer and lots more. Battery life is pretty good, 5hrs if used heavily like a pc for business use and 7hr to 8hrs if used lie iPad for music or movies.
I first had a tablet pc with android os and had to return it after 1week as when I give it to my kids to use, it's the same profile and all my details on it is accessible by all, even my children friends. Also when friends come around, can't give it to them to use as it only works on one profile.
I returned the tablet with the android os and got the one with windows 7. As a professional I go t work with my laptop and books but since I started using the tablet I don't use my laptop anymore as I am able to get all my profiles as it is on the laptop on the tablet and also I have integrated it with cloud computing.
I can also give the tablet any one that requires to use it without having to worry about my files or details. I do not need to pay for apps as most cone free on windows and loads of shareware apps to use.
My kids have taken my tablet on holiday so am using an Ipad2. I have had to go back to my laptop as the iPad is only for music and moves as I am not paying for apps that are free after paying too much for the iPad. 1 iPad is the price of 2 tablet pc
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on 23 August 2012
I ordered this with the win7 OS and initially wasn't disappointed. Nice in appearance, easy to set up - so far so good. Unfortunately within 48 hours my opinion changed. I am not a small gentleman, but I found the weight excessive and tiring on my hand and wrist. then, when playing some basic games, the lack of decent RAM and chip speed become noticeable. My Norton continally warned of high CPU usage, and I gave up when, in the above scenario, the cooling fan began rattling as if catching on something, unless I held it at a certain angle. I returned it via Amazon for this reason. Amazons returns system is brilliant; it was picked up by Yodel 16 hours after completing the 'return item' process and printing the labels off. I am awaiting a refund. I never tried HD streaming so cannot comment on it's performance as far as that goes. If you want to store music, vidoe etc. the 32GB it comes with is insufficient considering the loaded software takes about 11 GB up. You must install a 32GB SD and store on that.
So, you want a tablet that's ideal for internet browsing then I suggest this is for you - as far as the rest goes, it's got little more to offer than a decent mobile phone with an SD card in it.
Having said that, I believe it has far more functionality and uses than the awful overpriced iPad whose only advantage is being lighter.
UPDATE Today Tuesday 28/08/12 received refund for whole purchase amount back to my credit card. I received e-mail confirming full refund last Saturday 72 hours after Yodel picked it up last Wednesday. This is the first time I ever had to return goods to Amazon, and I must say the process is fast, no quibble and very efficient. 5 BIG RED STARS TO AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!
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on 14 January 2012
Its a very fast and capable machine with such a small processor and works very well with windows 8 (although I thought win8 wasn't as good as 7 yet). However to install back to win7 an install took 3 hours with installing acers software too which is a real shame as I am intending it as a test for all sorts of OS's (windows 7 fresh took 30 mins and win8 10 mins).

If you want it for windows 7 only then its very good and handles everything well. You'll want to install MS origami 2.0 though - makes it a little more touch friendly like expanding scrollbars. I'd also recommend having a bluetooth or dock keyboard to go with it if you intend to do any serious browsing or typing, the on screen one isn't very nice for typing lots on.

If you are technical savvy then you can always upgrade the hard drive in it which I intend to do once the warranty has gone. You can get decent sized ones for about £100.
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on 16 June 2011
Got this acerw500 this morning and i have been using it for most of the day,and i must say so far so good i did have the acera500 but i decided that the android unit didnt do what i thought it would do,so i decided to give the w500 and the windows 500 does what it says on the tin,it does take abit of time to get used to,but it seems fast on the internet and i had no problem loading my photos,music,and movies ,must say i have read and watched info on this tablet and touch wood everything seems to work really well,ihave had acouple of archos units, but i am glad i got this windows unit it covers all the bases and a great price from amazon THANKS JOHN J BROWN
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on 19 November 2013
I bought the Iconia w500 a while ago and have updated it to run Windows 8 Pro. I find it a very handy tablet, capable of running Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat. Windows 7 runs very well on the tablet, but I would recommend you get hold of a genuine Acer Iconia keyboard to use it efficiently.

To run Windows 8 Pro I would recommend upgrade the size of the SSD to 60Gb or more (A link here for Crucial's 120Gb for £60 Crucial CT120M500SSD3 120GB M500 mSATA 6Gb/s Internal SSD including Screws). I now have plenty of storage space for apps, as well a 32GB SD card in the SD slot.

I have had one or two issues with drivers in Windows 8 pro, namely with the screen rotate. The answer was to install an older version of the AMD video driver and not allow "Windows Update" to update it. It now works fine, with multi touch gestures working as well. Acer have provided updated drivers on their website for Windows 8 upgrades, so Windows 8 is "officially" supported on this tablet and to be fair to Windows 8 it was designed for devices like this, allowing the user full desktop use with a keyboard and mouse as well as touch tablet functionality. I love having the ability to use apps and also switch into the desktop for full software packages like Office and VMware.

The AMD processor is powerful enough to run the apps without a problem. The tablet has a small fan inside which quietly exhausts hot air through the grill at the top of the tablet. There are two USB ports which are quite poorly positioned being at the bottom of the tablet.The reason they are there is because of the Iconia Keyboard, which plugs into both the ports, this then provides you with two USB and one RJ-45 network port on the keyboard to use. The official keyboard also has a "thumb mouse", a tiny joystick like button in the middle of the keyboard that allows you to control the mouse easily. The tablet also has an HDMI output to allow you to link it to a big screen easily, as well as volume and on off buttons on the one side and a screen rotation lock switch on the other

I haven't seen any need to want to upgrade this tablet yet as it runs everything I need, as well as having a really nice clear screen with vibrant colours. . I might be swayed by the new Nokia tablet that is coming out soon though...
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on 19 January 2013
Having had a cheaper tablet running on another O/S, I realised what I wanted was this much better, but just as convenient, top of the range tablet/ convertible. It does exactly what it says on the box and is what most people need as a portable, reliable handy multimedia centre which will adapt to all your home-based gear.It comes a close second to my desktop i7. It was delivered in superfast time and apart from personal set-up, was ready to roll as I unpacked it.
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on 17 November 2011
I have iPads, iPhones, iPods and Androids but needed a light Windows tablet to run a couple of native applications when out and about. To my surprise this machine is quick, responsive, touch-precise, light in the bag, although slightly chunky in the hand, and with a solid battery life. I'm immediately fond of this. Win 7 works really well without a keyboard (I'm typing this on screen). Good machine Acer, don't give up on it. Price it below £400 and you will sell a pile.
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on 10 July 2011
After a few tweaks and some software updates, this is actually a very nice tablet. Its not perfect and its no Apple iPad, but to be able to use all of your usual desktop applications like MSN messenger and Office in a tablet form factor is always a plus!
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on 1 January 2013
have had this a year or so now & no problems.....love it....far better than i-pad; especially, if like me you need windows operating system, it's fast, smooth...what can i say? (bulkier than i-pad, but it's not a problem)
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