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This cover provides the best fit for a Kindle I've come across. The Kindle Touch slots into a rubberised tray at the back of the case and connects via two small square metal sections on the device back. The fit for this section is like a glove and the protection afforded, excellent. The microfibre lining is appropriately soft and doesn't bobble, but it does get quite deeply imprinted with the Kindle's shape at an astonishingly rapid speed. The cover bends back easily for one handed reading. Perhaps even too easily. The spine is the only section of unreinforced leather on the whole cover and this tends to flop, so that you're essentially forced to fold it back even if this wouldn't be your normal practice.

The light is conceptually a very good thing. Its integrated design is neater than any of the other available solutions and the power sharing with the device itself is definitely preferable to batteries. The distribution of light is slightly uneven, providing a bit less coverage in the upper corners, but what you get is certainly powerful enough to read by in an otherwise darkened room. The angle leaves a little bit to be desired as it tends to shine in your eyes and there's no way to adjust this. The shared power source means that there is a small amount of additional battery drain, but assuming this goes the same way as its slightly smaller sibling, the drain is not as much as leaving wireless connectivity on.

The case is neat and pocket-friendly (unless you're talking about the pocket where your money is kept! - since at just under 30% of the price of a 3G Kindle Touch, and 45% of the wi-fi version this doesn't come cheaply), but it doesn't feel anything like as robust as the Kindle Keyboard case. Instead, the leather is the same smooth leather as on the baby Kindle's cover. It feels soft enough and is nice to hold but it does mark very, very easily indeed.

The other problem I have is the absence of closing mechanism. It's easy enough to resolve this - I'll be using a hair tie (prettier than an elastic band) - but at the price point it's hugely disappointing to find it necessary.

I loved the Kindle Keyboard covers, but don't feel the same attachment to this. It's a slightly damp and expensive squib that protects the Kindle in exemplary fashion at the back and sides but overall hasn't been as well thought-out as it could have been.
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on 23 April 2012
Have to concur with other reviewers of both the standard and lighted leather covers. The original case for the keyboard kindle was excellent (although massively overpriced). I had the lighted version and the only downside I found was that the light was in the corner of the case and regardless of what was said in the advertising 'blurb' the lighting was NOT even and was brighter - as you would expect - in the upper right corner. Other than that, the case was sturdy and stylish and did the job very well.
Now with this latest version, you have corrected the lighting issue to some degree by moving it to the centre top of the case but have bizarrely dispensed with two of the best aspects of the original - i.e. the textured leather feel and the simple elastic closing device. The latter, particularly, could have been enhanced by a magnetic clip as many have suggested but as it was it was still fine and certainly better than nothing at all which is what you have now given us. So, as a result, we have a lower quality product yet (predictably) still no reduction in price.
Please, Amazon... You would be well advised to listen to what your customers want. Even those giving 4 and 5 star reviews are saying the same thing. You have enough adverse press at the moment. Might be nice to show there's another side.
I will be replacing my damaged Kindle but I'm not investing such a huge amount of money in a cover that simply isn't worth it.
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on 29 April 2012
What a disappointing product!
If all you want is a cover with light and want to protect your Kindle Touch then maybe this product is for you. But if you're looking for a product that will do all that, enhance the pleasure of owning the kindle touch and is worth £50, then avoid this product like the plague.
My wife has the Kindle Keyboard. The Kindle cover with light for that product not only does the job required but is a lovely item in its own right. Made of sumptuous leather it oozes class and with the Keyboard sitting within the cover, its attractive design is still very visible.
Sadly this product falls well short of that. With plasticised leather it feels considerably cheaper than the keyboard equivalent cover. Within the cover, the Kindle touch is then encased in a plastic frame, which will helping to protect it hides the beauty of the product. Sadly a victory for function over style, where I was expecting a product that did both.
This product feels likes it been designed by the factory rather than a product designer. I am staggered that Amazon has come up with such a poor product to cover their beautiful Kindle Touch, Apple would never make such a mistake. The fact that Amazon then decide to charge £50 for such a product only adds insult to injury.
Consider this product if all you are after is a protective case with a light, avoid if you want more than that. Not surprisingly I have returned the product and hope that Amazon sees sense and develops a replacement soon.
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on 14 May 2012
Overall the case is very good and the light perfectly adequate for late night or bedtime reading.
However, at £50 Amazon are having a laugh.. The price is nothing other than a rip-off for what you actually get. Yes it is a good case and is exactly what I wanted - but 'value for money' definitely not!!
I wanted a good looking case with integrated light that powers directly from the Kindle and I love the way the Kindle seamlessly fits securely into the case. It offers excellent protection and just looks so much better than the cheaper cases where the Kindle is held in place by elastic straps at each corner.. If this case was £25 or so I would give it 5 stars. But I'm only giving it two - purely as I think the price is extortionate.
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on 28 April 2012
Having had a keyboard kindle lighted cover I was looking forward to getting the kindle touch leather cover. I have to be honest i have mixed feelings.

It is sleeker and quite stylish

Although a slightly yellow green it is a lovely colour though it shows creases and marks quite easily when it arrived it looked to be ceased but this was a mark in the leather rather than an any actual damage to the case.

There is no elastic to hold the kindle case shut. This is a big issue for some people and not for others no i dont think it is necessary to close the case shut but I used to flip the elastic round to the back and slip my fingers through it to make it more secure in my hand so I didnt drop it. this is actually more likely to happen with this type of case as the case is very smooth and hard to grip I have infact dropped the kindle several times since getting it (3 days ago) due to it slipping from my grasp and from under my arm where I tucked it to free up my hands. This never happened with the old style case as it was textured and anti slip.

I also have a problem with the light. yes it is lovely and compact and much easier to pull out and then put away than the old style light but I like to lay my kindle down on the bed/table when reading at night or at work and with the new case I am blinded by the light the old light was angled slightly and never caused me a problem however this light causes me big problems and I have sufferd headaches as a result from having the light shining in my eyes. I find i have to find things to prop the kindle up again which is not practical and as it weighs the same as my kindle keyboard I find it rather heavy to hold (I have tendon damage to my thumbs and cannot grip tightly for long without pain)

However I do like the way the kindle touch clips into the new case it is absolutely brilliant and very very secure it works extremely well and is the best thing about the case.

I would give this a 3.5 but as they dont do halves i have dropped it to a 3 anyone who has never had an old style kindle keyboard case will not know of any problems with this case its only those who have to adjust who will.
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on 15 August 2012
I read the reviews on here and was very interested, possibly a little apprehensive, as to what to expect when my cover arrived.

I have the saddle tan colour. The leather is smooth and of good quality. The inside has a grey felt which is lovely and soft and the kindle sits perfectly in the rubber casing. It looks elegant

The light provides excellent coverage and I don't have a problem with it shining iny eyes.

The downsides for me are:

- Firstly, the leather is easily marked by indentations. I keep my kindle and lighted cover inside a kindle keyboard case when not in use so it is always protected. When it is in use it is in my hand. So where the indentations come from I have no idea;

- Secondly, the felt flattens easily with the shape of the kindle, within a couple of days, I expected it to stay as new. It did with the kindle keyboard cover;

- Thirdly, the colour choice is disappointing. The colours on the whole are boring and quite flat. There are no funky, bold colours and you are limited to only four. I would like to see a nice sky blue, grass green, bright red or even a lively aqua colour. Instead Amazon have gone for quite sickly, boring, staid colours;

- Fourthly, there is nothing to hold the cover closed. I have read the comments regarding books not having anything to keep them closed, to me these arguments are irrelevant as books generally do not cost £169, and pages do not get scratched by your keys. So something to hold it together would have been the icing on the cake for; and

- Lastly, the cost. £50.99 is too much. It's just under half the price of a kindle touch wifi and just under a third of the price of the 3G version. Frankly, it's taking the biscuit and is a rip off. It is taking advantage of what was a captive market. Fortunately some other companies are bringing out cheaper lighted covers in nicer colours for far less money. So I may choose another cover, in a fabulous red.
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on 25 June 2012
I really liked this product but I wanted it to both provide a light and protect my Kindle. Quality of leather and light was excellent. Light itself was fine, but there was no closure on the cover so it would not stay shut in my bag. My Kindle is a touch screen one and whenever I put my hand inside my bag I was touching the screen. Also stuff in my bag was getting inside the cover and next to the screen and I was worried it would be scratched. If you are just keeping a Kindle on a desk at home this is a very good buy, but if you want it to protect your Kindle-It doesn't. I've returned it as not suitable for what I need.
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on 9 July 2012
This case is deceptively heavy - even when compared with the soft leather cover I had before. This seems to be due in part to the rubber used in its construction which not only holds the Kindle in place but also protects it in transit.

As has been noted in other reviews there is no clasp mechanism on this case - a simple magnet would have done - which is a minor annoyance but if like me you keep your reader in your bag, it's not a big issue.

However I do have concerns, as others have, that the case may be bent easily if not held correctly - I hold my Kindle in one hand with my thumb on the side and little finger beneath - and many times I had to correct my holding position for fear of bending. I haven't tested the malleability of the cover but I suspect it to be cardboard lined, so bending would be ill advised.

The light is simple and effective, though as has been said does not fully cover the screen. In a later revision I would expect to see a light on a scissor mechanism with two LEDs to provide better coverage.

All said and done however this case does remove the need to travel with a clip-on book light (easily lost) and extra batteries which for me is important when reading on planes; I simply do not want to faff with AAA batteries conking out mid-way through a ten hour journey.

The case itself is smooth and professional looking, though easily marked, and does enhance the reader even with the additional weight. I would recommend for travellers but not for heavy daytime users. At £39.99 it was at the very end of what I would be willing to pay.
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VINE VOICEon 10 September 2012
I cannot fault this and it is far better than the leather cover for the kindle keyboard at the same price. This fits beautifully and is a very snug fit. Also there are no prongs to get bent. It is shiny leather but looks a bit like hard plastic. The light is great for reading in bed and lights up the screen perfectly. I do believe it is a must have if you share a bedroom with anyone. It is very neat and handy to use. I love it, I just feel it is expensive for what it is.
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on 23 June 2012
why the rip off price?
When a Kindle touch is such good value how can they justify the price?

There is a similar cover available manufactured by Swees , but I havent seen it on Amazon.
Look on your favourite auction site for one.
They tend to go for less than half the price of this and are very similar , but with a strap and a magnetic button to hold the flap closed
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