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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 11 December 2011
I bought these as an early birthday prezzy for my 15yr old son after much deliberation & reading of various reviews on here for all manner & makes of earphones.
He's had a few sets over the past year (including SkullCandys) that just don't seem to be able to take the frequent use.
He uses them every day on route to school or for a little gaming on his iPod Touch.
He told me that the sound quality when listening to music is very good (particularly with the dubstep that he enjoys),the bass pick-up is great,and what he said to me was "Mum,my new headphones are beast! Thankyou so much" :)

Our conclusion is that for a cheaper but quality & pretty robust set of earphones you really can't go far wrong with these ones :)

**7 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE: These earphones did finally succumb to the constant day in,day out nigh on 24/7 use that my son inflicted on them. One of the earphones did fall off of the cord completely. However my son loves them so much he has requested a 2nd pair. We'd still recommend them as you can't help just general wear & tear & pretty hard handling from a 15yr old.** :)
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on 25 October 2011
These headphones are simply amazing.

- Their technical details are very close to that of the Dr. Dre headphones at only the 1/6 of its hefty £120 price tag.
- Their noise cancelling is very good while the music produced is simply breath-taking.
- Its rich deep bass sound produced is as good at higher pitches.
- Its appearance is very aesthetically pleasing even quite cool.
- It is very comfortable even after long periods and it stays in your ears unlike many other headphones.

Very pleased with it and would recommend to everyone else who is looking for any great decent headphones at a low cost.
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on 6 December 2011
Hi there and thanks for reading my mini review on these jvc earbuds for the purpose of the review i will be calling them fx1s as its much easier then their full name

The fx1s came super quick from amazon and i was really impressed with the dispatch times from them , the packaging was the usual amazon brown boxes .

When you open the amazon box your treated to a neat little see through package that contains the fx1s and a case for them and different sized ear buds . Now the packaging is a pain in the butt to open so please dont damage the ear buds ina rush to get to them , they are sealed in the packaging very well so as mentioned just be carefull when opening them

For £15 you get quite a nice package

1x fx1s earbuds and a selection of earbuds for the perfect fit
1x case for them
1x some paperwork

The headphones themselves look very stylish and are built well with a solid feel to them . the cable is a funky red colour which again has a nice solid feel to it , its also insulated well and doesnt give much feedback when brushed against your body like cx300s etc

The fx1s have a really generous 10mm driver and jvc have done well to get it in such a neat tidy package , the fx1s fit in the ear well and arent too heavy infact they are very comfortable to wear

The 10mm driver produces some great bass and sound depth and the earbuds can produce really high levels of voloume without distortion , iam really impressed with how loud they actually go , they make my sgs2 phone sound awesome compared to the tinny sound i wa sgetting through other earbuds . My friend has a pair for his iphone4 and he also says that he has never heard such loud headphones they really put skullcandy to shame infact they een sound better then my old sennhesier cx300s and my Sony MDR-EX300SLB which pack a 13.5mm driver and cost me £50

The sound they produce is very bass heavy infact i call them my little bass cannons lol the treble is also very powerfull so it isnt drowned out by the heavy bass however the mid range could do with a bit of a boost and you can do this on an equaliser setting if it takes your fancy . I personally find even witha flat eq they sound very good and are seriously one of the best earbuds ive tried and for £15 they really cant be beaten

I have even bought 2x back up pair i rate them that much , just think other headphones would cost what £30-£50 pounds for a decent set , i was so happy with these i bought a few pairs for the same price as a decent set from another brand which cant be bad

hats of to jvc for making such good bang for your buck headphones , lets hope they keep selling them and maybe carry the line on in the future as for the price you cant go wrong

please dont buy skullcandy headphones these really put them to shame and also have a nice design and solid build quality

some people have said they are better then dre beats , in terms of overall audio quality i dont think they are , however in terms of bass response , build quality , price , bang for buck , i think they beat them hands down.

I would recomend these headphones to anyone looking for a decent , failry priced , nice sounding , well packaged , well built headphones that kick out bass like little pocketable bass cannons

Thanks for reading and have a great day and safe shopping

cheers buxz777
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on 2 December 2011
I am a bit of an audiophile and I was looking for something to replace my broken sennheiser cx870s (which I thought were EXCELLENT). Came across these for £25 and ended up purchasing after seeing all the good reviews... so here's what I think..

The Good...
* Since you can now get them for £15 that is a very good price (not really worth the £25 I paid).
* The bass response is truly sensational, but it is exaggerated and at times a bit overpowering.
* Comfortable in the ears.

The bad...
* Probably the least flat frequency response of any headphones I have heard to date.
* The lower midrange can get completely lost under the exaggerated bass.
* The lower treble range sounds like it is also exaggerated, resulting in a tinny, airy sound which simply does not sound good.
* The treble is not crisp.
* Higher bass frequencies can be drowned out by the sub-bass frequencies.

I wasn't expecting the quality to be as good as the cx870 since they are now 1/3 of the price. The bass response is actually a lot better than the cx870s, but everything else, particularly the lower treble, is FAR WORSE than the cx870.

To summarise - if you like bass-heavy music these offer excellent bass response but at the expense of the rest of the frequency range unfortunately. You'd probably be better off paying more and going for the ear cup headphone equivalents which JVC sell. If you are looking for cheap headphones for casual listening to dance, d&b, trance etc then these will do the job just fine.
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on 11 April 2013
While I am by no means an audiophile, I have certainly owned my fair share of Sony's and Sennheisers over the years. These have been brilliant, the base is as punchy as any in ear head phones I have ever heard. The noise isolation is good, i wear these whenever flying and watching in flight entertainment, and they have worked great.
They knock the socks off the one pair of beats by dre in-ear headphones I have listened to. I recently listened to a pair of Beats by Dre Studio over-ear headphones. While they do sound great, I was non-plussed in comparison to these, especially when considering they cost 20 times the price and require batteries.
My boss's Atomic Floyd headphones broke after 18 months, and he was lamenting to me about spending another £100 or so on more. I told him to buy these, and said I would buy them off him for more than he paid if he was not happy. He bought them and is happy with them.
I notice the newer generation of these are smaller, and get less favourable reviews so i intend to buy more pairs of these before JVC stops production.
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on 8 January 2014
I think these headphones are superb, the quality of the sound is far better than other brands and higher priced headphones I've purchased in the past. They're a steal at only £10!

From some of the comments I've read, they may not be right for those who don't enjoy a good strong bass sound as this they deliver amply. I like that though and they hit the spot!

Also, from other comments, some say they're not durable. I can only disagree, in my experience they're really good at taking the daily punishment of being hastily shoved in pockets, bags, etc, that can kill other headphones like Apple headphones for example.

With three pairs of gel tip sizes in the pack, you can get a really good fit and they do block out a lot of outside noise; improving your music many times over on the commute. Just be careful crossing the road, with the right fit it's scary how little you can hear of the outside world!

I use mine with my phone and wish they had a Mic, and possibly vol up, vol down buttons too, but that would be an idea for the manufacturer to take on board, not a complaint of any sort here. If you're purchasing for that reason though, then pick another pair.

The only other point I'll mention is you may wish to consider getting a spare pack of Gel Tips, they come with a single pair of each size in the pack, but I lost one on the right ear after about three months. This was completely my own fault - they're pretty robust and do stay on with care. I think mine was caught in a zip that ripped it off. Thing is, once you've got the right size, the others won't do and you'll regret not having a backup. You can order for about £1.95 12 PACK Replacement Earphone Ear Gel Tips For Sony MDR CX EX Sennheiser CX IE Sharp Panasonic HJE Skullcandy ezGears JVC Phillips Creative Sony Ericsson Denon Monster Griffin JBL Headphones iPod iPad in ear Earbuds - Small Medium Large (Black)
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on 30 August 2013
I chose 4 stars as they are not perfect but are very good, they are better than the earphones I owned previously - have great bass and the vocals are very clear!
I would recommend these to a friend!
review image review image
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on 7 October 2011
I never leave reviews, but i felt compelled to write about these earphones as they are just brilliant.

First off i listen to Drum & Bass which is so bass heavy, these earphones are phenomenal at coping with the bass and add depth to the drum sounds which alot of other earphones don't pick up on.

Second, the casing and earbuds are great quality and the size of earbuds are perfect for "normal" ears (other sizes are provided)

Third, the pricing of this item is a steal at 24.99

Great product, great price, great customer service

P.S - the only downside is the packaging it came in... took me about 20 mins to get into the earphones
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on 17 February 2015
I have bought these earphones 3 times because of the high quality sound. The only problem is that I have had to buy 3. They just stop working through one side which is really annoying and so I find myself constantly replacing them, which is a waste of money. Now I find myself looking for an alternative brand in the hope of finding the same quality but longer lasting.
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on 20 February 2015
The quality of the sound itself through the earpieces is good, clear and bassy BUT the packaging is RIDICULOUS!! It took a power tool (almost) and a lot of sweat and stress to get to the headphones while trying to be cautious enough to not cut through the wires! (I'm wondering whether someone is going to tell me that all I had to do was separate the plastic at the bottom left corner!). Great headphones though!
review image
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