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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2011
This is the best WW2 game I have ever played! If you are into WW2 and have time to think about strategic moves rather than simply 'blow em up!' then this is the game for you. You can play the Germans, Ruskies, or Allies, and all the missions are fantastic, from sabotage to tank warfare, it's all good! The weapons and tanks are all accurate -Tiger II, Sherman Firefly etc, Bren guns, MP40s it's all here! The settings are superb, ranging from snow-covered wastes to urban warzones, with fully destructable buildings and landscape. You can zoom in and out of the player map, and take control of mostly everything. The sound is awsome too, explosions, machine gun fire, cannon fire, and screams of panic and pain! When playing some missions, it is possible (and needed) to just wait about and look around, rather then rushing in, as the AI is very good, and enemy soldiers seem to learn, and get curious if you're lurking too close to their base. Hit and run tactics are good here too, as there is little to no re-spawning off screen. This is a very good game and takes you into the frenzy of the firefight. It is easy to get caught up in it and play for hours...even days!
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on 8 September 2013
On the face of it this is an accomplished WWII RTS. It is pretty to look at with very detailed deformable landscapes that are a joy to hide your team in as they crawl towards the enemy, grenade in hand. There is oodles of machinery to play with from cars, jeeps and half-tracks to full blown King Tigers. One of the cooler aspects is that when an enemy is dead you can rob his corpse for ammo and first aid kits and you can even pick up his dropped rifle. The animations are crisp and well done.

The big problem is that it is very buggy. For example in the German Campaign tutorial you get to drive a tank about. This is fine until you do something the tutorial doesn't expect, like leave a man behind because he got out of the tank, unbidden, and crawled under a broken tank and stayed there like a big fraidy cat. Well, nil desperandum I thought - until it became obvious that I couldn't drive the tank in any direction but reverse and all my shells passed through enemy tanks to explode the scenery behind. Re-load the tutorial with the coward chained to his seat and everything works fine. The trouble is this keeps happening. Soldiers told to lie down run straight at the enemy or, crawl under fire to a vantage point only to stand up when they get there and get shot. So far I have completed one mission and I had to keep reloading because weird things would happen, like my only surviving soldier jumping into a motor boat and falling trough the hull to emerge swimming on the other side. He then refused to get in the boat and finish the mission. Suddenly saving every few minutes becomes a necessity and a chore all in one.

The game also has a very unresponsive control system at times and you can find a squad being slaughtered whilst you desperately try to centre the screen (so you can see where the hell they have run off to) or, more annoyingly the rotate screen function refuses to work and your squad gets slaughtered as the order to charge is given instead. Sadly it is not a case of it just being tricky to use, it just doesn't do as it is told so often that it gets very frustrating and ruins the game.

I was hoping there would be a patch for these errors but it seems that since this was released only one patch has been made available and it is incompatible with the CD!

So a great looking game that is no fun to play. Still it was only £4 ...
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on 1 November 2012
This is the predecessor of "Men Of War", also an excellent game. The attention to detail is laudable. Eg : Men standing beside a tank don't just appear inside the tank when "clicked" there -- they actually sling their weapons and clamber up on to it and then down the hatch.
You can control individual men, group them into squads as you choose, even into more than one squad, and control them around the field. They can strip corpses of equipment in the field and re-use it; they can pick stuff up that has been dropped.
MBTs can ram enemy vehicles and overturn them (needs skill), and then roll them back on their "feet". Your men can repair them (if not too damaged) and man them, and thus commandeer them for use against the enemy. This is great fun.
Infantry are realistically VERY vulnerable to automatic fire, especially from AFVs.
You can take "Direct Control" of individual men and vehicles. Allows you to aim very precisely, and manoeuvre vehicles precisely, eg, into cover. Or you let the AI "run" them under general instructions from you, like "shoot only if shot at".
The downside of DC is of course that you cannot possibly command every man & vehicle in real time, AND that the AI sometimes has men & vehs doing daft things, like making poor choices of targets, or doing suicidal frontal assaults for no reason. This ought to be no criticism of the programmers, since it is notoriously hard to program game characters & machines to act like humans would : I reckon the designers & programmers have done a great job. Players just have to be aware that as commander they have to be on the ball, as real people do daft things too !
If you like detailed games, with quite a learning curve, and a real challenge to find out how to win in a variety of situations, this game is for you. I have played it quite a bit, and still like it.
Men Of War extends the whole thing much further ; you can buy the "Ultimate Collection" as a set : MOW; Assault Squad; Vietnam; Condemned Heroes ; but Red Tide you have to get separately. I think. All really good value for money. I'd add that buying them from these online downloadable "club services" compares neither on price nor convenience : I have also bought em outright with DVDs (containing full user manual -- which you struggle to find on online services -- and paper Quick Start manuals), all for less than downloadable. The online services are always in control of you : you have no .exe file you can run yourself. When I have moved to a new PC, I have had chaos trying to reinstall games I have paid for from these services. Who needs that ? Get em on DVDs from Amazon or one of the associates. You can often pick up good deals.
Er ... no ... I don't work for Amazon. I really don't. Honest.
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on 23 November 2012
Just wanted to say the this work`s fine on my Asus U46 Laptop with Win7 Pro 64bit. Installs with the latest patch and there is no need to run in comparison mode. The game itself is amazing considering how old it is and I have already enjoyed several hours of game play, love the way buildings and machines destruct. The training is quite easy to follow and would recommend you play the training session a couple of times to get full enjoyment out of the game. Enjoy
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on 18 July 2013
I really enyoj playing this game and the multiplayer is excellent, missions are great 2. I love the controls in the game, ohh the tank battles you can have!
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on 31 March 2015
good game simple to start with
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on 8 June 2013
A very difficult game to take beyond a certain point. I cannot recommend. It needs to be made mush more playable.
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on 19 September 2015
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