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on 20 August 2008
If you like your TV shows as dumb as they come this is the TV show for you. First off the two leads cant act to save there life yer sure there "pretty boys" and im sure thats the only reason they got the job on this lol cause these guys really cant act, but they shouldnt feel to bad because the rest of the cast cant act either. Also when you watch it it feels like it was done onthe cheap like they only had $2000 to spend on making the series and they blew half on paying for the jensen guys hair gel. On the plus side this series does have its good points one or two, if you can leave your brain at the door before you sit and watch this you will enjoy it just dont expect much from it
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on 27 April 2010
I waited till the price on this was really low before buying, so I can't really gripe that I threw good money away. Is it X-Files for the MTV generation? More like Buffy for the Britney generation - low IQ, easily pleased, a 3 minuite attention span. Clearly aimed at young teens who haven't seen any other TV in their life to realise it's all a big cliche and been done before. Rather than horrific, it's just horrid - and there's a big difference there. A few decent moments save it from being total tosh but honestly it's not stuff you'd want to huint down to watch and would probably only watch it if it happened to be on and you'd lost the remote. You can easily imagine the episodes split up among Lady Gaga music videos. And the underlying storyline - two kids searching for their dad who has vanished on a bug hunt of his own - is so thin that it's hard to expect it to last one season, let alone 5.
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on 4 February 2009
Didn't like this too much. The series had no 'That was great, shall we watch the next episode' factor at all. Really lame plot lines which after three or four episodes start to resemble a formula, ie the two main characters roll into a small backwater town and muddle through helping out the locals (usually including an attractive girl) in some 'supernatural' mystery. If they had two girls and a dog with them I'd swear I was watching a live action version of Scooby Doo! The two main leads are obviously appealing to the teen and 20 something crowd who no doubt form a large part of the target audience but as regards charisma and acting skills, no way. I gave the show five chances to capture my attention but after this number of episodes the box set found its way into a cupboard to gather dust and then to the local PDSA charity shop. To compare this show to the X Files is a big insult to the later. No doubt this review will have the 'Supernatural' lovers wolf pack (or should that read sheep flock?) clammering for the NO button!
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on 14 March 2012
A long-time fan of Supernatural, I have recently gone back to watch it again from the beginning. Season 1 remains one of the best opening seasons of any I have seen. It starts out from the very beginning in exactly the way it means to go on. Its "different horror movie every week" concept (as described in the documentary that accompanies it) works perfectly, the classic car, classic rock and American road trip elements work perfectly, and at the core of it, it's a series about family - in particular the relationship between the two initially estranged brothers and their missing father. The core elements of an overall story arc are put straight in front of you in the pilot, and small clues and story points are placed sparingly throughout what in this series are mostly stand-alone episodes based around classic horror themes and urban legends. Towards the end of the season, the tension racks up and it leads towards a thoroughly heart-pounding final two episodes, and one of those cliff-hangers that comes at you out of nowhere.

If you've missed out on Supernatural so far, then you should consider buying the box set, but I know many people started buying individual seasons on DVD after it switched TV channel here in Britain, and to those people I would say it's well worth going back and revisiting it from the start as I have, for the stories really do bear up well to repeat viewing.
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on 28 January 2018
The first series of Supernaural was filmed almost 15 years ago however, unlike Charmed it has aged very well. Its classic episodes such as Scarecrow, the Benders and Faith are in my opinion amongst the best of the series. At the time of writing im only 2/3 of the way through the series. Yet ive seen enough to justify i feel my review. As a new fan of this show i remember watching the series and being impressed that despute its short comings , Bugs and Route 666 anyone this is overal strong first outing for the Winchester brothers and sets the tone nicely for the second season.

The decision to tell tales of urban myths integred me. Hence my decision to check this out. If only the BBC would do somthing similar. Clearly in these heartland states of America there are tales of things that go bump in the night that may have some element of truth behind them. The thing with Supernatural is it takes it to the next level. The show is cleverly filmed in such a way that you want to watch the next episode to see what happens next. The late great Kim Manners should take a bow for setting the series on its course because at least one of his directed episodes are amongst the best in series (Scarecrow).

At its core the concept of one or more brother getting kidnapped and the other comes to there rescue is played out in every episode but it is the way it is done that makes you the viewer not care. You just want to see what happens next. How long the writers can keep this up time will tell but as long as they keep doing good stories i for one will be watching.
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on 1 October 2010
While quietly leafing through a magazine, unaware that my mind had wandered from the articles to the very urgent and 21st Century problem of: 'What was I going to watch now?', a review of a TV show that I had heard of, but only in truncated whispers, caught my eye. It was the review of Supernatural Season 5.2. And it was glowing. I mean REALLY glowing. The kind of glowing that Battlestar Galactica used to get. But what interested me most was not that the reviewer seemed to like (REALLY like) the last half of Season 5, but that he also REALLY liked the first half too. And the whole of Season 4. And also went on to sagaciously instruct his readers who had not seen either season to go back to the beginning and watch the whole darn lot. Almost as if I'd been hypnotised, I agreed then and there to do the reviewer's bidding and eagerly sidled to the nearest computer to order away. I had finally (hopefully) found a replacement to the aforementioned BSG and (wholly, come-downesquely disappointing) Lost. And I also found that Supernatural had been around for a while, not in real terms (I was aware it had already run for a number of seasons) but in the back of my mind. Every few months while flicking through a magazine or skipping TV channels it would be there, being lauded. It was the obvious choice. And (note to Amazon) the overwhelmingly agreeable price for a new copy of a 22 episode series kind of sealed the deal.

But would it be any good?

The answer is a resounding: 'I can't believe you asked that!' It is very, very good. It is no BSG and definitely no Lost (thank crikey) but that's a great thing. I didn't know it but I had just about had my fill of dark, gritty, real, character-driven Peasbody Award winners. BSG, The Wire et al are all great but they can be slightly dry sometimes. The best thing about Supernatural is that it is FUN. It's like The X-Files getting it on with Buffy and then being sat on by Quantum Leap. Or something.

Premise is: 2 brothers, a hard Han Solo type (Dean) and a younger, more thoughtful Luke Skywalker type (Sam) go around America killing anything Supernatural: ghosts, demons, vampires, poltergeists and lots of others they made up with funny names that either come from urban legends or ancient folklore. They're on their own due to the fact that their father has gone 'missing' during a 'hunt'. He was the boys' sole authority figure and mentor in all things supernatural from a very early age due to the fact that when the boys were tiny a demon killed their mother. After that incident he swore to find the thing that did it and killing every other beastie that got in his/their way. Yep, that sounds ridiculous. But onscreen it just kind of makes sense. The reason is that it is simple, scary, funny and doesn't take itself too seriously. The best episodes of the X-Files were the tongue in cheek stand alone monster of the week ones and Supernatural is like that ALL the time. The other thing that keeps it watchable is the relationship between the 2 brothers. At times it is down-right hilarious, so much so that there should be T-Shirts on sale immortalising the brothers' quippy one-liners, especially Deans'. Oh and the car is awesome.

To the actual episodes. The pilot is a great introduction to the mythology, with the death of the brothers' mother and the re-emergence of the demon to do away with Sam's then girlfriend. And it also has the most beautiful-looking ghost I've ever seen. 'Wendigo' is one of my favourites - it's meat and potatoes monster of the week stuff with a great, scary monster. 'Dead in the Water' is a good one for a bit more depth of characterisation of Dean and the boy in the water at the end is sufficiently chilling, but it's a very by-the-numbers melodrama. 'Phantom Traveller' is back on form with a very silly but cracking episode of a haunted aeroplane. Stand outs through the rest of the season are: 'Bloody Mary' and pretty much everything from 'Home' onwards. I could gush about a lot of them but I've written too much already.

The mythology and story arc doesn't come in until the second half of the run which leaves the boys to have a lot of fun just killin' stuff. But when she appears, Meg Masters is a welcome change of pace that made me more excited to be watching. And then with the father's return towards the end of the season, together with the 'special' Colt and the demon being found, it all comes together perfectly and very satisfyingly. A definite apetite whetter for the festivities of later seasons.

It is not the best thing on TV, nor ever will it be, but it is one of the most fun Tv shows around. It is well written, has an excellent cast and crew and a soundtrack to die for. A definite cult favourite and one I am seriously looking forward to seeing more of. At last - a new best show!
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VINE VOICEon 1 November 2011
Sometimes I miss a really good show on TV and then later get tempted by the DVD season 1 at a cheap price and discover they're brilliant. Examples of this include Chuck, Eureka, How I Met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and (quite a while ago now) Firefly, none of which I can now imagine being without. So I thought I'd give Supernatural a try.

Well, it isn't one of them. It's perfectly okay, I watched all the episodes and mildly enjoyed it but it didn't knock my socks off, though the last few episodes were quite good. For me the main weakness was the lack of an ensemble cast which all the above shows that I've cited have and you can add Buffy as another example (though I was a fan of that from the first episode). While the leads were actually better than I expected (which was that I feared I might hate them) and quite likeable, meeting a new cast of characters every time and knowing that you're never going to see them again tends to detract from your (well, my) viewing pleasure, though Jeffrey Dean Stanton cropping up from time to time was a welcome bonus. Maybe things improve on that front in later seasons -I'll check Wikipaedia. A touch more humour would also help -it worked in Buffy.

I will probably buy season 2 when I'm a bit short of something to watch but right now I'm going to start on How I Met Your Mother season 6.
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Long story short: It starts with Instagram and Tumblr, getting to know about fandoms and the fans, which band is the best band, all that. Well, Supernatural was talked about as the "best show ever" and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE I was following) kept posting about this show. Then when one of my new classmates (who became my best friend two weeks later) told me about this show, it was decided - I had to start on it and catch up.

So I finally ordered the first season on Blu-Ray and it arrived less than a week later, I believe. And there was no damage at all!

Now for the season. The first episode was pretty good, kind of what I expected (in a good way), but when the second and third episode played, it started to get boring. It turned out to be one of THOSE shows. By "those" I mean "the shows about two secret agents that hear about a mysterious death/crime so they go there and help a witness" with a new supernatural-being every episode. Yeah, it's basically that, just with monsters or ghosts instead.

But oh well. Disc 4 (episodes 18-22 I think?) made up for it. Those last episodes were pretty good and kept me watching. If it weren't for them, I would've given this show 3 stars. They're more suspenseful, etc.

My favorite episodes are: Pilot, Skin, Home, Scarecrow, Faith and Devil's Trap (the finale).

*UPDATED* Will be posting a review for Season 2 soon!!!!
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on 20 August 2014
Watched a whole episode - what a waste of time!! The premise is OK but the acting was terrible and nothing really hung together. Gave it to my local charity shop.
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on 20 November 2011
A new series is always something delicate because we must forget about all other series and try to get into the new one without any preconceived ideas. And that is difficult.

I am going to deal with ideas that will be true for the next seasons first. The main idea, the center of the series itself is a triad of three things: the car, the family and the demon. Note what's more that from the very start the family is reduced to three men, the father John and his two sons Dean and Sam Winchester.

This triad of father-elder-son-younger-son is kind of constituted from the very start of the first episode. The elder son comes up one day and literally seizes his younger brother from college to go get their father who has been absent for something like a week. Then this triad is only two looking for the third one. In this season the father will appear as a glimpse in the ninth episode when the two sons come "home" to clean up the house where their mother was killed. Then he will materialize for good in episode 16, then he disappears again and finally turns back up in the last three episodes of the season in which he is at least at the end possessed by THE demon the sons and father have been hunting down. Dean realizes at the end the father is not normal but cannot shoot him and then Sam will have the opportunity to do it but he will wound the father and let the demon go away. So much for the family.

There are many demons, some being more powerful than others. The "yellow-eyed" one that the two brother and the father are after is a really powerful one, and can command lower ranks demons (that are recognizable by their black eyes). So the father and sons have been chasing the various supernatural phenomena, because it is what they know how to deal with and what they consider to be their job. Yet they are often no links with the demons (yet the more the series go on, the more they are caught in a large web drawn by higher forces from Hell and Heaven). The demons are an extraordinary and rare supernatural opponent that the brothers are not skilled enough to fight properly (yet). Their path is drawn by the supernatural events that are coming onto their way and that they must take care of, learning as they do, to be brothers again. This is then a long picaresque voyage across America but entirely dressed in supernatural and partly horror garb.

The third element is the car, a black Chevrolet Impala 1967, Dean's car actually that becomes the car of the hunt. The car is the only means of transportation or nearly. Only one episode involved planes and a plane flight (And Dean is actually scared to get in it, which defines, in a way, a circle that cannot be left, drawn around the car). The car takes the brothers from one place to the next and the road is their world. Along with this road we go from one motel to the next and from one diner to the next, not to speak of gas stations, not too many, true, and other road "furniture and contraption" without which there would be no travelling. Actually the series does not insist on that too much and along with this horse powered picaresque search we are constantly entertained by music, mostly rock music (which is strange since radio stations are always local and thus can vary a lot from one place to the next, and we do not get any country music nor gospel and other Christian music, nor, and that is absolutely amazing, black music, I mean negro spirituals, jazz, black rock and roll, rap and other forms of that ethnic musical world) (In some episodes we can see that they actually use tapes, and besides, they are able to switch the channel).

We should wonder about the geography of the journey: it goes from California to New York and covers practically all the regions except the South. Actually that exclusion, so far, of the south enables the authors and producers to avoid Voodoo (or Vodun) magic and witchcraft. This means the demon they are looking for is a white demon, a demon from the white tradition. Malefic of course, diabolical of course and deeply antichristian: it is thus sensitive to holy water, salt and other standard protections, not to speak of the possibility to exorcize it out of the possessed people. We will note it is visually identified as some kind of dark smoke coming out of the possessed person through the mouth and the master demon is absorbing the soul of a sleeping child through his mouth and out of the child's mouth in a form of a luminous vapor. We remain in the medieval tradition as for that, including the devil's trap in episode 22, fundamentally a pentacle or pentagram in a circle in a triangle representing the devil contained in the circle of God's creation contained in God's trinity.

Note, the Yellow-eyed demon does not feed on the babies, but actually feed them (selected babies that are supposed to possess some special abilities - Sam being one of them) with demon blood to make them stronger.

Many other subjects should be examined but I would like to say a few words on the father and his sons. There is a strong tradition of authority and respect of authority in this family, and it is common for a son to say "yessir" to his father. Sam actually represents a certain amount of rebellion against that authority and this rebellious spirit should be scrutinize, though it is an essential dramatic element because it is always at a crucial moment this element occurs. It dictates some very deeply dramatic and potentially tragic emotions in the spectators when that rebellion comes just when the worst catastrophe is going to happen, and when the stake is to kill the father because he is possessed. What son will ever be able to do that?

The two brothers on the other side are deeply attached to each other. Their love is absolute and it means death if it is necessary to save the other and it means complete and permanent cooperation. It also has some moments of doubt and rebellion but these deepen the relation instead of breaking it. They live in absolute spatial promiscuity but the film is very careful not to show it, and when it does it does so with great modesty. In fact this physical promiscuity is constantly present in the series because the two brothers are always looking into each other's eyes. It is ocular promiscuity to a degree that justifies the joke in episode 8 about their gender or sexual orientation. It is true Dean is quite often looking at girls and both of them have an episode from time to time, but in fact less than we should expect from two healthy young men slightly over twenty.

But the next season is prepared with the escape of the master demon and the salvation of ,the father. Let's wait for the next episode.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU (with some help of Ivan EVE)
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