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on 25 August 2017
1. very good, heavy bass. Not overpowering but definitely strong enough to be decent in such a small product.
2. Nice long, thick cable that looks on the outset to not tangle easily like other thinner in-ears, which ultimately causes failure.
3. For a really good price you not only get the earphones but a nice hard shell carry case & different size buds to accommodate all ear sizes.
4. Look and feel well built but time will tell on how long they last.

1. Stick out of the ear, which some may find ugly and uncomfortable but I must say they fit snug and nice and don't feel like they will come out.
2. The jack would have been better if it was a 90 degree type as it is quite long and if using with your phone it juts out quite far.
3. Due to the earphone and jack size they probably aren't suitable for sporting activities like running but they aren't designed for this. So look elsewhere if this is one of your requirements.

On the whole these are a nicely built set of in-ear earphones that have some nice bass and sound quality to them at a really decent price.
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on 20 December 2017
At this price point for someone who listens solely to trance, deep house, dubstep and drum & bass I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve been using these daily for 4/6 hours for the past 2+ months at work without any faults/wear what so ever. I struggle massively to find earphones that actually stay in my ears and fit correctly so I can correctly hear and feel the ‘bass sweet spot’.

They are used with an iPhone X using a lightning adapter and music is via Spotify on extreme settings.

Again these are perfect for me and bass fans but I can’t comment on any other music genres.

They also come complete with a basic plastic case and some different sized buds.
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on 8 January 2016
I loved both the sound and the feel of them. The build of the product is near faultless and the difficulty in first getting the product out of the packaging was forgotten.

Along with the headphones you also get extra buds to get that comfortable fit in ear and a small storage box to save your headphones from any knocks which is an added bonus.

Sound wise these headphones are faultless. The bass is heavy and deep yet doesn't swallow up subtle mids or highs of the music. These headphones alongside great sound also offer amazing volume. The volume is dangerously loud though so full volume on most mp3 players and phones is not recommended because it will damage your ears. I listen to a wide range of music and these headphones have excelled in all of genres. Of course the fantastic bass of these headphones will compliment dubstep, house, drum & bass or other bass heavy music perfectly. There is no leaking of sound so you can be comfortable in knowing your fellow passenger is not also listening to your embarrassingly bad taste in music.
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on 7 March 2017
Incredible sound and value for money. More bass heavy than sennheiser 300, probably lose some sound in the middle but separation Is astounding , I once even looked around when I was listening to a play and a doorbell rang - in the play. Quite comfortable too although the back end sticks out so not great for lying down. Have had them for a year now and have not disintegrated and even if they do you have lost just over a tenner rather than £30 that high end headphones command.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 31 August 2017
My teenage son, for whom these were intended, already has the bigger over-ear version of the JVX Xtreme headphones. He needed a new pair of earphones and wanted something with similar bass response. I found these, and he's well happy with them. These are the older, so thicker wire and cool carry case, version in red and black. Good sound, he says, and nice comfortable fit. Not the cheapest earphones, but you get a decent sound out of these for not much more money than a cheapo rubbish set...
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on 8 December 2017
I dont see how you can wrong with these. The quality exceeds expectations of a ten quid pair of in ears.
The cable is of better quality than usual giving a more robust feel.
The ear buds fit snugly and are comfortable to wear for decent periods of time.
The sound quality again is better than i thought. Its not audiophile but very clear indeed and the bass is flipping unreal for their size.
Overall i can recommend these and think they are excellent value for money.

Additionally something that does not always get mentioned they have a very slimline jack plug meaning they will fit all phones while they are still in their case.
I have found that if the phones or buds have a big jack plug, a lot of phone cases do not allow for this and you have to peel it back to get the plug in.
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on 21 December 2015
First Impressions; It's all about the bass, the bass. For the price, great sound.

What's in the box;
- JVC Xtreme Earphones
- Various sized earbuds
- Carrying case

What I love;
+ Good Looking/ Stylish design
+ Okay Quality (not the best, but they work!)
+ Comes with a case
+ Well-Known brand

What could be improved;
- The cable is simply awful, it would be so much better if it was braided!

Conclusion; For the price, It's all about the bass, the bass. The quality of materials is not superb, however; for under £15 I would not expect that. I am genuinely pleased with these earphones.
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on 20 April 2016
I would like to start by saying these headphones are very good. They aren't the best, and they aren't the worst either. The sound quality is good, and better than expected to be honest. Sound isolation is OK, though I wouldn't want to be oblivious to my surroundings anyway. I changed the ear plug sizes and sadly they still fall out on a regular basis. They seem to be very good in build quality though, 10x better than the cheap awful equivalents that break because of your wrapping the wire around the phone. Overall, these are a good bargain. I would recommend them for basic use but these are definitely fit for purpose. No distortion in the bass spectrum when turned up loud, but that also depends on your settings. Get them, they are just fine for normal use. Definitely a step up from the standard phones you get with your mobile phones. Comes with a carry box so they stop tangling. It comes with ear-buds (S, M, L) and nothing was missing. Its a good buy.
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on 15 April 2016
I've owned about 4 pairs of these headphones.... I don't keep buying them because they break, I buy them because my Cocker finds them extra delicious and I'm an idiot for leaving them in my gym bag or on a counter top where she can push a chair up against it and get a hit of her favourite tasty snack...👀

Deliciousness aside, I've just bought a new pair after being worried about reviews saying these are fake and not the same standard as they used to be, I erroneously paid a lot of money for several different brands including Klipche (delicious but uncomfortable) senhiezer (less delicious and terrible bass), Betron (indigestible, terrible fit and not loud enough) Shure (ridiculous design sent them back) Creative Labs (meh) and my HTC Beats (excellent all round headphones and repulsive to dogs) but they just didn't make my spine tingle despite being repulsive to hounds.

So I caved in and thought despite their tastiness I'd give them another go. They just arrive and I've plugged them in and I'm listening to some nice bassy 90's house music and I'm nearly in tears. I feel like a deaf person who got new ears! What the hell! What rubbish have I been sticking I'm my ear holes! Might as well have used cheese on string...These are the BEST headphones I've ever tried. I'd forgotten how good they are, but after the appalling selection of "earphones" I have been procuring for the last year, I feel like music just got reinvented.

The treble is clear but not tinny, the mid tones warm and the bass is throbbing without drowning out the rest. You know how sometimes your earphones are good but when you press them in your ear a bit they sound better? Well these sound like that all the time.

Buy them! Immediately! Your dog will find them irresistible, though so make sure you put them in a safe when your not using them.. Just saying
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on 6 February 2016
First off I want to clarify that I haven't been using these headphones for a long time, probably less than a week of usage. Onto the review, these earphones are great, a bit on the larger spectrum of earphones but it makes up for it with the 10mm drivers which produce a nice bass. Works especially well with Dubstep and Trap music. The build quality of the the earphones and the case provided is good, it all fits into a small box half the size of an adult hand and can easily fit into your trouser pockets. The wires feel a little cheap and can be dented with a little pressure. The bit you place into your ear however is exceptionally well built with a good weight, they do stick out of your ear a bit more so it might look a little awkward. This does not come with a mic or volume controls so it isn't recommended for long usage as you cannot answer calls without taking out your phone and holding it close to you. These earphones are simply just for listening to high quality music.

Now the real pain in the bum, the packaging. The plastic packaging you find on most earphones are found here again, you're probably thinking to yourself "Oh, better get some scissors and cut along the edge". This is exactly what I did and believe it, I probably cut more skin than the package trying to wrestle with this thing (mainly due to my poor cutting skills). I went through 3 pairs of scissors trying to cut this thing open and all failed, one of which was brand new. I had to use my Swiss knife blade to cut the packaging open and free the earphones out of its cage. It was simply to well packaged with hard-ish plastic for me to open using conventional methods. I calculated that the easiest method of cutting the plastic was a chainsaw. Some of you might like the good packaging but I myself don't give much thought, I want something that you can take straight out of the box and use. The weird knobbly bits on the package acting like stands also made it a lot harder. In the end, I had to stab the knobbly bits and slice my way through towards the headphones carefully and successfully accomplished the extraction. A mission well done.
I'd give this a 5 star if the packaging were a little easier to open and would recommend it to people who would use this solely to listen to music for at home or somewhere where you will have your phone out.
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