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on 10 May 2015
I have used this book and done the codes religiously for a year, with no improvement whatsoever! It's very interesting that alot of people giving this book rave revues, then go on to recommend other books. Surely, if the codes work, and you are healed, why would you need another book??? It did give me a certain buzz at the very begining, but I think that was just the natural euphoria that came from doing something for myself, but that soon fizzled out. I kept on trying and remaining positive, but nothing and I mean NOTHING was happening. Apart from a short term warm feeling, there was nothing!!!!! If I was a sceptical man, I would say it's just another human being trying to make profit from the miserry of other human beings (nothing new under the sun).
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on 7 September 2014
This is the "book of the technique". The efficacy of the technique is a much
wider subject. The book could have been condensed well below 300 pages
but such length may be necessary for those who are knew to the concepts
of vibrational energy.

The claimed USP (unique selling point) of the technique is that it gives a
practical guide to using such energies - and claims a high efficacy rate. It
leaves some questions unanswered - but provides links to websites for
access to more information and (at cost!) workshops etc.

The technique came to the author during an internal US air flight but it is
not explained until page 220 and there is no mention of why the specific
four points of focus are part of the technique.

For my own part, I am using the technique daily but the jury is out as to the
efficacy of the whole thing. That said, I am pleased to have purchased the
book and to have some insight into its subject matter.
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on 14 November 2011
Have you ever felt as if you're living your life backwards? Do you ever feel as if you're working so hard but you're only taking tiny steps forward? Read this book - The Healing Code - and it will, without a shadow of doubt, completely revolutionise your life.

Most of our ill health stems from one simple word: stress. And stress is the number one cause of heart attacks, strokes, ME, and many other illnesses. It might not be possible to eliminate stress completely from our lives but it is possible to live our lives - having done the exercises in the Healing Code book - in a different way giving us a better chance of success. But many of our illnesses are not only caused by stress, they're caused by a compromised immune system which not many of us realise.

The authors of this book, Dr Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson, have spent years researching the effects of the Healing Codes and they are of the opinion (validated by extensive research and study) that memories are not stored in the brain but in our cells and that any traumatic or unhappy experience is the blocking point to our physical well-being. This build up of unhappy memories in the cells in our bodies causes an overload in our immune systems, causing it to shut down almost entirely in some cases and it is that which is at the root of most of illness and disease.

So - if we go back to the earliest unhappy memory we have and practise the Healing Code exercises for a minimum of 6 minutes each time, up to 4 times a day, there is astonishing data which proves undeniably that we can heal these memories. If the memories are healed, then bit by bit the immune system begins to work again and other areas of our lives are rebalanced and our health improved. It's a win-win situation.

I read this book and put into practise the Healing Code but due to time constraints I was only able to do them once in total for about the recommended 6 minutes. The next time I was in a situation which would normally have left me in an argumentative or upset mode, I found that I was able to deal with the situation without even reacting - or even thinking of reacting. Imagine how that would have been intensified had I completed the exercises for the recommended 4 times a day.

As someone who has several health issues I am now working with the exercises to heal other memories and I know that it will only be a matter of time before I am the woman I am meant to be!

Read this book! You owe it to yourself to give it a go.
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on 15 March 2014
I originally borrowed this and so started reading it while on holiday in January. It makes very interesting reading and a lot of it makes sense. I was however bothered by the regular reference by the author to God. I started wondering whether this can only work if you believe in God - ie his God and what happens if for example you are Buddhist or any other religion or atheist like myself. I have since done a lot of research on the internet and found a couple of practitioners who use the 'prayer' that is part of the code as a 'request' instead and replace the word God with 'universe'. this fits better with me.
I have been using the 'Universal' code every day and have also bought the 'Master Key' which is a video and audio download which says it 'will unlock your immune system'. This is very expensive for what you actually get and I didn't find the instructions very clear or comprehensive. It is also not clear how you use the two things together apart from a very short sentence in the instructions. However I have been trying t use both every day( which is tricky to fit in at work I must say and have sat in the toilets a couple of times doing the code as it does look a bit silly to anyone else who is looking!) I am going to carry on with both as I have high blood pressure and bad hay fever that nothing else has worked for. I do feel as though I might need a bit of help as haven't seen much change so far and am trying to decide whether to fork out even more money on a coach ( which is not ideal as I am in the UK and most of them are in the US) or buy the full healing code package... the jury is out at the moment...
Alex Lloyd says it is cheaper than medical care but that is free in the UK! I will update my progress in a few months when I have given it more time to work. Any advice welcome
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on 24 July 2012
Too much repetiveness and padding around the salient facts. I suppose that it is to make a book of it, but nevertheless I found the repeat and "chattering" rather patronizing. The codes themselves seem genuine and workable, but lots of questions arise in the book and it is difficult to get on to the Forum and also impossible to download Truth Pictures which are supposedly essential to the Codes. These should have been part of the book instead of all the random chatting. Nevertheless I did have an interesting experience when I used them. However it is recommended 4 times a day, forever (?). If you believe it works, why do you need to keep doing it?
Worth a punt, not too expensive, so recommend you have a go at it if you are interested.
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on 13 April 2015
Looked into this book when I was venturing into a 'open minded' phase at the behest of a gang of misguided/con-artist self-help gurus. It did absolutely nothing for my own depressive illness. Follow conventional healthcare advice - perhaps we should scrutinize this book by using it on a HIV+ patient to see if their body is cleared of the disease after working on this program for a period of time. If you want real 'self-help', go to your doctor and look to accredited therapists. Richard Wiseman is a good one to read. There's a reason why the people are attacking the prospect of the NHS using 'alternative' therapies - they're utter rubbish.
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on 16 September 2013
This book has helped me a lot. I have more good days than bad ones after putting the techniques into practice
every day. I will carry on with it into the future. I used to have more bad days than good ones, and this has changed
my life for the better after two months practicing healing on myself with it and sending it to other people, literally the healing
and the physical book itself to other people. I would say, if you are willing to persevere, this is the book for you to heal things
in your life one by one.
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on 7 July 2014
Had this book a few years before starting to use it, it does bring up things you had forgotten about which could still be affecting you subconsciously. Brought up something that I hadn't thought was affecting me from when I was about 12 when my dad went into hospital, I nearly cried all day. feel much lighter.
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on 16 February 2013
This book is great. It is self-contained and complete. There is absolutely no requirement to purchase any further materials. I purchased this book because I suffer from fibromyalga and chronic fatigue syndrome. Within a few days of doing the exercises I am experiencing a strength and energy which I have not experienced in many years. I am no longer struggling with continual tiredness and exhaustion. Absolutely amazing. I have only had the book a short while and been doing the exercises less than two weeks so I do not know if my fibromyalga is yet healed, that is something which I want to test over a longer term to make sure and not make any mistaken claims.

Even if I am not healed any further the book is worth every penny and more for the new found strength and energy I have, as well as the emotional benefits I have already experienced. I cant recommend this book highly enough and am buying copies for my family.
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on 24 September 2012
Amazing book, recommended it to loads of my friends. I am doing the Healing Codes and it does work. It was interesting that I was expecting just positive things to be the outcome. But it has brought up alot of stuff that has made me think of where my life is going and who I want in my life, to be a part of on this wonderful journey. A lot of realisation has kicked in and I am not willing to put up with crappy people and their negative energy any more.
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