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on 22 November 2013
Only having CS3, this was I ideal for me. I had to email the Kelby website to enable me to download the images as the site listed in the book was not coming up and I wondered if it was still available as later versions of Photoshop were out. The Kelby site replied within a few hours and were very helpful. Images downloaded, let training commence!
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on 15 December 2015
Excellent, slightly out of date because later versions of Photoshop contain more refinements but nevertheless the content is still very applicable.
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on 21 January 2014
Contrary to the other books it provides you with a basic workflow instead of teaching you all the PS instrument. It's very well written and fun as well. You can download the picture in order to follow the author step by step on the same image. In addition to the seven-points some trick will be explained in the book.
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on 22 May 2013
Scott Kelby's funny style at it's best. This time Scott is able to simplify very complicatedAdobe Photoshophotoshop into usable 7-point system. System is easy to use and works every time. Book is well built, teaching of the system is progressive and it is easy to read.
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on 29 October 2013
This book is very good and it helped me a lot with my photography I would recommend it to anyone
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on 22 January 2008
Scott Kelby has put a lot of thought into producing this book and straight away you find that it's easy to understand approach aids learning. Going through the examples methodically makes learning about Photoshop CS3 much easier and by the end of this book you will be processing your own images more confidently. Please note that the examples given in the book ARE available to download (If you look on page xxi the download location is clearly shown). I have recently progressed from CS to CS3 and this book has helped me a great deal.
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on 8 September 2008
With so many different ways to edit your photographs in photoshop it can get confusing. Not only do you learn some good stuff from all the books out there but if your like me and you don't use it for a while you forget what you have done. At last Scott Kelby has come up with a book that gives you some structure in what to do and when in editing your photos.
The sessions are repetitive but as Scotts says this is how you remember what to do. You get a link in the book that lets you download and work on the same images that Scott does in the book which is a great bonus.
If you are a photographer and what a book that is relevant to how to edit your photos in a logical and easy way then this is the book for you.

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on 9 December 2008
This book is awesome, I am halfway through and I can't put it down. Step by step instructions from start to finish just work so well. It is assumed that you have a little photoshop knowledge already so maybe not quite suitable for someone who has never opened CS3 before but I'd not used much in CS3 at all.

I totally recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their digital photos.
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on 15 October 2015
I have mixed feelings about this book.

First, the basic idea is very good. Most Photoshop books put together a number of techniques which are useful by themselves, but leave you guessing when it comes to actually enhancing a photograph.
It happens all too often: you have taken an image of a wonderful scene, but what the camera produced is a big letdown. How to bring back the liveliness that you remember? You have loaded the image in Photoshop, but how to even start?

This book is supposed to answer these questions. As such, it is definitely useful for all photographers wishing to get the most out of their images.

However, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Kelby presents his 7-point workflow without properly elaborating what each "point" comprises. Yes, we have a 7-page overview at the beginning of the book (mostly filled with images rather than explanatory text) and a 1-page cheat sheet at the end. Those are by no means sufficient. Which of the 7 steps apply to which image and why? These essential questions are not at all addressed by Kelby. Instead, he talks us through 21 example images. All right to see a number of examples, but not enough to get a proper understanding of the decisions that must be taken by the retoucher.

To make things worse, Kelby throws in some "down and dirty tricks" here and there like replacing a bad sky or local spot retouching work. If such actions are part of the workflow, fine, but list them as separate steps and explain at which phase they should be executed. The way it's included now only obscures the process.

At the moment a second-hand copy of this book can be attained for just a few quid. The book dates back to 2007, and no update has since been published. Despite my reservations, this is a shame. It seems there is not much interest in Photoshop workflow books. Few other books exist that present a full image enhancement workflow. The only other one that I am aware of is Dan Margulis' Modern Color Workflow. That book is a lot harder but at least explains the workflow instead of just going through a bunch of examples.

Gerald Bakker
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on 7 February 2010
I bought this book firstly because I have other books on photoshop by this author and the Amazon Review inside of the book gave me the impression I would not be disapointed again.
I have found it to be most useful especially for Photoshop CS3, but the techniques in it are useful in Adobe Elements 7; Photshop CS4 (although the improvements to CS4 over CS3 make some of the steps unneccessary). I am still learning from it and will be referring to it I am sure for some time to come. I feel that although I have been using Photoshop for some time it would be useful to a complete beginer also. Certainly in my opinion deserves the five stars I have given it. I hope the author writes a version for CS4 sometime.
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